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Name: _______________________________________________ !

Class: __________ The Ancient India/China Project

Topic Ideas (China):

Dragons (a Chinese Symbol) Geography of China Family Roles Chinese Writing/Symbols Confucius Shi Huangdi Liu Bang, Wudi, Sima Qian Terra-Cotta Army The Great Wall The Silk Road Technology and Inventions Shang, Zhou, Qin, and/or Han Dynasties

Topic Ideas (India):

Geography of India Hinduism Buddhism Siddhartha Guatama Caste System Chandragupta Ashoka Maurya Empire Gupta Empire War Elephants Mohenjo-Daro/Sewer System

10 Point Project Ideas -Write 10 Chinese Characters and their meaning -Create an Acrostic Poem about an idea, leader, accomplishment -Create a Picture Story on your topic with 4 scenes depicted -Create a 4-scene Comic Strip on your Topic -Create a word search using the unit vocabulary words (from either Unit) 20 Point Project Ideas -Create a social network page on a person of your choice from this unit. -Create a Comic Life on a topic of your choice in this Unit. -Board Game of Trivia from China or India Unit -Write your own song Lyrics (you wont need to perform the song) -Create Slides on the topic in GoogleDocs and share them with Mr. White -Create a poetry book with at least 5 poems about your topic -Write a 1-2 research paper on your topic (Intro, Body, Conclusion)

30 Point Project Ideas -Construct a Structure/Sculpture (The Great Wall, Dragons, War Elephants) -Brochure (advertising a Dynasty, Empire, or philosophy/religion) -Create your own book (write a childrens story about your topic) -Write your own song lyrics and record them (CD or Music Video) -Research any topic in more depth and complete an Oral Presentation (with Keynote/PowerPoint) -Create a Map of China or India (outline all empires/civilizations, major cities, rivers and bodies of water, appropriate labels) -Tri-Fold -Create a Video Presentation (accurately portraying the topic, story, idea)
* If you have an idea for a project not listed, please ask Mr. White for approval * All Projects must be accompanied with a typed list of 5 Things to Know about your subject matter. (these must be 5 facts about your subject) * Students must complete a total of 30 points worth of projects. The 5 Things to Know is worth an additional 5 points.

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