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Land & Sea

Served every day from 11:30am to last orders at 9:00pm (8:00pm on Sundays)

Other fresh meat and poultry 10oz Gammon, with egg or pineapple 9.95 2x 4oz pork steaks 9.95 2x 4oz lamb steak 9.95 2x small chicken breasts 11.95 All served with salad or seasonal vegetables, and your choice of potato from the board.

About our food All our fresh fish is delivered daily from Grimsby.

All our fresh meat and poultry is locally sourced Fresh fish including our beef which is locally bred Aberdeen Small battered haddock 7.95 Angus. All our fresh meat and poultry is free range, from Small battered cod 7.95 the sausages, to the chicken and eggs. Our vegetables are also locally sourced. Our chips are peeled and chipped daily on site. We serve fresh bread which is delivered daily.

From the Sea

Large battered haddock 11.95 Large battered cod 11.95 Grilled or battered Plaice 12.95 Grilled salmon fillet 11.95 Pan fried sea bass 11.95 Seared tuna loin 12.95

We aim to get your food to you as quickly as we can but please bear with us as we can assure you Other fish dishes that it is being freshly prepared.


We can cater for special dietary requirements, such as gluten free, please ask for details.

Breaded whole tail scampi 8.95 Canned cod roe 6.95

Fresh homemade soup of the day served with All served with salad or seasonal vegetables fresh crusty bread. 4.75 or mushy peas, and your choice of potato from Creamy mushrooms (V) accompanied by the board. toasted brioche. May be served with or without bacon. 4.95 Gigantic fish feast Breaded chicken goujons with a spicy sauce Feed your family of four for 28.00 for dipping. 4.50 A huge fresh fish served with enough chips Crispy whitebait with a spicy sauce for and mushy peas for a family of four. dipping. 4.75 Prawn cocktail served in the classic way with lettuce, Marie Rose sauce and brown bread quarters. 4.75

Add a homemade sauce for 1.00

Black peppercorn Smoked mackerel served with lettuce, horseradish sauce and brown bread quarters. Parsley 4.50 Chasseur

From the Land

Fresh Steak 8oz Rump steak 11.95 16oz Rump steak 16.95 8oz Sirloin steak 13.95 12oz Sirloin steak 17.95 18oz T-bone steak 19.95

Hot and spicy

Fresh 6oz Aberdeen Angus burger 9.95 Fresh 6oz lamb burger 9.95 Fresh chicken burger 7.95 Vegetable burger (V) 7.95

Chips 2.50 Homemade coleslaw 1.50 Fresh garlic bread 1.95 Freshly battered onion rings 1.95

Please see board for list of desserts and daily specials.

Hot drinks Americano with milk or cream Cappuccino Latte

Childrens menu
Small, fresh, battered fish 2oz burger Chicken nuggets Chicken teddies

2.20 2.40 2.40 2.60 1.75 2.20 2.40

all 4.95

Light Bites

All served with a fruit squash (orange, blackcurrant or lime),

A choice of potato from the board Served every day from 11:30am toand lasta side ofat seasonal orders 5:00pmvegetables or salad or mushy peas or baked beans.

Mocha Espresso Double espresso Hot chocolate

Toasted ciabatta Sandwiches all 5.95

Choose from the following fillings: Fresh chicken with pesto and salad leaves.

1.25 Pot of tea or decaf tea 2.25 Fair trade teas Earl grey, camomile, green tea 1.95 2.50 Cold drinks Squash- orange, blackcurrant or lime 1.95 Tropicana orange juice 2.50 Tomato juice 1.95 and strawberry

Steak and caramelised onion. Salmon and cucumber with cream cheese. Carved ham and cheddar cheese with chutney. Cheddar cheese and chutney. (V) Fresh, battered fish fingers with tartar sauce. All served with a mini pail of chips and salad garnish.


all 7.95

Tel: 01283 530110

Fresh chicken and bacon salad. Prawn salad.

19, Northside Business Park, Hawkins Lane, Burton upon Trent, Steak & Seafood

Land & Sea