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Church WithOut Walls: Keeping our Group Together August 11, 2013 Aaron Baker met with the

elders of Crossroads Christian Church on August 6, 2013. The group approved allowing CWOW to meet at their facilities. This allows all of our adults stay together while providing great teaching assets to our children. Where will we meet? There is currently not room at Crossroads for another adult Sunday School class. They did offer Tri-County School, but worried we would feel like outsiders at that facility. It may be a perfect fit our own space during the transition. Meanwhile, our children will attend Sunday School inside the church. When will we meet? Meeting at 10 A.M. would allow our people to serve as a volunteer in some capacity at the end of the 8:00 A.M. and the beginning of the 9:30 A.M. service. Will our children have a teacher at that time? Yes, when our Sunday School class meets the only Sunday School classes of the morning are held at Crossroads, including teens. We will all have the opportunity to serve in many ways, but this provides us all the chance to learn together while our children are fed spiritually. Can I attend worship? Yes, we can all attend worship at Crossroads if we like at 8:00 A.M. or 11:00 A.M. Our children (6th grade and under) will be transitioned to Sunday School or Junior Church unless we check them out while we transition to Sunday School or worship. Will I know others there? Kami Mohn, Jim & Kyla Wilcox, Mike and Cathy Combs and others from the Atlanta and La Plata area attend worship at Crossroads. This allows us the opportunity to expand our small group. Will we be required to become members at Crossroads? No. What will our status be with Crossroads?

We will be considered a very active life group at the church. Life groups study and grow together in fellowship, etc. Ours will have a specific focus on our community and our extended church family. What will be available to us as part of Crossroads? Pastoral leadership, counseling, church discipline, free facilities What will be required of us? We should all be inspired, but not required, to be a part of the body perhaps participating or serving in some capacity at church events, etc. We should hope to be giving of our time, talents and gifts. Will we maintain our Church WithOut Walls name and activities in the community? It will be up to our group to determine our identity in the community; we will hopefully be as active or more active in the community after this transition. Who will pick up children and teens? Vans are available, particularly ahead of the school year at Central Christian College of the Bible. We may have access to those vans. What about our finances, insurance, etc.? We will still maintain our liability insurance and bank accounts. We will still take an offering to help with our programming. Will we still have ministry team meetings? Yes. Aaron will send ministry team reports to the elders at Crossroads for accountability (per our suggestions). These will probably be short and held once a month during Sunday School. Can we still have our activities like Women of Joy, Xtreme Youth Conference, etc.? Yes. We will maintain our programing, which could look something like the following, but also include game nights, outings, etc.: January: Skate Party February: Cherry Pies March: Easter Egg Hunt April: Women of Joy

May: Graduation Sunday June: Atlanta Homecoming July: Promise Keepers August: End of Summer Retreat & Bonfire September: Outdoor Movie Night October: Serve dinner at AWANAS in Atlanta November: Smorgasbord December: Xtreme