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Name: __________________________________________! Class: ______________ Mr.

White Ancient Egypt RAFT Project

KNOW: Specific aspects of Egyptian Culture (government, religion, geography, technologies, customs) UNDERSTAND A culture is defined by its government, religion, geography, customs, technologies, and products. Clues about one part of a culture provides insight into other its other aspects. DO Choose a topic to further investigate Research topic and gather about 10-15 facts on topic Write from the point of view of a Hittite Spy Extend your knowledge by creating a visual to support your findings

Background: You are a spy from the Hittite Kingdom and have just been given a new mission by King Muwatalli II. Before he goes to battle against the Egyptians at Kadesh, he needs to know more about his enemy. This is your duty to help and aid the kingdom, and you must inltrate the Egyptian lands and take notes about aspects of their culture. The valuable information you collect will help the King to know how best to conquer the enemy. The fate of the empire is in your hands!!! (P.S. The King loves creativity when you decide to report back to him) Tasks: 1. Select a Topic from Ancient Egypt (list is provided). 2. Take 12-15 notes on your topic using DMS note sheets - need to document sources (10 points) 3. Select a format to create a written document for the King Muwatalli about your topic. (20 points) 4. Optional: extend your project by creating a visual to go with your report. (20 points) RAFT: R (role) - Hittite Spy A (audience) - King Muwatalli II F (format) - select a written report option to present your information T (topic) - select a topic on Ancient Egyptian culture to report on Project Due Date: Notes/Written Report/Project Extension Due Friday, March 9th!!!

Topic List: Geography Pyramids Three Kingdoms/Dynasties Pharaohs/Government Mummication/Afterlife Social Class Structure Gods/Goddesses Writing/Wall Paintings Role of Women in Egypt

Written Report Formats (Mandatory - 20 points): 1-2 pg. Report (standard written report with short Intro and Conclusion statements) Poetry (2-3 poems about your topic) Song Lyrics (be sure to completely explain your topic through the course of a song) Journal/Diary (2-3 mini journal entries, one paragraph each in length) Letter (write a letter to King Muwatalli explaining what you have found - use proper format) Interview (write a question and answer interview with a ctional person from Egypt) Newspaper Article (have a headline and write an article about your topic) Project Extension (Optional - 20 Points): For an additional 20 points, you may choose to create a visual for your project. This is in addition to the written report you will create. Project extension ideas are below. Geography - Create a detailed Map of Egypt Pharaohs - Illustrate what a Pharaoh would look like Gods/Goddesses - Create a Mask for a god or goddess Pyramids - Construct a Model Pyramid (possibly allow us to see the inside too) Mummication - Create your own mummication video (mummify a person, doll, etc.) Writing - Create your own Rosetta Stone, Cartouche, Sample Wall Paintings, Papyrus Three Kingdoms - Timeline Social Classes - Create a Social Class Pyramid Role of Women - Comic Strip depicting jobs/roles of women Other Project Extensions Ideas could include: Music Video (if you write your own song) Tri-Fold Keynote Presentation Brochure Book * If you think of other project extension ideas, please see Mr. White for Approval.

Exceeds the Standard Use of Class Time

Student used class time extremely well, did not distract others, consistently stayed on task.

Meets the Standard

Student used class time well, did not intentionally distract others, and stayed on task most of the time. Student followed all directions and turned the project in on time.

Standard Partially Met

Student used class time well, but may have distracted others and gotten off-task at times.

Standard Not Met

Student did not use class time well, distracted others, and was off-task.


Student followed all directions in an outstanding fashion with no mistakes and project was turned in on time. Student has more than 15 solid facts about their topic in an organized fashion on the DMS note sheet.
Student has created a written report consistent with the expectations. Report shows accuracy, creativity, and is thorough in content and presentation. Report completely identies the topic and provides exemplary information about the topic from a Hittite point of view.

Student followed most of the directions and project may be on time or might be late. Student has recorded 10-12 facts on their topic.

Student did not follow the directions and the project was turned in late.

Content (10 points)

Student has recorded 12-15 facts about their topic in an organized fashion.

Student has recorded less than 10 facts about their topic.

Written Report (20 points)

Student has created a written report consistent with expectations. Report accurately identies a topic and presents the topic from a Hittite point of view. Researched facts are present in the report. Student has completed a visual aid for their report that accurately illustrates the written report, is creative, and provides the audience with solid knowledge of the topic.

Student has created a written report on a topic from the Hittite point of view. Some of the researched facts are present, but report may get off topic or may not be overly thorough.

Student has created a written report that is not consistent with expectations, contains little researched information, and is off topic frequently. Report shows lack of creativity.

Project Extension (optional 20 points)

Student did not complete a Project Extension _______

Student has completed an exemplary visual aid for their report that accurately illustrates the written report, shows vast creativity, and allows the audience to have greater knowledge on the topic.

Student has completed a visual aid for their report; however, visual aid is lacking in accuracy and/or creativity. Visual may not provide the audience with a good framework for the topic.

Student has completed a visual aid for their report that is incomplete, inaccurate, and/or not creative. The visual distracts the audience from the topic and may seem unnecessary.

Total Points:!

_______________ / 30 !

_______________ / 50