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51.________her vacation she vistited every museum in the city. a. During b. Before c. Although d. While 52.You have to work with him_______you like or not. a. either b. both c. whether d. neither 53.You should study English well; ________ you will find it hard to get a well-paid job. a. however b. otherwise c. furthermore d. although 54.Of the two games, this one is _________. a. more exciting b. the more excited c. the more exciting d. more excited 55.The _________in the hotel will help you carry your suitcases. a. maid b. receptionist c. porter d. carrier 56.Receptionist: What kind of payment would you like? Monique: I would like to pay________cash. a. by c. in c. for d. of 57.In 2012, University of Technical Education _________its 50th anniversary. a. has clebrated b. celebrated c. had celebrated d. celebrates 58.So far, she _________more than 12 countries. a. traveled b. had traveled c. has traveled d. travels 59.People do not smoke as much as they did. The number of smokers ___________. A. is going down B. are increasing C. is staying the same D. are rising 60.A recent survey shows that US workers are ________fewer holidays this year. A. going B. getting C. bringing D. taking 61. I will not be here next week. I am going _____ business in Singapore. A. in B. on C. with D. at 62. Pete: Hello, is that Susie Denver? Susie: Yes, ___________. A. that is B. it is C. I am D. speaking 63.Mike: Its Louisas birthday today. Kim: I know. I ______some flowers for her. A. am going to buy B. will buy C. buy D. will have bought 64.Im _________an apartment on the east side of the city. A. turning on B. putting on C. looking for D. switching off 65. In recent years, The North Face _________ problems with people making illegal copies of its products. A. is having B. have C. has had D. had 66. ________my friend doesnt have enough money, she wants to buy that new car. A. If B. Although C. Because D. When 67. Excuse me, can you ________me the time? A. speak B. say C. tell D. talk 68.The weather couldnt be ______; its perfect. (a) colder (b) hotter (c) better (d) summer 69.__________Lucille's managerial skills, the

family now has an expanding business. (A) Because of (B) Because (C) Since (D) Although
70. I need a ________ to show my boss, because my company is paying for the hotel. (A) form (B) bill (C) receipt (D) note 71. He would like to________ his bad behavior. (A) say apologize to (B) apologized for (C) apologize for (D) tell apologize for 72. The website is www dot bettynguyen dot com. Thats bettynguyen, __________, dot c-o-m. (A) in one word (B) all one word (C) only one word (D) in only one word

73. Id ---------start work at 6:00 a.m. than spend time in traffic. a. prefer b. rather c. want d. like

74. Generators convert mechanical energy _________electrical energy. a. into b. for c. of d. about 75. He specializes ________automotive engineering. a. of b. in c. about d. for 76. He gets ________advice from his family. a. many b. any c. lot of d. a lot of 77. Adam is generally condidered to be one of the most _________designers in fashion industry today. a. impressing b. impressive c. impression d. impressively 78. A person who writes articles for newspapers and magazines is a/an ________. a. interpreter b. translator c. employer d. journalist 79. Eating fruit and vegetables is ________than eating hot dogs. a. healthy b. more healthy c. healthier d. more healthier 80. Last week, I met a friend, saw a movie and _______home late. a. coming b. comes c. came d. had come 81. Dont forget your umbrella. It often _______in London. a. is raining b. rain c. rains d. doesnt rain 82. I _____the bus this week because my car broke down yesterday. a. am taking b. took c. takes d. take 83This river _______into Atlantic ocean. a. flows b. dont flow c. are flowing d.flow 84.Kazuko usually________at 6am, but this week she _________earlier. a. gets up/ gets up b. is getting up/ gets up c. gets up/ getting up d. gets up/ is getting up 85. I send and _______emails on my laptop but I dont _______phone calls on the train. a. take/ get b. make/do c. get/ make d. have/ make 86.Next week, he ________a lot of business trips. a. will make b. is doing c. is making d. does 87.They are launching a new campaign _________.

a. this week b. once c.seldom d. never 88. They________grow fruit and vegetables in the garden. a.usually b. every year c. well d. doesnt 89. His parents_______her to study Latin and Greek. a. wants b. want c. wanting d.doesnt want 90. He _______a new job two weeks ago. a. found b. founded c. was found d. has found 91. He ________his application form yet. a. hasnt sent b. send c.was sending d.has been sending 92.________has she worked for that German company? a. How long ago b. How long c.When d. Since 93.In recent years, the price of petrol ________by 5%. a. have increased b. have been increasing c. has increased d. has increasing 94. When we arrived, they_________. a. had left b. have left c. left d. was leaving 95.When I came, he ________a shower. a. taking b. have c. was having d. having 96.He _______drive on the right in Vietnam, now he _________ driving on the left in England. a. used to/ was use to b. used to/ is used to c. was used to/ is used to d. get used to/ is used to 97.Mary: Im in broke! Tom: Dont panic! I _______you some money. a. will lend b. am going to lend c. will borrow d. am going to borrow 98.This is ________place in my hometown. a.the most interesting b. more interesting c. most interesting d. much more interesting 99.Of the two boys, he is _______. a. the taller b. the tallest c. taller d. more tall 100.Our students ________wear uniform when going to school. a. have to b. has to c. must d. can