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Mohammad, peace be upon him(pbuh)- The last messenger of Allah camewith his divine mission under exactly same

situation, as Quran testifies, Whenthe female(infant), buried alive is questioned- For what crime she was killed. (The Holy Quran 81:8-9). It is also verifiable fact that during Mohammads era swords were one of thechief weapons to be used. Where will Kalki take birth? Kalki Avtaar, according to Kalki and Bhagwat Puran, would take birtha t S h a mb h a l . A c c o r d i n g t o l e g e n d a r y S a n s k r i t a n d Ve d i c S c h o l a r , Dr . Ve d Prakash Upadhyay**, Shambhal has an import of Adjective than a Proper Noun.Th u s , t h e l i t e r a l me a n i n g o f S h a mb h a l , a c c o r d i n g t o s c h o l a r s , i s a p l a c e o f serenity and peace. Now, Mohammad(pbuh), was born in Mecca which is also called as Dar-ul-Aman. It is verbatim translation of Shambhal - A place of serenity and peace. MM/DD/YYYY: The date of birth of Kalk i Avtaa r is provided in, 2 nd Adhyay, Shlok 15 of Kalki Puran: He would take birth in Shukal Pakchha of Madhumas and on 12 th of Rabi Fasals Moon. Amazingly, Mohammad(pbuh) was born on 12 th Rabi ul Awwal. Rabi ul Awwal means month of happiness and joy Madhumas. Kalkis Parentage: Kalkis father would be Vishnuvyas. His mothers name on the other hand,would be Sumati. (Vishnuvyas: Bhagwat Puran, Dwadash Skandh, 2 Adhyay,18 th Shloke). Vishnuvyas, means, worshipper of God, because it is framed on twoother basic words, namely, Vishnu which means God and Vyas which meanswo r s h i p p e r . S i mi l a r l y , A b d u l l a h F a t h e r o f M o h am ma d ( p b u h ) , a l s o me a n s Worshipper of

God. S i m i l a r l y , S u m a t i m e a n s o n e o f p e a c e f u l a n d a g r e e a b l e n a t u r e . A s t o n i s h i n gl y, A mi n a M o t h e r o f M o h a m ma d ( p b u h ) a l s o me a n s P e a c e

loving and serene natured. Amina is derived from Arabic root Aman whichitself means Peace. Four Brothers: K a l k i Av t a a r wo u l d e r a d i c a t e e v il wi t h t h e h e l p o f f o u r b r o t h e r s . ( Ka l k i P u r a n A d h y a y 2 , s h l o k 5 ) . N o w o n d e r , M o h a m m a d ( p b u h ) , w a s s u p p o r t e d arduously by four of his very close relatives, namely, Abu Bakr, Umar, Ali andUsman. May Allah be pleased with them. They are perfectly squaring with HinduScriptures. The last one: Kalki Avtar is prophesised as to be the Last messenger(Avtaar) of the last era(Yug). (Bhagwat Puran, Pratham Skandh, Tritiya Adhyay, 25 th shloke). No anomaly, Mohammad was also the last and final prophet who came withthe Last revelation. He was the seal of all prophets. Mohammad is no the fatherof any of your men, but (he is) the messenger of Allah, a n d t h e s e a l o f t h e prophets . The Holy Quran 33:40. Further Support from Upanishads. So much from Puranas (Kalki Purana). Now, let us adduce you somethingfrom Upanishad Allo Upanishad. Prelude to Allo Upanishad Lay Hindu might now be fully apprised that Allo U p a n i s h a d i s a n authoritative book in Hindu Scriptural canon. Allo Upanishad holds 15 th positionout of total 220 Upanishads in the Upanishad canon.

(Kindly refer : UpanishadA n k . P u b l i s h e d b y G i t a P r e s s , G o r a k h p u r ) . Fu r t h e r mo r e , D r . Ve d Pr a k a s h Upadhyay ** has considered AlloUpanishad as authoritative . ( K i n d l y r e a d : Vedic Sahitaya: Ek Vivechan, Pradeep Prakashan, Page 101, 1989 Edition). What is in Allo Upanishad? Verses 4 through 8 reads, Allah send all rishies and created the moon, suna n d s t a r s . He ( A l l a h ) s e n d a l l R i s h i e s a n d c r e a t e d t h e S k y . Allah created theu n i v e r s e . A l l a h i s t h e G r e a t e s t , n o n e i s w o r t hy of worship besides him. O

worshipper, tell (them), there is none worthy of worship besides Allah. Allah issince time immemorial(Anadi). He is the sustainer of the whole world. He is thedispeller of evils and trials. Mohammad is Allahs messenger( who in turn) is the sustainer of this world. Thus, proclaim that Allah is one and there is none worthyof worship besides Him. Wisdom of the Wise: Dr. Ved Prakash Upadhyay, a pioneer proponent in the field, comments thatthe unprecedented similarities which he found between Kalki and Mohammads t a r t l e s h i m ; t h a t t h e K a l k i w h i c h I n d i a n s w e r e w a i t i n g f o r h a s c o m e a n d M o h a m ma d S a h a b i s t h e s a me ( K a l k i A v t a a r ) . ( K a l k i A v a t a r a n d M o h a m ma d Sahab, page 59). Rounding off: Evading my verbosity, let me conclude with Allahs divine words, Y o u have indeed in the messenger of Allah(Mohammad) an excellent exempler. (The Holy Quran 33:21.) By:- Question Mark MAY PEACE AND BLESSINGS OF ALLAH BEON YOU. Bibliography and References:- (*) Hazrat Mohammad aur Bhartiya Dhram Granth, Dr. M.A. Srivastava, Publisher Madhur Sandesh Sangam. (**) Dr.

Ved Prakash Upadhyay,M.A(Allahabad), M.A.(G.N.U. Amristar)L.L.B, D.Phil, D.Lit, (Allahabad Acharya)Ved, Darshan, Dharmashastra, Dip in German,Gold Medalist, Roder Punjab University, Chandigarh. Ref web: