ALTERNATIVES The group has come up with the following alternatives that can help the project manager

resolve the conflict within his team. These alternatives are actually patterned after the approaches in conflict resolution that have been discussed in the book entitled: “Human Resource Skills for the Project Manager:” 1. Use confrontation This approach will require the project manager to invite the involved parties, and to facilitate their open and face-to-face dialogue. In this approach, the conflict will be treated as a problem that has to be resolved, which will be supplemented by the direct communication and cooperation between the parties. This will involve pinpointing the real dilemma, coming up with alternatives and choosing the best alternative to address the presenting problem. 2. Use compromise Compromising is like establishing a bargain between the parties. This approach actually involves trade-off negotiations which will give rise to the quest for a mutually acceptable solution. This mutually acceptable solution must be just and must give satisfaction to both parties. 3. Use accommodation (or smoothing) Accommodation is a method used to provide appeasement to the parties involved. Using this approach, only the points of agreement are being highlighted while the points of disagreement are, as much as possible, put behind. This promotes harmony, peace and goodwill. 4. Use force When the situation requires, the project manager may be forced to use his power or authority just to resolve the conflict. Force is often used when time is very crucial and is limited, when a common ground may seem hard to achieve, or when both parties are not cooperative enough to resolve the conflict. By his power and dominance, the project manager may be forced to be in favor of the one who has a more reasonable point, at the expense of the other. The use of force is clearly a win-lose approach. 5. Use avoidance

 It directly addresses the disagreement.  Since there is a direct communication and cooperation. 122. Human resource skills for the project manager. K. p. V. .  It is beneficial to both parties as well as to the team in the long-run. RECOMMENDATION The group suggests that the project manager must use the confrontation approach to resolve the conflict.  Both parties are given equal opportunities to be heard and are treated fair. This totally means paying no heed to the conflict and simply letting it pass. Upper Darby.This approach advises withdrawal or refusal to resolve the problem. SOURCE: Verma. (1996). all the issues are laid down. PA: Project Management Institute. This makes it easier to address the issues. This approach actually provides the most ultimate resolution as compared to the others due to the following reasons:  It aims for both the resolution of the conflict as well as the satisfaction of the concerns of both parties.

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