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Trophy Slots The Trophy Slots was launched on April 17, 2012.
The Trophy Slots is divided into 8 tabs:

1. Game Game tab describes game table with action buttons(Eg: Spin, Gamble, Max,Min, Balance, Total Bet, Win .. etc..) 2. Lobby Lobby tab describes different levels of game from Level 1 to Level 70(Eg: Genie Wild, Oil Mania, Etc..) 3. Trophies Trophies tab describes two different types awards through Trophies (Eg: 10000th Spin , 50000th Spin ,Etc..) totally 59 trophies are available and Badges (Eg: Genie Wild,Greedy Guts, Etc..) totally 159 badges are available for winning hands. 4. Leader Board The leader board shows that ranking among your Friends and Global. 5. Gift The Gift tab divided in two types of Gift , Give Gift to Friends and Ask for Gift. 6. Get Coins Everyday player will get some amount of Free Coins. Players can buy a coins using their CC/DC. 7. Earn The Earn tab is like a Get More points tab. Player can earn free Credits doing Offers 8. Invite The Invite tab, Players can invite friends to play the Trophy Slots
The Trophy Slots is the best place on Facebook for Social Slots and Mega Gifting! In Trophy Slots you can enjoy special Bonus Levels as you progress in the game: Quickplay: Level-up faster than ever before! Upgrade: Higher Bonuses, Bet Sizes and more! Share the Love: Send 3x bigger gifts, super often! Love Bump: Send 1x Huge Gift/Day to everyone! Time Treasure: Bigger Time Bonus! Double Up: Double level and time bonuses! Go Wild: Bet 5x normal bet size! Milestone: Bigger level up bonuses every 100 levels!

BECOME A PARTNER AND EARN REAL CASH! The Trophy Slots Partner Program offers you a way to make money using your existing network of friends! Simply promote Trophy Slots to your online network and earn commission on all revenue

generated by the new players you refer. READ MORE: BECOME A PREMIUM GROUP! If you have a Group and would like to support Trophy Slots, we would be happy to support your group with the following: Coin Prizes for your Weekly Contests A Premium Badge for your Cover Picture Trophy Slots Updates from our Team - to keep your members up to date!

General Information Community Rules Welcome to Trophy Slots. One of our main goals is to create and maintain a healthy and thrilling Community for all of our Members. But, unfortunately, we have to have these rules to make sure our Community remains attractive for our members to be a part of. What is not allowed in our Community? We don't tolerate any negative behaviour towards any member or staff. No Spam or Advertising of anything that might be harmful for our Product(s). We're open for criticism, but non-constructive criticism is discouraged. Please refrain from posting content that we may consider "bad taste" Coin Purchases are, for our players own safety, only discussed in private. We believe in avoiding topics that might upset people of different beliefs/ethnicities and to respect Facebook's Rules and International Laws. How do Yellow/Red Cards work? Yellow Card: This is a warning, which we issue if the rule breaking is mild. Red Card: This is a ban. You get this by receiving two yellow cards or if your violation of the rules is considered serious. Examples: - Yellow Card: "You guys SUCK! I am going to tell everyone to delete you from their friends list because you are a scammer, you cat food smelling idiots!" - Red Card: "I don't care about your stupid cards! I can say what I want! Try giving me another card and we will see what happens!" All yellow/red cards will be made in the same way. You will learn which rule you broke and what this means for you. We reserve the right to decide violations on a case-by-case basis and issue YELLOW and RED cards, that expire in 7 days providing it's not a permanent ban. We do not discuss our decisions and they are

final. The Community Team Now that the "bad cop" part is done, we would like to wish you a fun and thrilling experience while playing Trophy Slots.