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This question paper consists of 35 questions. Answer all questions. Choose the best answer from the answers marked A, B, C or D. Then, on your question paper, circle the answer that you have chosen.

1. Noni is taking lessons to learn how to play ______ clarinet. A B a an C the D some

4. _________boys are cycling in the park. A B Much A little C A lot of D Several

2. Tina is in _______ kitchen. She is baking _____ cake. A B an: the the; the C a; an D the; a

5. There are _______ people waiting at the counter to pay their bills. A B any a lot C a few D a little

3. Please put ________ carrots and tomatoes in the soup. A B much a few C a little D a lot of

6. She felt __________ as she walked through the forest at night. A B unless uneasy C unkind D uncaring

Mr. Amir ______Joe were shopping for a gift yesterday. A B lazily funnily C patiently D gracefully 12. A B catch caught C cathces D catching . A B The teacher was angry ______ the pupils were late. A B or and C but D because 14. 11. A B sent sends C send D sending 8. B The gardener _________ up the dried leaves under the tree a moment ago. A B call calls C called D calling The policeman _________ the thief outside the shop last Monday. so and C but D because 15. A B swept sweep C sweeps D sweeping 10. The doctor __________ my father’s blood pressure yesterday. The girls __________ messages to each other on their mobile phones.7. The ballet dancer danced ________ during the performance. A check checks C checked D checking 9. Raju _______ his family from the office every evening. The baby is sleeping _________ in the cot. A B lightly deeply C noisily D soundly 13.

The medical team is going to Turkey. A B ______ you please help me with my homework? Can Must C Shall D Should 23. A B He She C We D They 17. A B The cat ________ some milk from the saucer just now. A B The place is ______ during lunch time. A B _________ is the party starting? Why How C What D When 24. A B Why How C When D Where . is am C are D were 25. Lee : _______ do you go to school? Amri : I cycle to school. Do you like watching comedies _____ horror films? A B so or C but D because 20. crowded C happy excited D funny 18.16. drink drinks C drank D drinking 21. I can give you a lift. A B I ____ going to the shop. clearly C hurriedly carefully D smoothly 19. A B Listen ________! You must not touch the sculptures. A B _______ is your favourite subject in school? Who What C When D Which 22. ________ are travelling by plane.

The mother is sitting _________(28) a mat and reading a book. A B at on C below D among 29. The father is swimming __________ (26) the sea. It is beautiful day at the beach.A family is relaxing at the beach. A B next to out to from C on D in C into D against 28. 26. A B out of above C down D up . A B under behind C through D at the back of 30. The sons are running _______ (27) the sea. A B 27. There is a ball ___________(29) a coconut tree. There is a bird flying ___________(30) in the sky.

A B grandmother’s grandmothers’ girl girls C grandmothers D grandmother C girl’s D girls’ 33.Today is the eve of Chinese New Year. Both the __________(32) cheongsams are blue. A B 32. They all enjoy eating the food. Samantha and Su Ling are both wearing cheongsams. All of Su Ling’s __________(33) families are there at her grandmother’s house. A B aunt aunt’s C aunts D aunts’ 35. A B children childrens C children’s D childrens’ . Su ling and Sumantha sit at the __________(35) table. Everyone is playing with Su Ling’s _________ (34) new baby. 31. It is now time for the reunion dinner. Samantha to her __________(31) house. A B relative relatives C relative’s D relatives’ 34. Su Ling has brought her pen pal.

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