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This city is neither Chicago, Los Angeles, nor is it Detroit.

This is the modem and progressive city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Its skyline compares with many North American cities. The po tentials are as unlimited as were those of our own country 30 years ago. Sao Paulo, the capitol city of the state of the same name, is the heart and breath of the new Brazil. She is struggling to throw off the 400-year-old shell of "satisfaction with little." She will not settle for less than progress.

Address funds and

correspondence to:
Don Woodstock

Address personal correspondence to:

Don Woodstock Caixa Postal No. 2050

c/o E. W. Huntoon
1044 E. Vermont

Phoenix, Arizona

Gonzaga Santos, Brasil

What of Christianity?
Here is a field ripe for a new thought. A vacuum has been and is

land. PRAY for thiscountry;forthese people; and may there be many NEW

being created. There are many who blame the Roman Church for the years of poverty and ignorance, and are re jecting her authority. But man's soul
demands satisfaction. What of God;

In and About Santos

We are at present living in San
tos, 25 or 30 miles from Sao Paulo.

of life; and of his eternal destiny? This city has a population of about Many have come to this state to try 300,000 and is in a vital sopt being to fill this needthe Seventh Day the seaport for Sao Paulo. We are
Adventist, the Christian Scientist, living in one of the newer districts of

the Community church; and recently the city and have discovered it to be the Baptists held what has been one quite modem. We are now studying of the largest displays of strength yet the language and finding it quite dif
ficult. I have a private teacher while Virginia is studying at the American Cultural Center in a Portuguese class seats 15,000, and on some occasions being offered there. I also teach a there were many standing as they ex class in conversational English at the ceeded this number. I can only won Center; it has given us a few contacts der why the church of our Lord and that may eventually develop into a Savior has so long been ignoring this victory for our Lord. It will be a few
witnessed. For their state convention

they rented one of the largest halls available in the city of Sao Paulo. It

months yet before we can conduct to the article I want (if I happen to things in this new language, and per see it); they nod and jabber away in haps then we can see some progress. Portuguese and I stand there looking Our efforts to date consist mostly of confused. If I don't see what I want, language study, trying to find our way I grab my little pocket dictionary and around, purchasing necessities and start thumbing through its pages. I WAITINGthe accent on thewaiting. manage to get along this way, but I No one in Brazil is in a hurry, and the look forward to the day when I can only result of trying to speed them up march up to these clerks (who must is a nervous frustration on your own think I am very stupid indeed) and tell part. So we continue to wait and pray them what I wantin Portuguese. In that soon there may be a church of the meantime, I dream of home and
Christ here.

"Visions of canned foods


"If I were a super market,

Piled so high,
And boxes of frozen foods

Staring me in the eye."

I'd ride the high sea, I think I'd stop by A nice girl like me!"
Needless to say, an American super market would be most wel
come! Our stores here are neither su

Debbie's Corner
So much has happened since I
wrote that I don't know where to be

per nor markets. They are merely one small room (sometimes two) with food piled most anywhere and every where. But, this is not my greatest problem. Once I get inside, how do I tell them I want a can of baking pow der or a bottle of bleach? Surely, someone speaks Englishl But they

gin. While in the Estados Unidos (that's what we call the States here), I traveled through 19 states, then got on a big boat. You should have seen the big fish playing in front of the ship (Daddy called them porpoises or something like that). The captain of our ship was very nice andeverytime
I saw him I would run and sit on his

don'tl So, day by day, I go about lap. Now laminBrazil. Ireallycan't my shopping using the pointing or the tell much difference except things are dictionary system. I stand and point not as nice here, and I have not found


Proper L> i -

Joplia, Mb

NOVEMBER 1 to MAY 17, 1954



Mrs.Virgil Kaser M/M Irving Ekelund

1st C of C, Phoenix 1st Chr., Phoenix
1st Oir., Phoenix,

10.00 5.00
9.00 60.00



Shirley King
M/M Harold Huck &


M/M Robert Godwin M/M R. G. Hayden M/M Dave Cass M/MWm.Kerr

190.00 25.00 20.00 10.00

M/M John Snyder

M/M Donald Ruhl
Claude Hetrick Arden Walker

40.00 10.00

(Miss. Soc.)


FamUy 5.00 James Wells 1.00 M/M H. W. Mulliken 10.00 Englewood Chr.(Chicago) 14.00
Weber St. C of C, Uiiiana

M/M WilUs Walker M/M Clarence Tischer

M/M Marvin Nikolaus
InezE. SSiier

10.00 10.00

M/M Harold Keely D. D. Rohrbough M/M Perry Chipntian M/M Martin Minor
Mrs. Hazel Clawson
Elbert Holland A FriendSouth Gate Cof C A Friend-Bell Gar dens C of C

20, 28.


A FriendFredericktown 10.00

8. 4.00

1st Chr. Michigan City 228.00

1st Chr. Washington
River Park C of C,
South Bend

Charles A. McCauley
M/M Wilbur Hartman Mrs. Virginia Bettis
Ruth Shannon W. E. Parsons Irene Mantle

20.00 2.00
10.00 2.00 1.00

E. Gary C of C
Immanuel C of C,

59.55 36.00 61.34 25.00 25.00 5.00 5.00 5.00

Michigan City
1st Chr. Crown Point

H. W. Carpenter
Pleasant Grove C of C,
Mt. Gilead Salineville C of C S.Akron CofC

400.00 5.00 10.00

Mel Norcross

Geneva Roberts

Mrs. Margaret Smith


E. Chicago1st C of C M/M Pat Field M/M Howard Brooker

M/M Walstine Queen

25.00 Iowa

Florence Ave. C of C,

Chase Ave C of C (Miss. Soc.)Cincinnati 100.00

1st C of C, Van Wert,

Los Angeles S. Broadway C of C, Los Angeles

Univ. Chr. Faith Miss.

1st & 2nd Primary 50.00 5.00



Coimcil, Los Angeles Inglewood Heigjus,


M/M Hans Christensen 20.00 A FriendHampton C of C1.00 Hampton C of C 120.00 Hampton C of C, B.B.,
and G Class
5.00 5.00

Central C of CFindlay 100.00




Alvarado C of C, Los

Hampton C of C,
Bible school classes

Angeles Qusweds. Fel lowship and Christian Youth Group) 128.90 Downey C of C 285.60 Redwood City, 1st Chr, 20.00 Dominguez C of C 24.25 Rosewood Chr.-Compton 65.00 Long Beach1st Chr. 41
Bell Gardens C of C

M/M Walter Mansell Margaret Sessions

60.00 5.00

M/M Don Bumis
Doris Tschamer

Darwin Kni^t M/M Lloyd Robbins Forest Hill C of C,


10.00 10.00

Oklahoma City

Shively ChrLouisviUe 15.00 ShivelyChr. (Adultclass) 34.50


Cleveland Chr, 57.00 Hallett Chr. 71.48 Central Chr.Oklahoma

1st Chr.-Shattuck


Bell Gardens C of C,
Dorcas Soc. RedlandsCofC 25.00 43.00 5.16

1st Chr.Paul's Valley

Southwestern Chr.Lin


West Point Chr.Yukon 65.00

White & Alvarado C of C,


coln Park, Detroit

New Mexico

Pennsylvania M/M Arthur Glossner 2.00

Central C of CWo

men's Soc.San
Bernardino ColtonCofC 15.00 24.50 Anna Beth Newbill
New York


Westside C of C, Long Beach


1st C^.Santa Rosa

(Home Builders Class)
Parkcrest C of C, Long Beach
South Gate C of C South Gate C of C.

Maryville Chr.
C of C, Hicksville, L. 1.30.20
Texas Ohio



A Friend1st Chr.,
M/M Harold Miller M/M E.R.Sharrock
Mrs.Marie Walls
30.00 1.00 12.00



(Esther Circle)



many playmates yet. Mommy and I copy of expenditures will be sent up are learning to count in Portuguese, on request. and to tell the truth I think lam doing

better than she is! 1have heard sever^

We wish to thank each and

people call me "boneca." That means every one of our contributors who have "doll." That seems silly to me since made it possible for us to reach Bra I am a little girlandnotadolll Before zil. Your continued help will enable
we left the States, the ladies of the
us to serve our Lord here.

Hampton church made me so many To the church in Hampton, fowa nice clothes. I always tell Mommy when she dresses me, "Hampton la we express our appreciation for their gifts and lovely clothes which the la dies made thati"

dies made for Debbie.

To the church in Michigan City,

Indiana our heartfelt thanks for the

We [JUn^ ^(ful
Because of the time necessary to communicate with our forwarding agent, we felt it best not to delay our paper until all details were completed.
We are not sure of our exact cash on

surprise shower given in ourhhonor

before we left the States. We received

gifts too numerous to mention, and

gifts of money totaling approximately

$375.00. Also, we want to thank the

folks in Michigan City for their help

in the purchase of our car. We have

not, as yet, been able to get it into hand balance; however, if interested Brazil because of legal difficulties.
you may correspond with Mr. Hun-

toon for the exact figures. Also, a come to pass.

However, we hope that soon this may

Pledged Supporters
First Christian Church

Mr. and Mrs. Walt Mansell

Michigan City, Indiana

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Shively Christian Church Louisville ,- Kentucky

Parkcrest Church of Christ

Church of Christ, Downey, California

Church of Christ, Hampton, Iowa
Pleasant Grove Church of Christ

Mt. Gilead, Ohio

Southwestern Christian Church

Long Beach, Califomia

Christian Church

Lincoln Park, Michigan

Alvarado Church of Christ

Maryville, Tennessee
Anna Beth Newbill

(Jusweds, Fellowship, and Chris tian Youth Group) Los Angeles, California
Christian Church, Hallett, Oklahoma

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Mrs. Margaret Smith Los Angeles, Califomia

Church of Christ

Church of Christ (Esther Circle)

South Gate, California

Bell Gardens, California

October 17, 1954

Dear Christian friends.

This letter is the most difficult thing that we have ever had to do. Actually, not this letter, but the decision which we have made which prompts the writing of this letter. It all seems like a nightmare, and we wish that, we could wake
up and find it only a dream.

We have been in Brazil just six months, and now find it necessary to return home. What a simple sentence to write, but one which fills our hearts with
despair. This is difficult to write and we ask that you will bear with us.

The decision that we have made has not been reached easily.

For seven years'

(since our marriage in 1947) we have been planning together and looking forward
to the time when we could come to Brazil to preach the Gospel. nineteen months have been devoted entirely to its cause. The last

When we left the church at Mt. Gilead, Ohio, to start this endeavor, we had a pick-up truck for which we had just paid $800 and a housetrailer that cost us

|700 (both bought with personal f\inds.)

ing in behalf of the proposed work.

We traveled for about a year, speak

Our salary for that year

Our salary for the first nine weeks was

|25 per week.

(This paid for everything not directly connected with travel.)

We were forced to increase this to $35 per week.

amounted to Sl,805. Our salary in Brazil has been $240 per month, amoimting to $1,44.0. Our housetrailer was sold for-$450,^ our car for $335; loss. $715.
Our personal saving during eighteen months, $50^ o\xr personal loss for eighteen months of labor totals $665.00.
These financial considerations are not the most important, however. The service
to our Lord has been the object of this work, and it was and is the first con

sideration. Only after it became very obvious that my (Don's) health would not permit us to stay was the slightest indication of return mentioned, but the
hoped for miracle failed to materialize. We then wrote to four of our close

friends who had made either personal or church contributions to our effort, hoping that the intervening time would change things. The final decision was made with prayer and tears. Missionary money is a premium to be used wisely,
and it appears as if we have failed.

Before leaving the States the family doctor of over two years said there was no health reason to prevent our going to a country like Brazil; three months before sailing we had a physical examinationall was well. Less than two weeks after our arrival, I started things by an intestinal infection. For the last several months I have been bothered by a nervous disorder which has

apparently resulted from the year that we traveled in the States (through nineteen different states and thousands of miles) and our being under constant
pressure. Then immediately we arrived in a strange land with everyone speaking a different language than we. We began to struggle to learn the language; many anxieties piling one upon another. This nervous condition failed to respond to the treatment prescribed by the American clinic in Sao Paulo. And now as though this were not sufficient, I have contacted a liver illness called


After being fed intravenously for five days, and being given in

jections (which are just beginning) for twenty days, it looks as if it will be

some time before this disease is completely c\ired. It has left a small blister-like sore on each eye ball which is quite painful. The eye specialist gave no indication of how long it might be before these cleared up.

We know the great harm done to missions by missionaries returning before their designated period of service, and where friends and foes of missions gather, it is discussed. So once or twice a year the subject is discussed by the

average church person.

small group.

The returned missionary, however, lives 365 days each

year with this knowledge l^y friend, one does not return easily^ only with pain and tears. It is not a desired position to be singled out as one of this It seems almost impossible to say in the right words what I would like, but it would be something like this: "Please forgive me for becoming sick. To you who have helped us financially, we feel the greatest debt."

As to our future:

For sometime, probably at least a year (maybe more) I will

not be able to even consider preaching. It will be necessary to find a light job, hoping to recuperate while making a living. We hope some day, however, to return to the work of spreading the extent of God*s great kingdom.

To those of you who find bitterness in your hearts due to our return, we can

only hope and pray that the great cause of world missioi^s will not be hurt be
cause of us. We, ask for your prayers, not for us alone^ but above all, that -the damage-to-the-cliurch will not" be" greatT"^
In His name,


If you would care to write us inquiring about any phase of our work,
you may write to:
Don Woodstock

c/o 0. 0*Shields
Box 840c, Rt. 2
Yucaipa, California