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Tottenham Hotspurs Season Preview

What do you think of Tottenham? SHIT...I wholeheartedly agree with you, but when asked to write a preview of our biggest rivals for the upcoming season, I felt I needed to give a more thorough answer. S is for Stability As Arsenal fans, nobody knows just how difficult it is to spend a summer with the threat of losing your best player quite like us, especially when you know exactly why theyre moving... and deep down you found it difficult to resent them for it. This summer it has been refreshing to see the shoe on the other foot, but there is no doubt that Tottenham have suffered because of it. No matter how this Saga ends, the uncertainty would have impacted pre-season preparation. Even more so, should Bale stay, you have to ask how quickly he will emulate last seasons form with the heavyset weight of disappointment in missing out on a key move. H is for History Tottenham are crippled by their recent History in Arsenals shadow, especially considering the difficulties we have faced in the past 8 seasons with financial constraints and the loss of key personnel. Tottenham are better than every other club outside the Top 4, they have a stronger squad and a better manager, what they dont have is the belief they can break in to it. If we find ourself in a position, with 6 games to go and Spurs are in a dog fight for fourth, can they break their negative spiral and hold their nerve when it matters? I is for Ignorance Ignorance is a state of being uninformed (lack of knowledge). The word ignorant is an adjective describing a person in the state of being unaware and is often used as an insult to describe individuals who deliberately ignore or disregard important information or facts. Tottenham are not a Top 4 side, nor do they have a divine right to be one. What they do have is a fantastic opportunity to do it this season, but they have to manage their expectations and play within their means. Spurs lost crucial goals, and critical points last season through an overambitious gung-ho style. They need to limit the expansiveness of players like Ekotto, Walker and Vertonghen, all of which can produce high up the pitch, but need to focus of their defensive responsibilities. Its hard to watch an ugly victory, holding on a one nil win can be excruciating (a la Newcastle, but its those results, and points, that are vitall come May. T is for Transfers To the envy of many Arsenal fans, Tottenham have spent considerable amounts of money on key positions they needed to fill. The biggest of those Signings was Roberto Soldado for a club record fee of 26million. Not being in the Champions League makes it difficult to attract top talent, but in Soldado they have a striker who has averaged over 17 league goals in his past 5 seasons. This is a welcome addition following Adebayors paltry campaign last year (5 League Goals), and Spurs have outgrown Defoe for some time now. Paulinho is another curios signing, 18million is a lot for a player with no experience in Europe, and the lack of competition for his signature raises eyebrows, but with an upcoming World Cup in his home country, and a confident display in the Confederations Cup, his raw talent may be a welcome driving force in the heart of the Spurs midfield. Prediction: 5 Place.

By Arsenal Fan, @guyhannah