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Rules SHOPPING CENTRE: RULES & DETAILS 1. For Shopping Centre: Working on following layers of Shopping Centre is required. i.

Zone ii. Building iii. Street iv. Lots v. Companies vi. POI (Gate layer is merged within POIs) 2. Digit: i. Digitization will start by using latest imagery of G.E, either by history on or off.

Updation: 11-07-2012

ii. If G.E imagery still not matched with floor plans than other source map will use like Bing Map. In the case we have used other map source than the source will mention in report. iii. If the external sources not matched with floor plans and building has drawn according to floor plan than this unusual change will also mention in report. iv. Building should be 100% matched with G.E. (Limits 2m for QC) 3. Floor Plan Checking Before Digit: Before starting digit, first step will be as detailed under: “Operator will check whether the floor plan which is being used for overlay is OK with floor plan now available on mall web site or it is not OK” If floor plans found not ok than new overlay will produced. 4. Layer Zone: Zone of shopping centre is required. 5. Layer Parcel Not Required: As parcel layer is not required but we have parcel id within attributes, for attributes we will use parcel id “001” after zone id for all shopping centre. 6. Layer Buildings: We have field CENTENAME in Building Layer, This field will be filled with following method: for shopping centre SHOPPING CENTRE NAME This Layer includes Main Building, & all those buildings which have shops or any details. All Parking Buildings will not do. All External Buildings which have no shop will not do. If Main Building is attached with Parking Building via tube link in this case parking building will consider as separate building and that parking building will not do. All floors which have plans will do. If parking is found within the main building it will do, it also includes roof-basement parking. Field CENTERCONT: will filled with phone number found on web without any change.

7. Layer Lots: i. One Lot will have only one shop. Lots with more than one shop is wrong, in this case do manual lot division and each shop will have street access. ii. Lots must be cut on Public & Private area: (Lot Layer, Category Field) Public: Public area is the area on shopping mall used by common people, like corridor, shops, toilets, etc. Private: is the area which is prohibited for common people, like, mall management, electricity rooms, residential areas (if it the part of shopping mall main building), offices etc. iii. Lots for stairs box is required if information available: Stairs Layer is not required but if there is a box of stairs on floor plan than Lot for stairs box will digitize, with STAIRS POI iv. Lots for columns are required if information available: Columns Layer is not required but if we found column indication on floor plan than lot for each column will digitize. v. There is a field in Lot layer named “PRIVATE” this field will filled with following details:

All POI found on floor plans will do. . Streets layer has field “TYPE” which will fill with following codes: ST0 for STREETS v. iii. 11. floating streets on single level is not allowed. Private-Public: Streets must be cut within the building where transition from public to private takes place. SHOPPING CENTRE: BUS TAXI TRAIN STATION PARKING iii. floating streets only acceptable if they are connected with connector POI. Above Gates _ POI Categories will be on Street. For details see Layer POI. iii. Each floor of each building must have streets. 8. 10. iv. OUTDOOR POIs: Following POIs form outdoor will digitize. and value “Y” in Gate Field in Street Layer will be used. therefore following POI Categories will be used for Gates: DESCRIPTION This type is For GATES which was Type E This type is For GATES which are found on Taxiway or Runway. Lots Private (N): Lots serve common people are Private N. therefore following Categories merged in ATM Category: TICKET COUNTER to ATM VENDING MACHINES to ATM Further detail for merging of categories in other is available ion validated POI list. Layer Gate Not Required: Gate Layer is merged within POI Layer. Layer POI: i. Gate digitization on intersections & junctions is not allowed. Concept of ATM: AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE. ii. 9. Gate POIs: As Layer Gate is merged within Layer POI. New POIs will go through the validation process. Previous used type for these gates was G All External Parking will have “PARKING” POI. Each Street with Gate will have Y value in “GATE” field of Layer Street. NUMBER CATEGORY ENTRY BARRIER ii. Layer Streets: i.a. Layer Companies: Field PHONE: Operators will copy & paste phone numbers from web without any change. All streets must be connecting with each other on each level. with the help of validated categories. i. ii. this will treat as Cash Point. Lots Private (Y): Lots belong to shopping centre offices are private Y (where common people are not allowed) b. iv.

Disabled Ramp ii. Buildings _More than 1 Level: connector should be present on each level of each building. Total Number of Stores present in the building. Elevator with Elevator. Connector on Parking floors: Each parking floor will have connector POI including Roof Parking. Escalator with Escalator. it usually the Name of Shopping Centre. iv.g. Like 1. 2 etc. iii. Telephone number of Management Authority... Each Connector POI must be on the street. v. 12. Escalator 3. ix. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Field Names of Each layer: Buildings ZONEID LANGCODE PARCELID BUILDINGID CENTRENAME LEVELNUMBE STORENUMBE CENTERCONT PHONECONTA Shopping Centre: UK_M600000029UD01 Like FRE. Connector i. vi. Stairs with Stairs. Elevator 2. Stairs 4. 30 etc… The Management Authority of Mall. Layer Door Not Required 13. GER. basement parking. vii. viii.Connector POI types: 1. Text Style: Text style will be initial caps. Connector POI of Public area must connect with connector present on public area of other levels. Like 20. Connector POI of Private area must connect with connector present on private area of other levels. if found on floor plan than digitize. Connector POI should be inside the building. . E. v. For connectivity between different levels same connector POI must be snapped with each other. Buildings_ with 0 Level: Buildings with only 0 level required no connector POI. TUR etc… Please Refer to Document “LANGCODE” “001” after ZONEID like “UK_M600000029UD01 001” Serial like “001” after PARCELID like “UK_M600000029UD01 001 001” Name of Shopping Centre like BLUEWATER SHOPPING MALL Total Number of Levels present in the building.

TUR etc… Please Refer to Document “LANGCODE” “001” after ZONEID like UK_M600000029UD01 001 Floor Level where the POI is present. Please refer to document “POI Categories” for it. Telephone number of the store found on website. “Y” for yes. Name of the Store in Initial Caps like The Body Shop Category of Store. To show that if Street has a gate on it. it will be the city of Shopping Mall. Disabled Ramp: “Y” If the POI is of type of Gate. “Y” for yes. it will be the address of Shopping Mall. “N” for No. Address of the shop. “Y” for yes. Post Code of the shop. Like FRE. Lot ID of the lot where Company is present. Website of the shop. To show that if Street has a bridge over it. To show that if Street is for pedestrian only. GER. GER. GER. “N” for No. . TUR etc… Please Refer to Document “LANGCODE” “001” after ZONEID like UK_M600000029UD01 001 Building ID of the building where the Company is present. Floor Level where the Company is present. Shopping Centre If there is any local name of Shopping Mall in local language. “Y” for yes. Shopping Centre: UK_M600000029UD01 Like FRE. GER. “Y” for Private “N” for Public. “N” for No. “N” for No. “Y” for yes. Category of Store. TUR etc… Please Refer to Document “LANGCODE” Name of Shopping Centre. it will be the post code of Shopping Mall. TUR etc… Please Refer to Document “LANGCODE” The name of the Road. “N” for No. If the Lot is present in public place or private. To show that if Street is of Shopping Mall. Public or Private Shopping Centre: UK_M600000029UD01 Like FRE. then the number of it like “01” or “01-05” Shopping Centre: UK_M600000029UD01 Like FRE. Please refer to document “Shop Categories” for it. TUR etc… Please Refer to Document “LANGCODE” Serial like “0001” after BUILDINGID like UK_M600000029UD01 001 001 0001 Floor Level where the Lot is present. City of the shop. GER. If the POI is moveable or not. Floor Level where the Street is present.Companies ZONEID LANGCODE COMPANYID BUILDINGID LOTID LEVEL STORENAME CATEGORY PHONE ADDRESS POSTCODE CITY WEBSITE Lots BUILDINGID LANGCODE LOTID LEVEL PRIVATE CATEGORY Streets ZONEID LANGCODE ROADNAME LEVEL PEDESTRIAN PRIVATE GATE BRUNNEL TYPE* Poi ZONEID LANGCODE POI_ID LEVEL CATEGORY MOBILITY NUMBER Zone ZONEID LANGCODE ZONENAME CATEGORY LOCALNAME Shopping Centre: UK_M600000029UD01 Like FRE. Type of Street like “ST0” Building ID of the building where the Lot is present.