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Dear Friends in Christ,

Yes we are still in Brazil and we are still alive. Does it seem like a long time since you've
heard from us? We're sorry but time just gets away from us. We are also taking a larger part in the work of the church now that we can do a fair job of speaking Portuguese. Do you remember me telling about the four Brazilians who were elected to form a joint council of elders for the four churches here in Goiania? In effect they took control of the churches leav ing Brazil Christian Mission, the founding organization, sort of out in the cold. The Council of elders has now collapsed and delivered the churches back to the Brazil Christian Mission. The

Mission has decided to let each church do what it can to keep going on its own. The Vila Nova congregation is in pretty fair condition to go. Waldir Santos, the young man I have mentioned be fore, was one of the elders and the evangelist at Vila Nova. He quit the work of Vila Nova com pletely. Durval Cintra will be helping to fill his place. We are again in a position where the Brazilians want us to take charge of everything. They have had missionaries doing their work for them so long that they cannot seem to break away from the idea. I am now Sunday School secretary, in charge of Wednesday night prayer meeting, temporarily teaching the adult Bible school class, preaching every other Sunday night and am a candidate for the eldership. Pray that the Brazilian Christians will feel the need to accept some of these responsibilities, because their going to be getting them soon. Pray for Durval Cintra, Jose Eulalio, Benilson Li-

mirio, Wilmar Sobrinho, Jose Carlos. These are willing to take responsibilities. Pray for Iderval
Ramos who has some capability but lacks desire to be faithful.

We are striving for 100 in Bible School. We have had between 65 and 95 during the past
three months.

We see in the news that prices are rising in the United States. Have you read of our inflation? Here is a short list to show how prices have skyrocketed in the two years we have been here in
Brazil: All amounts are in cruzeiros.
1964 1966

Meat, Hamburger
Meat, Steak
Potatoes Carrots Ice Cream Gasoline Haircuts

600 900 200 200

2,200 2,800 600 800


p/kilo p/kilo p/kilo p/kilo

95 200 550

5,000 4 liters
213 1 liter

Paper for literature

980 p/kilo

Your support of us has been very generous and we are still getting along fine in spite of these rises. However, we hope for a correction in the cruzeiro-dollar exchange rate so that we
can put more into the printing work. We have recently put $350 into the work but we are going to have to slow the production if we do not find some way to increase income for the Association
for Christian Literature.

ening of the nose, throat and chest which makes them more susceptable to disease. Audrey, Lynne and Jody are in school after being out for vacation in July. Audrey and JL,ynne each spent a week in Christian Service Camp during July (so" did Dad). Beth just stays home and wrestles Curtis and
he, when he can break her half nelson, is trying to learn to walk.

Everyone is fine now. We have all had the "gripe" recently. The dust seems to cause a weak

Please continue to pray for the churches here in Goiania, for the publishing of God's Word through Christian literature, for our continuing good health and for your giving and concern for
mission work throughout the world.
Yours in His Service,

Charles & Ann Kent Caixa Postal 403

Goiania, Goias, Brazil