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Happy Halloween!

Check out our fantastic offer on page 2. You can try several of our best selling frozen products for under $70.00. This is a great way for you to try these products and save money at the same time. We have put together two Dinner Kits for you on this catalog.. You can find them on pages 9 and 11. This is a great way to save money on some of your favorite products.

Check out all the great treats that we have in our beautiful catalog for #10, 2013
Dont miss page 39 All of the items on this page are $9.99 or less. Be sure to stock up on these products.

Fall is my favorite season of the year.. I love all the fall colors and cooler temperatures. This is also when I like to bake and make homemade meals for my family and with all the products that Alisons Pantry has to offer, it is so simple. I cannot wait to try the Holten Stuffed Beef patties on page 5. They both look delicious. I am going to try the #8376 Vidalia Onion on a serving of Mashed Potatoes and add my favorite Flav-R-Pac vegetable as a side dish. Great meal in a hurry! On page 9, Our Wahoo Appetizers are great to serve at any Halloween party. Dont miss the free offer on these items also. If you have not tried the Gehls Nacho Cheese sauce you dont know what you are missing. This is the best Nacho Cheese Sauce that I have ever tried. You can find this on page 15. Stock up now as this great product will not be offered again in 2013. HOT POCKETS are back.. Check out the varieties that we offer on page 23. We have not offered them for several months and you have been asking for them. Get them now for those after school snacks. Check out the great pricing on nuts for baking (pg. 38), Guittard chocolate for candymaking, and new peanut butter baking chips (pg. 30)

Boo! Whats New?

On Page 4 We are offering some new Pacific Salmon Filets.. This is a skinless, mild flavor, wild caught pacific salmon. Dont miss the special offer on this page also. New Thick and Juicy Black Angus Beef patties are a great product at only $9.99 for a two lb. box. This new product can be found on page 5. We are offering some new fully cooked meat products on page 9.. I cannot wait to try the new Grilled Chicken Breast Skewers. These will be great for holiday gatherings. On page 36 Look at this new White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. This is made with an easy new mix that we are now offering. Great dessert or great gift idea for the upcoming holidays. Large Pasta Shells can be found on page 34, along with all our other Barilla pasta products. Basic America products are also on this page. Not new products but many favorite products that have not been offered for awhile. There are 37 new products on this catalog. Be sure to look for all of them as it just may be an item that you have been looking for.

On page 31 we have a misprint: Lindys 13 qt mixing bowl has an incorrect item number Correct number is 8437

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Catalog #10 FREE/Special Offers!

FREE OFFER: Purchase only $75.00 in products from this catalog and receive a FREE Chipotle Ranch Harvest Pasta Salad Kit.. Use code #8418. Page 3: Purchase one case of #6751 Big Buy Precooked bacon and you qualify to purchase one package of our Parchment Paper for only $3.99.. Use code # 6188. Page 4: When you purchase any seafood product from this page you qualify to purchase one box of Crispy Battered Haddock for only $5.99. Use code # 8420. Page 5: Purchase any Holten meat product from this page (except 7416, and the Thick N Juicy Products) and receive one of the following products FREE! 7501 Rib Shaped Patties, 7503 Pepper Beef Patties and 7502 Salisbury Patties. Page 14: Purchase any two bags of Qualifying Wahoo Products and receive a FREE bag of Macaroni and Cheese Bites. Use Code # 8427. Page 21: Purchase any Krusteaz Breakfast product and qualify to purchase a box of French Toast Sticks for just $2.99. Use Code # 8431. Page 25: Purchase Peanut Butter Crispy bars or Pumpkin Shaped cookie dough and qualify to purchase on box of White Chuck Macadamia Cookie dough for only $6.79. Use code # 8433. Page 35: Purchase any Vanee product from this page and qualify to purchase an 11 Lindys Stainless Steel serving spoon for only $2.49. Use code # 8440. Page 36: Purchase any item from this page and qualify to purchase our Apple Spice Bread mix for only $3.99.. Use code # 8441.

Orders are due by Friday September 6th and NO LATER THAN the 7th at noon. Early Order Drawing this month! Get your order in by Friday August 31st, and you will be put into a drawing for A bag of our Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookie Mix.

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