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8.x version:


MRTG for Netapp:

Performance & Monitoring

Perfstat: system analyzer for cifs: nfs top: nagios network monitoring:

netapp plugins: option=com_mtree&task=search&Itemid=74&searchword=netapp

linux perfmon:


Powershell script to create a viso of your storage systems and luns: here

Audit Logs

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If audit logging is turned off, enter the following command to turn audit logging on:
options auditlog.enable on

To change the maximum size of the audit log file, enter the following command:
options auditlog.max_file_size value

value is the maximum size in bytes. The default value is 10,000,000 (about 10 MB).


Performance Tuning
NFS Performance Tuning Tech Report 3183- NFS, Linux, netapp filers: TR-3481 (kerberos & nfs):

CIFS Performance Tuning

Samba Tuning (lots of overlap): Adjust MTU Enable TCP Window Scaling (RFC 1323).,295582,sid7%5Fgci1329590,00.html Allow ports above 5000. Cifs home directory mappings

ISCSI Performance Tuning

Application Best practice guides


Oracle VMware/Virtual Infrastructure

General References

cluster failover cause / effect Dedupe Volume size limitations & Overview

Vfilers vfiler create vfiler_name -i ip_address [ -i ip_address ] path [ path ]

vfiler_name is the name of the vFiler unit. ip_address is an IP address. path is the complete path name to an existing volume or qtree. The first path name is the storage unit that contains the /etc directory. The etc directory contains the configuration information about the vFiler unit. Example The following example creates a vFiler unit using two IP addresses, one volume, and one qtree: vfiler create vfiler1 -i setup [-e ifname:ipv4address|[ipv6 address]:netmask|prefixlen ] [ -d DNS domain name:DNS server ipv4 address|[DNS server ipv6 address] ] [-n NIS domain name:NIS server ipv4 address|[NIS server ipv6 address] ] [-a ipv4 address|[ipv6 address]| name:ipv4 address|[ipv6 address ] [-p root password] The options for this command are: The -e option allows creation of the vFiler unit's IP addresses' bindings. Provide netmask with ipv4 address and prefixlen with ipv6 address. Netmask is of the form a.b.c.d ; where a,b,c and d should be between 0 and 255. Prefixlen is an integer between 0 and 127 The -d option allows the specification of a DNS domain name and the IP addresses of one or more DNS servers. The -n option allows the specification of an NIS domain name and the IP addresses of one or more NIS servers. The-a option allows the administrator host name and IP address to be specified. The-p option allows the password of the root user of the vFiler unit to be set. vfiler run vfiler_name cifs setup This is an example of running a command w/in a vfiler instance