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Your critical link between Product and Personnel

Piercan was founded in 1948, shortly after Piercan USA was founded in 1995. Piercans experience and expertise in the glove industry allows our products to stand out among all other glovebox glove manufacturers. We provide our customers the exact polymer combination to satisfy their needs. Our dedicated and knowledgeable sales team can supply you with the right products you need to ensure the containment of your isolator as well as the safety of the end user.

At Piercan USA, we understand how vital the work performed inside your glovebox is. We offer the softest formulations, which provide excellent dexterity. The variety of different polymers we offer allow us to satisfy the needs of all industries.

Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Distinct Properties: UV, Ozone & Oxidizing Chemical Resistance, Abrasion Resistance Major Market: Pharmaceutical/Chemical/DOE Standard Thicknesses: 15 mil & 24 mil Designator: Y

Polyurethane Distinct Properties: High Mechanical Properties, Puncture/Tear Resistant, Abrasion Resistant Major Market: DOE/Nuclear/Defense Standard Thickness: 15 mil Designator: U

Distinct Properties: Chemical/Puncture Resistant, CSM outer layer for Chemical Resistance, Polyurethane inner layer for Strength Major Market: Pharmaceutical/DOE Standard Thickness: 20 mil Designator: UY

Distinct Properties: Impermeability Major Markets: Microelectronics/ Wet Chemistry Standard Thicknesses: 15 mil, 24 mil & 30 mil Designator: B

Distinct Properties: Anti-Static, Impermeability Major Markets: Microelectronics Standard Thickness: 15 mil Designator: BHP

Distinct Properties: Elongation/Tensile Major Markets: All Standard Thicknesses: 15 mil, 24 mil & 30 mil Designator: N

Distinct Properties: Electro Static Dissipative Major Markets: All Standard Thicknesses: 15 mil Designator: ESDN

Distinct Properties: Comfort/Dexterity Major Markets: All Standard Thicknesses: 15 mil, 24 mil & 30 mil Designator: R

Non-Leaded radiation attenuation elastomeric material protects against Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Radiation through Piercans proprietary Bismuth Tungsten Lanthanum Oxide Formula. Improved dexterity and greatly reduced disposal cost compared to Lead Loaded Gloves.

Piercan USA partners with Aramark Cleanroom Services to offer Validated Sterile Gloves. Sterile gloves provided in Cleanroom Compatible packaging. Gloves validated SAL of 10-6 (26.1 kGy - 50.5 kGy). Validation Compliance Letter provided with each shipment to prove the sterility of the gloves.

Piercan USA, Inc partners with HexArmor to offer Heavy Over Gloves to provide protection for both glovebox gloves and your hands from sharps. The dual layers of ceramic plated tiles reinforce the HOG exterior to provide unbeatable puncture and cut resistance against sharps and needles.

Our laboratory monitors every step of production. From beginning polymer quantitative analysis, to in-process manufacturing analysis, to final product integrity testing. All of our products manufactured are laboratory approved and undergo a Mechanical Properties Test assuring all customer specifications are achieved.

Every glove manufactured at Piercan USA passes a 60 minute long air leak test.

We have raised the bar for our standard packaging. The new packaging includes pairs heat sealed in 0.3 mm vacum bags. The pairs will be boxed in port specific, double wall corrugated containers. The containers are printed multi-language and on all sides for correct transportation and storage.