The View co-host Sherri Shepherd has announced that she and fiancée, Lamar Sally, would like

for their wedding guests to donate to EMB !"E located in San #iego, "!$ in lieu of wedding gifts, to help pro%ide support to ser%e homeless %eterans and ci%ilians$ Founded in 2000, EMBRACE is a nonprofit organization that provides social and physical wellness progra s serving underprivileged co unities in !an "iego, CA# E $race progra s are designed to connect college students to the ulti%cultural co unity through volunteeris and service learning# &he organization is $uilt on the philosophy of '()&* and encourages serving less fortunate e $ers of civilian and veteran co unities $y $ringing people together irrespective of their race, religion or cultural up$ringing# !ean !heppard, founder of EMBRACE was leading a group of college student volunteers to serve the ho eless and while serving, Mr# !heppard et "e$$ie Clar+ who played the character ,!tor - on A erican .ladiators fro /00/ to /001# Clar+, now 23 $eca e ho eless after an in4ury to her +nee which ended her A erican .ladiator career# !ean !heppard helped the ho eless E5%A erican .ladiator and her son $y providing shelter and food and reached out to others for assistance# &he edia $eca e aware of his efforts to aid other and son, including A67 (ews, who wrote an article on this unfortunate story of an A erican .ladiator that was now ho eless# After reading the A67 (ews story of !tor and her son8s ho elessness, !herri !hepherd $egan her support $y providing Clar+ and son with 9 onths of rent along with utilities# !ince then, !herri !hepherd has $een a fan of EMBRACE and on May 22, 20// she announced on &he :iew tal+ show that she and fianc;e, 7a ar !ally would li+e their wedding guests and fans to donate to EMBRACE in lieu of wedding gifts for their upco ing August wedding# ,&he co passion < dedication that !ean displays everyday in helping those less fortunate is what drew e to the E $race organization,said !herri !hepherd# EMBRACE has provided food, clothing, $lan+ets and referrals to thousands ho eless veterans and civilians that include wo en and children# &he organization is co prised ostly of college student volunteers who donate their ti e and talent each wee+ to serve the co unity in a variety of ways# !ince the econo ic downturn, their focus has $een on ho eless civilian and veteran populations# ,=ust li+e water and solar power, college students are a natural resource that is routinely underutilized when it co es to addressing co unity pro$le s# &hey care little a$out s+in color, political affiliation, religious $eliefs or ethnicity> they 4ust want to help those who need it# &hey have $een an invalua$le resource to the !outhern California co unity in a ultitude of ways,said !heppard# ,EMBRACE is very appreciative that !herri !hepherd is assisting to serve the ho eless population in !an "iego through her ti e, talent, and resources# &he ho eless civilian