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Within all of us lies the potential to achieve what ever we choose. It is us who prevents it ... all it takes to resolve, is personal responsibility and courage !! HOME <> :: May 29, 2013May 29, 2013 ENERGY - energy system of the body <> - energy and law of attraction <> belief system and unconscious mind <> - quantum energy <> - energy healing <> Your Body's Energy System and the Law of Attraction

The picture to the side gives you a broad idea of what our body energy systems look like. The energy centres are called Chakra’s. Each of us have them and they operate in the same way, in just the same way that each of us has a heart. Each energy centre / chakra has a specific purpose, and each has a physical and a psychological function to it. This is why when we have a disease there is an emotional component and a physical component to it. Now in the passage of life we program each of these energy centres according to the belief systems that we take on during our life. To understand this better, please see article on “Belief system and the Subconscious Mind” on this web site. One of the functions of our crown chakra is to run our operating system in accordance with the programming of the belief system that we have placed in each of our energy centres or chakra’s. Also, see the article on quantum physics for the mechanics of this process, on this web site. Therefore it follows that whatever we have programmed into our energy centres / chakra’s will be reflected in our lives be it personal, work or professional. This is in direct abeyance of the universal laws. Please read the series of articles on the Universal Law’s also on the web site. If look around in your life at the moment you can clearly see your belief systems about life reflected back to you. If you struggle get someone to help you in this regard. The best-selling DVD movie, The Secret, wonderfully explores the law of attraction through the voices and ideas of several scholars, and has inspired many of us to take deeper notice of our thoughts, feelings and intentions. The law of attraction states that we attract to ourselves, both consciously and unconsciously, whatever we give our attention / thesecretprogramming to. This attraction occurs whether our focus is to have something or to not have something (positive or negative). Therefore, to attract what we really want (hopefully positive), we should use only positive thoughts and feelings to bring it forth, or put differently program ourselves positively for what we want in our lives. The law of attraction can best be explained as universal energy which BodyEnergy2obeys the science of physics based on these three principles: 1) everything is energy; 2) energy follows thought; 3) what you focus on you get more of.

*Second*. These and other parts of our energy system are very dynamic and change quickly based on what we think and feel. sabotages you. When our energy system is clear. In our energy fields we have to clear first then add new. If there are aspects to it you don’t like then change it. Remember you have to first clear your negative thought patterns before you start to re program yourself with more positive thought patterns. only to find our efforts lead nowhere. the job remains unfulfilling. inspired actions and visualizations. I don’t believe you”.We are like cosmic magnets. In fact. Old behaviour patterns repeat themselves. intentions. which attach to the spinal column. BodyEnergy2Why does this happen? *First*. If you wish to know more. preventing us from moving towards our greatest intentions. The human energy system includes the upward and downward flow of universal energy into the human body and the seven major chakra’s. however these have the most impact on your life. The*Third* factor of manifestation is our own personal energy system which can both support and/or challenge our abilities. the secret about the movie “The Secret” is that in order to attract what you want you first have to clear your own energy field / belief systems / self programming of that which blocks the way. Otherwise you are trying to overlay what you have already put there – then your system responds in way “Oh really. Clearing our energy system of that which blocks us is a key element required to fulfil the law of attraction. That is why your life reflects your belief systems. doing all the “right” affirmations. and the new years resolutions go poof! after 60 days. CHAKRA’S OR ENERGY SYSTEM OF THE BODY BodyEnergy2BodyEnergy2Below is a very brief explanation of each of the energy systems in your body covering it’s basic function. or energy vortices. The benefits of positive thinking are not new or secret. and sometimes our soul knows best what is in our highest good or what lessons we require for our Soul growth. one of the key elements required to fulfil the law of attraction. it refreshes our perception of ourselves as magnificent attractors / creators. even if we’ve been practicing the concepts brought out so clearly in the movie. These may not be apparent to our conscious mind. we often still experience wanting something for years. resonant energy. our energy system reacts by pulling in negative energy and can become blocked. however. However. Sometimes the universe simply asks us to wait until the timing is right. The information below is probably only 5% of all its functions. divine timing. The relationship is still missing. */Both pictures show a basic outline of the chakra system we all have /* . and universal energy matches our attraction by giving us more of the same. That is the way we consciously learn – which is also what we are supposed to do. we are able to project positive energy. please see when the next course is being run on the chakra's / energy system. If our thoughts are not positive. we are not alone in the creative process. Below are just the primary energy systems in your body. Our thoughts and feelings send out a magnetic field. It is therefore absolutely imperative that you make the effort to clear your negative thought patterns. You have hundreds of them. But because The Secret bundles its messages in such an uplifting way. Our soul is at work.

It is in this chakra that our unity/solidity becomes duality. SACRAL CHAKRA Located below the belly button. Connecting with the other raises the issue of desire. Facing our fear helps to wake this chakra up. or day dream in the fantasy world. To do this we must be able to accept change as change is necessary for our development. Without grounding we are unstable. We move from the element of the earth to that of water. Without change. Self-worth is the primary focus of this chakra. Fear counteracts the sense of safety and security that this chakra ideally brings. To be and to have are the fundamental rights we all have within this base chakra. The language is form and how we are is reflected in the body. It is the last chakra in the downward flow of universal energy and is the foundation for materializing our ideas and intentions. to have. we experience fear. Our understanding of self now includes the awareness of the other. the base chakra can bring about fear of survival and attract energy that makes manifestation difficult. We lose our ability to contain. we lose our centre.e. as is the place where our beliefs systems are tested to see if they are real. and validity will find its way into manifestation. We long to unite. it reflects our belief systems and it reflects all the programming within us. This is a developed skill. and no life. form becomes formless. stillness becomes movement. where solid becomes liquid. This is a place where our ideas are tested out and become reality. When this chakra is threatened. The body is the hardware through which all information is brought. substance. it houses our learning’s about ourselves. emotions. The physical world is not the goal but only the tool that facilitates us the ability to test out our ideas and our belief systems. Our body houses our spirit and it is home to our spirit throughout our life. get swept off our feet. Our consciousness moves from a feeling of unity to the realization of difference. When blocked. or to hold. Work and routine is a grounding activity – it supports structure and forms and builds a foundation. and sexuality. We gain freedom from the solid state but must now manage a far more complex element that has lots of different characteristics to solid matter. Through focus and repetition. Developing our ability to have things increases our self worth. Materialism can become a trap – do not become addicted to it. energies become dense enough to manifest. the base chakra provides grounding and support for the entire energy system. no movement. That which has ground. to reach out and grow. fly of the handle. The purpose of this chakra is to facilitate our ability to manifest in the Earth plane i. there is no growth. Consciousness thrives on change. Our base chakra forms the foundation of everything we do and upon which it rests.BASE CHAKRA Located at the base of the spine and governed by the earth element. to overcome our separateness. The Pleasure Principle . the physical.

our sense if inner-satisfaction. When blocked. ecstasy and joy. visions and goals. Through this act life is preserved and renewed. pleasure may become the route we use that we invite consciousness to travel along our entire nervous system. located above the belly button. courage or confidence required to create what we want. helps us manifest all of who we are including our values. It is an expansive movement of the life force. Through movement we create change. from the upper chakra's descending down with our vision. as well as to reach out to others. Denying cuts us off from our subtle feelings and emotions housed in the lower chakra's and so we become cut off from our ground. It is movement of our life force through which we achieve change. The second chakra brings us the experienced difference. expression and love.There is a natural tendency to move toward pleasure and away from pain. our sense of peace and most importantly. to act. our wholeness. Pleasure and emotions is the root of our desires. we don’t have enough fire. and the lower two chakra's embracing the solidity and growing with the flow of life. Here we embraced the polarities and discover the passions of . This flow charges the body. we are moving energy out of the unconscious through the body into the conscious mind. our expression of bringing heaven to earth. restores. and heals the body. We can become passive and unable to muster up the discipline. change. When in a state of pleasure. It is the source of new life and the force of the future. Sexual union is only a minor part of this teaching. while pain generally makes us contract. The first chakra brings us solidity. descending from our vision. to movement. it is the dance that balances. The secret is to use a particular energy of pleasure without getting excessively attached. the third chakra is where we take action. Through desires we create movement. Emotion is energy in motion. focus and structure. It is the joiner of hearts! Tantrism teaches that the body is sacred and that the senses can bring about enlightenment. Sexuality is a profound rhythm pulsing through all biological life. it generally indicates that it is safe while freeing our attention for other things. Governed by the fire element. SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA The third chakra. releasing joyously from our hearts. It is like watering a thirsty plant. or energy. Anyone can nurture and everyone needs it. When we emote. We respond to flow. We grow in strength. purpose and action. Change stimulates consciousness. cleanses the body. renews and reproduces. stability. Moving from the fixed form (base) into limitless consciousness. As we reclaim our bodies and reach through the emotion and desire to find our will. we feel our power going in strength from our guts. and movement. Pleasure invites us to expand. Sexuality is a life force. This is the meeting place of our energies. It is the mover and the healer of the life force within us. to dance of life in its infinite pleasures and mysteries. It’s where we hold our sense of self and use our personal power to carry out our intentions. Sexuality is the sacred ritual of ritual union through the celebration of difference. This is the essence of the function of the sacral chakra. which in turn thrives on change.

Power results from combining and integrating. vitality and self discipline are ultimately based on self-esteem. It is through our will that we liberate ourselves from fixed patterns and create new behaviour i. become paralyzed etc. When our self-esteem is high. this stimulation from the upper chakra's becomes our power and we become empowered and vitalised. Those butterfly feelings are the energies going up rather than coming down from the upper chakra's.e. Self-Esteem The attributes of power. transformation. choice. Will is the means that we overcome the lower chakra inertia and the essential spark that ignites our flame of our power. Breaking Powerlessness Knowledge is power . Of course all three chakra's operate together all the time and we cannot just focus on one but if we separate the function of each. the conscious direction of desire – the means through which we create our future. Self-esteem is essential for forming a good foundation for the opening of the heart and maintaining successful relationships. Personal power without will is impossible. interpret our feelings. This is why will is the primary key to development of the solar plexus / third chakra. The Lustrous Gem This started as the pre-natal source of our nourishment and energy. then our partner does not need to make us secure. and proactive. is the combination of mind and action. we can better integrate the teachings within causing internal healing. for intellectual understanding. As the second chakra opens dualities.difference. we need to develop power as integration. we are filled with doubt and self recriminations. we are assertive. As we can see from the way that power is developed within us. It is the adrenalin that creates the fight or flight action. Without grounding the energy flows all over the place until we become grounded. When we are grounded. Will. If we have developed our lower chakra's properly. and we can loathe life. disciplined and feel really good about life. lethargy. Doing something with ease and grace is the mark of true power. rather than fighting and dominating.we are then ready to move completely into the experience of delightful love. We can replace “power over” with “power to”.most powerlessness is the result of ignorance about how to behave effectively. in the power of change or ideas. Power that involves domination over one part by another. we are presented with choices. There are many ways to becoming powerful - . “power within” and the power of connecting with the forces of life. will. or bolster our ego . and desire. Will is consciously controlled change. commonly called “power over” is not true power. Making those choices gives birth to the will. confident. yet there is an awakened feeling of heightened sensitivity. laziness. emotion. When our self-esteem is low. Power only exists in the doing. In the body this chakra connects with the adrenal glands. block everything. These two combined create a third state of energy known as combustion – fire.

grounding. and finally empowerment meditation. basic life force. . The old saying of “what you give is what you get”. The task of the heart chakra is to balance the various aspects of our being. the core. This may have been through the approval route. If a spiral is placed over the chakra system of the body. within and without. avoid invalidation. and because love is everywhere we can give freely of love as there is an infinite supply. anger. It is the unfolding of what is hidden. Rejection at our inner core is what we. as humans. Love involves all the chakra's. It is a vicious cycle. rejection is the “dis-integrator. which is our spiritual centre. Love is what we all need and want. increasing information. the heart needs to be balanced between input and output. fear most. For the heart to function properly it needs an understanding of the world and it’s inter-relationships of other things. . This brings us steadiness and continuity. childcare. The heart is the integrator. they are all to be functioning fully for us to know that we love and are loved fully. then love can emerge with a deep sense of peace that comes from a lack of need. the essence. or conditioned approval. This can be due to a number of factors such as. HEART CHAKRA This chakra is the central point. break attachments by letting go. There needs to be balance between upper and lower chakra's. If our will is properly channelled and our needs have been fulfilled or transcended. Blocking the flow of love usually decreases the flow of what we receive as well. rather than an extension of our desire and / or need. power. it relates to the cardiac plexus and rules over the heart. take care of yourself. the place that unifies forces from above and below. with a joyous acceptance of our place among all things and the radiance that comes from inner harmony. the kernel of Truth. The Still Centre Point In the body. Lastly. Many live in fear of it and will do anything that threatens its existence. This is where we go to “the heart of the matter”. this is where it all starts to unfold into its full power.some may be by doing some or all of the following block breakers. it is the “binding” force that holds all together. and the thymus gland. get personal energy to flow correctly. between self and transcendence. we were conditioned in some way. the lungs. Relationship and Balance If the heart chakra is out of balance. etc. the building blocks of life. The spiral is telling us that the heart knows it all. imbalance between giving and receiving. or lack of approval. money. The way that we are taught love from our parents. between inner and outer worlds. laughter. love. It is the divine presence of empathic connection. spiritual evolution. sex. Rejection of it brings a state of imbalance. housework. effort and resistance indicators are something you must stop doing. we see that the “heart” is at the centre of it all.breaking inertia. communication. between mind and body. it throws the whole entire system out of balance. attention.

emotion. Communication networks are the cultural nervous system. The throat chakra is the centre related to communication through sound. A person without ego strength (self esteem) and will.e. It is the centre of dynamic creativity. it is still a place of imbalance. for burning up toxins. This is spirituality spreading itself around. will be afraid of what others think and give up their authenticity. connecting us all. This imbalance unbalances the organism and destroys the natural resonant affinity. stress. Before communication there was diverging views. the body hungers for this increased supply of oxygen. and any of the arts – especially those related to sound and language. self expression. creates. who they are. Communication between people is parting of information from one brain to another. telepathy. after communication there are now common views. When the heart is open and comes from a place of balance there is a natural tendency or urge to heal. Truth and Lies We all need to speak our truth to express our individuality. It is the sharing of information. chanting. THROAT CHAKRA Communication is the connecting principle that makes life possible. By learning to breathe deeply we can change our whole body structure and once changed. allowing our world to become larger. it is the extending of. vibration. The Purifier This implies two things about this centre. transmits. The . The first is that. whether it is caused by a germ. speaking. both within ourselves and with each other. it is the expanding of. injury. and creativity. Breath – The Heart of Life Breath is one of the most powerful tools for transforming ourselves. Communication happens in all sorts of ways. When we encounter imbalance. Its attributes include listening. for releasing stored emotions. i. It is the realm of consciousness that controls. of synthesising old ideas into something new. Repressed people will speak only that which they want to hear. A fearful person will be afraid to speak their truth. Communication is an act of connection. Society is equally dependent on communication to get things done in the business world. changing body structure and changing consciousness. greater levels of sensitivity are required to successfully reach and open the throat chakra. the body must attain a certain level of purification.Healing Healing energy is the restoration of balance. defence against disease. It is a natural healing oriented process. brain waves and muscle tissue. nerve communication. growth of the body etc. and receives communication. writing. DNA communication.

Communication. Its function is to assemble information into meaningful patterns for the self. Without communication we are isolated. language is the tip of the iceberg of communication. separate. we can intuit the steps necessary to complete it. THIRD EYE The third eye. chemical. and where we connect with other dimensional realms. our ability to see patterns and interpret them. The process of creation is a process of inner discovery. but also to form images from which we command our reality. As we express ourselves we are exercising the creative power within ourselves to facilitate that expression.second is that sound. Sound – Subtle World of Vibration Operating from the fifth level chakra. The essence and functioning of this chakra is the gift of seeing both the inner and outer worlds. Our primary information comes through our eyes. Sound has the ability to affect the cellular structure of matter. the incomplete pattern reveals the whole. Without it we die. Through the process of self-reflection we start to lead ourselves into self-knowledge and wholeness. Unfortunately most of us are not consciously aware of our actions and reactions on this plane. This is a function / task of this Chakra. is where we receive inspiration and intuition. Creativity Communication is a creative process. Yet. located about an inch above the bridge of the nose. be it oral. for us to know what is actually going on. The two-fold nature of the chakra is to take in images through perception. as a vibration and a force inherent in all things. Once we see what the pattern is becoming. To hold an image in the mind increases the possibility of it becoming manifest or materialising. If we are unable to tune into / entrain ourselves into the frequencies around us. If we cannot entrain we cannot communicate. creates / facilitates that the ethers be translated into matter. or electrical. we cannot experience our connection to the world. cut off from the nourishing energy so vital to health. in creating art we open ourselves up to the universe and we become channels for information and learning a language more universal than human tongues. has a purifying nature. We may choose to respond on a vibrational level from the tone of the voice rather than the actual voice or words. Resonance Resonance is a very important concept to understand for the fifth chakra. both spirituality and physically. Pattern Recognition At a critical point in the assembling of information. commonly known as creative visualisation. . we become aware of things on a vibrational level. mental. Light has the ability to carry information on it that enables us to gain insight to and to see. which creates and maintains life.

with its archetypes and images. In many circles it is construed that to become spiritual or to seek enlightenment means to deny the basic nature of our biological existence. The more we invest in the illusion the harder it is to let go of it. The development of intuition enhances our psychic abilities and it is a central function of this chakra. It becomes the new picture. Vision The final outcome of working with this chakra. individual and universal. The Separation of spirituality from the rest of life leaves us spiritually homeless. symbols and illusions – is the symbol of the emergence of our own personal vision. but usually it is an image of what it currently is not. then we are subject to illusion. giving it what we call archetypal proportions or conditions. Dreams Dreams link the conscious and the unconscious mind. Vision uses imagination to create something that has never been seen before. This encapsulation of this illusion leads us along the path of repetitive cycles that keep us from true understanding. Archetypes Archetypes can be symbolically represented by what is called the archetypal image. where we may see realistically. Consciousness . When an archetypal image is not fully integrated into the ego. This is where we receive divine wisdom and the flow of higher light. Its image. CROWN CHAKRA The crown chakra. dreams unlock the mystery that unites the Soul and Spirit. Our attachment to it pulls us out of the present time. the new way of seeing. This chasm between heaven and earth creates a corresponding abyss between spirit and soul that many fall into as they try to engage their spiritual learning’s. The investment seals or encapsulates the energy into an illusion. through which the light of our consciousness will shine. dreams and fantasies. is where our Divine Self connects to the human form and where we experience oneness with the universe. held in our mind. Intuition Intuition is the unconscious recognition of pattern. into a dynamic and synthesized whole. or put differently. becomes the blueprint for our construction of reality.Illusion Illusion is often something that we feel should be. at the top of the head.

then the operating system will interpret the instructions given to it according to the program (belief system) of each of the chakra’s. do we open ourselves to the abundant possibilities that exist. our perspective of things as to how they work and function now shifts dramatically. If we look at the crown chakra and we use the analogy that the crown chakra is like an operating system. The Witness/ The Authentic Self Sometimes the consciousness within. is referred to as the witness. If we now immerse ourselves into the river. In a way it is like we have learnt all about the reasons why the water flows. Attachment denies the constantly fluid universal system. etc. In other words. The witness is something above and beyond the body and its experience. the impulses and attachments. much along the lines of how a personal computer can access information across the internet. requires the ability to surrender. it inhibits our ability the crown chakra. Opening the crown chakra is about expanding our awareness so that it can embrace the larger portion of the universal field of consciousness. Diving in the River of Consciousness Until now. our addictive habits. and our need to control. We need to go about life being aware of the witness inside of us at all times. it MAKES meaning out of each of them according to how we have programmed them with our belief systems. the flurry of thoughts. etc. why the flow varies. To become aware of the witness is to become aware of the essence that dwells within. how much it flows. The witness sits behind our normal activity. our unworkable belief systems. where vast stores of information reside.Sentient beings have the capacity to tap into the universal field of intelligence. Belief Systems Each of the lower chakra's up to this point will all be operating according to our belief systems for each particular chakra. Only by surrendering our attachments. watching without judgment our changing emotions. This is the secret commitments to expand in state of the be approached . This symbology is similar to us plunging into the mythical system. Higher Power Opening up to a higher power. Only then. the journey through the lower chakra's has enabled us to approach our learning’s and teachings in a more rational way. and only then. The evaluation of attachments needs to from a point of balance. can we truly experience the magnitude of our magnificent Self. Attachment – the Demon of the Crown Chakra While attachment is necessary for making and maintaining essential to the lower chakra's. It is almost like sitting on the bank of a river and watching the water flow by. and the mystical and transcendental side of spirituality in general.

We can now see the impact of our energy system on our lives and what happens to us. we can have ideas but we are unable to manifest them into the world. for we directly attract it!. The mind stores impressions of everything it perceives and our emotional body stores our experiences. the field of universal energy surrounding your body. self-doubt. some energy’s have been manifested on a denser. When this flow is clear. anger. You have discovered that there is more to you than meets the eye. if there is a block in the upper flow of energy. never enough or any negative thoughts or behaviour patterns that have built up over time create blockages in the energy system that need to be released before we can create change. All of your thoughts. act and manifest. *Now think about that for a while*. We have to clear the block before we can access the higher aspects of ourselves. Transcendence and Immanence The purpose of moving up or developing ourselves through the chakra's is one of constant transcendence. we get ideas and inspiration from our upper chakra's and we act on them using our lower chakra's So. physical level. lack. When clear. If there is a block in the downward flow. attracting positive and negative experiences which match its unique magnetic energies. Sadness.about “The Secret”. this energy flow can release us from fixed ideas or patterns that aren’t helpful. The implications of this are huge for you. so your system becomes clearer and you are able to attract what ever you want more easily. CONTEMPLATION You have now been on quite a journey about the energy centres of your body. The condition of the human energy system influences how effectively we are able to work with the law of attraction because the energy system is the magnetic force that attracts people. Clearing Your Energy System Universal energy has both an upward and a downward flow through the body. feelings. While positive thoughts and feelings have an instant impact on the energy system. *Second thing to contemplate* is why do you think that you are . insufficient. This universal energy also runs through the chakra's The seven major chakra's govern different aspects of our body and consciousness and influence how we feel. circumstances and events to us. A block means the energy is not in motion and we can’t access the higher aspects of ourselves. The downward flow of energy comes in through the crown of the head and is the energy of manifestation. The aura is your personal energy climate which travels with you throughout the day 24/7. When you develop more and more. where each new level encompasses the chakra below into a larger framework. belief systems and vibrations create your aura. The experience of transcendence is one of personal liberation. SUMMARY. we stay fixed in our thoughts and behaviours that might be preventing us from creating more of who we are and what we want. The upward flow of energy is from the earth and liberates us.

We all are wondrous beings – the trick is. Unless otherwise stated. *Third thing to contemplate*. we just have to realize it! Opportunities for you We offer courses for those who want to learn more and the effect that they have on you. Look on the web site. How does these energy’s come into play in relationships. authority. friends. romantic. for other courses offered or just contact us by going to “Contact Us <mailto:peter@iempowerself. What did the creator have in mind for you?.>” All contents under copy right 2008 .html * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Related Searches: Personal Development <#> Self Improvement <#> Personal Development And Growth <#> Personal Life Coach <#> Mind And Spirit <#> Coach Training <#> Self Improvement Software <#> Personal Growth <#> Energy Healing <#> Professional Life Coach <#> Healing Techniques <#> Healing Meditation <#> Life Coach Training <#> 5dd3adda-6d76-459f-95a1-9f7d142569be Y2:5dd3adda-6d76-459f-95a1-9f7d142569be .com/52_energy_law_of_attraction. Just by studying them you will discover a lot about you and where you can develop. http://iempowerself.constructed this way.2015 by Self Empowerment and Development Centre. children and humanity. What is the purpose?.