Indicate theto be completed Activity teaching strategies to be followed by the

Teaching Strategy

Learning Activities completed by students

Evidence of Learning/Feedback

Learning Theory (see below for outline of each theory) Direct Teaching: Teacher- led discussion Active Learning

Activity 1 – – Learning about the elements of design Discuss how designers used the elements of design

Show YouTube videos

– –

Questioning – verbal and written –

Hand out worksheets Show copy of worksheet on smartboard

Students to watch YouTube video Students participate by answering questions

Evidence: – Students show their understanding of design elements by answering the provided questions

Activity 2 – Determining which elements of design have been selected by designers Justifying answers

Teacher Instruction- explanation of seven elements, using diagram as focus. Teacher Instruction - Explain to students the worksheet

Feedback: Teacher gives oral feedback in relation to the questions Evidence: – Students show their learning by completing the worksheet Students provide a detailed justification for each textile item –

Students to complete worksheet

Autonomous Learning Bloom’s Taxonomy application, analysis

Feedback: Teacher provides written feedback to ensure students understand the elements of design. Evidence: –

Activity 3

Show Wordpress and explain how to use it

Students to conduct research

Group Work: Collaborative

Research the elements – of design and add Teacher Instruction information to Wordpress – Put students in pairs – Give each pair an element of design which they need to research – Allow students to research on Internet – Allow each pair to share with the class their findings – Allow students to design their own textile item to be worn at a Dinner Party

about their given element of design Students to add their findings to the Wordpress

Students show their understanding through their research and postings on the Wordpress Students show their knowledge by sharing it with the class

Learning Active Learning Use of ICT

Feedback: Teacher provides oral feedback for their findings and postings Evidence: – Students show their knowledge by designing a textile item appropriate for a dinner party Students show their skills of analysis by using the PMI method –

Activity 4 – Design own garment (must consider elements of design)

Students show their development of skills by designing a textile item which considers the elements of design. Students apply their skill of colouration and decoration

Reflective Questioning – PMI


Homework: -students analyse their design using the PMI method and two other students designs on the

Teacher provides written feedback on the Wordpress for each students analysis


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