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Project group

I. jmEvents presentation II. Vision and Mission of the company III. IV. Core goal and Objectives of the company SWOT Analysis

V. The strategy of the company Porters five competitive forces VI. References




is one of the most renowned professional organizations

in the musical and event organizing fields, with over 23 years of experience on a national and international level.

More specifically,

jmEvents is a non-profit NGO established in

1993 which has a rich experience in the cultural, youth and event organizing fields, developing programs and projects for companies and the large public.

The wide range of events organized by

jmEvents includes:

Where does the jm of

jmEvents come from?



To position itself as one of the best-known professional organizations in the musical and corporate field events in Romania and Europe.

jmEvents is a brand known in over 50 countries.

The best proof is shown by the large number of musicians from the entire world that participate every year in the projects and events, as well as the fact that the best Romanian musicians that got through th experience of being part in one or more events organized by jmEvents gained a rich professional recognition in the entire world. Each year, jmEvents is prepared to host over 140 classical musicians and more than 20 jazz bands that arrive in Bucharest.

To discover, reward and promote music and young musicians in Romania and abroad.

Creating the organization came out of the real need to support young Romanian musicians.

To discover, reward and promote the values of the new generation of classical musicians and to help young musicians in building a successful career is an enormous responsibility.

jmEvents can only

achieve this mission by incorporating other small long-term ideals, such as: bringing people closer to live, quality music encouraging people to assume an active role of European citizens in the democratic development of the society through music




seeks to sustain the development of the society

through culture, using music as an empowerment tool and communication vector. OBJECTIVES: The primary objective of the company is to organize a variety of cultural events in order to promote the passion and refinement of jazz and classic music among the new generations. Some of the most representative events are: EUROPAfest International Music Festival A two-week festival that gathers in Bucharest over 300 musicians from 52 countries. The festival brings the Romanian public closer to excellent, quality music, reuniting in Bucharest the latest names from the European musical community and special guest stars from other continents.

Since 2005, EUROPAfest takes place under the High Patronage of HRH the Princess Margarita and HRH Prince Radu

Jeunesses International Music Competition Annual competition since 1994 covering different disciplines (piano, violin, flute, clarinet) which gathers over 150 artists from 30-40 countries. Is one of jmEvents successful programs. Is unique due to its 3 age categories: from the youngest, to the master category of an international contest, 18 to 30 years old. Provides master-classes for non-finalists, led by an international jury.

Bucharest International Jazz Competition Competition which takes place within EUROPAfest and is organized under the High Patronage of Their Royal Highnesses the Princess Margareta and Prince Radu. After only 7 years from its debut, Bucharest International Jazz Competition is ranked as the second jazz contest in Europe and the third in the world Contributes at building a positive image of Romania in the world, allowing the inclusion of our country on the international map of major jazz events. The competitors' portfolio includes participation in prestigious international events as the Montreux Jazz Festival, Thelonius Monk Festival, Red Sea Jazz Festival and Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival USA. PROMS Jazz & Classic

A mixture between jazz and classical artists playing together particularly composed musical arrangements in a refined manner on well-known topics of jazz, blues, pop, classical or film music.

Urban Culture Fusion An original production of high European dimension taking place in seven countries (Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, UK and Romania) in a tour of 20/25 concerts covering themes from the international jazz, blues, pop, classic and screen music repertoire. Summer Music Academy Workshops and master-classes taking place under the lead of renowned teachers from European music conservatories, offering young musicians the opportunity of advanced studies and intensive performance.

Concert dedicated to Europe Day 9th of May In partnership with The European Commission Representation in Romania. Always held in conventional and noble spaces as theatres, athenaeum. Participation of guests of honor, high-class representatives Jazz, blues, pop and classic on the same stage in an urban culture fusion

Another objective is to develop partnerships with certain organizations from other countries that share the same vision and mission as

jmEvents. For instance:

On The Move A network for cultural mobility information supported by an operational grant from the European Commission, which gathered over 30 members in more than 20 countries in Europe and beyond. Goal: to become the best knowledge center about cultural mobility in Europe and beyond.

European Music Academy Mission: to develop musical practice among young European musicians through pre-professional training courses and masterclasses organized during the summer period

And, finally, the companys most promising objective is to sustain young Romanian artists as well as foreign ones by developing youth projects; the purpose of these youth programs is to encourage the new generations expression through music, develop their communication and socialization skills, their personal and professional abilities and to actively implicate them in projects with a socio-cultural impact.

Master-classes & workshops Annually organized in May Traditional activities in Jeunesses Musicales programs for jazz, violin, piano, clarinet and flute Objectives: improving participants artistic skills and techniques in an interactive multicultural frame. Held by well-known names of the international scene, special guests from Romania and abroad renowned musicians, professors, artmanagers. Volunteering & internship programs The volunteering program offers the youth the chance to discover what lies behind organizing an international music festival The internship program offers the opportunity to understand the events planning field, of learning different things that interns can later apply Goal: to invest in the developing of young people, focusing on increasing performance and developing new skills and behaviors.

Youth Orchestra Founded in 1991 The first private orchestra in Romania The only orchestra from Romania which won an international prize in the last 20 years. Cultural exchanges Musicians and young students involved in jmEvents activities have the chance to gain new friends, to socialize, to meet other young people with different cultural backgrounds. Jam Session Objective: to offer jazz musicians the chance to meet and play along with artists from other countries.



jmEvents strategy Porters five competitive


Porters five forced are designed for for-profit companies and industry models.


is a non-profit NGO with experience in the

cultural, youth and event organizing fields. Therefore, we had to adapt Porters model of strategy to the NGO sector. In order to do that, we have changes the original forces: Threat of new Entrants Threat of Substitute products or services Power of Suppliers Power of buyers and Rivalry among existing competitors

with: The potential for entry in the NGO industry Threat of competing needs Power of large funders The ability and willingness of beneficiaries to participate Rivalry among organizations in the industry

THE POTENTIAL FOR NEW ENTRY IN THE NGO INDUSTRY The threat of new entrants must be seen from two points of view, meaning that both the existing competition and barriers for new entrants are taken into account while we look at the NGO examined.

Situation: The product differentiation is high. The product offered by NGO is diverse, addressed to a various public, but a distinguished one. Also, taking the NGO mission To discover, reward and promote music and young musicians in Romania and abroad it is evident that the activities also focus on an usual target formed by young students coming from different fields just to understand and to find out what lies behind the organization and preparation of musical events. The capital requirements are low. Being an NGO with over 20 years experience facilitates relationships, partnerships and sponsorships. Access to distribution channels is high. Since jmEvents is not new on the market, having a 23 years experience as an NGO and growing year by year, this makes it invincible against both new entrants and existing competitors. Obtaining distribution for their product is easy and the field (youth, cultural, music) makes it easier when determining the distribution channels to the product without having to provide extra incentives.

The industry growth rate is developing. present.

The number of NGO is

continuously growing. Even so, few of them operate in

THREAT OF COMPETING NEEDS jmEvents competes with other NGOs that share the same mission and that develop their activity to achieve similar objectives.

4 musical genres The price per ticket varies / place -> improved relationships with partners Corporate events international artists Two competitions piano / jazz. Piano more than George Enescu Festival. Jazz competition jazz festivals as concerts. Attention to youth. Free entrance for students. Competing funding requirements EU Funding, patronage of royal house. Image associated with the singe festival that offers 4 musical genres in 2 weeks


The character of jmEvents services is more social rather than economical, which lowers the impact of supplier power. Still, donors and funders can be seen as the supplier of the organization since they provide the resources for the activities and events the NGO organize, and also to help the NGO achieve its goal and objectives. The funding for jmEvents is double oriented: Project-based (donors, sponsors) Operational (EU Funding) The concentration of large funders is medium taking into consideration the extensive character of activities the NGO organizes during a year. Though jmEvents has an experience of 23 years in the musical and event organizing fields as an NGO, the frequent economical and social changes happening in Romania after the 90s also affected the creation and establishment of long-term relationships with loyal or annual sponsors. In this situation, finding new creative ways of attracting donors or sponsors has become an annually rule and habit. Yet, over 20 years experience as an NGO is definitely a plus. The Culture Programme 2007 2013 has been an opportunity for growth for jmEvents. Also since then the NGO has the support of The Royal House which has a huge influence in the NGO community. More than that, in the last few years there is a practice which almost seems to have turned into a trend: sponsorships between jmEvents and for-profit companies that activate in fields that have no relevance with de type of activities the NGO organize. But this does not bring anything bad to the NGO, just money. The wide range of

activities jmEvents organizes makes it easier for sponsor to choose between offering a budget for a youth programme, musical project or corporate event. STRATEGY: Obtaining funds from public institutions such as The Ministry of Culture and Youth or The Ministry of Education is a hard process and it may seem is not worth it. Even so, any source of budget for an NGO with more than two decades of activities which obtained an image must be used. Though the two Ministries appear as organizers for the activities jmEvents runs, the approvals for holding the events in public spaces are the only effort from them. The relationship between public and private must be improved.








PARTICIPATE (buyers) The donor community and corporate funders can be seen as both supplier and customer. They provide resources for the mission and in return, their name is associated with the positive impact achieved. Situation: The number of buyers relative to sellers is high. The sellers pose little threat for the product market of buyers. The product differentiation is low. Switching costs to use other products is also low. The importance of product to the buyer is high for contestants and lower for sponsors.

Buyers volume is high for the artists and medium for sponsors. When talking about artist they are very concentrated and interested in the NGO activities. The NGO depends on customers from companies, to artists, to public, to sponsors and donors to continue purchasing from them. Therefore, the buyers are the ones who negotiate the price contracts which can be favorable for them and the NGO, or positive for them and negative for the NGO. The plus for jmEvents is that the CEO is one of the best cultural managers from Romania and president in two other mobility international companies from Europe having a vast experience in negotiating with people and controlling the discussion. Also, the numerous offered services by jmEvents represent an advantage for the organization to not be entirely dependent on a single customer.

RIVARLY AMONG ORGANIZATIONS IN THE INDUSTRY Situation: The number of competitors at the national level is medium, almost high. There are over 200 NGOs (organizations, agencies, associations) activating in the cultural and youth field in Romania. The relative size of competitors is low. Just a few from this number of NGOs are active and make performance in the industry. The industry growth rate is developing. The buyers (artists, contestants) switching costs is high. In order for the artists to participate in one way or another at the activities organized by jmEvents, they are forced to pay a tax which, for











competitions, varies between 80 to 500 Euros. The NGO does not provide accommodation, food or transport for them.

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