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The numbers

Number ONE Look at the sun! Who are you? I am the moon.

Number THREE Please ,shouw me The bird on the tree, Thee bee which makes the honey.

Number TWO Look at the moon! How are you? I am fine,thank you.! Numbers FIVE, Look on the sky! Where? There!It is a fly.

Number FOUR Who is at the door? I am Liz. Come in.,please!

Vocabulary:-sun=soare -moon=luna Sky=cer Fly=musca Show me=arata-mi! Bee=albina Honey=MIERE

THE SEASONS Spring is green Summer is bright, Autumn is yellow, And winter is white. -spring-primavara -summer-vara -autumn-toamna Winter-iarna

The funny week

Monday Is my first school day. Tuesday, May be it will rain today. Wednesday I wish I stayed at home a day. Thursday, I wish today was Friday. Friday , The school is over,hurray! Saturday and Sunday it is week-end At last ,we go out and play! Vocabulary-Monday-luni Tuesday-marti Wednesday-miercuri Thursday-joi Friday-vineri Saturday-sambata Sunday-duminica

Tweety,tweety is my friend He is yellow, He is happy, He likes me because Im happy. R.Tweety,tweety come and play! Its a fine day today. vocabularymy friend-prietenul meu Im happy-sunt fericit

The time
What time is it? Its eight oclock Mummy says: Wake up!,Wake up! When Im sleepy And its late, Mummy says : Go right to bed Vocabularywhat time is it?-cat e ceasul? Im sleepy-mi-e somn Its late este tarziu go right to bed-du-te direct la culcare

Little cat
Little cat,little cat, Where are you,little cat? I am here ,in the garden, With my sister and my brother.

VocabularyGarden -gradina With-cu Sister-sora Brother-frate

My shoes
My shoes are dirty Excuse me But tomorrow,I promise you, They will be clean! vocabularyMy shoes pantofi mei dirty-murdar Clean-curat

Bibliografie: Engleza pentru ce mici Maria-Magdalena Ionescu; editura Carminis.