Jamboree On The Air

Introduction for Scouts and Radio Amateurs

Translated by Peter Thiem DL9RT

Rainer Lüthje

Table of Contents
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Foreword…………………………………………………………………. What does JOTA mean and what are the goals.............................. When will JOTA take place ?………………………………………… Governing Regulations…………………………………………………. Call Sign and Prefix……………………………………………………. A selection of Country Codes (Prefix of call signs)………………… Q Abbreviations………………..………………………….................... The Most Common Abbreviations…………………………………… J-Code for Scouts….……………………………………………….. The QSO………………………………………………………............ The RST System……………………………………………………… International Phonetic Alphabet……………………………………. The QSL Card……………………………………………................... SWL (Short-Wave-Listener)…………………………………………… Morse-Code………………………………………………………………. Fox Hunting……………………………..…………………………….. The Log-Book……………………..…………………………………… The Amateur Radio License…………………………………………. The World-Time Zones.………………………………………………. The I.T.U. Zones……………………………………………………… Sequence of a JOTA Activity………………………………………… Modes and Scout Frequencies……….…………………………….. Wireless-Scouting/Radio–Scouting…...………………………….. Scout.Main stations Worldwide……………………………………… JOTA/Scout-Station Regional Councils..…………………………..
Africa, Caribbien, Europa, South America, North America, Asia, South East Asia

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26. Radio Amateur Societies Worldwide………………………………...... 27. Visions………………………………………………………………….


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The World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS) was started in Laubach (Germany) in 1996. The goal was to create a Federation for Scouts who are not members of another world organisation and bring them together in different international activities. The WFIS is a federation, that gives way to independent scouts what they need for their selfimage, a platform for meetings, exchange, finding contacts, finding and discussing common goals at different activities such as jamborees, workshops, Wood beads training and camps. The World Federation of Independent Scouts offers a great variety: many colours, different appearances, different customs and ways of life, different songs, varying opinion but with one aim: being a scout according to Baden Powell and live according to law and promise and the demand for mutual tolerance. If you want to know more about WFIS-Europe, please contact one of the members of the committee. If you want to learn more on WFIS-Europe get in touch with a member of the managing committee of WFIS. Scouts are a living example of partnership and solidarity at international meetings although it is not possible for every scout group or every scout to participate in international meetings or even to take part in every four years world meeting - the Jamboree. Anyhow, there is the possibility for every division to get in contact by radio with scouts all over the world, to exchange experiences and make friends with other scouts. Perhaps you have heard of amateur radio. Usually you will have had a wrong understanding of that or will have thought it is only a hobby for an exclusive group of very gifted people. The truth is that not everybody can sit in front of a transmitter and get in contact with people all over the world. To do so you will everywhere need permission by national authorities - in Germany it is the "Bundesnetzagentur". This permission (radio amateur license) you will get after having passed a special test. There are many possibilities for every scout to include this hobby in her/his work and to develop something fascinating. This handbook will give you information and encouragement. It will be of interest for both, scouts and radio hams. More actual information will be found on WFIS president Klaus Tegeder e-mail:

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JOTA is not a contest to get in contact with many different scout stations in many different countries. Rainer Lüthje . It is not enough to find a radio ham and arrange a date and then wait and see what happens. This problem can easily be solved. Everybody can switch on or off whenever he wants. To have pleasure and to understand what will amateur radio. Together with radio hams and their equipment and antennas it is possible for scouts to get worldwide in contact with other scouts . writing or even picture-exchange.What does JOTA mean and what are the goals? Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) offers scouts the possibility to get worldwide in radio contact with other scouts without spending much money or time . Brazil. it is necessary in advance to learn about radio contacts and to prepare oneself. that only a few scout groups in Germany have their own equipment or even the necessary licenses. These contacts very often lead to border crossing friendship.depending on operating mode . Nearly every ham will accept if he has got time and the equipment.   Page 4   English Version Europe 1. If there is no nearby living ham known to the scouts he can ask the national Radio Society or the scout society (more information in appendix).either by talking.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. otherwise he will ask another ham to help. if you get in contact with local radio hams and ask them to participate with their equipment. With VHF equipment you can talk to regional areas. At the same time JOTA will take place in the internet. With the appropriate short-wave equipment and fitting antennas there is no problem to get in contact with scouts in the USA. Magon Sǿrensen. The only problem is. Africa or even Australia and Asia. it is an informal getting-together using radio. Marco Landsberger.

Rainer Lüthje . Beispiel für Europa. Looking at the world-time-zones map you can find out which scout groups already have started. Marco Landsberger. Festlegung der nationalstaatlichen Zeiten in Bezug zur UTC.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Magon Sǿrensen.   Page 5   English Version Europe 1.Universal Time Coordinated For JOTA local time is used to get in contact with different local areas. On the third weekend in October.Wenn will JOTA take place JOTA takes place every year. 17th to 18th October 2009 16th to 17th October 2010 Example Germany Start is always at 00:01 local time Stop is 23:59 local time. Radio hams normally use UTC .

This information is needed for qsl cards and also for diplomas. Page 6   English Version Europe 1. Marco Landsberger. In many countries radio hams are bound to keep a call book. After having passed an examination every radio ham gets his personal license and call sign. The different services like broadcasting.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.Governing Regulations To keep radio traffic out of chaos. it is not necessary to use huge radio equipment. Every contact is written down in a call book by the ham. Using a special call and under supervision of a licensed radio ham even scouts can use a radio amateur station. Rainer Lüthje . Magon Sǿrensen. The call sign is only once issued world wide and so you can find out whom you are talking to. security. Under special conditions even people without a license can work a radio amateur station. You also can find out more information by using an international list of call signs. You can work with small radio equipment. that means name and address. aviation. there are international regulations published by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). taxies and so on have to work within certain frequency ranges which have strictly to be kept in.

Magon Sǿrensen. Call sign DL 5 LBR Prefix: DL ► German Suffix: 5LBR ► <personal identifier Call sign OZ 7 GR Prefix: OZ ► Danemark Suffix: 7GR ► Personal identifier The call sign shows every ham which radio station calls from which country and asks for a contact (QSO).   Page 7   English Version Europe 1.Call Sign and Prefix Every call sign is made up of a prefix which identifies the country the ham lives in and a suffix that is a personal identifier.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Marco Landsberger. Rainer Lüthje .

Rep. VO. W. Rainer Lüthje . HU Asia 4X. GT. Magon Sǿrensen. MD GM. M GD. GX. N. GS. VY XY-XI YS. of Germany Spain Ireland Estonia France England Isle of Man Scotland Hungary Switzerland Austria Belgium Denmark Sweden Africa 3V 5A 5V 9I-9J CN SU ZR-ZU Oceania VK ZL-ZM Australia New Zealand Tunisia Libya Togo Zambia Morocco Egypt South Africa Page 8   English Version Europe 1.A selection of Country Codes (Prefix of call signs) Europe 3A 9A 9H DA-DR EA-EH EI-EJ ES F G. Marco Landsberger. HG HB OE ON-OT OZ SA-SM America CA-CE CP PP-PY K.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. AA-AK VE. 4Z A4 AP B EP-EQ JA-JS VU XU YA Israel Oman Pakistan China Iran Japan India Cambodia Afghanistan Chile Bolivia Brazil United States of America Canada Mexico El Salvador Monaco Croatia Malta Fed.MM HA.

2. no matter what his mother tongue is. 4.Moderately. break in on my transmission. QRT Stop sending. QRH Your frequency varies. 4. The q abbreviations are used as well in air traffic as in ship-traffic and weather-traffic. 3. every abbreviation can take the form of a question when each is followed by a question mark. Scarcely perceptible. Your signals are too weak. QRJ I cannot receive you. 2. Severely. 4. QRK The intelligibility of your signals is _____ (1. QRV I am ready. QSG Send _____ messages at a time. QRA The name of my station is ______ QRG Your exact frequency is _____ kHz. QSB Your signals are fading. Nil. QSK I can hear you between my signals. Good. Good. QSL I am acknowledging receipt. 3. 3. 5. 5. QRM Your transmission is being interfered with (1. QRY Your turn is numbered _____ QRZ You are being called by _____ (on _____ kHz). Poor.Q-Abbreviations When using Morse code there are a number of internationally accepted abbreviations. QRL I am busy Please do not interfere. Good. QSD Your keying is defective. Even on phone these abbreviations are used by habit. Marco Landsberger. QRU I have nothing for you. understands them. Fairly good. They save space and time when writing a SMS if the receiver does understand them. They always are formed by three letters and always start with the letter q. QRQ Send faster. QRS Send more slowly. Weak. QRO Increase power. Extremely. 2. QSM Repeat the last message which you sent me Example: QRU I have nothing for you. Bad. QRI The tone of your transmission is _____ (1.Excellent). 2. which shorten traffic and which everybody. 5. QSA The strength of your signals (or those of _____) is_____ (1. Very good). QRW Please inform _____ that I am calling on _____ kHz.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. QRP Decrease power. 3. Magon Sǿrensen. Slightly. Rainer Lüthje . Variable. QRU? Do you have anything for me? Page 9   English Version Europe 1. Fair. QRX I will call you again at _____ hours (on _____ kHz). Bad).) QRN I am troubled by static _____ (1-5 as under QRM).

Magon Sǿrensen. break me. break in Semi-automatic key Before Confirm. signal Schedule Sorry Single sideband Traffic Tomorrow cld-clg Called. call nr om pa pse psed pwr r rcvr rfi rig rpt rtty rx sig sked sri ssb tfc tmw Number Old man Power Amplifier Please Pleased Power Received as transmitted (RX) Receiver Radio Frequency Interference Station equipment Repeat. you’re. I have nothing for you tnx-tks Thanks tu tvi tx txt Thank you Television interference Transmitter Text ur-urs Your. I repeat.radiotelegraph) From Dear Distance.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. calling condx Conditions cq cul cw de dr dx es fb fm gb ge gl gm gn gnd gud hi hr hw lid log msg nil Calling any station See you later Continuous wave (i. foreign countries And Fine business. aa ab adr agn ant bci bk bug b4 cfm cl All after All before Address Again Antenna Broadcast interference Break. Most of them originate from the English language. report Radioteletype Receiver Signature. working wkd-wkg wud wx xyl yl 73 88 Would Weather Wife Young lady Best regards Love and Kisses Page 10   English Version Europe 1. Marco Landsberger.e. I confirm I am closing my station. Rainer Lüthje . high Here How A poor operator Log book Message Nothing.The Most Common Abbreviations The following abbreviations are mainly used by radio amateurs when using Morse code.. excellent Frequency modulation Good-by Good evening Good luck Good morning Good night Ground Good The telegraphic laugh. yours vfo vy wa wb Variable-frequency oscillator Very Word after Word before Worked.

JWN Vladimir Hola Vladimir. QTH Moscow. The J-code is similar to the Q-code and can be used at JOTA like the Q-code of the hams. JSW Vladimir JSW Paolo It looks like a code! Exactly. it is the J-code. It enables scouts to communicate without using the same language. JHOX JHO14 Paolo.overcast 2 . JWB4 Muy bien.English 2 .it is raining 3 .what is your name? JHOX .what is your age? A possible exchange of information between a Russian scout in Moscow and a scout in Caracas in Venezuela whereby all words can be spelled with the help of the international spelling alphabet: Doswe age is … JWNX . JSC y JWB1.J-Code for Scouts The J-code for scouts is not internally agreed on but is more and more used in QSOs.German 7 . Example: JWN .0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. JWN Paolo JHJ Paolo. JFC is pouring 4 . Whether it will be used worldwide depends on usage and familiarity.Russian 6 .it snows 5 . QTH Caracas. JAC. Page 11   English Version Europe 1.Dutch 8 – Italian Scouts JCS JSC JGT JRS JRG JCS JWG JHJ JSW I am a wolf cub I am a scout I am a female scout I am a rover I am a female ranger I am a scout leader I belong to the … group enjoy JOTA/JOTI Good Path and regards to you Common information JAC JWB we camp the weather is 1 . JWL5 OK Vladimir. Rainer Lüthje .French 3 .Portuguese 5 . JSC.Spanish 4 . JHO12.fine If you ask a question you have to put an "X" at the end of the code. It would be impossible for Vladimir and Paolo to exchange this fundamental information but it needs some practice. Personal information JWN JFC JHO JWA JEM JWL my name is … my country is … my age is … my address is … our e-mail address is … my language is 1 . Magon Sǿrensen. Marco name is … JHO .

You are only supposed to talk about ham radio and very common things. this is DL0WIS and DL0WIS is listening" If there is no station answering the call has to be repeated several times. After a second round your equipment and antenna might be described and you tell him what his rapport is like. If another station is answering. CQ Jamboree. Now you can exchange other information. the qso might develop as follows: "OZ5ABC this is DL0WIS.“ Page 12   English Version Europe 1. Magon Sǿrensen. The mike back to you. Ham radio connects people of different countries all over the world so you should not talk about politics or religion and be always polite. CQ Jamboree. What is so fascinating in ham radio is to call other hams or to be called by them without having spoken to them before. OZ5ABC. which is done with the RST-code (see further down). To get in contact with another ham you have to agree on a certain frequency and time.The QSO Amateur-radio-traffic is not like using a telephone. not about business affairs for example. OZ5ABC DL0WIS is going qrt. cq this is DL0WIS. The qso will be finished by " many 73s and 55s. general call to all stations by DL0WIS and DL0WIS is listening" Or a call at JOTA: "CQ Jamboree. Amateur radio is no possibility to replace telephone calls. During the JOTA the scouts can give information about themselves and what they do. It is common usage to exchange rapports. This can lead to friendship and contacts for long periods of time. My QTH is Altenholz near Kiel." Now the Danish ham will tell his name (only the first name is given) and tell his location. for example a Danish ham with the call sign OZ5ABC.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Hello old man and thanks for your call. DL0WIS is the central station of the WFIS. This international character is the link between ham radio and scouts. Rainer Lüthje . My name is Paul. cq. the qsl-card will be sent by bureau. In principle only the licensed ham can do the qso but there are national exceptions. DL0WIS is listening. Marco Landsberger. You cannot dial a number and are connected. Example for a general call to all stations "cq.

4—Readable with practically no difficulty. trace of ripple modulation. 7—Moderately strong signals. very harsh and broad. 2—Barely readable. Marco Landsberger. 2—Very rough ac. 9—Extremely strong signals. 6—Filtered tone. no trace of ripple of modulation of any kind. 5—Perfectly readable. Readability and signal strength will be used for phone contacts. 5—Fairly good signals. very rough and broad. 2—Very weak signals. 8—Near perfect tone. 3—Weak signals. 7—Near pure tone. Magon Sǿrensen. 5—Filtered rectified ac but strongly ripple-modulated. 9—Perfect tone. Readability 1—Unreadable. Rainer Lüthje .  3—Rough ac tone. 4—Fair signals. 8—Strong signals. Page 13   English Version Europe 1. all three of them are used for Morse code. some trace of filtering. occasional words distinguishable. 3—Readable with considerable difficulty. rectified but not filtered.The RST System The RST System is used to give information about the received signal. barely perceptible. 4—Rough note. slight trace of modulation.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Signal Strength 1—Faint signals. Tone 1—Sixty-cycle ac or less. definite trace of ripple modulation. 6—Good signals.

your name or location. In that case you will use the International Phonetic Alphabet. A → Alfa B → Bravo C → Charlie D → Delta E → Echo F → Foxtrott G → Golf H → Hotel I → India J → Juliett K → Kilo L → Lima M → Mike N → November O → Oscar P → Papa Q → Quebec R → Romeo S → Sierra T → Tango U → Uniform V → Victor W → Whiskey X → X-ray Y → Yankee Z → Zoulou   Page 14   English Version Europe 1. Rainer Lüthje .The International Phonetic Alphabet If there are interferences it might be necessary to spell the call sign. Magon Sǿrensen.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Marco Landsberger.

Magon Sǿrensen. Rainer Lüthje . For JOTA it is possible that the scout group designs its special QSL It contains all-important information of the QSO and will be transferred by the national Amateur Radio Societies if the ham is member of that society. will tell them what has to be on the QSL cards. These cards can already be completed at JOTA. If the scouts will post more information or pictures to their new friends or invite them they can do that either by snail-mail or by e-mail. The design can be done by the ham or together with the scouts. The ham can find out the correct address either in a call book or in the Internet (qrz. Marco Landsberger. The ham. The cards sent by the other stations will be received by the ham in a couple of months and then be handed out to the scouts who can use them for their chronicle or can be placed in their meeting point.   Example from QSL Card DLØWIS at JOTA 2009 Page 15   English Version Europe 1. who is responsible for the radio station.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.The QSL Card A written QSL card will confirm every first contact between two amateur radio stations. It is a kind of visiting card and you can use your own ideas and motives.

e. as a short-wave listener. A SWL can post QSL cards via the bureau (if he belongs to the amateur radio society).     Page 16   English Version Europe 1. Marco Landsberger. A ham is always interested in getting information how his signal has been received in a foreign country and he will answer a SWL-QSL card with his own QSL card.g. You can get more information from the radio amateur who supports the scout group .SWL (Short-Wave Listener) Even without a license everybody can be busy with different aspects of ham-radio. So it might be of interest to scouts to listen to QSOs at JOTA with a radio receiver. In contrast to other radio services everybody can listen to amateur radio frequencies. Magon Sǿrensen.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Rainer Lüthje .

it is still used by radio amateurs. Anyhow. For scouts it might be of interest to know the Morse code and to use it at different occasions. First of all there is less technical effort in equipment and secondly you can make contacts with little power.   Page 17   English Version Europe 1. Rainer Lüthje . Marco Landsberger. There are two reasons for it. Magon Sǿrensen.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Further more it is possible to communicate with foreign hams without knowing their language.Morse-Code Morse-Code and phonetic alphabet The development in radio equipment has improved spoken radio contacts and so the contact with Morse code has lost in importance.

Fox Hunting

There is a possibility for scouts without a radio amateur license to do something that is as well exciting as of interest. A transmitter with very low power is hidden somewhere in the area and transmits on a certain frequency with a certain code. With a small receiver and a handheld antenna you are supposed to find the transmitter. You can organise a foxhunt with the local radio amateur club that will lend you the necessary equipment. With the help of a ham the scout group could organize it at any time or at the JOTA.


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The Log Book
It is a custom for radio amateurs to keep a logbook. The following information is written down: date, time (in UT), frequency, RST (given and received), name of the other ham, location, perhaps power and antenna. This information is transferred to the QSL. At JOTO this can be down by the scouts. Information for the logbook: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Day, Month, Year Begin and end of the QSQ in UT Call sign of the other ham Frequency Type of transmission Signature of the responsible ham

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The Amateur Radio License
Not later than at the JOTA somebody would like to know what is necessary to become a radio amateur and how to get a license. The prerequisite can be different from country to country. You will have to pass an examination at a national authority. Parts of the examination: 1. 2. 3. 4. Technical knowledge How to handle a QSO (Abbreviations, Phonetic Alphabet, etc.) Radio Regulations Ability to work with Morse Code (might be different from country to country)

For CB-Radio you don't need a license, but it is not useful for JOTA because the range is very limited. On the other hand it can be used in the camp and its vicinity or for organizational reasons. All other radio services need a license and cost money.

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Magon Sǿrensen.The World-Times Zones 0    Page 21   English Version Europe 1. Marco Landsberger. Rainer Lüthje .0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.

T.U. Rainer Lüthje .U. Marco Landsberger.T. Magon Sǿrensen.U.U.U.T.-Region 1 I.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Zones I.-Region 3 Page 22   English Version Europe 1.The I.-Region 2 I.T.-Region 3 I. Zones and Regions I.U.T.T.

Arrange a date 2. Rainer Lüthje .0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.Sequence of a JOTA Activity 1. . Preparation of the scout group.Denmark Page 23   English Version Europe 1. 3. Invite the radio ham who will give information about his hobby Read this handbook Find country codes on a map or globe Spell names and locations with the international phonetic alphabet Write messages with Q-groups or abbreviations (for SMS) Collect information that might be transmitted to other scouts at JOTA Design a special QSL card for JOTA Perhaps invite and inform the local newspaper JOTA The group installs the radio station and antennas Keep up the log book Write the QSL cards Documentation (Photos) After JOTA Give the QSL cards to the radio ham Write a report for your scout news Write a report for your representative Feedback in the group General Assembly 2009 – Fredenborg . Get in contact with a nearby living radio ham or a national society. 4. Magon Sǿrensen. Marco Landsberger.

Within these bands different modes are restricted to certain frequencies. Marco Landsberger. for the VHF frequencies no decisions have been made. For the JOTA weekend some frequencies can and should be used on shortwave. Rainer Lüthje . Magon Sǿrensen.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. The call for scouts should be "CQ Jamboree" and then all other radio amateur frequencies can be used.Modes and Scout-Frequencies (at JOTA) The radio hams have their own frequencies (bands) they can use. 160 m Band 1810-2000 KHz 80 m Band 3500-3800 KHz 3570 cw ww scout 3690 +3940 ssb ww scout   40 m Band 7000-7200 7030 cw ww scout 7090 +7190 cw ww scout Page 24   English Version Europe 1.

Marco Landsberger. Rainer Lüthje . Magon Sǿrensen.30 m Band 10140-10150 KHz Keine Absprachen 20 m Band 14000-14350 KHz 14060 cw ww scout 14290 SSB ww scout 17 m Band 18068-18168 KHz 18080 cw ww scout 18140 SSB ww scout 15 m Band 21000-21450 KHz 21140 cw ww scout 21360 SSB ww scout Page 25   English Version Europe 1.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.

Magon Sǿrensen.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.12 m Band 24890-24950 KHz 24910 cw ww scout 24960 SSB ww scout 10 m Band 28000-29700 KHz 28180 cw ww scout 28390 SSB ww scout To make it easier to find other scout stations the special calling frequencies are shown below: Page 26   English Version Europe 1. Rainer Lüthje . Marco Landsberger.

etc.Wireless .Scouting/Radio . Magon Sǿrensen. The name for that activity is Wireless.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.or Radio Scouting. WFIS Europe asks for feedback and suggestions from scouts who have got a radio amateur license. Marco Landsberger. Page 27   English Version Europe 1. There is always an amateur ratio station at the World Jamboree that takes place every four years. DL0WIS is the central European ham station at the moment. camps. Rainer Lüthje . So amateur radio could become part of the common scout activities.Scouting Scouts on the air network (Sotan) Worldwide there are many scouts who use amateur radio not only during the JOTA weekend. Amateur radio stations are often used at scout meetings.

Rainer Lüthje .0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Marco Landsberger.Page 28   English Version Europe 1. Magon Sǿrensen.

Marco Landsberger.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Rainer Lüthje . Magon Sǿrensen.Page 29   English Version Europe 1.

Magon Sǿrensen. Marco Landsberger.  Page 30   English Version Europe 1.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Rainer Lüthje .

Marco Landsberger. Magon Sǿrensen.Page 31   English Version Europe 1.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Rainer Lüthje .

  Page 32   English Version Europe 1. Magon Sǿrensen. Rainer Lüthje . Marco Landsberger.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.

0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.  Page 33   English Version Europe 1. Rainer Lüthje . Marco Landsberger. Magon Sǿrensen.

Page 34   English Version Europe 1. Magon Sǿrensen. Marco Landsberger. Rainer Lüthje .0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.

Marco Landsberger.  Page 35   English Version Europe 1. Magon Sǿrensen. Rainer Lüthje .0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.

Magon Sǿrensen. Marco Landsberger.Page 36   English Version Europe 1. Rainer Lüthje .0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.

Page 37   English Version Europe 1. Marco Landsberger. Rainer Lüthje . Magon Sǿrensen.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.

Marco Landsberger. Magon Sǿrensen. Rainer Lüthje .  Page 38   English Version Europe 1.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.

Marco Landsberger.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Magon Sǿrensen. Rainer Lüthje .Page 39   English Version Europe 1.

Magon Sǿrensen. Marco Landsberger.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.Page 40   English Version Europe 1. Rainer Lüthje .

V21SA IARU liaison: Wilston Edwards Last updated: 3-Jun-2005 Page 41   English Version Europe 1. 7..@atnet. President: Joan Sauri.O.chez. b. (61) 573677 <7X2RO> Fax: +213 (21) 725013 <HQ> Email: 7.... (4) 368115 <ZA1D> Fax: +355 (42) 64738 <ZA1B> Email: g.. 16000 Alger Gare Tel: +213 (21) 725013 <HQ>..@chez.@hotmail. ZA1D IARU liaison: Marenglen Mema. 7X2MA Secretary: Afif Benlagha.. Tirana Tel: +355 (42) 64738 <ZA1B>. Box 1501. (268) 4622495 <Edwards> Email: c. Box <7X2MA>...O.O. The <HQ>.@andorra.@hotmail. 16001 Alger Address: C31LU IARU liaison: President Last updated: 2-Nov-2006 ANGUILLA Anguilla Amateur Radio Society [AARS] Address: P. John's Tel: +1 (268) 7272900 <V21MC> <C31US> Web: <HQ>. ZA1B Last updated: 23-Aug-2006 ALGERIA Amateurs Radio Algeriens [ARA] Location: 7 Square Port Said.. Box 1. ZA1Z Secretary: Nikolla Dedi. Magon Sǿrensen. AD 553 Principality of Andorra Tel: +376 825380 <HQ> Fax: +376 825380 <HQ> Email: <ZA1B> Chairman: Dajlan Omeri.0 © Copyright Klaus President: Mahmoud Amokrane. Box 965. <V21MC> President: Mark Charles. Box 1150.... Engondany Address: P. +213 (24) 819682 <7X2MA>. C31US Secretary: Josep Casal. 7X2RO IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 23-Aug-2006 ANDORRA Unio de Radioaficionats Andorrans [URA] Location: 10 Fiten i Rossell. s.... 71 AD700 Escaldes. Rainer Lüthje .com <7X2RO> Web: http://www... Marco Landsberger.O. V21MC Secretary: Sherilyn Antoney.Radio Amateur Societies Worldwide The International Amateur Radio Union IARU ALBANIA Albanian Amateur Radio Association [AARA] Address: P. BWI Tel: +1 (264) 497-2398 <VP2EP> President: Eric Paul.O.ura. VP2EM IARU liaison: President Last updated: 9-Mar-2003 ANTIGUA &BARBUDA Antigua and Barbuda Amateur Radio Society [ABARS] Address: P. VP2EP Secretary: Roger Morton.

N. (3) 9802-6137 <VK3KI> Fax: +61 (3) 9729 7325 <National Office> Email: <EK6GB> President: George Badalian..0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. 11-13 Havelock Rd..@wia. Beviglia. P43L IARU liaison: Anthony President: Michael Zwingl. OE3MZC Vice President: Gerhard <National Office> <HQ> Web: <P43L> Web: http://www... Box President: Emily Thiel. LU1BCE Secretary: Fernando Gomez Rojas...ARGENTINA Radio Club Argentino [RCA] Location: Carlos Calvo 1420/24. C1000WAA Buenos Aires Tel: +54 (11) 4305-0505 <HQ>. (11) 4361-4071 <LU4BR> Fax: +54 (11) 4304-0555 <HQ> Email: l. P43E Secretary: Lisandro Arends. LU1ARG IARU liaison: Roberto U.. EK6AN Last updated: 9-Jan-2007 ARUBA Aruba Amateur Radio Club [AARC] Location: Spaanslagoenweg President: Michael Owen. Box (8) 9409. OE1HSS Vice President: Norbert <P43T>.... Fax: +297 (8) 31545 <P43T> Email: <HQ>.. Victoria 3153 Address: <VK3AFA> Web: http://www.... Victoria 3153 Tel: +61 (3) 9729 0400 <National Office>.at <HQ> Web: http://www.. EK6VT IARU Liaison: Mher Markosian.O.qsl. p..P.@arubanet. VK3KI Secretary: Geoff Atkinson. P43T Last updated: 23-May-2007 AUSTRALIA Wireless Institute of Australia [WIA] Location: Suite 20... Nassau. p.9680 <VK6NE>. Magon Sǿrensen.. VK3AFA IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 18-Nov-2008 AUSTRIA Oesterreichischer Versuchssenderverband [OEVSV] Address: A-1060 Wien. OE9NAI IARU liaison: President Last updated: 23-Aug-2006 BAHAMAS Bahamas Amateur Radio Society [BARS] Address: P.. Bayswater..wia. Pos Chiquito Address: P. EK6GB Secretary: Vahe President: Carlos E..O. Box 2273. San Nicolas Tel: +297 (8) 37286 <HQ>. B1102ABD Buenos Aires Address: P. Beviglia. Yerevan 0002 Tel: +3741 565616 <HQ> Fax: +3741 565616 <HQ> Email: e. v. Box SS-6004.@wia.. Bayswater. Eisvogelgasse 4/1 Tel: +43 (1) 999 2132 <HQ> Fax: +43 (1) 999 2133 <HQ> Email: o. Marco Landsberger.@oevsv. LU4BR Last updated: 19-May-2008 ARMENIA Federation of Radiosport of the Republic of Armenia [FRRA] Address: P/Box 22. Rainer Lüthje . Page 42   English Version Europe 1.. <EU1SA> Web: http://www. 8P6NE Last updated: 28-Jul-2004 BELARUS Belarussian Federation of. Bridgetown Tel: +1 (246) 420-8441 <8P6JB>. Sidorov. Belarus Tel: +375 (17) 289-3045 <HQ> Fax: +375 (17) 289-3045 <HQ> Email: e.@hotmail.. C6ACN IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 9-Mar-2003 BAHRAIN Amateur Radio Association Bahrain [ARAB] Address: P... 427-2888 <8P6NE> Email: r. Road #14. B-1000 Brussels Tel: +32 (51) 686225 <ON7TK>.qsl.@itcee.. Mohamed Ali Al-Buflasa.President: Reinhart Pearson.@hotmail.. Flat# C/9..html President: Adel Khalifa Eid.. Volkova. h. S21RB IARU liaison: President Last updated: 11-Dec-2008 BARBADOS Amateur Radio Society of Barbados [ARSB] Address: P.. <ON5OO> Web: http://www.@caribsurf.@uba. Box 22381.. A92FF Secretary: 48. <A92FF>. Marco Landsberger.. Box 814E. House #8/A <HQ>.O. m.....0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Rainer Lüthje . EU1YL IARU liaison: President Last updated: 23-Aug-2006 BELGIUM Union Royale Belge des Amateurs-Emetteurs/Koninklijke Unie van de Belgische Zendamateurs/Königliche Union der Belgischen Funkamateure (UBA) Address: Rue de la Presse 4. Magon Sǿ President: Vladimir V...... Dhaka-1209 Tel: +880 (2) 8150533 <HQ> Email: s..@batelco. 8P6JB Assistant Secretary: Haskell ON5OO Last updated: 14-Aug-2007 Page 43   English Version Europe 1.O.. +973 3945 1550 <A92GR> Email: a. EU1SA Secretary: Raissa V. Minsk 220050. Radioamateurs and Radiosportsmen [BFRR] Location: Kazintsa <HQ> Web: <A92GR> Web: http://www. S21L Secretary: Belayet Hossain <8P6JB>.@barl.. C6ANO Secretary: Philip Dawkins. A92GR IARU Liaison: Secretary Last updated: 23-Aug-2006 BANGLADESH Bangladesh Amateur Radio League Address: Basati <8P6NE> President: Ronald Wilkinson...bfrr. ON7TK Secretary (Flemish): Vacant Secretary (French): Valerie <ON7TK>. 8P6GU IARU liaison: Tony <8P6GU>.be President: Claude van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie. DRA. Minsk 220099 Belarus Address: PO Box 469.uba..... ON4LBG IARU liaison: Jacques Debouche..@barl.@sunbeach.@solo. t.. +32 (2) 6754571 <ON5OO> Fax: +32 (2) 218-3141 Email: o. Muharraq Tel: +973 3966 8375 <A92FF>.org President: Anwar Islam..

..@labre. BA-71001 Sarajevo Address: P. Trecho <VP9KB>..labre..0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.@pobox. D. Semos.. r. Marco Landsberger. Fax: +387 (33) 663414 <HQ> Email: <E70A> Web: http://www. 70200-150 Brasilia.. Cruz Bay...O.O.. La Paz Tel: +591 (2) 224921 <HQ> Fax: +591 (2) 224921 <HQ> Email: m. Gaborone Tel: 267-325485 <A24CC> President: Anu Sulu. Box 275 HM AX. President: Gustavo de Faria <PT2FR> Web: http://www..@gmail.. Magon Sǿrensen. VP9KB Secretary: Rose Spershott. Pembroke Parish Tel: +1 441 236 9349 <VP9KB>.. St. VP9LP IARU liaison: Dennis Fox. Box 2111. Lote 1/A. Hamilton City.BELIZE Belize Amateur Radio Club [BARC].F. A22YL Secretary: Christopher Colledge.O.F. Rainer Lüthje .. CP1QW IARU liaison: President Last updated: 13-May-2008 BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA Asocijacija Radioamatera Bosne i Hercegovine [ARABiH] Location: Franca Lehara <VP9LP>.. Box President: David A. Box 1873.. A24CC IARU Liaison: Secretary Last updated: 23-Aug-2006 BRAZIL Liga Brasileira de Radioamadores [LABRE] Location: Setor de Clubes Esportivos Sul. CP1OX Secretary: Arturo Glacinovic T. 1392.@northrock. D.@arabih. Membership rights temporarily suspended Last updated: 9-Mar-2003 BERMUDA Radio Society of Bermuda [RSB] Address: P. Box <VP9NMT> Web: http://www.@logic. Address: P...arabih. CP1FF> President: Ricardo Schayman K.. La Paz Address: P. 232 2043 <VP9LP>.. 236 6355 <VP9NMT> Email: d. John 0083 Tel: +1 (284) 496-8992 Vice President: Arthur Swain.. E75O Secretary: Dalibor Stanic. E79D IARU liaison: Darko <Mario <HQ>.O..@ibl. E70A Last updated: 30-Dec-2008 BOTSWANA Botswana Amateur Radio Society [BARS] Address: P. PT2RY IARU liaison: Francisco Jose de Queiroz. Box 00004. 71001 Sarajevo Tel: +387 (33) 663414 <HQ> President: Amir Jaganjac.O... VP2VA Last updated: 29-Oct-2008 Page 44   English Version Europe 1.... PT2FR Last updated: 27-May-2009 BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS British Virgin Islands Radio League [BVIRL] Address: P. d. Tel: +55 (61) 223-1157 <HQ> Fax: +55 (61) 223-1161 <HQ> Email: l.bermudashorts. PT2ADM Executive Director: Francisco Ricardo Favilla. VP9NMT Last updated: 4-Jun-2009 BOLIVIA Radio Club Boliviano [RCB] Location: Plaza Tejada Sorzano No. 70359-970 <HQ>.

LZ1ZQ IARI liaison: Georgi Vodenicharov. V85SK IARU Liaison: President Last updated: 9-Mar-2003 BULGARIA Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs [BFRA] Location: Tzarigradsko Chaussee 7th km. VE2KA Last updated: 30-Jun-2009 CAYMAN ISLANDS Cayman Amateur Radio Society [CARS] Address: P.@yahoo.... TJ1KF Last updated: 23-Aug-2006 CANADA Radio Amateurs of Canada [RAC] Address: 720 Belfast Road. Box 830.@aol... Diakite Kaba IARU liaison: President Last updated: 23-Aug-2006 CAMEROUN Association des Radio Amateurs du Cameroun [ARTJ] Address: Ecole Nationale Superieuse des Postes et <ZF1PM> Web: http://caymanhams.O. +359 (889) 278795 <LZ1ZF> Fax: +359 (2) 9801458 <HQ> Email: b.. BG-1784 Sofia Address: P. m. Magon Sǿrensen.@mtt. c... BB3577. Negara Brunei Darussalam Tel: +673 (8) 710867 <V85MH> Fax: +673 (2) 381169 <V85SK> President: Hj Hasnan bin Hj Shaari. +226 306923 <Alpha M. Suite 217. Room 717. Diakite Kaba> Fax: +226 300930 <XT2KY> President: Youssouf Kaba. P. IZOTBIC Building..@bfra.@candw.. 363019 <XT2KY>..BRUNEI DARUSSALAM Brunei Darussalam Amateur Radio Association [BDARA] Address: Log Bag <ZF1DJ> <HQ>. VE3UNW IARU liaison: Daniel Lamoureux.rac.. +359 (2) 9818102 <LZ1RF>.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Box 1029 GT. Ottawa..... Box 01.bfra. Marco <LZ1RF>.ca President: Bob <ZF1HQ>.org Page 45   English Version Europe 1.@rac.. Ouagadougou 10000 Tel: +226 300945 <XT2KY> President: Milcho Milanov. +359 (899) 600438 <HQ>.... B. l..@videotron. MPC. 6132 Yaounde Fax: +237 23 37 48 Email: f. Ontario K1G 0Z5 Tel: +1 (613) 244-4367 <HQ> Fax: +1 (613) 244-4369 <HQ> Email: r.. Zdravka <VE2KA> Web: <LZ1ZF> Web: http://www. v..O. VE3BDB Secretary: Linda <HQ>. V85MH Secretary: President: Francois Kamgam. LZ1RF Secretary: Mrs.... KY1-1102 Grand Cayman Tel: +1 (345) 325-2475 <ZF1DJ> Email: j. VE9GLF Office Manager: Richard Hagemeyer. Suhaili bin Hj Kawang.. LZ1ZF Last updated: 12-Jan-2007 BURKINA FASO Association des Radioamateurs du Burkina Faso [ARBF] Address: c/o Youssouf Kaba.P. v. ONATEL. l. BG-1000 Sofia Tel: +359 (2) 8090377 <HQ>. XT2KY Secretary: Alpha <VE9GLF>.@rac. Rainer Lüthje .. <CE3PG> Web: http://www. BA1HAM IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 11-Jul-2008 CHINESE TAIPEI Chinese Taipei Amateur Radio League [CTARL] Location: 330 Taiwan Address: P.ti0rc. (10) 67020539 <BA1HAM> Fax: +86 (10) 67016974 <HQ> Email: <HQ>. 888 <BV2AI> Fax: +886 4738-5441 <HQ>. b. Box 2412-1000.lcra.. h... BV2FB Last updated: 17-Mar-2009 COLOMBIA Liga Colombiana de Radioaficionados [LCRA] Location: Avenida 100 <BV2FB> Web: President: Galdino Besomi Sani. Chung Ping Beijing 100061 Address: 2563285 <HK3CC> Fax: +57 (1) 6104406 <HQ>.. BV2AI Secretary General: Echo Wang.@126... Box 13630. Box 73. Santafe de Bogota Address: P. +56 (2) 392-1843 <CE3PG> Fax: +56 (2) 392-1444 <HQ> Email: s. i. CE3PG Secretary: Alejandro President: Hugo Soto President: Mr. Taipei.@mi. a. 6104406 <HK3CC> Email: h. Taipei City 10099.ctarl. HK3CC Secretary: Francisco Hennessey.@barraquer. Box <HQ>. Magon Sǿrensen.@ti0rc..@lcra. +886 32209207 President: Ignacio Barraquer Coll...) Tel: +886 4738-8746 <HQ>. Box 584.O.... Santiago 21 Tel: +56 (2) 696-4707 <HQ> Rainer Lüthje . HK3W IARU liaison: President Last updated: 5-Jun-2008 COSTA RICA Radio Club de Costa Rica [RCCR] Address: P... Taiwan (R. 8330996 Santiago Address: <HQ>.. +886 32202245 <BV2AI> Email: <HK3C> Web: http://www...... Marco <HQ>. Zhao Mingyu.@ce3aa.@ctarl.O. c.. ZF1HQ IARU liaison: Peter <BA1HAM> Web: http://www. ZF1PM Last updated: 7-Apr-2009 CHILE Radio Club de Chile [RCCH] Location: Nataniel Cox 1054. Beijing 100061 Tel: +86 (10) 67025488 <HQ>..@telatsa.. BV2QB IARU liaison: Palph Yang. b. TI2KAC Page 46   English Version Europe Chairman: Cola (Yi-Chien) <TI2CLP> Web: http://www.. 102. CE3JWF IARU liaison: President Last updated: 8-May-2009 CHINA Chinese Radio Sports Association [CRSA] Location: 9 Tiantan Neidongli.O. San Jose Tel: +506 280 7855 <HQ>. TaoYuan City..ce3aa.@amsat. BD1MYZ Secretary: Mr. Santafe de Bogota Tel: +57 (1) 2563285 <HQ>..President: John Darby..0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder..O. Chen Ping.. +506 220 2605 <TI2HAS> Email: TI2HAS Secretary: Carlos Alfaro Kuri. ZF1DJ Secretary: Andy Harding. <HQ>..

Rainer Lüthje ... Email: h.. Web: http://www.. 9A3AYM IARU liaison: Zeljko Ulip. Marco Landsberger. Box <HQ>. Habana 10100 Tel: +53 (7) 833 4811 & 830 2223 Email: <HQ>. o. +357 (99) 548549 <5B4AFQ> Fax: +357 (22) 433416 <5B4MF> Email: c.. 9A5K Secretary: Marina Sirovica. CO2OJ IARU liaison: Vice President Francisco Hernandez. (2) 72704620 <OK1MP> Fax: +420 (2) 66722242 <HQ> Email: <OK1MP>. Plaza de la Revolucion. CZ-17000 Praha 7 Address: P. OK1ES IARU liaison: Milos Prostecky. 9A2EY Last updated: 5-Feb-2008 CUBA Federacion de Radioaficionados de Cuba [FRC] Location: Calle Paseo Web: http://frc.. Box 51267.@hamradio.@engineer. Box 69.@volny. Abidjan 01 Tel: +225 21 243 346 <HQ> Email: <HQ>.crk.@cyhams. CO2RP Secretary: Oscar Morales Jr. +385 (1) 2318440 <9A2EY> Fax: +385 (1) 4848763 <HQ>. 5B4AHZ IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 8-Aug-2007 CZECH REPUBLIC Cesky Radioklub [CRK].IARU liaison: Alberto Ramirez.0 © Copyright Klaus President: Jiri President: Pedro Rodriguez. OK1MP Last updated: 6-Apr-2009 Page 47   English Version Europe President: Kresimir Kovarik.. TU2OP Secretary: Rahane Vieyra. CO2HA Last updated: 11-Feb-2008 CYPRUS Cyprus Amateur Radio Society [CARS] Address: P. Pergamenky 3.. entre 25 y <HQ>. Limassol 3503 Tel: +357 (99) 610855 <5B4AHZ>.net <5B4AHZ> Web: http://www. OK1AOZ Secretary: Josef <TU2OP> Web: www..@enet. CZ-11327 Praha 1 Tel: +420 (2) 66722240 <HQ>....O.. HR-10000 Zagreb Tel: +385 (1) 4848759 <HQ>. TI2CLP Last updated: 11-Feb-2008 COTE D'IVOIRE Association Des Radio Amateurs Ivoiriens (ARAI) Address: PO Box 2946.O.qsl. Habana 10400 Address: P.@crk.@gmx... j.O.cyhams. Czech Radio Club [CRC] Location: President: Jean-Jacques <OK1AOZ> Web: http://www.@post. 5B4AFQ Secretary: Nestor Jacovides. Magon Sǿrensen. TU5JF IARU Liaison: President Last updated: 23-Aug-2006 CROATIA Hrvatski radio-amaterski savez [HRS] Address: Dalmatinska President: Manos Manoli.. 5.......

. Amateur Radio Association of President: Clement James.@hotmail. Charles...O... 9Q1MR IARU liaison: President Last updated: 2-Nov-2006 DENMARK Experimenterende Danske Radioamatoerer [EDR] Address: Klokkestoebervej 11. o. j. 235-7282 <J73CW> Fax: +1 (767) 448-7708 <HQ> Email: j.. J73VW IARU liaison: William R. (4) 881841 <HC2RB> Page 48   English Version Europe 1.. j. Congo Location: CNFPT. Box<OZ5DX> Web: http://www. Kinshasa 1 Tel: +243 9986 93940 Fax: +243 12 20686 Email: c.O... OZ5KM IARU Liaison: Hans <HQ> Web: http://www..@hotmail.... J73CI Secretary: Valda Woodman.@iaru-r2.DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO Association des Radio Amateurs du Congo [ARAC]. OZ2JBC Secretary: Kjeld <9Q1KS> Web: <J73CW> Web: <J73Z>..O.. HI8ROX Last updated: 11-Feb-2008 ECUADOR Guayaquil Radio Club [GRC] Address: P. No 1 Av Colonel Ebeya.j7hams. DK-5230 Odense M Tel: +45 (66) 156511 <HQ> Fax: +45 (66) 156598 <HQ> Email: k.@edr. +593 (4) 883963 <HC2FSH>. Box <J73CI>. 9Q1KS Secretary: Richard Mayamba.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.htm President: Cyprien Kahundira V.. Guayaquil Tel: +593 (4) 294671/294682 <HQ> <HQ>. Magon Sǿrensen.R.. Santo Domingo Tel: +1 (809) 5508 8723 Email: h. Gombe Address: P. HI8VRS Secretary: Victor Baez. OZ5DX Last updated: 6-Apr-2009 DJIBOUTI Association des Radioamateurs de Djibouti [ARAD] Address: P. Box 09-01-5757. OZ3MC Vice President: Jorgen <OZ3MC>. Box 1549. Rainer Lüthje . [DARCI] Location: Canefield East Housing Scheme Address: <J73VW>.com/aracongo/ President: Martin Mortensen.@edr. (4) 820474 <HC2SL>. Roseau Tel: +1 (767) 448-6915 <J73CI>.multimania..@yahoo.. J28AP Secretary: Fred Achoun.@edr.. Marco Landsberger. Box 1076.... j..@hotmail.... o.O.@hotmail.. 448-8796 <J73VW>. J28FA IARU liaison: President Last updated: 23-Aug-2006 DOMINICA Dominica Amateur Radio Club Inc. HI8VBR IARU liaison: Rafael Martinez. J73CW Last updated: 25-Apr-2005 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Radio Club Dominicano [RCD] Address: P.edr. Djibouti Tel: +253 352490 <HQ> Fax: +253 355757 <HQ> President: Mohamed Omar President: Hugo Ramon Sanchez...

Magon Sǿrensen. Fischnaler.@gu. No.. Box <HQ>..@yahoo. Estonian Radioamateurs Union Location: Uus <HQ> <YS1FAF>... HC2FSH IARU liaison: Cesar A. Fax: +20 (2) 2417 2241 <SU1GS> Email: s..@mail.. <SU1GS> <YS1MS>.. Box 184.@post.. San Salvadore Address: PO Box 06-517....georouter..O. Addis Ababa Tel: +251 (1) 566647 <M1DYH> Email: s. YS1MS Secretary: Jose Enrique President: Jose Arturo <HQ>.. ET3SID Secretary: Menbere Belete. 2226-9740 <YS1FAF> Email: c. Box 125.@hotmail.Fax: +593 (4) 690241 <HQ>.. 2226-7424 <YS1FAF>.qsl.. YS1FAF Last updated: 19-Feb-2008 ESTONIA Eesti Raadioamatooride Uhing [ERAU]. e.. YS1CZ IARU liaison: Francisco A. (503) 2288-9087 <YS1MS> Fax: +503 2248 3905 <HQ>.@gu. Marco HC2SL Secretary: David X.. Rodriguez T. 5.@erau... OY3JE IARU liaison: Arne Juul Baquerizo V.. Rainer Lüthje .. ES5JR IARU liaison: Chairman Last updated: 15-Sep-2008 ETHIOPIA Ethiopian Amateur Radio Society [EARS] Address: P. j.. SU1HM IARU liaison: President Last updated: 21-Aug-2009 EL SALVADOR Club de Radio Aficionados de El Salvador [CRAS] Location: Calle <ET3SID> Vice President: Sid May.. <SU1HM> Web: http://www.@yahoo.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.@navegante.... FR-110 Torshavn Tel: +298 (31) 1740 <OY1A> Email: s.@amsat. <OY1A> President: Jan Chairman: Tonno President: Greiss Sobhi.. Box 18.. Tallinn Address: P. SU1GS Secretary: Hossam El <ES5TV> Web: http://www.@erau. San Salvador Tel: +503 2248 3905 <HQ>. OY1A Last updated: 23-Aug-2006 Page 49   English Version Europe 1. Agouza-Giza Tel: +20 (2) 3344 6827 <SU1GS>.ec <HC2RB> Web: http://www.. Urbanizacion Lomas de San Francisco. j. (4) 881941 <HC2RB> Email: h. M1DYH> IARU liaison: President Last updated: 23-Aug-2006 FAROE ISLANDS Foroyskir Radioamatorar [FRA] Address: P. <HC2FSH> <HQ> 10502 Tallinn Tel: +372 (53) 909190 <HQ> Fax: +372 6308 901 <ES5MC> Email: e. HC2RB Last updated: 9-Mar-2003 EGYPT Egypt Amateurs Radio Assembly [EARA] Address: P. s.O.. ES5TV Vice Chairman: Juri <YS1CZ> Web: President: Alfredo Solines A.

fi Chairman: Raimo Lehto. Box 184. Box 1826. FO4NR Last updated: 9-Mar-2003 GABON Association Gabonaise des Radio-Amateurs [AGRA] Address: P. Box 44. Rainer Lüthje . F-37100 Tours Address: P.FIJI Fiji Association of Radio Amateurs [FARA] Address: President: Betty Magnin.O.. Tahiti Tel: +689 436258/412525 <FO5EC>. Z35W IARU liaison & Secretary: Vladimir Kovacevski. 3D2CM Secretary: Raj Singh.@ref-union.ref-union. http://www.z37rsm. OH2BCI Secretary: Jukka Heikinheimo. FO5EC IARU liaison: Richard Slavov..0 © Copyright Klaus <HQ>..@connect. F6IOC Secretary: Jacques Herpin. Radioamateur Society of Macedonia Location: Gradski zid blok 5. 412923/425025 <FO4NR> Fax: +689 412723 <FO4NR> President: Charles Trondle.@refunion.. Northcott. Box 5006.... 91001 Skopje Address: P. Magon Sǿrensen.O. Box 14.. Libreville Page 50   English Version Europe 1..@sral. Finnish Amateur Radio League Location: Kaupinmaenpolku 9. FIN-00441 Helsinki Tel: +358 (9) 562-5973/5974 <HQ>. Web: http://www. F5URS IARU liaison: President Last updated: 12-May-2008 FRENCH POLYNESIA Club Oceanien de Radio et d'Astronomie [CORA] Address: <Z37RSM> President: Zvonko President: Richard L.O.O.. Suva Tel: +679 3321605 <3D2CM>.. Box 7429. Pirae 98716. +358 (40) 5009727 <OH2BR> Fax: +358 (9) 562-3987 <HQ> Email: t.O. 3D2ER IARU liaison: President Last updated: 9-Mar-2003 FINLAND Suomen Radioamatooriliitto [SRAL]. Z35M Last updated: 9-Feb-2009 FRANCE Union Francaise des Radioamateurs [REF-Union] Location: 32 Rue de Suede. F-37074 Tours Cedex 2 Tel: +33 (2) 4741-8873 <HQ> Fax: +33 (2) 4741-8888 <HQ> Email: <HQ>. 3300397 <3D2ER> Email: n. OH2BR IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 1-Sep-2006 FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA Radioamaterski Sojuz na Makedonija [RSM]. FIN-00440 Helsinki Address: P.sral. FO5BL Secretary: Alain <HQ>. 1000 Skopje Tel: +389 (2) 237 371 <HQ> Fax: +389 (2) 238-257 <HQ> Web: http://www. Marco Landsberger. org <F6IOC> Web: http://www.

Tbilisi 0102 Tel: +99532 951-591 <HQ> Email: President: Alain Combeuis.. ZB2IF Secretary: Tano Guerrero.@raag.. d....3rd Floor. DJ3HW Last updated: 12-Oct-2007 GHANA Ghana Amateur Radio Society [GARS] Address: P.@darc.@darc. 30/6 Coaling Island.. Marco Landsberger. SV1AMY IARU liaison: Dimitri Tzelatidis.. s....@inet. 4L1DA IARU Liaison: President Last updated: 4-Nov-2008 GERMANY Deutscher Amateur Radio Club [DARC] Address: Lindenallee President: Alan <DL9KCX>.org <SV1RL> Web: http://www.O. (210) 285 1434 <SV1RL> Fax: +30 (210) 522-6505 <HQ> Email: <HQ>.de <DJ3HW> Web: http://www. DO1FIB IARU liaison: Hans-Joerg Jaehrig.@darc.. Box 292... 4L2M Secretary: David Devdariani. DL9KCX Secretary: Mrs.@raag. GR-10210 Athens Tel: +30 (210) 522-6516 <HQ>. Darkadakis. SV1IW Secretary: Dimitri Ramantzas.. 702303 <TR8JCV>. . Accra Tel: +233 (21) 667923 <Samir Nassar> Secretary: Samir Nassar.. (2203) 21993 <DL9KCX> Fax: +49 (561) 9498850 <HQ> Email: d.. TR8JCV Last updated: 23-Aug-2006 GAMBIA Radio Society of The Gambia [RSTG] Last updated: 9-Mar-2003 GEORGIA National Association Radioamateurs of Georgia [NARG] Address: Agamashenebeli Av. Rainer Lüthje .@raag. 34225 Baunatal Tel: +49 (561) 949880 <HQ> President: Manos <ZB2IF> Web: 9G1NS Last updated: 9-Oct-2006 GIBRALTAR Gibraltar Amateur Radio Society [GARS] Location: 30/6 Coaling Island Gibraltar Address: P.raag. or t. Box <HQ>.. s....@yahoo. SV1RL Last updated: 17-Jan-2007 Page 51   English Version Europe 1.O...Tel: +241 730154 <TR8CA> President: Mamuka Kordzakhia.. President: Jochen Hindrichs..@gibnet. TR8NOR IARU liaison: Jean-Claude Villard.. 70. 733100 <TR8NOR> Fax: +241 702425 Email: t. ZB2IH IARU liaison: President Last updated: 29-Sep-2006 GREECE Radio Amateur Association of Greece [RAAG] Location: 60 Achileos St. TR8CA Secretary: Romuald Nang Otogo.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Gibraltar Tel: +350 79808 <HQ> Email: z. Helga Gautsche.. Box 3564..O. Magon Sǿ <TR8CA> Web: <SV1IW>. GR-11043 Athens Address: P.f6bce. (210) 923-5210 <SV1IW>..

. G. George's Tel: +1 (473) 442-8546 <J39CO> Email: <HR2DMR>.com <TG9AAJ> Web: http://www. Web: <HQ> President: Victor Lemoine. 8R1VR IARU liaison: Peter Denny. Box President: Mr. Malan Manet IARU Liaison: Secretary Last updated: 1-Jun-2005 GUYANA Guyana Amateur Radio Association [GARA] Address: P. Bah Ahmadou Secretary: Mr. Magon Sǿrensen... St. +509 257-6203 <HH2JR> Fax: +509 257-4925 <HQ> Email: h.radioaficionados. HH2V Secretary: Jean-Robert Gaillard. Page 52   English Version Europe President: Aaron <8R1RPN> President: Rajkumar P.@solutions2000. (2) 72480 <8R1Z> Email: r.. Mamadou Dioulde Sow Vice President: Mr..O.O.@yahoo. 15. +504 3392 6687<HR2DX> Fax: +504 648 0723 <HQ> Email: h. Naraine. J39BK IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 6-Nov-2003 GUATEMALA Club de Radioaficionados de Guatemala [CRAG] Location: Local President: Jorge Farid Abed. (2) 74140 <8R1VR>. Box 101122... Conakry. de Guinea Tel: +224 11 21 47 21 Fax: +224 41 20 00 Email: m.. TG9AAJ Secretary: Marlo Tulio Loarca.Zona 11. Rainer Lüthje .. Boulevard del Sur. BP 4840. Port-au-Prince Tel: +509 257-5179 <HQ>.. Box 1484. San Pedro Sula Tel: +504 556 6173 <HQ>. Centro Comercial Super Centro Molino.@gmail. 8R1WD Last updated: 9-Mar-2003 HAITI Radio Club d'Haiti [RCH] Address: P. J39CO Secretary: Allan Budahall..@stcgrenada. Address: P. Rep. +592 (2) 56746 <8R1WD>.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. HH2B Last updated: 4-Feb-2008 HONDURAS Radio Club de Honduras [RCH] Location: Col.. +509 257-5179 <HH2B>. Georgetown Tel: +592 (2) 63663/73889 <8R1RPN>. Guatemala City 01901 Tel: +502 2433 6012 & 2384 1466 <HQ> Email: c... t. Calzada Roosevelt. 8R1RPN Secretary: Vickram Ragobeer.... 3rd Floor...@hotmail. d. Box 115..O.. costado sur Cuerpo de Bomberos Address: P. Marco Landsberger. HH2JR IARU liaison: Vice President Bernard Russo. +504 9806 9587 <HR2DMR>. TG9ANM IARU liaison: President Last updated: 11-Feb-2008 GUINEA Association des Radioamateurs de Guinea [ARGUI] Address: 4 Bd de la Republique..GRENADA Grenada Amateur Radio Club [GARC] Address: P.. Box <HQ>...@yahoo..@yahoo.C..@gmail. Prado Alto.

HA7PL IARU liaison: Laszlo <HQ> Web: http://www. Rainer Lüthje . w. Box 1058.... VR2YPK Secretary: Albert Fung. TF2JB Secretary: Gudmundur Love. IS-121 Reykjavik Email: <YB0AZ> Web: President: Sutiyoso.Web: http://www. Tai Kok Tsui. Bangalore 560 0001 Tel: +91 (2) 5536853 <HQ> Email: s.ira. TF3KB Last updated: 30-Jun-2009 INDIA Amateur Radio Society of India [ARSI] Address: #27.. 2/F. Hong Kong Tel: +852 8112 1812 <Hotline>.qsl. VU2VP Last updated: 15-Jul-2008 INDONESIA Organisasi Amatir Radio Indonesia [ORARI] Location: Gedung Prasada Sasana Karya 10th Floor Address: Jalan Suryopranoto President: Daniel Mejia. Hungarian Radio Amateur Society Location: Szovetseg u.. TF3GL IARU liaison: Kristjan <HQ>. Mahatma Gandhi Road.@harts. H-1074 Budapest Address: P. 9838-6058 <VR2YDR> Fax: +852 2637 8977 Email: 0.. VR2BBC Last updated: 7-Jul-2009 HUNGARY Magyar Radioamator Szovetseg [MRASZ].id <HQ>..@cbn.. Suryo Susilo. VU2KKZ IARU liaison: Ved Prakash Sandlas.. Shrungar Shopping Centre.. hu <HA5EA> Web: Box 11. g.@mrasz.@centrin. Marco Landsberger. VU2GMN Secretary: K N Rajaram.P. Mong Kok Address: G. Fuk Tsuen Chairman: Jonas President: George Chan Kwong Ming.. HR2DMR Secretary: Antonio Handal... YB0AZ Page 53   English Version Europe 1.@ira..@temail.orari.. <HQ>. HA1TJ Secretary: Laszlo Dallos.. YB0ST Secretary: St.axelero.@gmail. H-1400 Budapest Tel: +36 (1) 321-5507 <HQ>. 9.... HA5EA Last updated: 12-Jun-2009 ICELAND Islenzkir Radioamatorar [IRA] Address: P. YB0JTR IARU liaison: Wisnu Widjaja. Magon Sǿ Web: http://www. +36(1) 217-0680 <HA5EA> Fax: +36 (1) 321-5509 <HQ> Email: m... 8200-3134 <VR2UKM> Box © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. HR2DX IARU liaison: President Last updated: 9-Feb-2009 HONG KONG Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society [HARTS] Location: Room 230. 8 Jakarta 10130 Tel: +62 (21) 9126 8256 <HQ>.. VR2UKM Vice President: Ho Chun Hung. VR2YDR IARU Liaison: Paul Wesley <VU2GMN> President: Gopal Madhavan..O.@gmail. (21) 9381 2087 <HQ> Fax: +62 (21) 6386 9060 <HQ> Email: President: Gyula Felber.

com <6Y5HB> Web: http://www.@gofree..@cwjamaica. +1 (876) 924.@cwjamaica. EI4BZ IARU liaison: Sean Nolan. Rainer Lüthje . 6Y5HB Last updated: 6-Feb-2004 JAPAN Japan Amateur Radio League [JARL] Page 54   English Version Europe 1.iarc.indigo.@fastwebnet. +972 (9) 9582959 <4Z4TL> Fax: +972 (3) 5346049 <4X6KJ> Email: 4.2927 <6Y5HB> Fax: +1 (876) 702-2927 <6Y5HB>. +353 (1) 2851599 <EI7CD> Email: e. YI3SRA Last updated: 2-Nov-2006 IRELAND Irish Radio Transmitters Society [IRTS] Address: P. b.. +964 7901984325 <YI3SRA> Email: y.Mansur District Address: P. +1 (876) 702. YI1AK IARU Liaison: Laith Tariq Mohammed.. Box 55072... Marco Landsberger.4077 <6Y5DB Email: <YI3SRA> Web: http://www.@yahoo.iraqi-ars.@eircom.@iarc.. EI1CS Secretary: Dave Moore. Finbarr Buckley. <4X6KJ> Web: http://www.. Tel-Aviv Address: P.. Tel-Aviv 61176 Tel: +972 (3) 5658203 <HQ on Friday morning>. Baghdad 12001 Tel: +964 7901931321 <YI1DZ>. 4X6KJ Vice President/Secretary: Tsachy President: Basil C. h.. Box <HQ>.org President: Diya N. 6Y5DB Secretary: Dennis Hartley. 4Z4TL IARU liaison: President Last updated: 1-Jun-2006 ITALY Associazione Radioamatori Italiani [ARI] Address: Via Domenico Scarlatti 31..0 © Copyright Klaus President: Fr.irts... I-20124 Milano Tel: +39 (02) 6692192 <HQ> Fax: +39 (02) 36593088 <HQ> Email: <EI1CS> Web: http://www. Dublin 9 Tel: +353 (87) 6290574 <EI4BZ>. Box 17600. +972 (3) 5346049 <4X6KJ> <6Y5DB.ari. YI1DZ Secretary: Karim Hadi.. President: Giancarlo Sanna. +882 1667750311 <YI1DZ>. Kingston 20 Tel: +1 (876) 931-1733 <6Y5DB>... Kingston 5 Address: PO Box Web: President: Joseph Obstfeld.. Al. I1JQJ IARU liaison: Mario Ambrosi.. 6Y5HD IARU liaison: Hugh Brand. Al-Asadi.. I2MQP Last updated: 11-Dec-2008 JAMAICA Jamaica Amateur Radio Association [JARA] Location: 76 Arnold Road.. Magon Sǿrensen. EI7CD Last updated: 15-Jun-2006 ISRAEL Israel Amateur Radio Club [IARC] Location: 10 Meitav Str....Last updated: 14-Aug-2008 IRAQ Iraqi Amateur Radio Society [IARS] Location: Ibn-Firnas Aero Club Building.@gawab.. IS0ISJ Secretary General: Mauro <EI7CD>.

2.kars... (35) 21400 <5Z4MR> Email: a. Marco Landsberger. 2.. apartment 102.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.jarl. 12.O.html President: Shozo Hara. Rainer Lüthje . Tokyo 170-8073 Address: Tokyo 170-8073 Tel: +81 (3) 5395-3106 <HQ> Fax: +81 (3) 3943-8282 <HQ> Email: h. UN7BF Last updated: 12-Feb-2009 KENYA Amateur Radio Society of Kenya [ARSK] Location: Joseph Kangethe Box <HQ> Web: http://www. District No.. 5Z4HP Secretary: Chairman IARU liaison: Max Raicha. +254 (35) 23501 <5Z4MR> Fax: +254 (2) 891302 <5Z4NU>. Box 45681. 5Z4NU Dep.@lral.. 1-14-5 <5Z4NU> <HQ> Web: http://www. m. Chairman: Imants Magon Sǿrensen. Box 2353. Al Surra Address: P. 9K2FF Secretary: Faysal Nahar Al-Ajajami.R. JA1AN General Manager: Tatsuo JH1HNH Last updated: 27-May-2008 JORDAN Royal Jordanian Radio Amateur Society [RJRAS] Address: P. 9K2RR IARU liaison: Mohamed President: H.@kars....O.O.Location: Dai Ichi Matsuoka Bldg.. Chairman: Hemant Patel. Safat 13053 Tel: +965 533-3762 <HQ> Fax: +965 531-1188 <HQ> Email: 9.. Nairobi-00100 Tel: +254 (2) 891302 <5Z4NU>. Amman 11181 Tel: +962 (6) 5167900 <HQ> Fax: +962 (6) 5167901 <HQ> Email: r. Sub-street No. JY2RZ Last updated: 11-May-2009 KAZAKHSTAN Kazakhstan Federation of Radiosports and Radioamateur [KFRR] Location: Abilaykhan <HQ> Chairman: Seitkul Assaubay..lral.O. JR1NKI IARU liaison: Takenobu Kaieda.H..@jarl. LV-1010 Riga Tel: +371 292 09808 <YL3GCT> Email: l. Woodley Chairman: Dr. UN7BM Secretary: Igor Marchenko.. YL3GMG Page 55   English Version Europe 1.@gmail... 010009 Astana City Tel: +8 7172 292931 <HQ> Fax: +8 7172 292931 <HQ> Email: u.@raicha... Abdul Rahman <5Z4MR> Web: Chairman: Ted Web: http://www. Street No. 9K2DR Last updated: 2-Nov-2006 LATVIA Latvijas Radioamatieru Liga [LRAL] Location: Jekabpils iela 13. Riga LV-1003 Address: P. 25/3. Nairobi Address: P. 5Z4MR Last updated: 4-Jun-2008 KUWAIT Kuwait Amateur Radio Society [KARS] Location: Building No. Box 164. i.. Prince Raad Bin Zeid. YL3GCT Secretary: Marita Gludina. Toshima-ku..

lb <OD5TE> Web: http://www...O...@afvl. Box Chairman: Tadas Vysniauskas... 7P8MS IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 23-Feb-2005 LIBERIA Liberia Radio Amateur Association [LRAA] Address: c/o <Leon Tromp> Web: www. Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg Tel: +352 365122 <LX1MA> Email: l. Magon Sǿrensen..... Staten Island. NY 10301 USA Tel: +231 7751 6030 <EL2AR>.@adelfang. l.. HB0AB Last updated: 22-Aug-2008 LITHUANIA Lietuvos Radijo Megeju Draugija [LRMD] <OD5RI> <HQ>.net\7p8ms President: Leon Tromp Secretary: Martin Stockdale. 961 70970922 <HQ> Fax: +961 1798479 <HQ> Email: r. e. Lithuanian Amateur Radio Society Address: <HQ>. EL2AB IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 19-Dec-2006 LIECHTENSTEIN Amateurfunk Verein Liechtenstein [AFVL] Address: P. LT-01014 Vilnius-1 Tel: +370 (5) 2709029 <LY1DL> Fax: +370 (2) 2709029 <LY1DL> Email: l..... Box 11-8888. LY1DL Last updated: 4-Jun-2008 LUXEMBOURG Reseau Luxembourgeois des Amateurs d'Ondes Courtes [RL] Address: PO Box 1352.O..O. <EL2AR> FL-9495 Triesen Tel: +423 392-1665 <HB0AB> Email: c.... OD5RI Last updated: 1-May-2008 LESOTHO Lesotho Amateur Radio Society [LARS] Address: P.IARU liaison: Chairman Last updated: 12-May-2008 LEBANON Radio Amateurs of Lebanon [RAL] Address: <EL2BA> President: Ashley Rennie. i. Box <HQ> Web: Box 1000. LY2BNF IARU liaison: Antanas Page 56   English Version Europe 1. 285 OD5TE Secretary: John Gebran. Marco Chairman: Fredy Jenny.... Beirut Tel: +961 3633022 <OD5RI>.. HB0BB Secretary: Michael Greuter.. HB0TW IARU liaison: Alois Buechel. Apt.. Maseru 104 Tel: +266 630 17917 Fax: +266 223 10358 Email: <7P8MS>...@gmail. LY2BAW Secretary: Arminas <LY1DL> Web: http://www. Walcott Benjamin.@ral. Benjamin. <LX1MA> Web: http://www. L-1013 Luxembourg. +1 (718) 442 1795 <EL2BA> Fax: +1 (718) 987 6541 <EL2BA> Email: e. EL2AR Secretary: Amos Z.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.. Rainer Lüthje .lb President: Hani Raad. OD5RW IARU liaison: Rizkallah Azrak. Marks Place.. 4D.O.

net <TZ6AMT>..... Marco Landsberger.. Box 10777. Quatre-Bornes Address: P.. Magon Sǿrensen. +230 424 5866 <3B8CF> Fax: +230 424-5866 <HQ> Email: 3.qsl.9h1mrl... 9M2RS Last updated: 27-Nov-2007 MALI Club des Radioamateurs et Affilies du Mali [CRAM] Address: P. China Tel: +853 6881515 Fax: +853 880120 Email: a.@intnet. <HQ> President: Saivo <9M2RS> Web: Web: arm. 9W2LAI IARU liaison: Rashid Sultan.. Candos.. MAIL Tel: +223 227 21 14 Fax: +223 227 21 14 Email: m.. Box 104.O... 9W2IL Secretary: Lance M T Lai... 50724 Kuala Lumpur Tel: +60 (14) 604 0573 <HQ> Fax: +60 (19) 456 8636 <9W2LAI> Email: President: Lawrence Galea.@gmail. LX1MA Secretary: secretary@rlx. Rainer Lüthje <TZ6HY> President: Hamadoun Yattara. 3B8CF IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 7-Jun-2005 MEXICO Federacion Mexicana de Radio Experimentadores [FMRE] Location: Molinos No. 9. Box 575.@arm. Macau SAR. 51 despacho 307-308.. Page 57   English Version Europe 1.@marts. Box 9A.. 9H1PI IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 27-May-2008 MAURITIUS Mauritius Amateur Radio Society [MARS] Location: #6 Shastri Road.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.@marts. 3B8GF Secretary: Seewoosankar Mandary. +356 (79) 437808 <9H1PI> Email: President: Patrick Randamy.President: Armand <HQ> Web: President: Muhammad bin Ismail.. XX9BH IARU Liaison: President Last updated: 3-Jun-2005 MALAYSIA Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters' Society [MARTS] Address: P. 9H1AV Secretary: Ivan Privitera. TZ6HY Secretary: Amadou Madany CMR01 Tel: +356 (21) 423608 <HQ>. Quatre Bornes Tel: +230 424 5866 <HQ>.. XX9BB Secretary: Tsang Hing Bun. +230 686 5687 <3B8GF>.. <3B8CF> Web: http://www..O. TZ6AMT IARU Liaison: President Last updated: 2-Nov-2006 MALTA Malta Amateur Radio League [MARL] Address: IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 25-Mar-2008 MACAU Associacao dos Radioamadores de Macau [ARM] Address: Box 6018. <9W2LAI>.

. XE1V Last updated: 15-Sep-2008 MOLDOVA Asociatia Radioamatorilor din Republica Moldova [ARM] Address: P. +377 (93) 303498 <3A2LF> Email: a. ER1FF Secretary: Valery Gribincea.htm President: Alexey Borets.@candw.@mrsf.. Ulaanbaatar Address: PO Box 296. VP2MFY IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 14-Sep-2005 MOROCCO Association Royale des Radio-Amateurs du Maroc [ARRAM] Location: 12 Rue Ahmed Arabi.O. 3A2CR Secretary: Claude Passet..0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.@mail. Plymouth Tel: +1 (664) 491-2402/8802 <VP2MB>... CN8EG IARU liaison: Kacem El Kaoukabi. Shaaluu Last updated: 11-Aug-2008 MONTSERRAT Montserrat Amateur Radio Society [MARS] Address: <XE1V> Web: http://www. Box <ER1DA> Web: http://www.@telco.. Technical Sports Centre. +377 (93) 309752 <3A2CR>.mn President: O.F..html#haut President: Housni <HQ>. ER1BF IARU liaison: Valery Metaxa.moldtelecom. +1 (664) 491-4272 <VP2MFY> Fax: +1 (664) 491-6602 <VP2MB> Email: j.@qsl. MD-2043 Kishinev Tel: +373 (2) 552776 <ER1FF>. XE1YK Secretary: Tom Magon Sǿ President: Carlos Levy.O.. Box 907...@supernet.O.. Rainer Lüthje . Benito Juarez.@prodigy. Agdal. Mongolia Tel: +976 9911 5575 Fax: +976 11 687 520 Email: c. XE1TEJ IARU Liaison: Lorne Sydney <HQ>... Tel: +52 (5) 563-1405 <HQ> Fax: +52 (5) 598-1833 <HQ> Email: f.arm. (2) 511190 <ER1DA> Email: e. Farara.O. ER1DA Last updated: 24-Feb-2005 MONACO Association des Radio-Amateurs de Monaco [ARM] Address: President: Bruce <XE1YK>.expage.geocities. CN8LR Last updated: 2-Nov-2006 Page 58   English Version Europe 03910 Mexico.. CN8BE Secretary: Ahmed El Bachar...unam. l. D.@servidor.Mixcoac... Address: P. D. Rabat Address: P. VP2MB Secretary: Marcelle Ryan... Box 299. Box 448. 3A2LF IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 2-Nov-2006 MONGOLIA Mongolian Radio Sports Federation [MRSF] Location: Khan Uul President: Robert Scarlot.F. MC-98001 Monaco Cedex Tel: +377 (93) 254727 <HQ>. Box Web: http://www... 06000 Mexico. Marco Landsberger. c.. Rabat Tel: +212 37 673703 <HQ> Fax: +212 37 674757 <HQ> Web: http://www.

. c. Arnhem Address: PO Box 1166. PA3AGF Secretary: Koert Wilmink.veron.... p. FK8FS IARU Liaison: Eric Esposito. PJ2BR Secretary: Ke-Chi Chang IARU liaison: President Last updated: 12-Feb-2008 NEW CALEDONIA Association des Radio-Amateurs. PB0AOK Last updated: 21-Aug-2009 NETHERLANDS ANTILLES Vereniging voor Experimenteel Radio Onderzoek.. C91A IARU liaison: President Last updated: 23-Feb-2005 MYANMAR Burma Amateur Radio Transmitting Society [BARTS].nl President: Remy Denker. Suite 9. C91D Secretary: Silvano <PJ2BR>. 6801 BD Arnhem Tel: +31 (26) 4426760 <HQ> <Ke-Chi Chang> Web: http://www.. Membership rights temporarily suspended Last updated: 9-Mar-2003 NAMIBIA Namibian Amateur Radio League [NARL] Address: P. Upper Hutt 6007 Address: P. +31 (297) 785946 <PA1KW> Fax: +31 (26) 3685899 <HQ> Email: p.@hotmail. Box 1100..@canl. Marco Landsberger. Mozambique Tel: +258 1 30 41 07 President: Anselmo Ferrao.O.. PA1KW IARU liaison: Abraham van den Berg. Box 3383. Box 25.O. FK8GM Last updated: 9-Mar-2003 NEW ZEALAND New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters [NZART] Location: 19 Main Street. (4) 589-1802 <ZL2WP> Page 59   English Version Europe 1...@iway.. Upper Hutt 6415 Tel: +64 (4) 939 2189 <HQ>.nl <PA1KW>.muurkrant.O.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Noumea 98847 Tel: +687 271563 <FK8GM> Fax: +687 271563 <FK8GM> Email: e.MOZAMBIQUE Liga dos Radio Emissores de Mocambique [LREM] Address: P... Windhoek 9000 Tel: +264 (81) 124 0348 <V51JP> Email: M... +599 9 560 1818 <PJ2BR> Email: p..@curinfo. Box 40-525. de NouvelleCaledonie [ARANC] Address: P. in de Nederlandse Antillen [VERONA] Address: P. (4) 232-4386 <ZL2AZ>. Magon Sǿrensen..@veron.... Radio Onderzoek in Nederland [VERON] Location: Simon Stevinweg 12.O. Box 3956..@amsat. Rainer Lüthje .na <HQ> President: Werner <PB0AOK> Web: http://www. V51BI IARU liaison: President Last updated: 26-Jun-2009 NETHERLANDS Vereniging voor Experimenteel . V51JP Secretary: Arnold Kollmann. Curacao Tel: +599 9 560 6060 <Ke-Chi Chang>.nc <FK8GM> President: Jean-Philippe President: Brett Ruiz. FK8FK Secretary: Georges Toroti.. Maputo.

Tunau.@clear. ZL2AZ Last updated: 29-Sep-2006 NICARAGUA Club de Radio-Experimentadores de Nicaragua [CREN] Address: <HQ> AP2NK Secretary: M.@nrrl...ptc. Box 981. AP2MKS IARU liaison: Hasnat A. 5N0OBA IARU liaison: Secretary-General Last updated: 4-Jun-2007 NORWAY Norsk Radio Relae Liga [NRRL] Location: Nedre Rommen 5 E. Marco Landsberger. Islamabad 44000 Tel: +92 (51) 2875099 & 2876077 <HQ> President: Juan de la Cruz Rodriguez.O. Khan..0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. N-0988 Oslo 9 Address: P.@yahoo... Haugenstua. Postal Code 113 Tel: +968 24600407 <HQ>.E. YN1J Secretary: Melania Calero.cren.. (51) 290705 <AP2HA> Fax: +92 (51) 2827581 <HQ> Email: a. +92 (51) 273755 <AP2NK>. Bugvi.. +47 (75) 530169 <LA9HW> Fax: +47 (22) 213791 <HQ> Email: n. Box 1450. 5N0MBT Secretary-General: Oyekunle <HQ>. Managua Tel: +505 (2) 270-2183 <HQ> Fax: +505 (2) 266-93-08 <HQ>. AP2HA Last updated: 12-May-2008 Page 60   English Version Europe 1. +234 08037877003 <5N0MBT> Fax: +234 (09) 6725612 <HQ> Email: President: Bruce Douglas.@paknet2.O.O.. ZL2WP Secretary: Debby Morgan. LA9HW IARU liaison: Helge N-0915 Oslo Tel: +47 (22) 213790 <HQ> President: Nasir H... Khalid Shoaib. Ajayi. ZL2TDM IARU liaison: Peter Lake.@ties. A41JT IARU liaison: Secretary General Last updated: 16-Mar-2005 PAKISTAN Pakistan Amateur Radio Society [PARS] Address: P.. Box 925. FCT Tel: +234 (09) 6725612 <HQ>.no President: Thormod Boe.Fax: +64 (4) 232-4386 <ZL2AZ> Email: +505 6065-110 <Cell> Web: http://www. <A41JT> Chairman: H. Zone 3... LA1BR Last updated: 4-Jun-2008 OMAN Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society [ROARS] Address: <AP2NK> Web: pakhams. <5N0OBA>. Razak Al P. Box 20.. +234 08077242150 <5N0OBA> <5N0MBT> President: Muhammadu <LA9HW> Web: http://www. LA7OF Secretary: Jan Almedal.nzart.. Magon Sǿrensen. Abuja.@xtra.nrrl. <HQ>. 6921A Road. <ZL2AZ> Web: http://www. Rainer Lüthje .. YN1ZMC IARU liaison: President Last updated: 19-Feb-2008 NIGERIA Nigeria Amateur Radio Society [NARS] Location: 5... 24537777 <A41JT> Fax: +968 24698558 <HQ> Email: r.itu. Sheikh Mohammed Abdukka Al Harthy Secretary General: A. Gwarinpa Housing Estate Address: PO Box 7502 Wuse. l. Muscat. <HQ>. DU1EV Last updated: 17-Apr-2009 PITCAIRN Page 61   English Version Europe 1. Asuncion 1209 Tel: +595 (21) 446124 <HQ>.0 © Copyright Klaus <HQ> <HP8AJT> Web: http://www.. Urb.O..@infonegocio. Rainer Lüthje . <HQ>. HP1DJ Secretary: Temistocles Camarena. University of the Philippines Post Office. Magon Sǿ & z. Panama Tel: +507 (221) 2470 <HQ>. San Isidro.. OA4AMN Last updated: 14-Aug-2008 PHILIPPINES Philippine Amateur Radio Association [PARA] Location: 181 Natividad Almeda-Lopez President: Walter Miranda. <OA4WM>.. Box President: Dario Jurado. Lima 27 Address: Los Ruisenores Este 245. P29VR Secretary: Jackie Robinson. P29RI IARU Liaison: TBD Last updated: 15-Sep-2008 PARAGUAY Radio Club Paraguayo [RCP] Location: Humaita <HP1DJ>.com <DU1EV> Web: President: Carlos Mereles Somers. Urb.. El Palomar. ZP5VIA IARU liaison: Hernando Bertoni.. o. El President: John Crossett. HP8AJT Last updated: 12-Feb-2008 PAPUA NEW GUINEA Papua New Guinea Amateur Radio Society [PNGARS] Tel: +675 5471059 <P29KJC> Fax: +675 3258204 Web: http://www. Anquilan. (21) 223069 <ZP5CGL> Fax: +595 (21) 446124 <HQ> Email: z. P29KJC Vice President: Vern <OA4AMN> Web: http://www.O. +51 (1) 224-2792 <OA4AMN> Email: r.. ZP5MSC Secretary: Juan Carlos Villalba.@speedy.@yahoo... j.. Ermita. h...(224) 4842 <HP1DLQ> Email: <ZP5HSB> Web: Box 512. ZP5HSB Last updated: 12-Feb-2008 PERU Radio Club Peruano [RCP] Location: Av...para.PANAMA Liga Panamena de Radioaficionados [LPRA] Address: Apartado 0834-175.. Marco Landsberger.. Manila Address: P. 1144 Quezon City Tel: +63 (2) 974 1986 <HQ> Fax: +63 (2) 681-6229 <HQ> Email: d...... (221) 3157 <HP1DJ>.oa4o.qsl.. HP6CPN IARU liaison: Jose Garcia. OA4WM Secretary: Ernesto Higueras. OA4CN IARU liaison: Oscar Pancoruo.zp5aa. DU1BP Secretary: Ramon J. Lima Tel: +51 (1) 224-0860 <HQ>. DU1UGZ IARU liaison: Eduardo Victor President: Bienvenido Jose Los Ruisenores Este 245. w.... Boy Scouts of the Philippines Building. +51 (1) 224-0860 <OA4AMN> Fax: +51 (1) 224-2792 <HQ>. Asuncion 1131 Address: P.@zp5aa..

Rodrigues. VP6TC Secretary: Betty Christian. DS5BBM IARU liaison: Yong-Surk Lee... Magon Sǿrensen. Marco Landsberger. Box 22122. DS2BPZ Vice President: Tae-Ha <VP6BK> President: Tom Christian.... P-1250-092 Lisboa Tel: +351 (21) 3461186 <HQ> Pitcairn Island Amateur Radio Association [PIARA] Address: P.. 4-5-3 Sakuragaoka.. s.. VP6YL IARU liaison: Kan <HQ> Web: Pedro V.. Box 88. 7-4. <SP9HQJ> Web: http://www...@yonsei.. Seoul 137-130 Address: C.. South Pacific Ocean via New Zealand Tel: +81 423 71-5886 <VP6BK> Fax: +81 423 89-3824 <VP6BK> Email: k. A71AU Secretary: Saba'an Musmar Al-Jassim. Seoul 100-601 Tel: +82 (2) 575-9580 <HQ> Fax: +82 (2) 576-8574 <HQ> Email: President: Jose Carlos B. SP2JMR Secretary: Tadeusz Pamieta. y..... Seocho-gu. CT1END Secretary: Luis Manuel <SP2JMR> <CT1END> Web: http://www.O. Doha Tel: +974 (4) 477911 <HQ> Fax: +974 (4) 477955 <HQ> Email: President: H.O.@gmail. 85-613 Bydgoszcz 13 Tel: +48 (52) 3721615 <HQ>. VP6BK.@qatar. Tama-shi..karl. HL1BBG Vice President: Jae-Chun Shin.@karl. Box 162. SP9HQJ IARU liaison: Pawel Zakrzewski.. A71BP IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 23-Feb-2005 REPUBLIC OF KOREA (SOUTH KOREA) Korean Amateur Radio League [KARL] Location: KARL Building <HQ>. Fax: +351 (21) 3420448 <HQ> Email: <HL1FB> Web: 85-613 Bydgoszcz Address: P. Polish Amateur Radio Union Location: ul. CT1EEQ IARU liaison: President Last updated: 2-Apr-2007 QATAR Qatar Amateur Radio Society [QARS] Location: 82 Suhaim Bin Hamad Rd..O. 275-7 <HQ>. Japan Last updated: 9-Mar-2003 POLAND Polski Zwiazek Krotkofalowcow [PZK]. s. HL2UP Vice President: Soon-Do Hong. +48 (0602) 248182 <SP2JMR> Fax: +48 (52) 3721615 <HQ> Email: h.. Pitcairn Island. HL1FB Page 62   English Version Europe 1.rep. Modrzewiowa © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah.or.. Rainer Lüthje . President: Il-Boo Kim. Box <HQ>.qsl. Doha Address: P. Tokyo 206-0013. SP7TEV Last updated: 31-Aug-2009 PORTUGAL Rede dos Emissores Portugueses [REP] Address: Rua President: Piotr Skrzypczak.

Marco <5W1AT> President: Jim Moore. T77J Secretary: John Cecchetti. t. della Repubblica di San Marino [ARRSM] Address: P.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. 6W1OM IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 2-Nov-2006 SERBIA Amateur Radio Union of Serbia [SRS]..O. y. +40 (72) 228-3499 <YO3APG> Fax: +40 (1) 3155575 <HQ> Email: y. Russian Amateur Radio Union Address: P.@allnet... Box 77.O... YU-11001 Beograd Page 63   English Version Europe 1. T77CD IARU liaison: President Last updated: 2-Nov-2006 SENEGAL Association des Radio-Amateurs du Senegal [ARAS] Location: Immeuble des Colis Postaux.O...O.@interdacom.@inthenet. Box 2015. RSM-47890 San Marino Tel: +378 906790 <T77J> Fax: +378 906790 <T77J> Email: a..O.@samoa. Magon Sǿrensen. 5W1AT IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 1-Aug-2005 SAN MARINO Associazione Radioamatori.. Apia Tel: +685 24261 <5W1AT>.org President: Julian Giacomoni. 6W1FJ Secretary: Monique Imbo. +221 (8) 210405 <6W1OM> Email: President: Virgilio Niculescu. RO-014780 Bucharest Tel: +40 (21) 3155575 <HQ>. Moscow 119311 Tel: +7 (95) 485 4755 <HQ> Fax: +7 (95) 485 4981 <HQ> Email: h.. YU0SRS Location: Trg Republike 3/VI. +221 (8) 215956 <6W1OM> Fax: +221 (8) 217032 <HQ>. r.@east..@sentoo. Box <HQ>... RA4AR IARU liaison: Chermen <HQ>.Last updated: 21-May-2009 ROMANIA Federatia Romana de Radioamatorism [FRR] Location: <RA4AR> President: Roman Thomas.... Beograd Address: <HQ>.. YO7FT Secretary: Vasile Ciobanita. RZ3AA Secretary: Yuri <RZ3AA>. UA3BL Last updated: 23-Feb-2005 SAMOA Samoa Amateur Radio Club [SARC] Address: P. +685 7770013 <5W1AT cell> Fax: +685 23173 <Marty Maessen> Email: b. Rainer Lüthje . 5W1AC Secretary: Marty Maessen.. Avenue ElHadj Malick Sy... Bucuresti Address: P... Dakar Tel: +221 (8) 217034 <HQ>. Box <6W1OM> Web: http://www. Box 22-50. Dakar Address: Chairman: Malick Mbengue.radio6w. Lipscani 19. g..@yahoo... Box 971. YO3APG IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 24-Oct-2008 RUSSIA Soyuz Radiolyubitelei Rossii [SRR] <YO7FT> Web: http://www. <T77J> Web: http://www..

H44GR IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 9-Mar-2003 Page 64   English Version Europe 1.... SI-1001 Ljubljana Tel: +386 (1) 2522459 <HQ> Fax: +386 (1) 4220422 <HQ> Email: z.@singnet.@starhub.hamradio. +65 63920023 <9V1JN> Email: i. Box 127. 9V1WD IARU liaison: S. S56KPN IARU Liaison: HQ Last updated: 24-May-2007 SOLOMON ISLANDS Solomon Islands Radio Society [SIRS] Address: P... Box 2728.. Honiara Tel: +677 30057 <H44GP>.. j. 9L1WS IARU liaison: Alfred Koroma... OM3LU IARU liaison: President Last updated: 12-Feb-2008 SLOVENIA Zveza Radioamaterjev Slovenije [ZRS] Location: Lepi pot President: Roman Kudlac...@hamradio.O. OM3EI Vice President: Anton Freetown Tel: +232 223335 President: Mrs. Jothinathan. 9V1JN Last updated: 22-Jun-2005 SLOVAKIA Slovensky Zvaz Radioamaterov [SZR] . Cassandra Davies.. +421 (905) 533719 <OM3EI> Fax: +421 (2) 6224 7501 <HQ> Email: <HQ> Web: http://www. SI-1000 Ljubljana Address: PP 180. +65 63533333 <9V1JN> Fax: +65 64638961 <HQ>. Hrane Milosevic. Box 10. Rainer Lüthje . 9L1YL Secretary: William Sawyer... YT1WA IARU liaison: Dr. 9L1AK Last updated: 23-Feb-2005 SINGAPORE Singapore Amateur Radio Transmitting Society [SARTS] Address: Robinson Road.. 85101 Bratislava Tel: +421 (2) 6224 7501 <HQ> p. S52P Secretary: Peter <9V1PC>.sg <9V1JN> Web: http://www.. YT1AA Secretary: Colja Zvonko. YT1AD (YT5A) Last updated: 15-Sep-2008 SIERRA LEONE Sierra Leone Amateur Radio Society [SLARS] Address: P. P.. Slovak Amateur Radio Association [SARA] Address: Wolkrova 4. Marco Landsberger. H44GP Secretary: Graham <HQ>.si Chairman: Goran President: Peter Cook.Tel: +381 (11) 3033581 <HQ> Fax: +381 (11) 3033581 <HQ> Email: y..hamradio.. 9V1PC Secretary: Ian Carnegie. Magon Sǿrensen. 30417 <H44GR> Fax: +677 30051 <H44GR> Email: g.yu <HQ>.0 © Copyright Klaus <HQ> Web: President: Greg Pearson.yu <YT1AD> President: Miroslav Singapore 904728 Tel: +65 64638961 <HQ>.@pacific..

. Magon Sǿrensen.. Octave Street. Box 351. Sollentuna Address: P.@ure. ZS4BS Last updated: 1-May-2008 SPAIN Union de Radioaficionados Espanoles [URE] Location: Avenida Monte Igueldo 102.. 3DA0BD Secretary: Peter President: Diego Trujillo.. Box 1886. Box 220..@ssa. Marco Landsberger. c..... z..... i. Colombo Tel: +94 (11) 2614098 <4S7VK>. 4S7VK IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 25-Feb-2008 SURINAME Vereniging van Radio Amateurs in Suriname [VRAS] Address: <SM6JSM>. 3DA1CA IARU liaison: Chairman Last updated: 9-Mar-2007 SWEDEN Foreningen Sveriges Sandareamatorer [SSA] Location: Turebergs Alle 2. p.0 © Copyright Klaus <SM0DZB> Page 65   English Version Europe President: Vasanth Paramaribo Tel: +597 471951 <PZ1EE>.@ssa.@sr......SOUTH AFRICA South African Radio League [SARL] Location: Sender Technology Park... ZS1AAZ IARU liaison: Dennis Green. Johannesburg Address: <HQ>. E-28080 Madrid Tel: +34 (91) 4771413 <HQ>.. (11) 2695807 <4S7VG> Email: v. <ZS4BS> Web: <EA7MK>... 4S7VG Secretary: Victor <HQ>.se <SM0IMJ>. PZ1EB IARU liaison: President Last updated: 10-Mar-2009 SWAZILAND Radio Society of Swaziland [RSS] Address: <PZ1EE> President: <ZS1YT>. <EA3BRA> Web: http://www.. SE-19121 Sollentuna Tel: +46 (8) 585-702-73 <HQ> Fax: +46 (8) 585-702-74 <HQ> Email: <4S7VK>. EA7MK Secretary: Antonio Chairman: Willie Long... Box Box President: Rassie Erasmus.ure...... Rainer Lüthje . Lobamba Tel: +09268 6028080 <3DA0BD>. EA3BRA IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 14-Aug-2008 SRI LANKA Radio Society of Sri Lanka [RSSL] Address: P..@sarl.. ZS1YT Secretary: Henry Chamberlain.O..@ure. e. E-28053 Madrid Address: P. PZ1EE Secretary: De Boer Doesje... 400880 <PZ1EB> Fax: +597 474114 <PZ1EE> Email: v. Strubensvallei 1735 Tel: +27 (11) 675-2393 <HQ> Fax: +27 (11) 675-2793 <HQ> Email: a. Fax: +34 (91) 4772071 <HQ> Email: u..O.. Box <4S7VG> Web: http://www.. +09268 602653 <3DA1CA> Email: l. e.@sarl...

(2) 392-8672 <HS0ZDX> Fax: +66 (2) 618-4435 <HQ>. (372) 245432 <EY8AA>....... Magon Sǿrensen.htm President: Omar Shabsigh. b.O. HS1WFK IARU Liaison: Tony Waltham. HS0ZDX Last updated: 17-Apr-2006 Page 66   English Version Europe 1.uska. HB9IQY Secretary: Ramona < President: Daniel Kaegi. HS1QVD Secretary General: Phatanadit Kulphaichitra. <HS0ZDX>. EY8MM IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 15-Sep-2008 TANZANIA Tanzania Amateur Radio Club [TARC] Address: P. Box 245. HB9EGG IARU liaison: Pirmin Kuehne.@at-communication.....Web: http://www. SM0DZB Office Manager: Eric Lund. (2) 240-3665 <HS0ZDX> Email: t. z. (918) 617373 <EY8MM> Fax: +992 (372) 212847 <HQ> Email: President: Tore President: Masud M. +255 (22) 2150174 <YK1AO> Web: http://www. 266 Fax: +255 (22) 2152504 Email: © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. YK1AO Secretary: Ms Sanabel Abd Al-Wahed. +963 (11) 3114540 <YK1AO> Fax: +963 (11) 3114540 <YK1AO> Email: t. <HB9DTE> Web: http://www.O. Box 203. Bangkok 10501 Tel: +66 (2) 618-4435 <HQ> <HQ>. HB9DTE Last updated: 3-Nov-2008 SYRIA Syrian Scientific Technical Amateur Radio Soceity (SSTARS) Address: <5H3HO> Chairman: Elizabeth Majori Secretary: Osmund Kipengele.. YK1BE IARU liaison: President Last updated: 19-Oct-2007 TAJIKISTAN Tajik Amateur Radio League [TARL] Address: EY8AA Secretary: Nodir M.@uska.@nmmmtel <EY8MM> Web: http://www.. +41 (44) 680 4330 <HB9IQY (H)> Fax: +41 (44) 883 7290 <HQ> Email: p. Dushanbe 734025 Tel: +992 (372) 212844 <HQ>.org <HS0ZEN> Web: http://www.. Dar-es-Salaam Tel: +255 (22) 2150942.. Rainer Lüthje .O...@uska.@inet.. SM0IMJ Last updated: 27-May-2009 SWITZERLAND Union Schweizerischer Kurzwellen-Amateure [USKA] Address: c/o Postfach <HQ>.ch <HB9EGG>. s.. s. Box 2958.. 8903 Birmensdorf Tel: +41 (44) 883 7288 <HQ>.net/rast President: Chaiyong Wongwuticomjon. Tursoon-Zadeh. H. Marco Landsberger.. Box 2008..O. SM6JSM IARU liaison: Hans Johansson....@amsat. Tursoon-Zadeh.@scs-net..P.qsl. Damascus Tel: +963 (11) 6121279 <HQ>.ssa.. 5H3OKN IARU liaison: Hidan Ricco....... 5H3HO Last updated: 22-Aug-2006 THAILAND Radio Amateur Society of Thailand [RAST] Address: <HB9IQY>.

tc <VP5JM> Web: http://www. Marco Providenciales.. TA1DF IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 22-Aug-2007 TURKMENISTAN Liga Radiolyubiteley Turkmenistana [LRT] <TA1DF> Web: http://www. Odabas. 946-2216 <VP5FEB> Fax: +649 941-3824 <VP5JM> Email: President: Keith Gibson... Box 218.. Box <HQ>. Box 1167. Ashgabat 744020 Tel: +993 12 460 600 <EZ8BO>.@mail...qsy. P. Tunisian Amateur Radio Club Location: Scouts Tunisiens.... Tunis/Mahrajen 1082 Tel: +21671 790501 Fax: +21671 791206 Email: s. 9Y4KLF IARU liaison: Jeff Austin.@trac.O.@planet.. 9Y4TL Secretary: Klevin Lee Foon... A35MS IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 3-Jun-2005 TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Radio Society [TTARS] Address: P.@tciway. Rainer Lüthje <HQ>. DL1BDF Last updated: 15-Feb-2005 TURKEY Telsiz Radyo Amatorleri Cemiyeti [TRAC] Location: Beyaz Gül Sok. t. Avenue President: Aziz Sasa.. EZ8AI Secretary: Elena Page 67   English Version Europe <TA1E>. +90 (216) 423 23 50 <TA1DF> Email: h.@trac.. TA1E Secretary: Huseyin M. Port of Spain Tel: +868 632-2798 <9Y4KLF> Email: inf o. t.. Box 555. TR-80280 Esentepe. 9Y4JA Last updated: 20-Jun-2008 TUNISIA Association Tunisienne des Radioamateurs [ASTRA].. Turkmenistan Radio Amateur League Address: P. Nuku'alofa Tel: 676 22677 <A35MS> Secretary: Manfred © Copyright Klaus <HQ> (remove space character to form valid address) Web: President: Berdy Adakow. 443349 <EZ8BD> Email: <DL1BDF> Web: http://www. Box Chairman: Mohamed Triki Secretary: Laasaad El Ouchi IARU liaison: Mustapha Landoulsi. TR-80005 Karakoy.@trac. d..TONGA Amateur Radio Club of Tonga [ARCOT] Address: c/o Manfred Schuster. EZ8YL IARU liaison: Eugene Zwontsov.O. No. Hiimi Hak Han Kat 1002 Tunis Address: PO Box 339. Turks & Caicos Island Tel: +649 946-4436 <VP5JM>. Istanbul Tel: +90 (532) 376 5707 <TA1E> Fax: +90 (212) 257 78 56 <TA1E>. EZ8BO Last updated: 23-Feb-2005 TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS Turks and Caicos Amateur Radio Society [TACARS] Address: P.@t-online. Istanbul Address: P. Magon Sǿrensen...@ttars.tacars. 22...

+380 (44) 2804649 <UT2UB>.S... w.. American Radio Relay League [ARRL] Address: 225 Main Street.@arrl.1494 Tel: +1 (860) 594-0200 <HQ> Fax: +1 (860) 594-0259 <HQ> Email: <HQ>.arrl. Kyiv 03056 Address: PO Box 56 President: Joel Harrison..President: Frederick Braithwaite... Montevideo 11300 Address: P.. K1ZZ IARU liaison: Rodney Stafford.@arrl... A61M IARU Liaison: Secretary Last updated: 12-Feb-2009 UNITED KINGDOM Radio Society of Great Britain [RSGB] Address: 3 Abbey Court. Fraser <W5ZN>. 5X1T Secretary: Jeffrey W.A. Kampala Chairman: Peter Casier. Box <HQ>.O.. Rainer Lüthje . UT2UB Secretary: Valentina N. G3PSM Secretary and General Manager: Peter Kirby.. Web: President: Colin J... Abdulla Faisal Al Qassimi... +38 (412) 254597 <UT5XA> Fax: +380 (44) 4577195 <HQ> Email: e.. 01001 Tel: +380 (44) 4570972 <HQ>. u.. Sharjah City Tel: +971 6 5587340 <HQ> Fax: +971 6 5587360 Email: a. Priority Business Park. Thomas..... Magon Sǿ <K1ZZ>.@carrier.@rsgb. W5ZN Secretary: David Sumner. Newington. W6ROD Last updated: 12-Feb-2008 UGANDA Uganda Amateur Radio Society [UARS] Address: P.uarl. Marco President: Andrej <W6ROD> Web: http://www. 5X1WJ Last updated: 23-Feb-2005 UKRAINE Ukrainian Amateur Radio League [UARL] Location: Industrialna Str. Box 37.@a62er. CT 06111.H. 27... A61AQ Secretary: Mohammad Hamza Darwish.kiev. Bedford MK44 3WH Tel: +44 1234 832700 <HQ> Fax: +44 1234 831496 <HQ> Email: g. Demarest.. Beh. UT5XA IARU liaison: President Last updated: 14-Sep-2005 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Emirates Amateur Radio Society [EARS] Address: PO Box 20203.0 © Copyright Klaus President: H. Montevideo 11000 Tel: +598 (2) 7087879 <HQ> Page 68   English Version Europe 1... VP5JM IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 9-Aug-2005 G0TWW IARU liaison: General Manager Last updated: 7-Jul-2008 URUGUAY Radio Club Uruguayo [RCU] Location: Simon Bolivar 1195. VP5FEB Secretary: Jody <UT2UB> Web: http://www. d.kiev. w.

zm <9J2BO> Chairman: Chris Cotton.@radioclubvenezolano.. p. Z21FO IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 30-Jun-2009 Page 69   English Version Europe 1.radioclubvenezolano. YJ8PE Secretary: Rod 9J2CP Secretary: Fred Bunce. <Z21FO>.org 224690 <9J2CP>. Caracas Address: P. Marco © Copyright Klaus Tegeder.@zamnet..@yahoo.cx1aa. +58 (212) 793-5404 <HQ> Fax: +58 (212) 793-6883 <HQ> Email: r... Los Caboros..... +260 (2) Page last modified: 05:09 PM.Fax: +598 (2) 7087879 <HQ> Email: c.. Z22JE Secretary: Eric Christer.. (1) 289087 <9J2BO> Fax: +260 (2) 226219 <mark attention F.O. Box 20332...@gmail. YY5OHV Secretary: Ruben <XV2A> President: Nguyen Bac Ai. XV2A/3W6AR Secretary: <HQ>. Box 665.. La Salle.@coppernet. Magon Sǿrensen.. 9J2BO Last updated: 23-Feb-2005 ZIMBABWE Zimbabwe Amateur Radio Society [ZARS] Address: c/o Christer. con Av.@gmail. CX4BW Last updated: 30-Dec-2008 VANUATU Vanuatu Amateur Radio Society [VARS] Address: <9J2FB>.O.... 8 Silwood <YJ8RN>.. +263 (4) 490995 <Z21FO> Email: c. Chieu Str. YJ8RN IARU liaison: Secretary Last updated: 3-Jun-2005 VENEZUELA Radio Club Venezolano [RCV] Location: Av.O. i. +678 27378 <YJ8PE> Email: r... Bunce>.. 3W2KD IARU Liaison: President Last updated: 3-Jun-2005 ZAMBIA Radio Society of Zambia [RSZ] Address: d.. Ho Chi Minh City Tel: +84 (8) 821 2193 <HQ>.com <HQ> Web: http://www. Port Vila Tel: +678 23872 <YJ8RN> <YJ8PE> President: Achille Poulet.. Caracas 1010-A Tel: +58 (212) 781-4878. CX8CAG IARU liaison: Jorge Barzilai.. District I.@radioclubvenezolano.. r..... p. +260 (1) 288009 <9J2BO> Email: President: Alfredo Kaunzinger. n. District 1. <YV5GJC> Web: <HQ>.. Box 2285.... CX2CQ Secretary: Gabriel Panizzolo.. YV5HZX IARU liaison: Jose Carlos Gonzalez.. 22 Jun 2009 ET Page author: Z21GH Vice President: Dudley Kaye-Eddie. HCM City Address: 49 Ben Chuong Duong Str. +84 (8) 829 4912 <XV2A> Fax: +84 (8) 914 1008 <HQ> Email: d. Rainer Lüthje .com <Z21GH> President: Des President: Elvis Jose <YY5OHV>. 9J2FB IARU liaison: Brian Otter. YY5GJC Last updated: 12-Feb-2008 VIETNAM Vietnam Amateur Radio Club [VARC] Location: 11 Bis Nguyen dinh.Harare Tel: +263 (4) 882508 <Z22JE>.. Kitwe Tel: +260 (2) 227627/223333 <9J2FB>..

Marco Landsberger. Rainer Lüthje JOTA Coordinator WFIS Europa   Page 70   English Version Europe 1. So please do not hesitate to criticise and give more ideas. JOTI will be dealt with later with a special introduction. Rainer Lüthje . Magon Sǿrensen.Visions This introduction does not mean to be final.0 © Copyright Klaus Tegeder. The goal is to give some ideas for JOTA and to make ham radio interesting to scouts and scouting interesting to hams. It is supposed to be the beginning and should be enriched and completed by all scouts and hams among them.

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