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Publications of the Volkswagen Foundation in English

The material published by the Volkswagen Foundation is intended to provide the public with a comprehensive picture of the Foundations activities and funding initiatives it is aimed above all at people involved in higher education and research, but also representatives of politics and business. At the same time it is intended to contribute toward prompting public debate on complex research issues. One main objective is to awaken and reinforce understanding and receptiveness for science and technology in society at large. Aimed at scholars and scientific institutions outside Germany, about every two years an English-language brochure entitled Crossing Borders provides an overview of the Foundations funding principles and initiatives, highlighting especially those areas with a predominantly international orientation. Flyers containing information in short are available for the reader-in-a-hurry: The Basic Information and the Guide to Peer Review are both available in English and German. There are also English-language versions of the Information for Applicants sheets for most of the Foundations funding initiatives. The Foundations key publication is its Jahresbericht (Annual Report) which is available only in German. This appears in time for the summer meeting of the Board of Trustees and contains all the important information about the Foundation and its activities in the year under review, including the statistics on funding and the financial report. The brochure entitled Impulse fr die Wissenschaft comes out twice a year. This publication (in German) illustrates the broad range of funding initiatives by means of selected examples. Particularly interesting research projects provide a representative sample of the Volkswagen Foundations commitment. Further Publications in English Iglhaut, Stefan/Spring, Thomas (eds.): Science + fiction. Between nanoworlds and global culture. Artists and scientists on cultural identities, brain research, nanotechnology, science and the public. Jovis-Verlag, Berlin 2003. ISBN 3-936314-22-5. Horstmann, Axel: The role and function of private foundations in innovation management, in: Wissenschaftsmanagement Special 2, S. 10. Krull, Wilhelm: A shift is inevitable, in: Stifterverband fr die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Hrsg.): Gewogen und fr zu leicht befunden? Neue Herausforderungen fr die Forschung in Deutschland und in Europa. Essen 2003, S. 66-69. Krull, Wilhelm: A Fresh Start for European Science. The scientific community must take up the challenges set by EU objectivities. Commentary article, in: Nature 419, 19. September 2002, S. 249-250. Krull, Wilhelm: A Visit revisited. Looking back at a Fulbright Scholarship in the Educational Experts Program, in: Fulbright at Fifty Building the Transatlantic Future, Mrz 2002.

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