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Phil Brody


Ever since penning a hit haiku in the 7th Grade that garnered accolades, won awards, and drew groupies, writing has been my forte. Whatever the medium -- novels, screenplays, advertising, or documentary tv -- my work is nimble and indelible.

PUBLISHED AUTHOR - The Holden Age of Hollywood - Medallion Press - 2012
A stinging, knowing send-up of the movie biz. says Booklist. With dark humor and incisive commentary, The Holden Age of Hollywood immerses readers in a neo-noir quest to attain the Hollywood dream, integrity intact.

FREELANCE COPYWRITER - Various Companies - 2006-present

Freelance Copywriting services provided for various companies: EMAK Worldwide, FASTSIGNS, NerdyShirts, Maxx Marketing, neighbor

WRITER/STORY PRODUCER - Various Networks/Production Companies

DESTINATION CONSPIRACY - Travel Channel/Indigo Films - 2013 The most compelling conspiracies are often hiding in plain sight. UNUSUAL SUSPECTS - Discovery Channel/LMNO Productions - 2012 True crime whodunits spun like lms youre too scared to stop watching. TRUE CRIME WITH APHRODITE JONES - Discovery Studios - 2011 Bizarre cases reopened and analyzed with the fresh eyes of Aphrodite Jones. TIME WARP - Discovery Channel/Creative Differences - 2009 to 2010 MIT scientist Jeff Lieberman and digital photography expert Matt Kearney conduct experiments via breathtaking high-speed photography. RAGING NATURE - Discovery Channel/Creative Differences - 2009 If Michael Bay ever made a tv show about killer tornados, itd look like this. THE SECRET LIFE OF FOOD - The Food Network/Greystone - 2004 to 2008 The Secret Life of Food followed man on the street Jim OConnor as he digested the culinary history of the foods we all eat.

SENIOR WRITER - EMAK Worldwide/UPSHOT/DraftFCB - 2002-2004

Began my career on the account side at DraftFCB before making the leap to the creative side as a copywriter for various clients: Burger King, Kelloggs, Dr Pepper/7UP, Best Buy.

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio -- Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications Writers Boot Camp, Santa Monica, CA -- Alumnus of 2yr Think Tank Program

Bronze Medal Popular Fiction 2013 IPPY Awards - The Holden Age of Hollywood Winner Best New Fiction 2012 USA Book News Awards - The Holden Age of Hollywood Finalist General Fiction ForeWord Magazine 2012 Awards - The Holden Age of Hollywood Grand Prize Winner Short Film Groups 1st Annual Script Competition - A Blue Christmas Third Prize American Accolades Script Competition - The Nostalgic Tourist