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Question: 1

A firm such as Dunhill can communicate its brand identity by their product style, retail stores and outlets, unique behavior of its own. A firm also can communicate its brand identity by its visual manifestation such as logos, taglines, colors etc.

Product style:
A firm can communicate its brand identity by its product style. Every firm has separate types of products. Product of different firms may be same. But quality of those products will not be same. For example, Dunhill Company supplies luxury gentlemans accessories. And those products are designed in English style. There are many firms who supply luxury gentlemens product like Dunhill. But the product style is not same.

Retail stores and outlets:

Retail stores and outlets can be a communicative way of a firms brand identity. Consumer can be impressed to a product by its retail store. They look for different types of retail stores and unique outlets. For example, the current London store has a fitting room which has a unique lighting system. That system can provide the natural lighting of any city in the world at any time of the day so that consumer can assess his suit in just the right lighting.

Unique behavior of the firm:

Every firm has unique behavior which makes the company different from the others. Dunhill has a unique behavior of its own. It produces such kind of products that cannot be found in any other firms. When a consumer purchases a product from here, he must be satisfied. Because he knows that he purchases a unique product and it cannot be found in any other firms of the world.

Question: 2
A company with a strong history can ensure that its product remain relevant to todays market by invention and innovation. Consumer looks for the new product which is more stylish and sophisticated than the previous. If a firm wants to relevant to todays market, it should change its products with the demand of consumer. So the firm needs invention and innovation.

A firm can invent a new product by using the new technology and formula. It is little risky for the firm but not very much. There is a risk weather consumer chooses that new product or not. But it is the best way to remain relevant to todays market. For example, now a day, instead of using generator, solar panel is used for producing electricity. Solar panel is a new invented product.

Innovation means changing. In case of company, product will not be changed. But the quality and out looking can be changed. Consumers expectation increases day by day to the brand. So firms should change its product to satisfy their loyal customer. For example, Windows tm 6.1 professional is added with the new mobile phone. Mobile consumer becomes more sophisticated day by day. To keep them satisfied, producers produce a new phone with Windows tm 6.1 professional.

Question: 3
Dunhill is known as famous and recogcnized company that had started their business in London. They mainly focused on high quality products, also they concentrate on luxury and style. They also keep their product innovative and inventive. They also maintain tradition and heritage as well in time of serving their products to their customers. Two fundamental things that Dunhill follows for their sophisticated and wealthy customers. These are: Authenticity and other is Relevance to the current market and its consumers. For these two things a customer of Dunhill think like this I go to Dunhill because I know dunhill has been around for a hundred years , and it stands for something. From this customer point of view it is clearly seen that, they buy Dunhills product due to its brand value and quality as well. This brand value is very important for such kind of organization. From the above information we can see the strategies which they followed last centuries to expand the range of products. as a consultant of dunhill if I am asked to introduce strategies to expand range of products, first of all I have to maintain the trend of dunhill which they followed last centuries.Then I will find out needs of customers which will help me to find new products which will be added to my product range.

As a consultant of such a recognized company here I is my approach to expand product range: There are two ways to expand the range of products. Those are line filling and line stretching. I prefer the 1st one. I will increase the product item to expand the range of product. As a consultant of Dunhill Company, I will take another step. I will arrange an Archive Fair. In that fair, all product which was sold before 2000 will be presented. I will ensure the quantity of that product. Quality will be same. But every item will be produced only one piece. Tagline of that fair will be Be a

History of Dunhill. I think, consumer who are very loyal to Dunhill become interested to that product. In the other hand, new customer will be attracted.

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Subject: Case study of Dunhill Company Ltd. Submitted to:
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Department of Marketing

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