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San Diego college students to restore home of disabled Purple Heart veteran as part of H3 program
%he Grain(er Foundation and Alliance !esidential Buildin( s)onsor #mbrace*s +i+th restoration +eaturin( colle(e student ,olunteers 'A- $"#G . Cali+. / 01ednesda2. -o,. 23. 20324 / 'an $ie(o colle(e students. ,olunteers 5ith %he !oc6 Church and Alliance !esidential Buildin( 5ill ,olunteer to carr2 out the +i+th home restoration )ro7ect as )art o+ #mbrace*s 89ealin( our 9eroes* 9omes8 )ro(ram on %hursda2. $ec. 33 throu(h 'unda2. $ec. 36 +rom : a.m. to ; ).m. each da2. 1ith a +ocus to restore the homes o+ disabled ,eteran homeo5ners. 93 +alls in line 5ith #mbrace*s mission to mobilize colle(e student ,olunteers and communit2 members to ser,e less +ortunate members o+ ci,ilian and ,eteran communities. 8%he o))ortunit2 to ser,e another ,eteran 5ho has (i,en so much o+ himsel+ to )rotect our nation is an honor +or e,er2one in,ol,ed. 'ta++ 'er(eant %ra,is 9enschel. his 5i+e and t5o children are 5onder+ul )eo)le.8 said #mbrace Founder. 'ean 'he))ard. %he +our/da2 e++ort 5ill ta6e )lace at the #l Ca7on home o+ 5ounded <nited 'tates Militar2 'ta++ 'er(eant %ra,is 9enschel. n =une 34. 200>. the ,ehicle 9enschel 5as tra,elin( in 5as hit b2 an e?)losi,e/+ormed )enetrator durin( combat. 9enschel sustained massi,e head and bod2 in7uries. and 5as medicall2 retired +rom the militar2 5ith 300 )ercent disabilit2 on -o,. 30. 2033. 1hile 9enschel 5as in the hos)ital reco,erin( +rom his in7uries. he 5as a5arded a @ur)le 9eart and a Combat "n+antr2 Bad(e. 81hen 5e met the 9enschels at our last home restoration. 5e sensed that he mi(ht be an ideal candidate to recei,e assistance +rom the 93 )ro(ram.8 said 'he))ard. 81ith Grain(er Foundation. Alliance !esidential Buildin( and colle(e students comin( to(ether. this restoration 5ill enhance the li,es o+ 2et another disabled ,eteran +amil2.8

The Henschel Family %he title s)onsor +or this )ro7ect is The Grainger Foundation. Military Home Loans is the )artnerin( s)onsors. lliance !esidential "uilding 5ill o,ersee the entire )ro7ect and donate labor and materials. Food truc6s that 5ill donate lunch to ,olunteer 5or6ers +or all +our 044 da2s are: Delicioso and #urio#ity. %he )ro7ect +or the #l Ca7on home includes ma7or landsca)in(. +loorin(. remodelin( o+ bathrooms. )aintin(. buildin( handica) ram)s and re)lacement o+ e?terior 5indo5s to ma6e the home more ener(2 e++icient. #mbrace*s 93 )ro(ram aims to create a multi/cultural. multi/ethnic ser,ice learnin( e?)erience +or colle(e students. connect 2oun( adults to ,eteran communit2 members in need. raise a5areness o+ lo5 income. disabled ,eterans. and increase the ,alue and e++icient use o+ their homes. For more in+ormation on #mbrace and the 93 )ro(ram. ,isit 555.#mbrace3.or(A93. bout $mbrace Founded in 2000. #mbrace uses communit2 ser,ice to brin( di,erse (rou)s o+ )eo)le to(ether to brin( about social 5ellness in our societ2. %he or(anization +ocuses on the utilization o+ colle(e students and recent (raduates to de,elo) their leadershi) Bualities and remed2 communit2 )roblems such as health dis)arities and homelessness on a ,olunteer basis. Founder 'ean 'he))ard*s ultimate (oal is to brin( about le(islation that ma6es communit2 ser,ice mandator2 +or all colle(e students that attend state +unded institutions o+ hi(her education. For more in+ormation on #mbrace. ,isit 555.embrace3.or( CCC