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Preserving  the  

at  Midtown  Sta2on  

6.5  acre  site   1  building  built  for  Brown  College   432  parking  stalls     Owned  by  Minneapolis  School  Board  

3rd  busiest  LRT  stop.     5th  busiest  transit  stop  in  Twin  Ci2es   .

000  members   .500  daily  visits.YWCA  &  Sports  Center   2.    10.

Small  Area  Plan  2002   Origin  of  farmers  market  concept   .

Ci2zen-­‐built.000   volunteer  hours   since  2003     Free  lease  from     School  Board   (Thank  you!)   .   Ci2zen-­‐run     Over  12.

 60.48  Market  Days  per  Season:   85  Vendors.000  Customers   .

Local  Growers     Local  Ar2sts     Prepared  Food     Underserved   Neighborhoods   .

Food  Jus2ce     1st  MN  Market  to  accept  SNAP-­‐EBT.   Drew  632  new  users  in  2012   .

Environmental   Jus2ce   .

Public  Space  for  Public  Ac2vity   2005  Wedding  officiated  by  Mayor  Rybak   .

 2008     Adult  Basic  Educa2on  will  be  anchor   tenant   .School  Board  announces  plans  Nov.

    Park  Board…     and  everyone  running   against  them!     Open  House   draws  130       .   Senate.   County  Board.   City  Council.…including     the  Mayor.     School  Board.     House.

Precedents  of  Market  /  Transit  Developments   .

Proposing   site-­‐specific.   mixed-­‐use   development   solu2ons   .

Developer  Roundtable  Mee2ng   .

Program   Brief     (included  in   Request  for   Proposals)   .

Senate  Bonding  Bill  2009   .

Film  Series   builds  awareness.   support   .

Good   press   .

Stakeholder   charege  with   L&H  Sta2on   Group   development   team   .

 2011:   Developer  seeks   residents’  support   .Nov.

$83.  November  2011   .000.000  Redevelopment  Plan   By  L&H  Sta2on  Group.

  The  school  district  owns  the  6.5-­‐acre  site…         .  site  in  play         by  Burl  Gilyard   May  9th.  which  had  proposed  an  ambi2ous  mixed-­‐ use  redevelopment  calling  for  more  than  500  units  of  housing  at  a   large  urban  south  Minneapolis  site  adjacent  to  light  rail  transit.  2013       MPS  ends  talks  a7er  two  years  and  no  deal     The  Minneapolis  Public  Schools  has  terminated  nego2a2ons  with   L&H  Sta2on  Development.School  Board  rejects  Redevelopment  Plan   May  2013   L&H  Sta(on  derailed.

 2008  –  Announcement  to  sell     Sept.  2010  –  Request  for  Proposals   Summer  2012  –  Davis  Center  opens   May  2013  –  Rejects  L&H  Proposal   Nov.   Nov.  2013  –  Municipal  Elec2on   Situa2on   Changed   .

Planning  Policy  and  Policymakers   support  our  vision  for  Midtown  Sta2on   .

 Execu2ve  Director   Corcoran  Neighborhood  Organiza2on   www.Volunteers  Needed!     •  Customer  Engagement  at  the  Market   •  Help  during  Market  Days   •  Land  Use  &  Housing  Commigee   •  Market  Advisory  Commigee   •  …and  more!   Eric   612-­‐724-­‐7457   .org   612-­‐724-­‐7457   Miguel  Goebel.  Manager   Midtown  Farmers  Market   manager@midtownfarmersmarket.

org   .www.corcoranneighborhood.

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