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GSM Manual

For inverter types:

- 10000W
- 12500W
- 15000W
1. Introduction 2
!ntroduction 2
2. Installation 3
!nstallation of the GSN Board 3
3. Setup S
Setup S
Troubleshooting GSN Nodem 6
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1. Introduction
1.1. Introduction
This manual describes the installation and setup of GSN modem and data warehouse services in
the 10 kW, 12.S kW and 1S kW transformerless inverter. All persons opening the inverter must
be trained in and have experience with the general safety rules to be observed when working on
electrical equipment.
Before you start you need the following:
- GPRS kit
- Active S!N card (remember P!N code if applicable)
- GPRS connection information from the GPRS service provider (Access point name and
userfpassword if applicable)
- User (!nverter serial number, e.g. of type 139F0001123+02G210)
- Password for the data warehouse service if the GSN modem is used for upload to a data
warehouse service.
Nake sure the time and date of the inverter have both been set correctly (Setup !nverter
details Set data and time).
1. !ntroduction
2 L00+10396-06_02
2. Installation
2.1. Installation of the GSM Board
1. Turn off Pv and grid connection and wait until the inverter has completely discharged
(see the inverter installation manual).
Please follow the subsequent installation guideline:
2. !nsert the GPRS modem board into the holding mechanism (1) next to the Communica-
tion board (2). Align the notches in the GSN board with the red holding mechanisms.
Push it down and let it slide up until it is fixed.
3. Fasten the GPRS modem board with the supplied screw (3).
+. Connect the GPRS modem board to the Communication board using the supplied ribbon
cable (+).
S. At the bottom of the inverter, knock out the cutout for the GSN antenna, located next
to the cable guard (6).
6. Screw on the antenna extension cable to the female sma connector on the GSN board
7. Push the male sma connector through the hole in the chassis and attach it from the
outside with the washer and nut.
8. Screw on the antenna on the outside of the inverter (8).
9. !nsert the S!N card into the GPRS modem board and secure it by moving the locking
mechanism to the locked position.
10. Ensure all parts are securely fastened and close the inverter. Nake sure the cover is
correctly fastened.
2. !nstallation
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!llustration 2.1: Correctly mounted GSN board with external antenna
2. !nstallation
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3. Setup
3.1. Setup
3.1.1. Setup
The final step in installing the GPRS modem in the inverter is configuration using the integrated
display or for some inverter types via the web interface.
- Turn on AC to wake up inverter
- Find menu GPRS connection setup under the menu Communications Setup [Setup
Communications Setup GPRS connection setup|
- Setup the following:
- Enter P!N code (if applicable)
- Enter Access point name
- Enter User name (if applicable)
- Enter Password (if applicable)
- Roaming Support enabledfdisabled (note: Data roaming can be very expensive)
- Enter the above mentioned data. Press Back, and use the arrows to find menu Data
warehouse service under the menu Communications Setup [Setup Communications
Setup Data warehouse service|.*
- Set up the following:
- Set Upload type to "GSN modem"
- verify that the Data warehouse FTP server address is set to e.g. www.meteo-"
- verify that the Data warehouse server port is set to 21"
- verify that the FTP mode is set to Active"
- verify that the inverter's serial number is entered as the Data warehouse server
user name
- Enter the password supplied by e.g. NeteoControl
- Press Start log upload - Please allow at least 10 min. of production time before
data is available for upload
- Press Status menu, and use the arrows to find menu Nodem under the menu !nverter
[Status !nverter Upload status|*
- verify the following:
- Signal strength is preferably between 16 and 31
- GSN status changes from !nitializing to Uploadingf!dle
- The network provider of the S!N card is displayed
- Last upload is shown to be shortly after Start log upload" has been pressed
*) For inverter types with web interface, this menu is only visible on plant level.
3. Setup
L00+10396-06_02 S
3.1.2. Troubleshooting GSM Modem
!f the data upload should fail, despite following the installation guide, please check which error
the GSN modem reports in the display or web interface.
Go to the Status" menu (F2), !nverter" submenu, Upload status" submenu and find the Last
error" !D [Status !nverter* Nodem|. !f the error has just occurred, please look in the table
below for information about how to resolve the issue.
Error ID Description Action
0 No error -
+, S, 19 S!N card error verify that the S!N card is inserted correctly. !f this is the case
please test the S!N card in a cell phone if possible
11, 18 Provider's GSN network not available !f GSN status" is:
- Denied" - contact the GSN provider and request activation of
S!N card.
- Searching" or Roaming" - Nake sure there is sufficient signal
strength (to a supported network) in the area where the an-
tenna is installed.
1+, 36, +3 Address, user name or password issue verify that the Address, user name and password are entered
correctly. [Setup Communications setup Data warehouse
16, 17, 20 Upload error Wait for 10 minutes and retry the upload
2S, ++ !ncorrect S!N P!N code verify that you have entered the correct S!N P!N code. [Setup
Communications setup GPRS connection setup|
26 S!N PUK code requested, the card may
be locked
Test the S!N card in a cell phone and unlock it if it has been
3S GPRS network error verify that the GPRS settings are correct. [Setup Communi-
cations setup GPRS connection setup| Contact GSN provider
to verify that GPRS is enabled for the S!N card.
+1 !nsufficient data to initiate upload Please allow for a minimum of 10 minutes of production before
attempting an upload
+2 Timefdate not set Set the date and time. [Setup !nverter details Set date and
+6, +7** Failed to send e-mail or sms verify the message recipients settings and smtp settings [Plant
level Setup Communication| and [Plant level Setup
Other - Turn off both AC and DC power to the inverter and wait until
the inverter has been discharged. Refit the cable connecting
the modem to the communication board. Turn on AC and DC,
wait 10 minutes and then retry uploading.
!f you are unable to resolve the issue by following the guidelines in the table, please call the service
*) For inverter types with web interface, this menu is only visible on plant level.
**) Only for inverter types with web interface and master functionality.
3. Setup
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