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We Care Newsletter

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August 2013

Thank You!
LDS Turlock 4th Ward Youth in action!
Thank You to all who participated in our Party with a Purpose fundraiser. Together we have raised enough to provide nearly FORTY shelter nights to area homeless men! If you have not been able to participate, there is one party still to be held on Friday August 23rd. If you are interested in attending, or would like to purchase some fabulous Premier Designs jewelry for a Purpose, please contact Barbara at (209) 664-2003.

Message from the Director

A team of young folks recently volunteered to serve lunch at our shelter. Before the meal we were asked, Is it okay to pray? This is the question I hear most often of people who generously volunteer their time and talents with us at We Care. My response is always the same: It is always okay to pray! Having served the homeless community for over ten years, we know the overwhelming majority of our clients are believers, and we encourage them in their personal spiritual growth. Understanding this is not their only need, we are driven by a sincere belief that a holistic approach is necessary to assist our clients in overcoming the varied and complex challenges they face, in order to help each of them realize their full potential and reach self-sufficiency. Our Emergency Cold Weather Shelter, open yearly from November 15th through April 15th, provides a warm, safe sleeping environment and nightly nutritious meal for adult homeless men. During the most inhospitable winter months, the shelter provides for the core needs of the men, and offers a consistency of services which can help them focus on the additional challenges they face. At the shelter they have access to recovery classes, counseling, computer lab, job search and resume assistance, and referrals to housing programs and other essential services. In the words of a recent shelter resident, It gives me something to focus on. It helps me tell the days apart,
reminds me that I still have a life. Secondary Story Headline

Board of Directors President Bill Sturtevant Retired Executive Director Vice President Jeremiah FairPastor Secretary/Treasurer Maris Sturtevant Lay Missionary of Charity Members Glenn (Andy) Elder Local Business Owner Chuck FairPastor Executive Director (Interim) Barbara Olave M.P.A.

Our Transitional Housing Program places eligible men and women in supportive housing for up to 2 years, provides case management, and connects them with the services they need to meet their individual needs and remain stably housed. Clients are also housed through our Rapid Rehousing Program, which includes case management and supportive services for up to six months to assist them in achieving self-sufficiency. This year We Care launched its pilot program Homeless Engaged in Art (HEART). HEART is an Art Therapy based program that offers participants an opportunity for positive self-expression, and promotes coping and social skills, improved mental health, and connectedness with their community. We are proud and excited about the comprehensive array of programs and services we provide, and we are honored to count you as a partner in our continued efforts to respond to the varying and complex needs of our homeless friends, and build a more vibrant community. Together we are making a difference!

Coming soon!
Pizza Nights!
Time to clean out those closets and de-clutter that garage! Come out and see us at the Turlock Farmers Market! August 23rd- - Day market
SHARES donations this quarter = $752!! Thank you for your continued support!

On selected nights in September through December, We Care supporters are invited to enjoy delicious Pizza Factory Pizza Nights! A percentage of all sales will be donated to support the We Care Program. Details and dates coming soon..

On Saturday September 21st, We Care will be joining in Cornerstone Covenant Churchs Annual Community Yard Sale. We are gladly accepting donations of items for the sale.

Sept. 6th Evening Oct. 25thEvening

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A heartfelt Thank You to all our dedicated supporters! Special Thanks to Julie Fox, SupHerb Farms, LDS Turlock 4th Ward Youth group, Barbara Borba and Anna Epperson for partnering with the We Care Program in responding to homelessness in our community!

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