Nuns on the Bus Ohio Say EXPAND MEDICAID!

Federal Funding for Ohio Medicaid Expansion If Ohio expands the population served by Medicaid by January 2014, the state will receive the following matching federal funds to cover the additional cost: 100% in 2014, 2015, 2016 93% in 2019 95% in 2017 90% in 2020 and thereafter 94% in 2018 Ohio Medicaid Today The Ohio Medicaid program covers persons with disabilities and seniors up to 64% of federal poverty level (FPL); parents with dependent children up to 90% of FPL; children and pregnant women up to 200% of FPL; and workers with disabilities up to 250% of FPL. The FPL is $23,550 for a family of four. Economic Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Ohioans Over the nine-year period, 2014-2022, the Ohio Medicaid Expansion Study estimates that expansion of Medicaid eligibility to people living at or below 138% of the federal poverty level would: 1. Allow $1.6 billion in state budget savings 2. Generate $2.7 - $2.8 billion in state revenue 3. Increase Ohio’s Medicaid costs between $2.4 billion and $2.5 billion because more people would be covered 4.

Result in $1.8 - $1.9 billion in net state budget gains

Current Status of Legislation in Ohio Gov. John Kasich's budget proposal to extend coverage for Medicaid up to 138% of FPL, with a "safety valve" to protect against changes in the federal matching rate, failed to gain enough support in the legislature. Sen. Capri Cafaro introduced Senate Bill 166 to expand Medicaid coverage to 275,000 Ohioans and cap the cost growth of the program at 3.5% rate, half the current rate. House Finance Chairman, Rep. Ron Amstutz (R-Wooster) hopes to move on a package of bills regarding Medicaid expansion by early October. Call to Action Tell your Senator ( and Representative ( to expand Medicaid to 138% of federal poverty level.

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The Ohio Medicaid Expansion Study is a partnership of the Health Policy Institute of Ohio, the Ohio State University, Regional Economic Models, and the Urban Institute. To view all publications and materials for the Study, visit

Ohio Supporters of Medicaid Expansion (Alphabetical order) Statewide
Catholic Bishops of Ohio Catholic Health Partners Health Path Foundation of Ohio Health Source of Ohio National Association of Mental Illness - Ohio Nuns on the Bus Ohio Ohio Chamber of Commerce Ohio Children’s Hospital Association Ohio Consumers for Health Coverage Ohio Empowerment Coalition Ohio Hospital Association Progress Ohio Universal Health Care Action Network - Ohio

Southwest Ohio
Academy of Medicine - Cincinnati Butler Behavioral Health Services CareSource Central Community Health Board of Cincinnati City of Cincinnati Health Department Contact Center Crossroad Health Center Episcopal Community Services Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio Faith Community Alliance Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Mental Health Hamilton County Health Department Health Care Access Now - Cincinnati Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati NAACP - Cincinnati New Jerusalem Baptist Church Project Nehemiah Santa Maria Community Services SC Ministry Foundation Southern Christian Leadership Conference - Cincinnati Talbert House Temple Adath Israel The HealthCare Connection