Hot summer period does not only poses the danger of heat stress on humans but also the

danger of pressurized containers and electrical equipments exploding as explained in this presentation.
Do you keep WD-40, hair spray, Off, Fix-A-Flat, etc. in your vehicle? If so, you might want to reconsider.

‫عاجل جدً .. احذرو ملطف الهواء في‬ ‫ا‬ ‫السياراة‬ ‫وجود علبة ملطف الهواء في السيارة في‬ ‫فترة الصيف وبسبب الحرارة الشديدة‬ ‫والضغظ بسب اغلق نوافذ السيارة‬ ‫فان كل هذه العوامل تتحول الى قنبلة داخل‬ ‫سيارتك‬

‫!!‪Be Careful‬‬ ‫‪Storing pressurized cans‬‬ ‫‪under the heat or under‬‬ ‫‪direct sun light shall lead to‬‬ ‫‪explosion as seen in these‬‬ ‫.‪pictures‬‬

The picture is of a pressurized can that exploded in a person’s vehicle and imbedded itself in the back seat of the car. The temperature outside of the closed up vehicle was about 45 degrees Celsius.

What if you or a loved one had been sitting in that seat? Do any of your family members keep aerosol cans in their vehicles? If they do, please pass this warning along to them! The incident pictured happened at a refinery in Beaumont. A deodorant spray can was left in the back of the vehicle that was parked in an open space in the middle of a hot, sunny day.

BEWARE! MOBILE PHONE COULD EXPLODE UNDER EXTREME HOT ENVIRONMENT! SOME LESSONS ARE BEST LEARNED BY EXPERIENCE! An incident of a mobile phone explosion inside a vehicle cabin was reported in Saudi Arabia lately. Incident Background Mobile phone units were left inside the car compartment while the vehicle was parked in an open area. One of the phones had its power “on”. It was close to midday. Reportedly after an hour in the park, one of the mobile phones exploded. (unventilated) vehicle cabin.

Shattered car windshield as a result of the explosion

What Went Wrong? Obviously the mobile phone’s battery is the only component as the legitimate source of stored energy. The solar heat obviously pressurized the car’s closed cabin. What triggers the explosion could be the overheated battery caused by extremely high temperature magnified by the windshield (glass) and the sealed

Most of the mobile phone battery incidents are linked with faked or non original parts that are not tested or certified. So always use the original parts.
Evidence of rupture and heavy melting due to intense temperature as a consequence of the explosion

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