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Translation Studies, as an academic disciplinary study, is not popular with US-based universities. There are very few universities which provide certificate and degree courses in translation. For the convenience of those interested in doing courses in translation, I have made the following list of such courses on offer at US universities. As you would see in this list, there are only two universities Binghamton and Kent State which offer PhD in Translation Studies. Moreover, the translation courses offered at other universities largely concentrate on professional side of translation, providing certificates in specific languages to translators. As we all would agree, the high significance of translating technical as well as literary work is without question in the globalised world of today. The universities in the US, thus, should pay attention to this pressing need, and offer BS, MA, and PhD programmes in translation. Note: All links are clickable.

American University:
Undergraduate Certificate in Translation: French Undergraduate Certificate in Translation: German Undergraduate Certificate in Translation: Russian Undergraduate Certificate in Translation: Spanish

Binghamton University:
Taught Courses: Graduate Certificate in Translation: Minor in Translation Studies:

Research Degree: PhD in Translation Studies:

Brown University:


Georgia State University:

Translation and Interpreting Certificates (French, Spanish, and German):

Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics with Concentration in Bible Translation:

MA in Applied Linguistics with Concentration in Bible Translation (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Cooperative Program): The MA is offered in collaboration with SBTS.

Kent State University:

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Science in Translation: Postgraduate: MA in Translation:

Marygrove College:
Modern Language Translation Certificate (Arabic, French, and Spanish): hsCtaTracking=9e81c43f-cf0d-49af-bf38-7591a81274aa%7Ced31ac49-b1db-48c89662-a3749d318d11

Montclair State University:

French Major, Translation Concentration (B.A.) Undergraduate:

New York University:

M.S. in Translation: Certificate in Translation (Arabic/French/German/Hebrew/Spanish to English; English to French/Portuguese/Spanish; and General Translation): Certificate in French to English Simultaneous Interpreting: Certificate in Court Interpreting: Spanish/English: Certificate in Medical Interpreting: Certificate in Medical Interpreting: A Non-Language Specific Approach: Medical Terminology for Interpreters (Spring 2013):

Monterey Institute of International Studies, Middlebury College:

Degree Programmes: MA in Translation (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish): MA in Translation and Interpretation (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish): MA in Translation and Localization Management (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese (English > Portuguese only)): MA in Conference Interpretation (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish):

Dual Degree Programmes: MBA-MA in Translation & Localization Management (MATLM) and MA in Translation (MAT) & MA in International Policy Studies (IPS):

Short Courses: Website Translation and Localization:

Editing and Revision for Translators: Training of Trainers for the Healthcare Interpreting Profession: Advanced Techniques for Court Interpreters: Computer Assisted Translation: Conference Terminology and Procedures: