Revenue Purpose Statement for Voter PPEL Election At School Board Elections on Tuesday, September 10th The Tri

-Center Board of Education voted (during Special Meeting of the Board on August 2nd) to approve a resolution for a Voter PPEL election to take place at Tri-Center CSD on Tuesday, September 10th during the regular school board elections. The Voter PPEL consists of a .67 (67 cent) levy that will create a revenue stream of approximately $140K each year (beginning with the 2014-2015 school year and lasting for 10 consecutive years). The Voter PPEL (Physical Plant and Equipment) will provide a revenue stream for school technology and/or transportation costs. Voters in most school districts (70% or 238 school districts) in Iowa have already approved this measure as part of their elections and school funding mechanisms. It is totally a local control issue and therefore the school district will have to approve this proposition in order to start receiving funds in FY2015. A simple majority vote, or 50 percent plus one, is necessary for the measure to pass. Tri-Center Community Schools has benefited greatly from bond issues and sales tax revenues over the past 18 years as evidenced by the building repairs, upgrades, and emergence of new facilities. The bond issue from 1995 will sunset in June of 2015, meaning that the total levy for the school district will drop by a dollar. The Voter PPEL will replace .67 (cents) of the old bond issue, but the total levy will still be less. As a school community, we can ill afford to forgo this financial vehicle because of its impact on what we provide our students, families, and staff in the way of an above average educational system both now and in the future.

Tri-Center Community Schools

Key Information . . .
Voter PPEL election to take place on September 10th at Tri-Center Voter PPEL creates approximately $140K each year for 10 years Voter PPEL to be used solely for technology and/or transportation costs State of Iowa provides no assistance for expenditures in these areas of school business and yet they are both necessary for day-to-day operations Total tax levy will actually be less due to 1995 Bond Issue sunsetting in 2015 Questions? Please feel free to contact the superintendent’s office or speak with one of your elected school board officials. Thank you.

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