Course 22. Heat and Mass Transfer (Web Course) Faculty Coordinator(s) : 1.

Prof. Pradip Dutta Department of Mechanical Engineering Indian Institute of Science Bangalore Bangalore , India – 560 012 Email :
Off : 2932332 2932589 Res :

Telephone : (91-80)

Detailed Syllabus : Modulewise breakup Module No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Content INTRODUCTION – Typical heat transfer situations, Modes of heat transfer Introduction to laws, some heat transfer parameters CONDUCTION – Fourier’s law and thermal conductivity Differential equation of heat conduction, boundary conditions and initial conditions Simple one dimensional steady state situations – plane wall, cylinder, sphere (simple and compex situations), concept of thermal resistance, concept of U, critical radius. variable thermal conductivity (exercise) Special one dimensional steady state situations – heat generation, pin fins Other fin configurations (exercise) Two dimensional steady state situations Transient conduction Lumped capacitance model One dimensional transient problems – analytical solutions One dimensional Heisler charts Product solutions Numerical methods in conduction Steady state one dimensional and two dimensional problems One dimensional transient problems – Explicit and implicit RADIATION Basic ideas, spectrum, basic definitions Laws of radiation, black body radiation, Planck’s law, Stefan Boltzman law, Wien’s Displacement law, Lambert cosine law Radiation exchange between black surfaces, Number of hours 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 3 hours


2 hours

8 9

1 hour 2 hours


2 hours

11 12

One hour one hour


Three hours

correlations. multi-pass and cross flow heat exchanger. pipes of other cross sections Heat transfer in laminar flow and turbulent flow over a flat plate. horizontal plate. Total number of hours Two hours One hour One hour One hour One hour Two hours One hour One hour Three hours Four hours Two hours Three hours 42 Requirement of RA support: One full time RA preferably with a sound background in heat transfer . NTU approach – parallel. transient mass diffusion. thermal entrance region. mass diffusion. Reynolds analogy Flow across a cylinder and sphere. counterflow.Vertical plate – Pohlhausen solution. governing equations. shell and tube. impinging jets NATURAL CONVECTION Introduction. Forced convection boiling. cross flow heat exchanger Condensation and Boiling Dimensionless parameters. boiling modes. steady mass diffusion through a wall. Turbulent flow heat transfer in circular pipe. mass convection. turbulent film condensation Mass Transfer Analogy between heat and mass transfer. LMTD approach – parallel. horizontal cylinder. Fick’s law of diffusion. enclosed spaces HEAT EXCHANGERS Types of heat exchangers. laminar film condensation on a vertical plate.14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 shape factor Radiation exchange between gray surfaces – Radiosity-Irradiation method Parallel plates Enclosures (non-participating gas) Gas radiation FORCED CONVECTION Concepts of fluid mechanics Differential equation of heat convection Laminar flow heat transfer in circular pipe – constant heat flux and constant wall temperature. flow across banks of tubes. counter-flow. boundary conditions. limitations of heat and mass transfer analogy.

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