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at Midtown Sta2on

6.5 acre site 1 building built for Brown College 432 parking stalls Owned by Minneapolis School Board

3rd busiest LRT stop, 5th busiest transit stop in Twin Ci2es

YWCA & Sports Center 2,500 daily visits; 10,000 members

Small Area Plan 2002 Origin of farmers market concept

Ci2zen-built, Ci2zen-run Over 12,000 volunteer hours since 2003 Free lease from School Board (Thank you!)

48 Market Days per Season: 85 Vendors, 60,000 Customers

Local Growers Local Ar2sts Prepared Food Underserved Neighborhoods

Food Jus2ce 1st MN Market to accept SNAP-EBT, Drew 632 new users in 2012

Environmental Jus2ce

Public Space for Public Ac2vity

2005 Wedding ociated by Mayor Rybak

School Board announces plans Nov. 2008 Adult Basic Educa2on will be anchor tenant

including the Mayor, City Council, School Board, County Board, Senate, House, Park Board and everyone running against them!

Open House draws 130

Precedents of Market / Transit Developments

Proposing site-specic, mixed-use development solu2ons

Developer Roundtable Mee2ng

Program Brief (included in Request for Proposals)

Senate Bonding Bill 2009

Film Series builds awareness, support

Good press

Stakeholder charege with L&H Sta2on Group development team

Nov. 2011: Developer seeks residents support

$83,000,000 Redevelopment Plan

By L&H Sta2on Group, November 2011

School Board rejects Redevelopment Plan

May 2013

L&H Sta(on derailed; site in play

by Burl Gilyard May 9th, 2013

MPS ends talks a7er two years and no deal

The Minneapolis Public Schools has terminated nego2a2ons with L&H Sta2on Development, which had proposed an ambi2ous mixed- use redevelopment calling for more than 500 units of housing at a large urban south Minneapolis site adjacent to light rail transit. The school district owns the 6.5-acre site

Nov. 2008 Announcement to sell Sept. 2010 Request for Proposals Summer 2012 Davis Center opens May 2013 Rejects L&H Proposal Nov. 2013 Municipal Elec2on

Situa2on Changed

Planning Policy and Policymakers support our vision for Midtown Sta2on

Volunteers Needed!
Customer Engagement at the Market Help during Market Days Land Use & Housing Commigee Market Advisory Commigee and more!

Eric Gustafson, Execu2ve Director Corcoran Neighborhood Organiza2on 612-724-7457

Miguel Goebel, Manager Midtown Farmers Market 612-724-7457

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