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Cassette Tapes – cataloged December 2009 Queer, etc.

San Francisco Queer: Eric Core – Jungle Forest Burning Pansy Division – Absurd Pop Song Romance advance Jai Jai Noire- live/garage/Inverted Triangle BONSAI – Where (James), Spring (James-Warner) Pansy Division – tape given away at Gilman 1/26/07 Pansy Division- Wish I’d Taken Pictures Ploughhound –In Amsterdam promo cassette The Pre-Teens – Pink Rock Cyryus – The Lyricist – Final Version Angel on the Nod & the Phantasy Defylment Snopea – flowers, hearts & bunnies Pale – 1993 Brown-Star – San Fransissy (2 copies) + a bee’s dream /so tired Radioactive Queers (pirate radio station) The Bucktooth Varmints (1993) Comrades in Arms – Early Warning (What Love Said/Let’s Sell America/Killing from Behind/Stonewall was a riot/Ground Rules/Dischordia) The Agent for Allied (Brandi, Lance, etc. 3 songs Get Real Mad/Appetite for Self Destruction/Agoraphobia) Subtonix – Rip Your Heart Out (lineup with Coleen/jessy/cookie/Jessie/brandi. Today’s Modern Woman/Disease/You Got It All Wrong/Drag Strip/Getaway/Sleepwalker) Pussy Tourette – In Hi Fi Cypher in the Snow – difficult listening music (Shari/Lala/Dan-yella-a, Margaret, Chloe, Ulla Imd, Anna Joy)(Militia/Psycho March/Saccherine/She’s Not/Oppression/Rent a Gash/Mormon Song) Jeffery K. (1997) Cat Howdy – Homo Device Mindslam (Srini of Unamerican Activities) Zink Yucky Stiff The Christal Methodists: Scripture Lips & Filter Tips Big City Orchestra: Our Life in the Bush of Kate Leper Sex Killer on the Loose: Live 3/30/2001 Cockettes: Pearls Over Shanhai (two copies) Sylvester: Palace Theatre July 10, 1971, Live on KSAN Radio Sept 12 1971 Reginald Lamar related items Guillotine – Public Humiliation The Grand Negress Godiva (Hells Bells/Jump/Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?/Ebben n’andro lontana) Mutilated Mannequins 3/30/2001 Ian Callas @ Du Nord May 22, 2000

Ian Callas with Larry-bob Live at Sadie’s Flying Elephant Godiva Live at Sadie’s 8/3/1999 Reginald Practice tape

UK/England stuff Six Inch Killaz: Straitjacket/P.I.G./Trashola/The Great Seducer/Jackie Minty: Useless Man/Version/The Grid edited mix/King Rocker Mix/Dis-cuss mix/subversion Homocult Soundz Pomp 005: Fistful of Horsepower (Glasgow comp 1996) Everyone Involved: Either/Or / Peter Grudzien Garden of Love home tape Sister George (tape of record) UK queer stuff: Mouthful: 16/Set Up/Entropy/No Limit; Sapphic Sluts: Light Me Up/Lie to You; Enema Orgasm: Luci Fersam; Sister George: Untitled/5 Point Plan/Vague Underluck(?)/Ordinary/Ugly Girl/When You’re a Gayboy; Tongueman: Borsal Swing/Queer Saint/O There’ll Be Screaming in the Shithouse Tonigh/Knocking on Sodom’s Door/Core his Heart/Uncle Bill/A Pound of Flesh/Copulation/These boots were made for walkin’/Hot Angel Fruit Machine: Monte Carlo/Dream/Ariel Bertie + Bloke (Bertie Marshall spoken word) Old Toad Queen/Tattoo Breats/Red Sports Car Kisser Boy Kisser Girl: Furbelows/Kicking Giant/Blood Sausage/Huggy Bear/Ascension/Mambo Taxi/Limpstud/Gabby Lionheart/Noosong/Legend/Derv Blood Sausage/Mambo Taxi/Huggy Bear live Islington 8/4/1993 + Huggy Bear John Peel Session & Polvo John Peel Session/5678s/Southern Culture on the Skids

Olympia, WA Bikini Kill- Revolution Girl Style Now tape (Candy/Daddy’s L’il Girl/feels blind/suck my left on/carnival/this is not a test/double dare ya/liar) More from K (Go Team singles/Mecca Normal/World of Pooh/Courtney Love (band)/Pastels Joshua Plague – Some Days You Wish You Never Woke Up The Animal (Sally Quaasar/scardino recorded by Wynne Aug 2000) Tracy + The Plastics (Honeyface/Aint’ Never Gonna Die/We Want Her Back/Maradon/Spine-Eater/Oh Maria) Outpunk – Sta Prest Let’s Be Friendly / Behead the Prophet promo cassette Chainsaw 4 comp: Some Velvet Sidewalk: Dumb/Frightwig: I Thought I Knew You/Bikini Kill: This Is Not a Test/Gag Order:Episode (Wendomatik)/Autoclave:Still Here/Duh:Hex/Lois:Press Play and Record/Dumbhead:Good and Plenty/Sky High Style:I Song/Spitboy:Motivated by Fear/Tim:No. 6/Tsunami:Skinny) Summer 1992 Kicking Giant - Secret Teenage Summer Mukilteo Fairies – Oly Latent Boys + 12 The Go Team – Archer Come Sparrow Tattle Tale – Numb Eye/White Lie/Moontime/Wail/Fiberglass/A Girl’s toolbox/Segregate Sex/Sometime Shotgun Won: Live on KAOS 89.3fm

DJ Hushpuppy mixtapes: Weird Sounds in the Bathhouse/Groovy Delivery Boy/Trip SubCulture Issue 1 (Brighton England audio magazine) SubCulture Issue 2

Los Angeles: Extra Fancy: Sinnerman 4 Skins 4 Queers: Tim Shepherd/Drew Blood/Miss John Pophal/background by Joe’s Outing & Hallucination produced by Rob Brooks 1991 Ultra-Red: Guess Work Ultra-Red: Soundtracks Pedro Muriel & Esther (Vaginal Davis & Glen Meadmore) The White to be Angry Franklin Bruno: Etudes for Voice & Snackmaster DC: The Flying Shards – 1st Demo 1989 BVOD/Black Leather Buddha/Squash People/Menopause The Flying Shards – practice tape Arthur Loves Plastic- Teflon Diva

DC/San Francisco Paul Bonomo related (later known as DJ Snax) Bonomo – The Back Room Fagbash: Horny Romantic (with Eden Felt) Bonomo’s Fagbash- Black Girl Fagbash – The After Party (full band, S.F.) (I just wanna Score / Bitch since I met You/Pornsong/Let me find my way/ Girlfriend got some problems) Toronto: Ignatz (played at Spew 3, I think) Yo-yo Gang tape (Fifth Column/ASF/Human Ashtrays) JDs Top Ten Tape Big Oozing Thing (compilation tape from Bimbox boys) Bitch Nation Top Secret Cassette Swapping Club The Nancy Sinatras – Earwax Plunderphonics (tape from suppressed CD) Plunderphonic: Rubiyat / Negativland U2 Austin: Girls in the Nose (self-titled) Girls in the Nose: Origin of the World Gretchen Phillips: Welcome to My World

Michigan: Charlie Nash related: Anyone Can Step Into the Costume (no cat #)

Match: Death & Taxes (April 15, 1992) i13 Match: Drastic Pursuits (7/18/1992) i15 Match: Catalogue: IV20 Match: i25 Match: Jack Says i28 Here comes everybody/e,rather than u (c dub) New Years Eve 1993 (no cat #) Match: Live in Toronto 5/16/1993 at Spew 3. i29 Match: The Wives of the Velvet Underground i32 Match: Naked Satan Vs. Dyke Van Dick (Live in Olympia) i34 Penguins: 9.18.93 (no cat #) Penguins: Dr. Death in Traverse City 1.13.94 i41 Untuned: Live in Flour City i45dbl (consists of two tapes with same insert) (home/live 1996) i52 Penguins i57 Chris Robison: Sing-a-long Songs for Young Ears by Papa Chris and Steve Chris Robison and his Many-Hand Band (tape of LP) Dobbs Ferry, NY : Woof:Just a Bear Baltimore: WOD: Succubus Nebraska: Fagatron: Queer Corn Unknown, probably S.F.: Bobby & the Monolog: Chain Me Good LMNOP: Camera Sized Life The Ssion: Fucked Into Oblivion Live at the Abyss Dirty Barby demo tape Sierra Madre, CA: XO: My Room Records Bob Z.: Land Of Debris The Tape-Beatles: Music With Sound Nigel Six: America’s Favorite T.V. Family The Mill Valley Taters: Stratfordized Goodwrench: 3 songs Gainesville FL: Alex’s Homogay Dance Party (Southern Snatch) Indiana: Prettypony (4 song demo, 2 copies: Mandroid/Gismo’s Choice/Glamourpussy/porno-cam) Prettypony Live 9/23/99

Chicago: Bitchhips: I’ve Swallowed/16/Real Hustlers Have Transsexual Girlfriends (live w Vaginal Davis) Georgia: The Zookeeper’s Wife: New Theories of Dating Unknown origin: Bokonon’s Swat Team: Drastic Fear of Emasculation Unknown origin: Fuck Core!

Pennsylvania: The Artificial Hearts: Casa De Casio Terre Thamlitz: Fagjazz Italy: Speed Demon queer selection #1 compilation (Jayne County/Pansy Division/Third Sex/Dicks/Cold Cold Hearts/White Trash Debutantes/SleaterKinney/BTPNLSL/Team Dresch/Transisters/Fuckin’ Barbies/Sta-Prest/Toilet Boys) Argentina: She-Devils: Hating Hate Poland: Homomilitia

Minnesota: Walt Mink: Listen Little Man Walt Mink: Live at Springfest at Macalester 4/20/91 Walt Mink: The Poll Riders Win Again Dumb Angel (Walt Mink side project on Generator) Topflite Racket to Stardom (Generator comp) Walt Mink + John Kimbrough 1/9/97 radio phone interview from Chicago Walt Mink: Listen, Little Man/The Poll Riders Win Again!! Walt Mink: Miss Happiness (commercial release) Erik Hammen related: The Land of Milk and Honey The Land of Milk and Honey (remix) More Stories from the Land of Milk and Honey Living Cheap in the Land of Milk and Honey The Rights of Love in the Land of Milk and Honey Late Lonesome Cowboy

Mexican Taxi: (Larry Roberts/Erik Hammen/Paul Dickinson/Amy Larsen) Mexican Taxi: Back Into Orbit Mexican Taxi Live (vocals too high) Mexican Taxi Live 5-16-1987 Mexican Taxi – Fostex Master & dupe Mexican Taxi: 4-song studio tape (Collapse/Balm/Latter Day Lucy/Circus) Pax Americana (Paul Dickinson/Steve Retz/Scott Dolan/Dave Thiel) Zumbrota Paul Dickinson related: Frances Gumm: Cruella Frances Gumm Frances Gumm: Beautiful Friend, etc.

Catastrophe Coalition Hypnotic Tornado compilation Groove Monster compilation

Scott MacDonald related: Big Money Miracles (Scott MacDonald & Rob Graber) Velvet Elvis/Red Letter Day Paul Lynde to Block (Rob Graber/Bill Graber/Scott MacDonald) 2i: Boo! i+1 2i: Who Hears? (missing tape, box only) John Pucci/Dana Cochrane related: Mickey Finn: Two Song Demo (Peacemaker/Olympia) Texas Toast / Doctor Alexander Bachelor Party

Interviews, Spoken word etc: Drew Blood interview 7/2/1995 Michelle Rau 1992 Jimmy Carper 11/30/1996 After House Radio Show Scott Capurro radio Feb 2000 Larry-bob Chicago Road Trip Diary 1989 Laurence Piano 1976, Age 5 Pinocchio story OutWrite 1990: Sex Writings and New Narrative: Gluck/Dennis Cooper (absent)/Bellamy/Killian/Roy OutWrite 1991: All Zine Action: Lesbozines, Homozines and Polysexual zines One in Ten: Zines: July 15, 1996 John Peel show Homocore Chicago – NPR KFAI-Minneapolis - Fresh Fruit – Dennis Cooper 8/23/1990 / Jane Birkin Versions KQED Forum: Drag 11/28/2003 with Mrs. Bob KFAI Minneapolis Fresh Fruit – Larry-bob (date unknown circa 1991) Sarah Schulman MCC SF 3-7-1999 Jack Smith October 1981 Andy Warhol from tapes

Boiled in Lead: Boiled Alive Rendered Useless: Early Useless Cal: Same/…and after (1986) Pavlov’s Dogs: Theme Song/Validate/RB TB FC/Enemies/Stifled/Manhole/Deep Throat/My Boyfriend’s Back Paul Healey: The Unseen Realm (Bad Alice, etc.) Strumpet: Steak Joint Luke McGuff: Killer Oil Whale