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In this issue: Derwenthorpe strikes gold, John Kennedys mission to tackle the crisis in
UK care homes, home improvements, a soldiers return, focus on New Earswick
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Rowntree Rafters take on
the Dragon Boat Race
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|-qe J|| |e.s Jooe Ol3
Derwenthorpe 3
News 4
John Kennedys care home
inquiry 5
Community round-up 6
Day in the life 7
Service and home improvements 8
A soldiers return 9
Tackling poverty today 9
Focus on New Earswick 10
Staff contacts 11
Park life 12
Our team of rowers the Rowntree
Rafters took to the River Ouse
again in July for the York Dragon
Boat Challenge.
The Rafters finished 30th out of 36
teams and have so far raised 885
for charities including CareCent.
The Rafters stayed afloat and did us
proud on a hot day against the likes
of the Army and York Rowing Club.
\||CC|| C JRHT||\
JRHT News is your new magazine from the Joseph
Rowntree Housing Trust, designed to keep you up to date
with what were doing and to tell other residents what
youre doing in your community.
JRHT News replaces Trust News, which weve been sending to you for many years.
When we asked what you thought of Trust News, you gave us some very helpful
feedback. Weve kept the things you liked, and added some of the features you
wanted to see:
You wanted us to keep including our staff contact details so we have.
You wanted to see more stories about our staff and what they do see our new
Day in the life feature, for example.
You wanted stories and pictures from across our communities weve tried to
do that but always need you to send us your news and photos.
You felt we could improve the layout, structure and the quality of the pictures.
Your new magazine has a balance of short stories and longer features, all written
in plain English.
Weve also looked at other housing associations magazines and have worked with communications professionals to make
sure youre getting the best possible magazine, at no extra cost.
The next edition of JRHT News will be available to download or view at and will no longer be posted
to all residents, unless you specifically contact us to request this method. Copies will also be available to collect from
The Garth, Folk Hall, Plaxton Court, Hartfields and all our sheltered housing schemes. If we have your email address
on our records, we will send you an email confirming that the latest edition of JRHT News is available to download,
with the appropriate link included. If you want us to continue to send JRHT News by post, please contact us so we can
update our records.
Please email your stories and photos to We can also accept handwritten articles and printed
photos if you send them to us at the Garth in New Earswick.

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|||| CC||
Five Derwenthorpe residents joined in a summer of success
when they attended a prestigious awards ceremony in London.
The first phase of our new
community on the east
side of York has won three
design awards this summer,
including a top prize at the
national Housing Design
Our residents joined our
Director of Development,
Nigel Ingram, at the awards
ceremony to pick up the
trophy for our win in the
completed category, where
we beat off competition
from 22 other shortlisted
schemes. Derwenthorpe
was also shortlisted for the
Project (concept) category,
which it won in 2010.
Before that, we enjoyed
double success in the York
Design Awards.
J|| |e.s Jooe Ol3 |-qe 3
|/C||CC| ||||
|||||| ||
The Derwenthorpe
Facebook page
derwenthorpe) is proving
very effective for
staff and residents to
share vital information
and updates about
whats going on at
Derwenthorpe, and for
residents to connect
with their neighbours.
Residents questions
are often answered
by a neighbour and
because other people
can see most of these
conversations, other
residents benefit from
Residents have been
able to easily warn their
neighbours (and us) of
suspicious behaviour
in the area. When they
needed urgent updates
outside office hours
following a power-cut,
a member of JRHT staff
was able to keep them
informed with quick
and frequent Facebook
The page is also helping
to connect residents
with prospective/future
residents and its a great
way for them to tell us
what they need from
Derwenthorpe won The
Press Peoples Award, voted
for by readers of The Press.
It also picked up a shared
award for Best Residential
New Build, voted for by a
judging panel that included
top architects.
Left: Our Director of
Development, Nigel Ingram
(third from the right) at the
Housing Design Awards with
Derwenthorpe residents
and members of the team.
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|| |+ ||| C||
A new Joseph Rowntree Foundation
report shows that the real cost of living
has risen 25 per cent since 2008.
Five years ago, a single person could live on an income of
13,000. In 2013, this rose to 17,000.
BBC Breakfast were interested in what you had to say about
this and the rising costs of living, so in June they came to film
and hear what our residents thought.
You can watch the video that includes comments from
Natasha, Jo, Kate and Amanda at
Let us know what you think: tweet us @theJRHT or
@dpotta or let us know via Facebook
(search for Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust).
You can find out more about the Minimum Income Standard
NEWS || |||||
New Earswick Explore
Library is hosting
two five-week Family
Learning courses on
How Children Learn to
The courses, which
are free and include
free childcare, are on
Wednesday mornings
from 9.30am 11.30am.
The first course is
from 25 September to
23 October, the second
runs from 6 November
to 4 December.
For more information,
phone or text Sheelagh
on 07976856250 or
email sheelagh.loftus@
Over the next six
months we will be
contacting you to
update the information
we hold for example
telephone numbers,
email addresses and
occupancy details.
This information is
essential to ensure
you are getting the
services you need in
the way you want them.
If you havent updated
your details recently
please contact us and
we can do this over the
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|-qe 4 J|| |e.s Jooe Ol3
Do you want to find out more about what we do and have your
say on the services we provide?
Come along to our Annual
Meeting at Joseph Rowntree
School, New Earswick, on
Saturday 28 September for
your chance to:
ask our directors any
questions you may have
about our work and
hear about the past year
and the future for JRHT;
enjoy a performance
from the Joseph
Rowntree School choir;
watch our new animation
about welfare changes;

find out about the work

our resident groups are
involved in.
The event, which will be
chaired by Graham Millar,
Chair of the JRHT Board
and a trustee of JRF/JRHT,

C/ ||V|C||C
Every 12 months, we are
required by law to service
any gas appliances owned
and installed by us in your
home. When we have done
your gas service, we must
issue you with a copy of the
latest safety check record.
We will contact you to
arrange the service at least
six weeks before the month
when your certificate
expires. Please try to be at
home when our engineer
calls. If you cant keep your
appointment, please call
us on 0800 5870211 to
arrange a time that suits you.
It is really important
that your annual check
is completed. If you
consistently refuse to let
the engineer in to complete
the servicing you are
breaching your tenancy
agreement and we would
take legal action.
starts with refreshments at
10.00am, and includes lunch
at 1.00pm.
To book your place, please
contact Michelle Atkins, tel.
01904 615905 or email
C /C||| C|||
|| || C/|| |C||
What do you think of care homes? Thats what
John Kennedy, our Director of Care Services,
wants to find out in the next year.
John has launched his
own inquiry into the
UKs care homes. Hell
be visiting care homes
and talking to residents,
relatives, friends, care
staff, managers, cleaners
and volunteers, and using
social media to engage
with people.
Ever since I first worked
as a care assistant in the
mid-1980s, care homes
have been in some kind
of crisis or turmoil, says
John. The issues are
the same now as they
were 30 years ago. The
pressures, though, are
growing more and more
acute as our society ages.
I want to find out what
we can do about it. I want
to get under the skin of
care homes in the UK
and discover what people
really think, what has to
change, what is good
and why.
How you can contribute:
on Johns Facebook page:
on Twitter, by tweeting
John at @JohnnyCosmos;
email john.kennedy@jrht.;
by phone or letter at
Hartrigg Oaks.
Please dont name individuals
or care home providers on
Facebook or Twitter. If youre
concerned about a specific

care issue, either speak to

your manager or contact
Cath Hollingsworth or Tracy
Rose at Hartrigg Oaks on
01904 750700.
This inquiry is personal,
adds John, because if Im
fortunate enough to live to a
good age I want to be cared
for in a nice place by valued
and compassionate people
people who treat me kindly
and have the time to care.
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J|| |e.s Jooe Ol3 |-qe
|-qe o J|| |e.s Jooe Ol3
\|| /|/| C|/||C|
|||||| ||VC|V|||| C|||C||
I am Sarah Charlton, your new Resident Involvement Officer.
When I was interviewed for the role I went to Dower Court
and was asked to get involved in a residents coffee morning.
I found this really interesting and great that residents were
so involved. My role is to be involved with all residents and to
attend residents meetings so please get in touch if you would
like me to come and see you. My number is 01904 752927,
Coffee mornings
The next JRHT residents
coffee morning will be at
Dower Court off Heslington
Road, York where we will
be finding out about the
archaeological work there.
The coffee morning in
December will be held at
New Earswick Folk Hall.
Well send you further
details of both events in due
course. Everyone is invited.
Scrutiny panel
The resident scrutiny panel
met on 8 July. The first
service area they looked
at was applicants on the
Housing Register refusing
offers of accommodation.
The group were concerned
about the number of refusals
and the reasons applicants
had given.
The panel also interviewed
members of staff, and
were joined by two people
from the scrutiny panel at
Orbit Housing Group. The
Orbit residents came along
to share information and
experience. The JRHT panel
also took the opportunity to
compare the refusals policies
of both organisations.
Danes Dyke, Scarborough
I went along with Sally
Houghton, Service
Improvement Manager, to
the coffee morning in July
and it was good to meet
everyone and get feedback.
The gardens at Danes Dyke,
in Scarborough, are looking
superb the residents have
put a lot of time and effort
into making the flower beds
look amazing.
Court Green Close
Residents at Court Green
Close, Scarborough, have
a new bench and are now
waiting for their second
bench to arrive. The area
is now in full bloom and
the residents are keen for
further improvements in the
communal gardens.
Victoria Geldof Community
Theres lots going on at
Victoria Geldof in York. The
community group organised
a fun, successful cycle
security tagging afternoon
with the help of local police.
The bird nestbox project was
a phenomenal success, as
was the bird box watch event
80 per cent of our nest
boxes were used (not bad
for the first year) by birds
including Blue Tits, Great
Tits and Sparrows.
This season the group is
planning a coach trip to
Whitby Regatta, along with
ongoing projects Boggetts
Corner nature area and
keep as you sow veg patch.
Theyre also looking
forward to their garden and
scarecrow competition, with
a Dr Who at 50 scarecrow
Hartfields garden party
Residents, family members
and visitors got together
at Hartfields, in Hartlepool,
to soak up the fantastic
atmosphere in the atrium
while listening to a brass
band and enjoying a variety
of stalls and refreshments.
All the money raised on the
day will go to charity.
OPEN C /||
Red Lodge in New
Earswick held an open
day in July, bringing
residents, families, friends
and the community
together for a day of fun
and food.
The weather on the
day was probably the
hottest we have had,
said Dwayne McCue.
We managed to raise
300 which will go to
the residents funds. We
have a coffee morning on
the last Friday of every
month and everyone
is welcome we really
are aiming to bring the
community of New
Earswick together, and
the wider community.
Services | Information | Features | Housing | Events | Community | Contacts
Sarah Charlton (right) with
visitors from Orbit Housing.
What are your main
Welcoming visitors to
the Garth, receiving rent
payments, booking repairs
and handling the numerous
queries raised by residents
and other visitors.
What would you do during a
typical working day?
I advise on housing issues
and applications; and refer
residents to the Money
& Benefits Adviser or
Neighbourhood Services
Officers. I also advise
on rent accounts and
payment methods either
in person or on the
I speak to people on our
housing waiting lists and
advise them of the progress
of their application.
I keep the reception area
neat and tidy and stocked
with up to date relevant
literature and information,
maintain the mutual
exchanges register and
manage the distribution
of keys for empty
I handle many other tasks
too numerous to list!
What do you think are the
most important skills needed
to do your job?
Have good manners
and respect for others
be non-judgemental. Be
knowledgeable about the
Housing and Community
Services department and
the services we provide.
Has your role changed at all
since you started?
We are now a One Stop
Service team so both
repairs and housing queries
are dealt with here at The
Garth. This has meant I have
had to learn the responsive
repairs process and the
computer system.
What do you enjoy most
about your job?
Dealing face to face with
visitors to The Garth and
being able to help, even
if only in a small way, to
support them.
What is most challenging
about your job?
Working with residents, I
need to be able to quickly
adapt and empathise with
whatever situation arises
and offer sound advice
myself or put them in touch
with other staff.
What do you like to do
outside of work?
Socialising, dog walking,
and I keep honey bees (lets
hope we get some honey
this season). I do DIY and
like to be in my garden.
Whats your most
memorable moment working
at JRHT?
Too numerous to mention
working with people is
always surprising, even
when you think youve
heard it all!
PAWS |C| /
Thank you to all residents
more than 50 of you,
including some residents
from Hartfields in
Hartlepool who came
to the coffee morning at
Derwenthorpe in June.
The morning had a very
positive atmosphere
and everyone enjoyed
hearing about JRHTs
different schemes and
communities. Hearing
Dogs came along to
talk about their charity
and it was great to hear
how Sunny, the dog we
sponsored, is getting on.
Many residents would
like Hearing Dogs to
visit their schemes to do
a talk. We hope to get
other charities to come
along to future events.
Read more community
news on page 6.

/ |/+ || || |||| C|
C|C||| ||V|C| /|V|C|
Sue is based at the Garth in New Earswick on the
main reception desk, so is essentially the face of
our Housing and Community Services. She has
worked at JRHT since June 1997.
I handle many other tasks
too numerous to list
Services | Information | Features | Housing | Events | Community | Contacts
Left: Sue gets a buzz from
her hobby.
J|| |e.s Jooe Ol3 |-qe
|| C|/|C|
JRHT has a new telephone system,
which will improve our service to you
and save money.
The system makes it
easier to handle your
telephone query more
promptly and gives us
better information about
our customers and how
we are performing.
Whats different for you?
You will always hear a
welcome message before
your call is connected to
the relevant person. This
message will simply tell you
that you have reached the
Joseph Rowntree Housing
Trust and that calls are
monitored for quality and
training purposes.
When you hear this
message it does not mean
all our lines are busy,
so please wait until the
message has finished and
choose one of the three
Why did we change the
Our previous telephone
system was very old and
was giving us a number
of problems. Last year we
reviewed it and found a
new system that met the
needs of our different
teams and departments.
As well as wanting to
improve our service, we
wanted a system that
would reduce costs.
Although the new system
has meant significant
investment, we will
save on technical support,
maintenance and line
rental. This means the
system will pay for itself in
the first five years and save
us money after that.
This year, well be making
improvements to kitchens,
boilers, bathrooms and
windows in more than 300
properties, thanks to the
information we gained from
condition surveys at the end
of last year.
You can see the programme
for improvements in 2013 on
and-improvement, where
there is also a leaflet telling
you what to expect.
Our staff will be working
with contractors from ESH
Property Services, Herbert
T Forrest and Keepmoat to
make these improvements.
Weve already started a
number of projects, including
preliminary visits to homes at
Rowan Place for replacement
bathrooms, and Rowan
Avenue for replacement
windows. We are continuing
our Energy Enhancement
programme to our solid wall
homes (replacing windows
and installing internal dry
If you are having any work
carried out to your home,
we will contact you first by
letter to tell you about the
work, then again to let you
know when the work will
Our newly recruited
painters (see page 10) and
contractors are painting a
large number of properties
in New Earswick this year
and next.
So that we can decorate
your home, our joinery
team will need to carry
out repairs to windows
and doors. If your home
is on the programme for
this year, we will contact
you by letter with more
We have already started
working on a number of
areas within New Earswick,
including Lime Tree Avenue,
White Rose Grove and
Sycamore Place.
If you have any other
queries about the
improvement plan or
painting programme, please
contact our Customer
Services Team on 0800
587 0211.
We will also be posting
updates on Facebook pages
where possible.
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|-qe o J|| |e.s Jooe Ol3
The year was 1918 and
the war that would end all
wars had come to an end.
My grandfather, James
Flanagan, returned to his
home town of York and
unlike many others of his
generation he returned to a
guaranteed job back at the
Rowntree factory, where
he had worked before
volunteering to serve his
country. He returned a
shadow of his former self
having inhaled mustard gas
in the trenches, his lungs
would never fully recover.
Sadly, in 1928, James wife
Margaret died prematurely,
leaving behind two small
daughters, Margaret aged
eight and Mary aged
six. In an age before the
welfare state, the outlook
for the two small girls
looked bleak but because
of the forward thinking of
Rowntree management my
grandfather was able to take
part of his pension provision
By Philip Creaser, Peripatetic Manager
Services | Information | Features | Housing | Events | Community | Contacts
and two years leave of
absence. He was able to
keep the family together
knowing the girls would be a
little more responsible when
he returned to work.
In 1938, my grandfather
died from the effects of
the mustard gas, leaving
his daughters once again
to face an uncertain future
as the Second World War
loomed, but the war was to
open up new opportunities
for women and both
volunteered for war work.
Margaret working on Halifax
bombers and Mary fuse
filling underground at the
Rowntree factory. After the
war, both girls married and
had families and had long
and fulfilled lives.
Today JRF is still at the
forefront of social care
and the effects of poverty
on the family, and while
poverty may be measured
differently today the
effects on families are
much the same. I will
always be grateful for the
philanthropy shown to my
grandfather, as without it
life may have turned out
very differently.
Together, the Joseph
Rowntree Foundation
(JRF) and JRHT want
to be an anti-poverty
organisation for the
benefit of our residents
and employees, and to
reduce poverty across
the UK.
JRHTs aim is that no
households should be
in arrears and therefore
facing eviction because
they do not have enough
We recognise that no
two households are the
same and that we will
need to use a personalised
approach to meet peoples
differing needs.
Working closely with
residents, we will do
what we can to prevent
households getting to the
stage where eviction is the
only solution, but we will
need your help, time, co-
operation and suggestions
to help us achieve this.
If you would like to help
us to do this, please
contact Sally Houghton,
tel. 01904 750700.
We will focus on:
increasing peoples
improving their access
to well-paid jobs;
reducing their costs;
helping residents to find
and manage affordable
credit if they need it.

(Above) Joseph Rowntree

(centre, seated) presided
over a meeting of the
Board at the Rowntree
Factory in 1916. (Far left)
Philips grandfather standing
furthest right, at the back
(Left) Philip Creaser.
J|| |e.s Jooe Ol3 |-qe
|-qe lO J|| |e.s Jooe Ol3
Children from Little Rowans nursery in New Earswick have
been getting expert advice on what to plant in their garden.
Alistair Simpson from our landscape maintenance team
came in to talk to the children and showed them pictures
of fruit, vegetables and flowers to help them choose.
They planted sweet peas, and have been enjoying their
lettuces and strawberries.
C||||||| C||||
Do you have children under five? If
so, these services from New Earswick
Childrens Centre might help you.
City of York Council
is offering some two-
year-olds free childcare
for up to 15 hours a
week. To apply or check
if you are eligible, please
call into the
childrens centre and
pick up a form, or apply
online. Youll need a list
of approved suppliers
from the Family
Information Service
first. Call them on
01904 554444.
Jobs File: You can
come into the centre
and browse through
their jobs file, which
is updated each week
with the latest vacancies
from the Job Centre,
and fortnightly from
the NHS, Monks Cross,
McArthur Glen Designer
Outlet and City Centre
Outlets. The receptionist,

Tracey, is available from

08:3016:30 (Monday
Thursday) and 08:30
16:00 (Friday) to help
with any queries about
applying for jobs or
helping with CVs.
Warm Phone: The
centres warm phone
enables you to speak
to various services
in a confidential
environment, free of
charge. Our staff are
on hand and happy to
help with any queries.
You can access:
NHS Direct, Housing
Benefit Enquiries,
Jobcentre Plus, working
tax credits, Family
Information Service,
Jobseekers Direct, New
Deal for Lone Parents,
and Citizens Advice.

Our painters Robert Pallister (left) and Daniel Leaf

are part of the team of painters whove been brightening
up the lives of residents in New Earswick recently.
Compliments on their work include I think that both men
deserve medals, they are really great with their work and
very polite and helpful.
HELPING C|||||||
From left to right: Children at Little Rowans tend to the lettuce, the nurserys sweet peas, and Alistair talks to the children about
different plants.
Services | Information | Features | Housing | Events | Community | Contacts
Services | Information | Features | Housing | Events | Community | Contacts
J|| |e.s Jooe Ol3 |-qe ll
Jacquie Dale
Tel: 01904 735020
Stephen Lynch
Tel: 01904 735974
Nick Dennison
Housing Options Manager
Tel: 01904 735012
Fiona Godfrey-Faussett
Community Development
Tel: 0800 5870211
Faye Blinkhorn-Conroy
Neighbourhood Services
Tel 01904 752924
Isobel McCoy
Neighbourhood Services
Tel: 01904 752922
Nadia Rehman
Neighbourhood Services
Tel: 01904 752916 uk
Donna Stead
Neighbourhood Services
(temp. maternity cover)
Tel: 01904 752921
Paul Rose
Money and Benefit Advisor
for York and District
Tel: 01904 735026
Dave Potter
Money and Benefit Advisor
and Data Analyst
(both part-time)
Tel: 01904 735025
Sally Houghton
Service Improvement
Tel: 01904 735032
Sarah Charlton
Resident Involvement
Tel: 01904 752927
Sandra Marshall
Early Years Manager
Tel: 01904 750323
Advice and information
on housing, rent, services,
repairs and provisions
Tel: 0800 5870211
Debbie Pemberton
Customer Services Team
Beverley Atkinson
Fiona Crawford
Jackie Smith
Lynne Slater
Sheryll Muir
Sue Harrison
Susan Wheller
Office and Admin Assistant
Tel: 01904 735032
Helen Warters
Admin Assistant
Tel: 01904 735028
Tom Hepburn
Team Leader
Tel: 07800 615125
Bob Williams
Team Leader
Tel: 07817 975939
Tel: 01429 855070
Dale Owens
Neighbourhood Manager
Tel: 01429 855072
Lynne Lee
Care and Support Manager
Tel: 01429 855078
Charlotte Hope
Neighbourhood Services
Officer Hartfields
Tel: 01429 855083
Kim Andrews
Senior Receptionist
Tel: 01429 855070
Lynne Davison
Admin. Officer
Tel: 01429 855080
0800 5870211
Visit our website at
Peter Catterick
Estates Manager
Tel: 01904 735038
Clive Baxter
Electrical Supervisor
Paul Dawson
Heating/Gas and Plumbing
Steve Harrison
Building Supervisor
John Rayner
Joiner Supervisor
0800 5870211
Tel: 01904 750700
John Kennedy
Director of Care Services
Tel: 01904 752201
Central Care Services
Tel: +44 (0)1904 752209
Fax: +44 (0)1904 752225
North Yorkshire Police
0845 606 0222
01429 221151
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Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust
The Garth
White Rose Avenue
New Earswick
York YO32 4TZ
Summers blooming marvellous in the Homestead Park
More than 300 children
from York local schools and
nurseries came to enjoy a
Fun Day in the Homestead
Park, York, this summer.
Attractions in the park,
which is maintained by our
landscaping team, included
a miniature steam train,
donkey rides, magician and
keep fit, and JRHT provided
plants for the children to
pot up and take home.
The park staff are waiting
to hear how they have got
on in this years Yorkshire
In Bloom competition,
following judging in July.
This summers bedding
plants have a South African
theme, said gardener
Jo Morris, so lots of reds
and oranges.
This September, the team
will be joined by two
horticultural students from
a French college near
Chartres, west of Paris.
The Leonardo Foundation,
which has organised these
placements, provides
training for students who
struggle in the normal
school system or who
have deprived family
backgrounds. If you visit
the park and see Mickal
and Evan, stop and have a
chat with them theyre
here to improve their
spoken English as well as
their gardening skills.
Children enjoying the fun
day at Homestead Park, and
(bottom right) Mickal and
Evan, the parks horticultural
students from France.

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