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The Gnew Gnome written and illustrated by Justin Wyatt

Gnomes Gnomes are a clannish and rather insular race, undoubtedly distant relatives of Dwarfs, sharing their stocky build and fondness for facial hair, although many male gnomes prefer waxing their moustaches in the Brettonian fashion. They are however quite distinct from their dwarven brethren, being somewhat shorter, and noted for their large and bulbous noses. Gnomes are also much more nimble and agile than Dwarfs, although they too are great craftsmen, and share a love of all things mechanical. Notorious practical jokers, they love nothing better than to have a good old belly laugh at others misfortunes, but pity the poor fool who returns the favour-Gnomes do not take kindly to being ridiculed themselves .Like their Sturdy brethren, Gnomes are also short tempered, and are often extremely difficult to get along with. There have been suggestions made that Gnomes are the offspring of Dwarfs and Halflings, although such claims have not yet been proven- exponents of such rumours are likely to be the targets of several Dwarf Grudges! Gnomes simply smile, then plot a devious punishment for the poor rumourmonger...... Background It is not known from where the Gnomes originated from, although as an offshoot of the Dwarf race, its possible they migrated from the mountain holds, in search of greener pastures. How ancient these migrations were is not known by the other races, but certainly they are well established communities across many parts of the Old World, and some even as far as Albion. Gnomes are a subterranean race, like the Dwarfs, but prefer to build their homes in burrows or existing cavern complexes. Such is the Gnomish fondness for fishing, that such settlements are never far from a freshly stocked river. The largest Gnome community within the Empire (Glimdwarrow) is to be found beneath the Mirror Moors, and numbers nearly a thousand inhabitants. Like many gnomish settlements, Glimdwarrow is run along intricate hierarchical lines- incomprehensible to outsiders. Even their Dwarf cousins find the complex customs quite baffling. Gnomes can be encountered, though rarely, as smiths or engineers across the Empire, and command almost as much respect as their Dwarven brethren, although its mainly out of fear of their sharp tongues and sarcastic remarks. It was these notorious attributes that lead to the appointment of a Gnome as Imperial Court Jester, as long ago as 1143, and Karl Franz continues to maintain this tradition. Gnomes also like to dabble in the ways of magic, and in particular, make excellent Grey Wizards-the Lore of Shadow seems to exemplify their racial sensibilities.

Roleplaying Hints

Gnomes are sarcastic with a sense of dark, and mordant wit. They are fast talkers, and expressive in their body language, and are quite happy to laugh out loud at others misfortunes. Gnomes are also notoriously antagonistic to the other races, and can be down right rude at times.

TABLE 2-1:CHARACTERISTIC GENERATION Characteristic```````` Gnome Weapon Skill(WS)`````30+2d10 Ballistic Skill(BS)``````20+2d10 Strength(S)```````````20+2d10 Toughness(T)`````````10+2d10 Agility(Ag)````````````20+2d10 Intelligence(Int)```````20+2d10 Will Power(WP)````````20+2d10 Fellowship(Fel)````````20+2d10 Attacks(A)```````````````1 Wounds(W)```````````-Roll 1d10 and consult Table 2-2:Starting WoundsStrength Bonus(SB)````-Equal to first digit of your StrengthToughness(Tb)````````-Equal to first digit of your ToughnessMovement(M)````````````4 Magic(Mag)``````````````0 Insanity Points(IP)````````0 Fate Points(FP)````````-Roll 1d10 and consult Table 2-3:Starting Fate PointsTable 2-2:Starting Wounds d10 Roll Gnome 1-3``````10 4-6``````11 7-9``````12 10```````13 Table 2-3:Starting Fate Points d10 Roll Gnome 1-4``````1 5-7``````2 8-10`````3 RACIAL FEATURES A Gnome character gains the following skills and talents.

Skills: Common Knowledge (Gnomes), Speak Language (Ghassally), Speak Language (Reikspiel), Trade (Miner, Smith or Stoneworker) or Performer (Jester) Talents: Dwarfcraft, Grudge-born Fury, Natural Fisher, Night Vision, Resistance to Magic and Trapfinder

Natural Fisher You possess a natural gift for using the rod and reel, and gain +20% to all Outdoor Survival tests based on fishing. TABLE 2-5:STARTING CAREER Gnome Career

01-02```Apprentice Wizard 03-05```Barber-Surgeon 06-08```Bodyguard 09-10```Bone Picker 11-13```Burgher 14-18```Court Jester 19-22```Entertainer `23`````Ferryman 24-26```Fisherman 27-28```Grave Robber 29-31```Jailer 32-34```Mercenary 35-38```Militiaman 39-42```Miner `43`````Noble 44-46```Outlaw 47-49```Pit Fighter 50-53```Protagonist 54-58```Ratcatcher 59-63```Rogue 64-66```Runebearer 67-68```Scribe 69-71```Servant 72-74```Shieldbreaker 75-78```Smuggler 79-82```Soldier 83-84```Student 85-88```Thief `89 ````Thug

90-94```Tomb Robber 95-98```Tradesman 99-00```Watchman PHYSICAL FEATURES TABLE 2-6:HEIGHT Female 3`4"+d10" Male 3`6"+d10"

Table 2-8:HAIR COLOUR Roll Gnome 1 Ash Blonde 2 Corn 3 Yellow 4 Red 5 Copper 6 Light Brown 7 Brown 8 Dark Brown 9 Blue Black 10 Black TABLE 2-7:WEIGHT IN POUNDS Roll Gnome 01``` 80 02-03``` 80 04-05```85

06-08```85 09-12``` 90 13-17``` 90 18-22``` 95 21-29``` 100 30-37``` 105 38-49``` 110 50-64``` 115 65-71``` 120 72-78``` 125 79-83``` 130 84-88``` 135 89-92``` 140 93-95``` 145 96-97``` 150 98-99``` 155 00``` 160

TABLE 2-9:EYE COLOUR Roll Gnome 1 Pale Blue 2 Blue 3 Copper 4 Light Brown

5 Brown 6 Brown 7 Dark Brown 8 Dark Brown 9 Purple 10 Black TABLE 2-11:NUMBER OF SIBLINGS 1```0 2-3``` 0 4-5``` 1 6-7``` 2 8-9``` 2 10``` 3

TABLE 2-22:GNOME BIRTHPLACE Roll Gnome Roll Result 01-50 Glimdwarrow 51-80 World Edge Mountains 81-00 Roll on TABLE 2-14: Human Birthplace instead TABLE 2-13:AGE IN YEARS TABLE 01-05``` 20 06-10``` 24 11-15``` 28 16-20``` 32

21-25``` 36 26-30``` 40 31-35``` 46 36-40``` 50 41-45``` 54 46-50``` 58 51-55``` 62 56-60``` 66 61-65``` 70 66-70``` 74 71-75``` 80 76-80``` 84 81-85``` 88 86-90``` 92 91-95``` 96 96-00``` 100 2-23:GNOME NAMES Roll Gnome Roll Female Male 01-05 Arruella Alfric 06-10 Babel Barrimyre 11-15 Cicer Burkli 16-20 Druna Dirdin 21-25 Eabe Dundil 26-30 Elvira Ellsdune

31-35 Frin Erik 36-40 Grenda Gringil 41-45 Hanni Glimbrin 46-50 Henetta Grundli 51-55 Jeni Norbston 56-60 Lili Norris 61-70 Morag Orlock 71-75 Oswilla Osric 76-80 Prinwyd Quinik 81-85 Rubi Rudni 86-90 Sephani Stolli 91-95 Trinibel Stumpo 96-00 Ulli Syreswain

-COURT JESTERDescription
Jesters have been employed within the courts of Empirical Nobles, for centuries. The `Fool` is provided as comic relief to all the heavy intrigue and political backstabbing that is rife in such environments. Such Court Jesters, are seen as trustworthy confidantes, rightly or wrongly- someone who lacks any sort of political ambition of their own. Gnomes seem particularly well suited to this role, possessing a wicked sense of humour and inbuilt sarcasm, as well as lacking any interest in the political machinations of thecourt. However, despite being well suited, many Gnomes grow discontent, isolated from their own communities, or take too much delight in ridiculing visiting dignitaries, and so they don't tend to last long in their jobs.

-Court Jester Advance schemeMain Profile

WS BS S T Ag Int Wp Fel +5% +5% - - +15% - - +15% Secondary Profile A W SB TB M Mag IP FP - +2 - - --

Skills: Blather or Charm, Common Knowledge

(the Empire), Gossip, Perception, Performer (Jester), Performer (choose two from Acrobat, Clown, Dancer or Juggler) , Sleight of Hand or Ventriloquism, Speak Language (Reikspiel)

Talents: Contortionist or Mimic, Savvy or Lightning Reflexes Trappings: Jester's Stick, Quartered clothing,6 wooden balls or 10 Yards of Rope Career Entries: Entertainer, Minstrel Career Exits: Charlatan, Courtier, Entertainer, Herald, Minstrel, Rogue
Note: Only Gnomes can have a Court Jester as a starting career