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PART 1 Complete each of the following sentences with one of the words given Kim: I know.

I ______some flowers for her. 1. Albert is 85 and lives alone. He needs A. am going to buy B. will buy somebody to look ______ him. C. buy D. will have bought A. for B. care 14. He doesnt want to walk up _________ C. up D. after because he has to carry his suitcase. 2. The hotel rooms, ________were the old A. the stairs B. the elevator prison cells, are now beautiful, modern C. the main hall D. the luggage rooms. 15. Most people prefer to exercise in the morning A. which B. that _____ they feel they have the most energy. C. whom D. where A. that B. than 3. There are two rooms in the hotel that C. when D. which _______ still in their original condition. 16. I was late. The teacher ________a quiz when I A. is B. are got to class. C. be D. will be A. had already given B. have already given 4. People do not smoke as much as they did. C. was already giving D. already gave The number of smokers ___________. 17. Im _________an apartment on the east side A. is going down B. are increasing of the city. C. is staying the same D. are rising A. turning on B. putting on 5. A recent survey shows that US workers are C. looking for D. switching off ________fewer holidays this year. 18. We _____ go sailing on the lake in summer. A. going B. getting A. are used to B. get used to C. bringing D. taking C. are used for D. used to 6. In the evening he took me to a restaurant to 19. I __________the bus this week because my ________ Korean food for the first time. car broke down yesterday. A. book B. manage A. take B. was taking C. try D. make C. took D. am taking 7. I will not be here next week. I am going 20. Mark: Would you like to visit some local _____ business in Singapore. places of interest at the weekend? A. in B. on Joe: ____________. C. with D. at A. Im sorry. That sounds boring 8. Pete: Hello, is that Susie Denver? B. Its a great idea Susie: Yes, ___________. C. Thank you. That would be interesting A. that is B. it is D. Weekend isnt possible for me. C. I am D. speaking 21. In recent years, The North Face _________ 9. Im sorry to __________that prices will problems with people making illegal copies increase by 20%. of its products. A. inform B. apologize A. is having B. have C. hope D. manage C. have had D. had 10. Could you please __________me a copy of 22. Being on time is important in this culture. your brochure? You _______arrive late for both a dinner A. to send B. sending invitation and a business appointment. C. send D. sent A. should B. shouldnt 11. The house is empty. Nobody ______ there. C. wont D. cant A. are living B. lives 23. The lines can be cut ________a craft knife. C. have lived D. lived A. by B. down 12. It was the first time Joey had ever C. off D. with ___________a girl home. 24. He wandered _________ far that he forgot A. bought B. took his way home. C. got D. brought A. too B. such 13. Mike: Its Louisas birthday today. C. so D. enough 2

25. You must make a greater _________ to come to work on time. A. afford B. effort C. affect D. effect 26. Excuse me, can you ________me the time? A. speak B. say C. tell D. talk 27. I neither knew ________cared what had happened to him and his girls. A. nor B. or C. and D. but
28. ________my friend doesnt have enough money, she wants to buy that new car. A. If B. Although C. Because D. When

29. I meet all nationalities in my daily work so I know quite a few words of _____ languages. A. another B. others C. the other D. other 30. Research is urgently ________into the causes of this illness. A. needing B. need

C. needed D. needs 31. The conference starts _______ 8.30 a.m. on 30th September. A. in B. on C. from D. at 32. In 1949 the USSR _______its first atomic bomb. A. exploited B. exploded C. explored D. expanded 33. Every high school student __________ wear the uniform when they go to school. A. must B. can C. should D. might 34. Originally their products were for skiers and ________. A. climb B. climbers C. climbing D. climber 35. I've never been to Sydney so I can ________ recommend a hotel there. A. hardly B. readily C. always D. willingly

PART 2 Complete the texts with the most suitable words given Questions 36 to 38 refer to the following email
To Subject Your visit

Hi Hans, Pleased (36)________ youre coming to Chicago. Im out of the office on Feb 8 but 9 or 10 will be fine. Give me a call on my (37)________when you arrive and well fix the time then. ________ a good trip. Best regards, Don

36. A. hear 37. A. fax 38. A. Have

B. hearing B. cell phone B. Make

C. to hear C. email C. Go

D. heard D. computer D. Do

Questions 39 to 41 refer to the following letter Dear Residents, (39)_______the Fitness First cycling event on Sunday 14th March, this street will be closed to traffic from 6am until 7pm on this date. Please ensure that your (40)_____ is not parked on the street at this time, otherwise it will be clamped and/or (41)______ away. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter. Keith Watchet Berrington Council 39. A. Because 40. A. house 41. A. tow B. Due to B. bus B. to tow C. Although C. children C. towing 3 D. That D. car D. towed

Questions 42 to 35 refer to the following memo

Memorandum To: Supervisors From: Judy Linquiest, Human Resource Manager Sub: Probation periods As of January 1st all new (42)______ will be subject to a 3 month probationary period. Medical, holiday, and flextime benefits will not apply to new staff members (43)_______ the full 3 months have expired. After the three months have been completed, please contact your employees and inform them that their probationary period has (44)_____. The HR department will contact you by email 2 days in advance to remind you of the date. Thank you (45)______ your cooperation.

42. A. employs 43. A. until 44. A. started 45. A. about

B. employment B. despite B. ended B. of

C. employers C. while C. starting C. for

D. employees D. because D. ending D. because

PART 3 Read the passages then choose the best answer to each questions Questions 46 to 48 refer to the following notice

Offer: Gym Equipment (Upper Park Road)

Posted by: "Lenny"
Wed Apr 23, 1:55 pm I have an exercise bike, used but in good working condition; an aerobics step still in its box, and three pairs of weights and a stand, again hardly ever used. Free to a good home. Buyer must collect. 46. What is the writer doing? A. Giving away sports equipment B. Offering free sports advice C. Advertising some goods for sale D. Organising a sports event 47. Which of the items has been used most frequently? A. The exercise bike C. The weights B. The aerobics step D. The stand

48. What can be inferred from this notice? A. All the equipment is brand new. B. Lenny used to have a gym. C. Lenny is unable to transport the equipment. D. The buyer has a collection of exercise bikes.

Questions 49 to 51 refer to the following article The first telephones had one part for speaking and one for listening. They were very heavy and cost a lot of money. But telephones have changed a lot over the years and they have become much lighter and cheaper. Today telephones look very different. Now everyone has a telephone at home, and in the last few years many people have bought a mobile phone as well. Mobile phones are now part of modern life and sales have increased dramatically. Over the years, the telecommunications industry have experienced many changes, but it is one of the most important in the world. In the future, it will become even more important in our lives. 49. What were the first telephone like? A. light and portable B. cheap and light C. heavy and expensive D. useful and cheap 4

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