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Ministry of M ining Airborne Survey MOU

The Cabinet secretary of Mining Najib Balala has signed an MOU with the President of Geological exploration technology institute of Jiansu province (GETI) of the peoples republic of China Eng Jia Xuetian for nationwide remote sensing, airborne geophysical survey and upgrading of geological services in Kenya. The project that will cost the Chinese government 5 to 6 billion, main Objective is to undertake multispectral remote sensing, aeromagnetic. And radiometric survey in combination with satellite imagery studies as well as upgrading of geological services in Kenya with a view to determining the mineral potential of the country. The mapping will be carried out of the countrys entire area of Sq 582,650km using aeromagnetic and radiometric methods after which the geophysical testing will be carried to verify the resources available. The minister said Kenya can attach an independent team to get more accurate report on countrys wealth resources. The exercise is expected to take 24to 36 months. The Cabinet Secretary Hon Balala said the ministry is working with the institute on putting the terms of reference and the work plan together and in two weeks time they will forward the same to treasury meanwhile financing will start from November and it will see the implementation of the project in our country. Proper legal frame work and Air borne survey are key in making Kenya a mineral hub in the region said Hon Balala