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Examples of Discourse Markers

To add things: To anticipate a counter-argument:

In addition, Although this is understandable, I think…
Next, Some people may think… but I believe…
As well as…
Furthermore, To invite the reader to consider a point
with you:
You can do this easily by asking rhetorical
To introduce writing on a new topic: questions:
First, What can we do to change this? Can this go
Second, on?
I am going to begin by…
In the first instance…
To persuade:
It must be said…
To conclude a piece of writing: Certainly,
In conclusion,
To summarise, To show the passing of
Overall, time:
At that time,
Since then,
To make suggestions: After that,
We should also consider… Yesterday,
My next point is… Then,
I would like to suggest…

To contrast things or present an opinion:

To reinforce a point: In contrast,
I feel strongly that… On the contrary,
Doubtless, On the other hand,
Of course, Alternatively,
There cannot be any doubt that… In comparison,

To express a personal viewpoint:

I think… To phrase something
In my opinion, differently:
Personally, I believe… In other words…
I feel that… Rather,
It may be said that…

To give an example: Also, remember connectives such as:

That is to say…
therefore, furthermore, however, in
contrast, similarly, suggesting, finally,
For instance…
firstly, in addition, possibly, perhaps, also,
whereas, it seems, moreover, so, this
could mean etc…