The State of Muslims Today A religion should not be judged by its followers, but by its preaching and its

values. In today’s world, people believe Islam preaches violence, intolerance and hatred towards people of other beliefs. I am going to endeavor to rebut their misconceptions through a historical journey of the Islamic empire. The word Islam has its roots in the word "Salam", which means peace. Once again, a population of 1 Billion plus people can not be bundled up under the title of terrorism, judging by the acts of a small number of people. In order to understand the violent nature of certain Muslims, one must rationally approach the reasoning behind their reactions. One must understand what it is that has separated the so-called "Islamic Nations" from each other, despite the fact that Islam emphasizes heavily on unity. When Muhammad (PBUH) passed away, the Islamic empire, which was at that point mostly centered around Arabia, began to fall apart. It was the power of his message that kept the Arab tribes together, who for generations associated their religious beliefs with Idols. At one point after the Prophet's death, the Islamic Empire stretched from Jerusalem to as far as the borders of China, and from the shores of the Iberian Peninsula, down to Egypt. Some of the greatest scientific achievements were made by Muslim and non-Muslim scholars who resided within this very empire. In fact, the Jews achieved their golden era within these very lands. The Jews and Muslims have always had an unannounced friendship, but it has only been in recent times that this bond has been severed, and that too by malignant political propaganda. The famous explorer Avicenna was actually Muslim, and his name is Ibn Sina. Muslim explorers had landed in America about 500 years before Columbus set his foot on the "New land". The world "Algorithm" is a latinized form of an Islamic scholar named AlKhawarizmi, from the city of Khawarizm. Algebra is a latinized form of the word: "AlKitab Al-Muhtasar fi hisab Al-Gabr wal-Muqabala". The title translates to "The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion (Reduction, in other translations) and Balancing". He is also responsible for either inventing the zero, or bringing out the importance of it to the known world by working on Indian and Hebrew mathematics. In addition, the father of Chemistry, Gerber was actually Jaber Ibn-Hayyan, who studied between 5 - 7 different fields of study, and propagated the fundamentals of alchemy, pharmacy, philosophy, astronomy and physics to a new level, along with important inventions and discoveries. The Islamic world was home to some of the greatest philosphers of all time, who studied Greek philosophy in great detail, and advanced it further, always giving the author its credit, something that has not been the case when it comes to Muslims being given the credit for their contributions to the world today. Famous Islamic philosphers include: Ibn Rush (Averroes), Al-Farabi, AlGazel (Al-Ghazali), Avicenna (Ibn Sina), Ibn Arabi, and the list goes on. One thing that was common to these individuals was that they held their religion in high regard, and always relied to God to guide them. They never crossed the boundaries of

places of worship and academic structures to the ground without a shred of mercy. Hulagu khan. who exterminated entire dynasties. All this. states and caliphites. The Daily 49er link . This generalization of a population of nearly a sixth of the entire world is fundamentally erroneous. and stuck to their paths. which later gained independence. These so-called preachers systematically select portions of the Qur'an that deal with war and defense of one's lands and use them to create a message of death and destruction through aggression. the golden ages of education and literacy never blossomed again after the European renaissance of arts. In addition. From that point on the Christian crusaders conquered Islamic lands. hatred. which is tantamount to the message delivered by the Papacy during the Christian crusades. His armies raped. some of who are not entirely educated in religion itself to comprehend the true message of Islam. of course. and incinerated libraries. It was an era of ignorance.morality or religion. Using the common logic that Islam preaches violence. philosophy. and in fact also in a profound way responsible for their violent attitudes today. Such hasty generalizations and faltered logic are the reason behind today’s misinterpretation of Islam and its message. was abolished. arts. and progression was forever halted by the sword of the Mongols and the Christians. Unfortunately. science and culture. This systematic division and the elimination of a glorious empire is what has angered today's scholars and preachers. etc was obliterated by Hulagu Khan. it can be said that Christianity is a religion of hatred. literacy. the hordes of Gengis Khan. pillaged. intolerance and militancy because it was the invasion of the crusades and the bloody Spanish inquisition that is responsible for the state of the Muslims today. which seems to have besieged the mentality of many people today. and burnt to the ground with the invasion of the Christian crusaders that was sanctioned by the Papacy itself! The Christians were hellbent on capturing the Hold Land of Jerusalem through a military venture against the Jews and the Muslims in that region. which was preceded by the Dark Ages of Europe. and should be abandoned. which were proceeded further by his grandson. followed by the emergence of the colonialists who further carved up the Muslim lands in to different states. only to be recognized as autonomous nations. and violence. intolerance. and later. The golden era of literacy. inventions. The greatest capital of culture. discoveries. his people converted to the very same religion whose empire they collapsed.

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