13: unsaveable

by Joseph Frost

a play written for The 31 Plays in 31 Days Project

Draft August 13, 2013

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A dank room. blacklights.

Unnaturally lit. Perhaps Uplighting. Dim.

A few inches above the stage, a chair. On his knees, a MAN. His arms are outstretched, with ropes around his wrists. Holding a powerful flashlight is a WOMAN, standing far from Man. That’s what happened. You left her there. Of course I did. MAN WOMAN MAN

WOMAN She asked you to leave her. She did. You believed her. I did. MAN WOMAN MAN

(beat) I should not have. WOMAN There will be time for that. MAN There will be a time to come? Woman turns the light on him. WOMAN If there were not, I would have told you. She takes the light away. MAN You’ll find her where I left her. In the time to come.

2. WOMAN (beat) MAN

I won’t. I didn’t.

That’s not my fault. Of course it is.

WOMAN You left her there.

MAN She was... fine... when I left her. She was far from fine. Yes she was. WOMAN She was quite far. MAN Woman stands right behind Man. I cared for her. WOMAN Very much. MAN

She was lovely. (beat) I cared for her once. You did.


MAN I tried to care for her again, and she... she was... she was not the same. Not the same as when I cared for her. She was not. WOMAN

MAN I wanted so much to care for her. I know. WOMAN

MAN She could have been... for me... she could have... she could have saved me. She would have saved me. WOMAN That’s what you wanted from her.

3. MAN That’s what I needed from her. (beat) And now, without her... It was. Say it. Without her... I... Unsaveable. Yes. Yes, I’m afraid. WOMAN MAN WOMAN MAN Unsaveable. She holds the flashlight directly over his head. You saw her... On the boardwalk. You asked her... WOMAN MAN Overlooking the ocean. WOMAN

MAN Where she’d been for so long. She said... Around. You asked her... WOMAN MAN WOMAN

MAN To join me for a cup of coffee. She said... No. You said... WOMAN MAN WOMAN

4. MAN I would just like to talk. And she... She... Refused. And you... You... And. You... WOMAN (beat) MAN WOMAN (beat) (beat) She hits him over the head. to the ground. He drops

WOMAN (CONT’D) And now, we can’t go back. (beat) It was a simple proposition. A reconnection. Reunion. Reestablishment. Of the former. To create the new. A new former. (beat) And now. And now... MAN A moment. WOMAN I’m disappointed, is what I am. I know. I wish you did. I am the unsaveable. Yes. I am disappointed. MAN WOMAN MAN WOMAN MAN

5. WOMAN You can’t rob me of this. I don’t care what you are. Unsaveable. Corrupted. Damned. Makes no difference to me. This is about me. You are a part of my story. I am. MAN

WOMAN Your pain is nothing but a shadow of mine. (shines light on him) Agree. MAN You can’t do anything more to me. damneder. More damned. WOMAN

An echo.

You can’t make me

MAN You don’t have the power. You hope that’s true. She’s already gone. This is my story. WOMAN

MAN I am unsaveable. WOMAN She advances on him. He swings the ropes around her, he catches her around the throat, and holds her down. The flashlight falls to the floor.

And now. And now.

MAN WOMAN A moment.

MAN This is what you wanted. WOMAN What I knew would happen is not the same as what I wanted.

6. MAN Put yourself in the room with an unsaveable and let nature take your life. Convenient, eh? WOMAN

MAN I wouldn’t think so, were I you. All part of a plan. Not so great a plan. WOMAN MAN

WOMAN You haven’t seen the ending. I’ve seen one. MAN Man squeezes as Woman chokes. Man twists his hands. Woman’s neck snaps. She drops to the floor. He drops back, seated. MAN (CONT’D) That wasn’t part of the plan. Was it? Man rises. He tries to take off the ropes. He can’t. As he struggles, he catches the ropes back around himself. I didn’t do it. MAN (CONT’D) I’m telling you. The ropes constrict him. I’m innocent. MAN (CONT’D) I’m innocent. I’m innocent. He is bundled by ropes on the floor. He lay next to Woman’s body. He struggles for a moment, then stops.

7. A moment. With a large breath, Woman jolts. She rises. She notices him on the floor. WOMAN Tell me... tell me you aren’t unsaveable. saveable. (beat) You are guilty. But you can be saved. (beat) That I can save you. (beat) Let me save you. That you’re

She holds a hand down toward him. He does not move. She collects the flashlight. She sits on the chair above the stage. I can save you. (beat) Let me save you. (beat) You aren’t unsaveable. WOMAN (CONT’D)

He lays on the floor. She sits in the chair. The dim lights go down. She turns the flashlight to him on the ground in a spotlight. She turns the flashlight off. Blackout.

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