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A Paper on the Difficulties and Complexities of Court Administrators Your name here Criminal Justice Management Theory & Practice/CJA 454 Date here Instructor 825

Administrator Challenges Difficulties and Complexities of Administrating the Court The need for the continuous amendments of judicial processes is pivotal task for court administrators due to the changing legal provisions. Court administrators oversee the holistic

fulfillment of court procedures as implemented by every courts therein the country. And in this supervision, difficulties and complexities are present and this is the topic of herein analysis. Court Administration Duties Court administrators main duties and responsibilities include overseeing courts administrative operationsi.e. scheduling of calendar hearings and the likes. But as time pass, it went beyond this and broadens to such an extent that it already encompasses budgeting duties, improving court and judicial staff, notarizing of papers, preparing summons and rulings and the like. Being a court administrator is not an easy task at all rather a demanding one that calls for detailed work. It entails great qualifications, abilities and skills and extra ordinary dedication in the fulfillment of the job. Court Administrator Difficulties Difficulties are always present in any job; likewise with the administrating courts. Topping the list is the issue on uniting. There is a call for reorganization of the courts today due to the unorganized and different way judges and judicial employees man the justice system. There must be a sufficient funding to possibly reorganize courts and create solutions to the efficiency concerns therein (Peak, 2010, p. 200). But another difficulty is the compromising norms and traditions demanded by the justice system and the political persona that is too hard to bend (Peak, 2010, p. 200). Another difficulty is the clogged case dockets and the lack of possible solutions to effectively de-clog the courts docket of cases. For a court reorganization to be possible there should have a willing to change presiding judge and a flexible and unyielding

Administrator Challenges court administrator to execute the change (Peak, 2010, p. 200). Another difficulty is the court administrators capability to handle and management the difficulties posed herewith that will make or break the reorganization programs. Creating visionaries that conform to todays need for the transformation of court with regards to all aspect that are at stake is also one difficulty to look at. Experts are crucial to the ability of the court through its judges to act and decide independently without looking at the welfare of anyone in particular. Difficulties also of finding judges that are not only

uncompromising to the rule of law but also competitive to their jobs, qualified on the post with vibrant and refreshing attitude and work morale are another thing to consider (American Law Encyclopedia, 2008). Another difficulty is the recognition and acknowledgement of the rule of law and evidentiary documents and testimony that must be implemented by the judges with regards to the technological development of DNA sampling (Hart, 2010, P. 1). One last difficulty is the defining of expert from non-expert witnesses that must be cleared to the jury so to differentiate the witnesses of both types of witnesses in the course of the trial (Hart, 2010). Court Administrator Advantage Modernization and technological advancements today are taken advantage by the court administrators. Evidently these technologies make it easy to record documents, transcribe reports and create data bases unlike before that everything is done manually. Also, court dockets little by little diminish on the proliferation of various softwares and systems making court administrators duties easier since documentation is done in a more convenient way. There is not perfect way of doing anything; same applies with court administrators functions, but with the aid of technology and various innovations in the field, the way of doing things have become more effective and efficient (Peak, 2010, p, 219).

Administrator Challenges The criminal justice administration class taught me court administrators duties and

difficulties. I thus looked forward to have a fruitful career in the criminal justice system because of the teachings it has equipped me with. Summary Court administrator will continue to answer the need and call for the amendments of the processes therein courts and the overall judicial system. As an overseer of courts implementation of the rule of law, it is a must that the court administrator shall pass through the various difficulties and complexities. It is also pivotal that effective techniques and tools as well as proper management and leadership be implemented. Though the court might have a demanding case load, the possibility of enhancing it to become a productive workplace is still possible and the court administrator shall continue on providing its uncompromising efforts to continuously develop the justice system.

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