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Creating wealth using the law of attraction

The Secret


The Secret Millionaire Blueprint

Millionaire Blueprint Creating wealth using the law of attraction The Secret Arfeen Khan .

all that I have learned has been possible only because of my family.This book is dedicated to my family and staff. Thank you! . All that has shaped my life. I have realized how much they mean to me.

loss or risk incurred as a consequence of using this information directly or There is no guarantee that every reader will get a two day seminar. and can. evict potential trouble-makers from the premises at any time. You will NOT be able to attend without registering ONLINE. without prior permission. for the live events. it is on a 'first-come-first-serve' basis. There will be a charge for any seminar material (Not compulsory). The seminar varies from a two day. for whatever reason it may deem are NOT guaranteed a seat. one day and/or a preview seminar depending on what is available in your location. Only admission to the program is complimentary. Please note that you are not paying for the seminar and that you are only paying for the book. accommodation. . food. The offer is subject to availability . Participants will have to arrange for their own travel. The author of this book and the company Peak Performance specifically disclaim any liability. Peak Performance/Arfeen Khan has the right to refuse admission to anyone. The two day seminar normally costs $ 900 worldwide and ` 20. The dates or venue of the preview seminar are subject to change.000 in India. Readers may use their discretion and seek competent professional opinion.6 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint TERMS & CONDITIONS* The offer for the complimentary webinar or live seminar is open to all purchasers of the book The Secret Millionaire Blueprint by Arfeen Khan This offer is valid only for the preview to The Secret Millionaire Blueprint Intensive Seminar and not for any other program offered by Arfeen Khan You can only attend the live event my registering online at www. This book is purely a motivational book and is not intended to provide financial or investment advice. Corporate houses and organizations may not invite more than two persons per company. at its discretion. etc. The seminar is complimentry.

and that one day. for allowing me my time and space in order to do what I love. My brothers and sisters. and if I am able to achieve that. I would first of all like to thank my father and my mother who are a constant motivating factor and the driving force behind my life. I would also like to thank my wife Sara. I have been able to get the support of so many people in this endeavour. I would succeed in whatever I did. Afshan. I cannot say that I have single-handedly written this book all by myself.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I wish with all my heart and deeply believe that this book will be read by millions who will surely benefit from it. Had I not learnt my basic values and principles from them. I was told by some of my school teachers that I did not have it in me to achieve success in life due to my poor academic performance. Rael. I shall consider my efforts successful. When I was a student. Whenever I see them. . I had made up my mind at that time that I would do my very best in life. I would never have achieved anything in life. Having an understanding partner is so crucial for success. I feel their unconditional love. Shahab and Shama. Thank you. have been the cement between the bricks. My sole aspiration is to change lives of people through this book.. I want to ac kn ow l edge th ose teac h ers f or i n di re c tly and unintentionally motivating me.

I would also like to thank Jim Rohn who was my first teacher in the world of personal development. there would be no Peak Performance. your support has been invaluable. Thank you. Tony doesn't usually give testimonials to anyone and I am honoured. guys. I would like to thank all my staff at Peak Performance. I would particularly like to thank the thousands of people who attend my seminars. please don't be disheartened but use it as fuel to empower yourself. Without you. I would like to thank God for guiding me in the correct direction.8 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint If anyone tells you that you cannot do something. Arfeen Khan . A very special word of gratitude to Anthony Robbins for his kind words and friendship. He knows all. And above all. and for his testimonial too.

Acknowledgements .................................................................7

Section One: The Money Blueprint ..................................15 Two Stories: The First Story ..........................................19 Two Stories: The Second Story ......................................23 So What’s the moral of the two stories? ......................26 The Invisible leads to The Visible .................................28 The First Step: Announce ..............................................32 I have a king-size mind ..................................................34 Money Blueprint: How it is sketched inside your mind .........................35 Auditory Programming ................................................39 Visual Programming .....................................................44 Incidental Programming ...............................................49 Changing the Programming ........................................51 What people have to say ...............................................54 Section Two: The Engines That Drive Millionaires .......57 Two Stories .......................................................................59 Millionaires are like 10-engine super Jumbo jets .......63 What your sub-conscious mind is saying: Take the Hypnosis Test and find out ..........................66 First Engine: Dare to Think Big: size does matter ........70 Exercise: Mind check ................................................71 Second Engine: Spirit of a Champion .........................79 Exercise: Reversal Analysis ....................................84


The Secret Millionaire Blueprint

Third Engine: Champions are Optimists ....................86 Exercise: Take the Optimism Test ..........................90 Fourth Engine: Champions Control Their Own Destiny .....................93 Exercise: Hard work, or Fate? ...............................98 Fifth Engine: Appreciation, not Envy for other successful people ...........................99 Exercise: Are you jealous of successful people? .................................................104 King-size quotes ...........................................................108 Sixth Engine: Positive Alliance ....................................110 Exercise: Friend watch ..........................................112 Seventh Engine: Qualities of a master salesperson ................................113 Exercise: Try practising these qualities as part of your lifestyle ..........................117 Eighth Engine: Rates based on assignments ..............118 Exercise: Fixed earning; what are your reasons? .........................................121 Ninth Engine: Face the greatest fears & problems boldly ...........................................................122 Exercise 1: Fighting the Fear factor .......................127 Exercise 2: Meditation cure ....................................129 Tenth Engine: Champions are good pupils ..............130 Exercise: Are you a good pupil? Try this test ..............................................................133

Section Three: The secret formula to attract wealth beyond your imagination .................................................137 The Law of Abundance ...............................................140 Want to see proof of the Law of Abundance? Check this ......................................................................141 The Law of Attraction ...................................................142 How the Law of Attraction came to be accepted .......143 Main principles of the Law of Attraction ...................144 How can you gain from the Law of Attraction? .........145 Exercise ....................................................................149 The Secret ......................................................................150 Exercise ....................................................................152 Phase I: Idealization .....................................................153 Phase II: Visualization .................................................154 Phase III: Affirmation ...................................................159 Phase IV: Desire ............................................................165 Phase V: Belief ..............................................................168 Phase VI: Actualization ...............................................171 Phase VII: Gratitude ....................................................173 What next? .....................................................................176 Recap ..............................................................................177

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if you just keep going. I wanted to prove to myself that even with broken tools. even happiness and joy! This may round a tad too dramatic. even when it seems impossible. it’s simply the truth. My journey has been a fantastic one. I have had the opportunity of working with and being influenced by some of the greatest minds from all walks of life. focus. Today I am 39 years old. if you just choose never to give up. my life’s mission was very simply defined: no pain. nobody and I mean nobody has had such a profound effect on me in such a short duration of time. In the 14 years of being an actor I have had many historical hits. I probably worked harder than any other man could have in my place. proudly wore my bruises as trophies. Today I am rich. I have never experienced such power. no gain. what the hell am I doing writing the foreword for Arfeen Khan’s book. then one day it will all make sense. even when you are hopeless and desperate. And that is because I wanted the impossible! I wanted to be the greatest story ever told. ‘The Secret Millionaire Blueprint’. In my 39 years of life. I’ve always chosen the harder path in search of my true inner potential. I met Arfeen only 36 or 37 days ago to be more specific. So now. faced my fears. even when it feels like you are all alone. and why am I doing this when I only just met Arfeen a month and few days ago? Yes.Foreword I have always endeavored to be my ‘Best’. my name is Hrithik Roshan and people call me a superstar. And so I fought my battles like a soldier at war. I have a beautiful family and some wonderful friends. I have a beautiful family. I have the love of millions of people all over the world for which I give gratitude every single day. . you will accomplish the ‘impossible’. energy. and I like to think that I achieved all of this mostly through my own hard work. and you will achieve all that you have desired. persistence and tenacity. and I would tell you what this man can do in either a thousand words or in this one simple sentence: “Arfeen Khan can and will change your entire life!” Out of all the people I have ever met in my life. very hard would be a gross understatement. almost a fairytale. if you just keep working hard enough. took on challenge after challenge head on! To say that I worked very. it will all be worth it. I wanted to be the best that I could be. stuck to my ‘mission’. but what can I say. famous and successful and often looked up to by young people for advice on how is to achieve success.

if you are someone who wants to explore. All he asked for was a commitment that I would do exactly as he said. which I did. . Now. then imagine what he could do for someone who really wants to change their life. as I do with every task I take up. of all the days that I have lived.I truly believe that the tools Arfeen has to offer can change the world for the better. no questions asked. I believe that if his wisdom and teachings can have such a dramatic effect on someone like me. discover. realize the true potential of everyday life. the past 30 odd days have been my happiest on all counts? If you are someone who wants to make a change. I gave it may 100% and what I gained in return was beyond my brightest imagination. at the risk of sounding even more dramatic. where have you been? The world needs you now! With all my gratitude. who on the face of it had very little scope to improve. then Arfeen is the man for you as his tools and teaching will get you there! Arfeen. Hrithik Roshan . love and respect. can I just say that.

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I have stayed strong on my mission of sharing the best tools and strategies to transform lives around the world. which is why I decided to update my book. All my best. For the last 19 years. you have taken an action that has given you an immediate and beneficial result – access to the first chapter of the newly revised and not-yet-released edition of my book. It is crucial for you to make the necessary changes within yourself so you are fully able to take advantage of all that is available to you. Arfeen Khan . I have pushed beyond my own limits and have had the privilege of helping over 200. The Secret Millionaire Blueprint. I have added in more recent examples and stories. technology and business. The Secret Millionaire Blueprint. interact with other students and let me know of your success. you have to constantly learn and grow.000 people in 34 countries shift their mindset and achieve their best possible often because I will be posting useful information and resources in the coming months. Although we may currently be making great advances in communication. the response was overwhelming and it was an instant success. When I first published my book in 2007. I look forward to our journey together and I want to hear from you! Ask questions. Congratulations on taking the first step towards creating the life of your dreams! By simply entering your name and email.Dear Future Millionaires. but the fundamentals of the book have stayed the same because they’re applicable to any economic climate. I love what I do! In all things. we must become aware of our internal dialogue. I hope you enjoy this free chapter and make sure to visit ArfeenKhan. Since then.

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The Money Blueprint 15 SECTION 1 THE MONEY BLUEPRINT .

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Bill Gates or Donald Trump how they made their first million. like beliefs and rules. the assumptions you make towards other people and situations and what actions you are willing to take. I would say with confidence that these men and women saw themselves as being successful long before they ever knew of or had access to the resources to make it so. If you were to ask Richard Branson. Your mindset affects how you view the world around you. Many factors influence your mindset. and we will examine these in more detail later in the book. . Your mindset can bring you complete happiness or total despair. but what is amazing is that it is all your choice. What do I mean by mindset? I am talking about your attitude or thoughts towards what is possible (or impossible) for you to achieve in your life. they just may tell you it began with their mindset. Oprah.The Money Blueprint: 17 SECTION ONE THE MONEY BLUEPRINT Creating money with your mind is the most obvious and often the most overlooked step in the wealth building process.

Your blueprint can also be referred to as your plan. career. Or how there are many self-made millionaires who lost everything then built it back.” I still wholeheartedly believe the above to be true and what I want to add to that is a life of unlimited wealth in all areas. their reputation and their respect? How did they obtain fortune and financial freedom more than once? .18 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint In my first book. What then shall follow is a life harmonized with strands of peace. relationships. love and harmony. inner joy and serenity. It can all be yours. but for some reason or another. but first we need to talk about your blueprint. I said. You can. including money. a life that throbs with creativity. It’s your choice. strategy or map. we can live a vital and vibrant life. How did they regain their money. couldn’t manageit and lost it all? There have been many attempts to analyze why some people become wealthy from humble beginnings and others lose everything after being millionaires. You will. If I asked you to find the similarities between Oprah. plus some. that overflows with joy. what would you say? What did they all have in common? Did they have their life handed to them or did they have to work hard for everything they have? What about people who were born rich. The essence of the life we are gifted with lies in understanding. The intention of this book is to show you how to create the blueprint of a millionaire so you can be sure to achieve everything you want and more. managing and controlling our mind. health and spirituality. It’s what you do to plot out what you’re creating in your mind. Richard Branson and others. “By understanding and managing the mind alone.

the same blueprint that can bring about financial freedom can also be the one that pulls you up when disaster strikes. yet strange as it may sound. . It is intangible.The Money Blueprint: First Story 19 It all comes down to your money blueprint. If it’s strong enough. something that can’t be seen or felt. it is the guiding spirit behind all of your major financial developments.

20 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint .

The Money Blueprint: First Story 21 .

22 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint .

The Money Blueprint: Second Story 23 .

24 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint .

The Money Blueprint: Second Story 25 .

26 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint .

The Money Blueprint: Moral of the two stories 27 .

to the goal of . Think of a computer program. but it does not mean that they do not exist.28 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint THE INVISIBLE LEADS TO THE VISIBLE Look around you. but who can actually see the cause? Why not take the m ore hum ble example of electromagnetic waves? I bet you spend a great deal of time talking over your cell phone. They do exist and that is the reason why you do all that talking on your cell phone! If you never saw or met your grandfather. you can clearly figure out that there is an invisible cause. just like a roadmap. and that is why you exist. which is the visible result. there are many examples that suggest that the invisible leads to the visible. The user can see the better performance. you cannot see the waves. Or take the example of a car. To improve its performance. In our every day life. you need to replace it with superior engine oil. In all of the above examples. too. But can you see the electromagnetic waves that transfer your voice to the person on the other side of he phone? No. This is the map that guides everyone. With everything that you see. Everyone can see the output. which leads to a visible result. but the user cannot see the program code that runs the show. you need to change the program code. Your money-map is the invisible cause that leads to your wealth. To improve its output and performance. there are countless systems or activities that you don’t. does that mean he never existed? Of course he did.

their fans are overjoyed and put their heroes on a pedestal. and you receive compliments. Your mental world rules your physical world. the very same fans are irate. When they play well and score centuries or goals for the country or for the team. 90% of people cannot utilize this map and they end up with a bleak financial future. Unfortunately. Very few fans actually sit down to analyze why their favorite players are . If you are in a good mood. All that happens in your physica world is really a result and a manifestation of the working of your mental world.The invisible leads to the visible 29 money and wealth. Wouldn’t you agree that when your mind is troubled you end up with poorer output? Can you swear that your output is always uniform at all times. you enjoy working. When the same players fail to perform. The results of your work are excellent. too. even under stressful mental conditions? YOUR MENTAL WORLD YOUR PHYSICAL WORLD You have seen the performance of cricketers and other players swinging vastly from excellent to poor.

Apart from being public figures. in London. how there was always a shortfall of funds. large numbers of people come up to me to discuss their financial problems. I meet hundreds of people in my Secret Millionaire Blueprint Seminars. the same way in which our physical world is affected by our minds. ArfeenKhan. He spoke to me at length about some financial difficulties that he had been experiencing. At every seminar. but rather it is merely a symptom of the real problem. but it is often a symptom of some other disease that is within . They believe it is a disease and they consult a doctor. (check www.30 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint sometimes perfect and at other times in poor form. Think of it this way. so I advise them to pay careful attention to what I have to say during the seminar in order to find the answers to their questions. it is the master controller. expecting an instant solution. I explained to him that a lack of money is not the problem. many young men reaching their thirties often face the problem of hair loss. these players are also human beings. the CPU of the human body. I remember meeting an elderly gentleman. the invariable problem of a lack of enough money. Their physical world is also affected by their minds. It scares them. which plays pranks. Mr. The reason is the same. They are people first and players for upcoming dates and locations). the mind. It is not always possible for me to listen to each person individually due to time constraints. Greg Thompson. who explains to them that hair loss is not a disease.

There is a block in their mental world that prohibits them from realizing their dreams in the physical world.” but they don’t do anything about it. but it’s the steps that you take to make those wishes come true that determine your financial future. Why wasn’t Greg making money? Why don’t most people make the kind of money they desire? They spend most of their life chasing money only to come up short. . Having a wish list is fine. I explained to Greg that his actual problem was in his mental world. They say. Diagnosing and treating that disease often stops the problem.The invisible leads to the visible 31 them. which was showing results in his physical world. “I wish I could make more money.

After breakfast. right? Let me guide you through the process of transformation from ordinary-sized to king-sized. buy the surprise gift for your darling wife wondering how she’ll react to it. drop your child at school on your way to the office.32 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint THE FIRST STEP: ANNOUNCE Are you really serious about changing your financial future? Do you want to lead a king-sized life yourself rather than read about millionaires and watch their interviews? Do you want to see yourself in their place? You want to see others drawing inspiration from your interviews. meet with your tax lawyer after that to discuss tax deductions. when it suddenly strikes you that you forgot to inform your driver that your son had a half-day at school. You try to remember all those chores you must do. complete the office tasks by 6 p. If only it hadn’t slipped your mind. Use any device that you are comfortable . You then call home and your wife gives you a piece of her mind. you leave home. So why burden your mind and memory when you can easily write things down? Jotting down the day’s plan in advance is an excellent way to improve your professional and social life..m. this one mistake has spoiled your entire day. You wake up in the morning and start planning your day. Just as a single drop of limejuice can spoil an entire bowl of milk. Has it ever happened to you that you started with a list of tasks to be accomplished during the day and wound up forgetting a few? It happens with everyone.

It is much more systematic than trying to commit things to memory.The first step: Announce 33 with such as a small diary. tasks and targets are written in large letters on a white board as a constant reminder or they are monitored on shared computer software that everyone can access. So what do you want to achieve? If it’s to be a millionaire. bold font. anything at all. write that down on several white sheets of paper with a marker or print copies off of your computer in large. your cell phone. . In fact. computer. an organizer. iPad. If you see them all of the time. In any modern office. See how easily you improve at managing your tasks and how much faster things get accomplished. employees and leaders are asked to write down their tasks and targets and pin them up some place where they can see them all of the time. you stay focused on the project benchmarks and become more efficient in your productivity. Writing things down is the first step to getting things done.

. Because when others get to know about your goal. Let others see your oath. Make these words your computer and cell phone desktop and screensaver. Do not worry about what others might think. Remember. or even on your bathroom mirror. for running away. the kitchen. Put them up everywhere in your house where you spend the maximum part of your day.34 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint I HAVE A KING-SIZE MIND I WILL BE A MILLIONAIRE IN TWO YEARS' TIME Do not keep these sheets of paper hidden somewhere out of sight. This is an open announcement of your goal and these words will be staring at you all of the time for the next two years as a daily reminder of your oath. Post them in your office. This open announcement will close all doors for turning back. Don’t let it bother you if it becomes a topic of their discussion. let it work as a catalyst in helping you move towards your goal. the journey of a thousand miles begins with one tiny step. It will only strengthen your determination to move forward. Pin them up in your study. you will not be able to step back from it. your bedroom. There is only one way to go: up ahead and forward towards your goal. This is your first tiny step.

I explained that kissing is something very naturalamong human beings. He enthralled me with his childish pranks. By encouraging him to cover his eyes each time a kiss was shown on the screen. He looked away and even closed his eyes in disapproval. This bothered me. among other things. kissing was something very shameful. so I had a talk with my friend and told him that he had inadvertently programmed his child’s mind with the wrong signals. my friend had actually damaged the programming of his son. drank and laughed. It automatically made him close his eyes and . Great company and wonderful food made the evening delightful. The television was on and a romantic movie played in the background as we ate. His child and all children should learn that everyone in the family can show affection. To the child. I soon noticed that the child showed signs of uneasiness whenever there was a kissing scene in the film. He had conveyed the wrong message to him. it is an expression of love. some delicious biryani and chicken tikka masala.The Money Blueprint: How it is sketched inside your mind 35 THE MONEY BLUEPRINT: HOW IT IS SKETCHED INSIDE YOUR MIND I once spent an evening at a friend’s home where his wife had cooked. but their seven-yearold son was a source of additional entertainment for me. It wasn’t difficult for me to imagine that the boy must have been told to look away each time something similar was shown on television.

Only altering the machine’s program can ensure your being a millionaire. you will have to alter the program that runs the machine. it’s because of the program that runs in the I still don’t know if my good friend took measures to correct that situation. The same methods are taught more intensely and in greater depth for more effective results in my Secret Millionaire Blueprint Seminars held worldwide (www. When you play on them.ArfeenKhan. There is an electronic program that operates the slot machine that decides that perhaps for every 100 games played. there will be one random million-dollar jackpot winner.36 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint feel nervous whenever he saw two people kiss on screen. So if you wish to hit the jackpot every time. you secretly hope to win a fortune. yet at the back of your mind. If you’re not where you want to be. in order to be a millionaire and to live a kingsized life. having fun is the primary aim. Similarly. The programming of your money blueprint starts at a very young age. you need to reverse and change the . Read this book carefully and you can successfully alter your money blueprint and set it right. But why is it that very few people make a fortune from the slot machine? Again. but I hope he did. Let’s now take the example of the game of slot machines. I will help you understand where your money blueprint went wrong and also how you can rectify it. Just as this boy’s mind was programmed in this situation. Our financial future is a result of the way our money blueprint has been programmed and it can either be magnificent or disastrous. certain factors also program our money blueprint.

• Incidental Programming: Specific incidents that have occurred in your life. These factors have seasoned and programmed your mind and your money blueprint throughout your life beginning from early childhood. A number of influences are responsible for the programming of your money blueprint as it stands today. . • Visual Programming: What you have seen.The Money Blueprint: How it is sketched inside your mind 37 programming of your mind and therefore your money blueprint. especially seeing your parents deal with money. • Auditory Programming: Whatever you have heard from early childhood onwards about money and money management.

Take a look .38 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint The flow chart given below depicts how your financial future is shaped.

from chandeliers to wine glasses. Did you always get what you wanted? I can bet you didn’t. or worse.” All these reactions have. “No. The human mind also is molded from a very young age when it is stilltender and malleable. You may have started believing that money wasn’t something that could be easily obtained. including building the money blueprint within it. little by little. that it is evil or people with money are evil. Exquisite glassware. Rewind your memory and try to remember how your parents reacted when you desperately wanted them to buy you something in your childhood days. Thus. Deep inside your mind you may have formed an unfavorable picture of money and rich people. “We don’t have the money now. I’m sure your requests and demands were often met with firm denial and reactions like. Such prejudices have been hindering your clear thought and have caused deep . is shaped when the materialis soft. the early auditory influences are very crucial inshaping our minds. influenced your pattern of thought and shaped your money blueprint.Auditory Programmning 39 AUDITORY PROGRAMMING Whatever we hear during childhood has a very powerful influence on our lives.” or perhaps you just got a fierce glare that said. Itis one of the strongest influences that conditions a person’s mind and molds it.” or “Money doesn’t grow on trees.

I asked him to visit me at my office a few days later so that I could hear his story in greater detail and offer help. Br. Doobah.) Vikram approached me during the break and told me his problem was that he could not hold on to his millions. It soon appeared to me that the teacher’s . (Several millionaires attend my seminars to learn how they can take their business to the next level. Vikram Manjreker. Philanthropy has been on the rise over the last few years with many celebrities and high profile industrialists donating their money and their time to charitable causes.40 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint abrasions in your mind and in your money blueprint. I am reminded of Mr. a Mumbai-based businessman in his forties. When I think about the act of giving back. whom I met at one of the Secret Millionaire Blueprint Seminars that I was conducting in India. I learned that Vikram came from a Christian missionary school background where the greater part of his formative years were influenced by a teacher. who later became the Principal of the school where Vikram had studied. you use your influence and resources to ‘give back’ to those around you. Vikram was a real estate developer earning millions already. It has become a trend that when you reach a level of prosperity. What if you thought of it another way? Perhaps you would change your perspective on money and wealthy people if you focused on all of the good that can be done with it. thus preventing you from going ahead and conquering financial heights.

he wasn’t doing it consciously. it was his subconscious mind that w a s s e n d i n g o u t d i s a p p r o v i n g s i g n als of the accumulation of wealth. He was able to identify the damaged circuits and he understood what he needed to do.” “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. He did so and was able to understand that his money blueprint was in desperate need of change and reconditioning. He thought up a solution himself.” etc.Auditory Programmning 41 influence on his life was deeper than average. when Vikram became wealthy.” “money doesn’t buy happiness. . Vikram was losing all of the wealth that he was making. For Vikram. So for understandable reasons. “money is the root of all evil. These statements had conditioned the subconscious mind of young Vikram over the years in such a way that they instilled in him a sense of disapproval of the rich. his subconscious mind didn’t want the teacher’s disapproval. He had been deeply attached to his teacher and later on in life. whereby he would not have to face the disapproval of his mentor. stinking rich or evil? Mind you.” “filthy rich. What else could he do but get rid of his excess wealth since he didn’t want to be filthy rich. Experts say that our subconscious mind listens to our emotions rather than to our reasoning. this was definitely the case. I asked him to attend my next Secret Millionaire Blueprint Seminar that was coming up in New Delhi the following month. My hour-long conversation with Vikram revealed that he had often heard from his mentor statements like.

but also a multi-millionaire? Not even a multimillionaire. Doobah and told him that he’d like to acquire the land adjacent to the school so that an additional wing could be built for its increasing number of students. What if your goal in life was to become not just a millionaire. a billionaire? How much change could you create in your community? Andrew Carnegie made a decision in his life that he was going to create abundance in wealth with the direct purpose of giving it all away. Approval from his mentor on the issue of money brought about the major change in his money blueprint and consequently in his financial career. Imagine that you have the ability to create an abundance of wealth. What if you gave away 90% of the money in your will when you die. Quite interestingly. the Principal took a new stand on wealth and today publicly praises Vikram and commends his generosity. but that 10% of that was left over and it was so much that generations of your family could survive? . so much so that you can now share that wealth with other people. He now celebrates his abundance instead of feeling badly about it. also funding the cost of construction for the new building.42 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint Vikram met Br. He did this as a charitable gesture towards his school. Bill Gates made a similar decision and now others are following suit. Vikram is doing quite well now and has expanded his construction business to other Indian metros.

.Auditory Programmning 43 Later in the book. permanently eliminate your negative money beliefs and give back to causes close to your heart. we will discuss further ways you can change the influences of auditory programming.

44 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint VISUAL PROGRAMMING What you see is what you…learn. The boss decided to keep a register where they had to compulsorily fill in the arrival and departure timings (before automated swipe cards came into use). One day a woman employee was the first to enter the office. but old habits change hard and they started reporting late all over again. Not a single day went by when the workers arrived on time. We copy what we like. She wrote her . walking or talking and we emulate it. The basic human nature of being copycats is illustrated in the following examples. We buy the latest fashions because that is what we see on screen or in the pages of glossy magazines. Example #1 The discipline in an office kept dropping each day with the employees regularly coming in late. But they soon discovered an easy solution – the first one who entered late jotted down his reason and the others marked “ditto” below it. The boss wanted a better plan so he came up with the idea that employees would have to mention the reason for their delay if they entered 15 minutes later than the scheduled reporting time. Qualities that you see and admire in others do not take a lot of time to creep into your system. Once again. We like someone’s style of dressing. we are copycats. For the next few days all employees were on time. late as usual. for the next few days all employees arrived on time. Knowingly or unknowingly.

our money blueprint is an exact copy of the money blueprint . those cats were disturbing me. “Yes. so I had them tied up. There were supposed to be nine cats tied to a pole on the eastern point of the worship ground. “Visited my doctor to discuss my pregnancy. on a similarly grand level.” replied the guru. logically or illogically. we are all copycats. “please save me. All the preparations are completed. “I have arranged for the religious ceremony just like yours.” All the other employees who entered after her wrote “ditto” below that line. but only seven cats had been found. The king was disappointed. By default. I had noticed that you had kept nine cats tied to a pole facing the east. Guruji. What can I do now?” he grieved. except for two cats.Visual Progaramming 45 excuse. knowingly or unknowingly. his men returned to him emptyhanded. Everything was almost perfect except two cats were needed to complete the setup.” “Oh. that he later tried arranging a ceremony exactly like that.” “What is wrong?” asked the spiritual teacher. They didn’t even look to see what they were copying! Example #2 A king who was the disciple of a great spiritual teacher was so impressed by a grandiose religious ceremony arranged by the guru.” he pleaded. “Oh great Guruji. time was running out. In most cases. “Two cats?” asked the spiritual teacher with astonishment. but after several hours. He ran to his teacher to ask for a solution. He ordered his men to set out in all directions to find two more cats.

Ever seen millionaires who prefer to fly economy class? There are plenty of them. we will invariably see that some of these millionaires are a product of middle class struggling parents who had to keep an account of every penny that they earned. We may think. Ever heard the phrases. since they have always seen how difficult it is to earn it. . These millionaires find it difficult to take business risks with their money. but where the monetary blueprint is concerned. This means we deal with money in more or less the same way as our parents dealt with it. they cannot vent their frustrations by openly protesting. their children cannot shed the money blueprint sketched by their parents. thereby hurting their parents.46 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint of our parents. But if we scratch beneath the surface. Millionaires with a distorted money blueprint find it difficult to multiply their money to its optimum growth in the long run. “angry young man” or “angry generation?” Why do young people grow angry? What is at the root of all of this angst? Many young people are not happy with the way money is dealt with by their parents. But not everyone’s money blueprint becomes a clone of that of their parents. Try as they may. act and dress differently from our parents. it has been formed in our minds by seeing how our parents dealt with money matters. we cannot change it. Is it their modesty that makes them do that? Perhaps it is. but living at papa and mama’s mercy.

family and money matters so they spend more time outside. they do prosper and become abundant.Visual Progaramming 47 These young people have a feeling of deprivation that builds up and envelops them. save and when they actually arrive at that stage where they can be in control. The challenge gave them the ability to stretch beyond what they knew and to find another way. What is their secret? How do they detach from the old images that were part of their life for so long? I believe the success comes from the challenge. they are tired. there is another group of young people who dream of the day they will earn their first pay. Of course. These young people want to make their own rules so when they finally do become economically independent. They can’t wait to change all of the rules. work hard. They become complacent with their earnings. It infuriates them that they cannot change anything about their home. but the ultimate success is who you become in the process of creating that wealth. they go in exactly the opposite direction as that of their parents. there is another group of young people who take a different path. some going as far as taking drugs to escape. And all of those dynamic dreams that they had nurtured not so long ago begin to vanish. work hard. . What happens then? Do they become king-sized this way? Hardly ever. The key here and one of the basic principles ofthis book is that the drive may be for the money. They settle. Unlike the first group who rebelled against what their arents did. save and when the time is right. They see their parents struggle.

They then. I will discuss a little later in the book how you can start reconditioning your mind to reverse your fears and any other negative visual programming. nor can we see what lies beyond death. Whatever we cannot see creates fear within us. Since we do not know what lies ahead in the future. makes people hoard their wealth. If any of these people ever become millionaires.48 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint Now. Security as the driving force is actually the fear of insecurity. The fear factor cannot be a winning formula. In several of my Secret Millionaire Blueprint seminars people have stated security as the main reason behind their desire to grow. this fear will get transformed into another form of fear – the fear of losing what they have made. . this fear of the unknown. pass down this fear to the next generation. That is why people are afraid of the dark or afraid of death. We cannot see what is ahead in the dark. Accumulating wealth from fear of an uncertain future can never be the example of a champion money blueprint. it’s not easy to forget the fear we may have seen in the eyes of our parents with regard to money and wealth – fear of the uncertainty of the future. especially when dealing with money. usually unwittingly.

is my friend and neighbor in London.Incidental Programming 49 INCIDENTAL PROGRAMMING William. Money came and went. or Bill. I was taken aback because I’d never imagined he’d be in any financial difficulty. he heard the sound of gunshots and saw flashes of light.15 feet away. The next thing he saw was the gruesome . Bill said he lived in Soho. A motorbike stopped very close to them.” he chided. It was not easy. To understand his problem. about 10 . Antonio was also playing with them. when life is the sum total of millions of incidents. to cite one single incident as the cause for what was happening. “What’s wrong? Why is my money just draining away?” he asked. I had to learn about his past. though. screeching to a halt. It was a routine Sunday evening and the young boys of the locality were playing cricket. In no time. one of them with a pistol in hand. he had witnessed something quite horrifying. Soho was quite a notorious place then and his neighbor was a rich and successful Spanish builder by the name of Antonio Garcia Marcos. a murder right in front of him. but not mine. London. I got to know that he was doing pretty well in his music business but he just couldn’t keep the money with him. Bill told me that at the age of 14. After having a long talk on his financial matters. “You solve the financial difficulties of everyone else. He was able to see two masked men. as I call him. Among other things. flowing away like water through the fingers of his hands.

. We will go into this in greater detail later in the book. but the memory of this incident could not be erased from Bill’s mind for months. The killers were caught. Bill could hear sounds of gunfire and see blinding flashes of light. Bill was a victim of incidental conditioning of the mind and his money blueprint had shaped up in such a manner that he subconsciously wanted to get rid of his money. he found ways to get rid of it. This incident that Bill had witnessed in his childhood led him to believe that financial success would lead him to his death. perhaps in a similarly ghastly manner. whenever he made money. Antonio died within minutes. His father took him to some of the best psychiatrists of the city and he was under treatment for a very long time. I invited Bill to a series of my Secret Millionaire Blueprint seminars and today Bill has overcome his fear arising from incidental programming.50 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint sight of Antonio lying in a pool of blood while the two men sped away. The reverse action is a reconditioning of the mind and of the money blueprint. He recently married his childhood sweetheart and they are abundant in many ways. but for weeks and weeks. most often by overspending. He used the tools that I will outline in this book to help him move beyond his barriers and towards a compelling future. Our money blueprints are often programmed by certain incidents that leave a deep mark on our lives. As a result. sight of Antonio lying in a pool of blood while the two men sped away.

You are not required to write down everything within 15 minutes. I want you to become conscious of how it has been programmed. this is not a test. Fill in the following lines or do this exercise in a journal. we will begin the process of rebuilding your money blueprint so that it is clear in your mind and you are ready to take action. but this exercise will spark your unconscious mind and bring awareness of how and why your mind has been shaped in money matters. 1. You may need a few days to remember a point worth noting.Changing the Programming 51 CHANGING THE PROGRAMMING I invite you to take the very first step towards changing your money blueprint. What did you hear and how did it affect the way you feel about money? . From there. What have you heard since you were a child? What have you seen since you were in school? What are some specific incidents that may have shaped your money blueprint? Sit somewhere comfortable and where you will not be interrupted.

Were there any specific incidents that occurred that affect the way you feel about money? .52 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint 2. What did you see and how did it affect the way you feel about money? 3.

Changing the Programming 53 The first step towards a change is being conscious of the auditory. Your thoughts need not be an extension of the opinions of others. You are a complete person with your own identity and it is not necessary for you to live in the shadow of thers. You can and will refresh your life with your own thinking and programming. visual andincidental influences on your life. It is possible to disconnect oneself from parental and other programming. it will be easier for you to disconnect yourself from them. I have seen parents who are superstitious. free from superstition and undesirable influences. . Announce that you are a different person. take an oath that you can overcome all of the negative thinking and can emerge as a person with your own original thoughts. It will always remind you of your oath. Once you are aware of the factors that have induced these three forms of programming. rint your announcements and display them where you can constantly see them. You can become a millionaire with a king-sized mind. but whose children have grown up to be rational and logical.

. ..54 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint WHAT PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY.

What people have to say 55 .

Blank .

The engines that drive millionaires 57 SECTION 2 THE ENGINES THAT DRIVE MILLIONAIRES .

Blank .

It was the early days of the internet. Their list kept growing longer each day. unsophisticated. Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web. The dictionary definition of the word was 'rude. Their personal list was soon made available on the internet for their friends. they made headings and sub-headings to manage it. not very long ago. and their site started off with the initial name. and by November 1994 they had already seen a million viewers visiting their website! . Two young students of the Stanford University who were great buddies loved surfing the net from their campus trailer in which they lived. Yahoo is also an acronym for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. When the list was rather extensive.The engines that drive millionaires 59 SECTION TWO THE ENGINES THAT DRIVE MILLIONAIRES TWO STORIES The year was 1994. and uncouth' .it went with their mood. Another favourite hobby of these electrical engineering students was to add names of websites to the list of their favourite sites that they had come across. David and Jerry favourites' list became a big success. The two friends Jerry Yang and David Filo soon fell in love with the name Yahoo.

as the chief executive officer and Jeffrey Mallett. took off on a large scale. Yahoo has offices in Europe. free email service. Atari. hosting solutions. Australia. by selling 2. The two friends were smart enough to hire a proper management team with Tim Koogle. with headquarters in Sunnyvale. news. gaming. Ultimately they succeeded in convincing Silicon Valley venture capitalist Sequoia Capital (Venture Capitalist of Apple. a veteran of Motorola and an alumnus of the Stanford engineering department. It offers multiple solutions like instant messaging.60 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint Filo and Yang soon understood the huge potential business waiting for them.8 million. founder of Novell's WordPerfect consumer division. It has different sites in many different countries. .yahoo. Today 'Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web' is the top global internet communications. raising US$33. Canada and US. But these two young students were not made of ordinary stuff. Yahoo started with its new high-profile team in April 1996 with just 49 employees. streaming audio-video.6 million shares at US$13 each. Yahoo had its initial public offering on April 12. commerce and media company serving over 345 million users every month across the globe. advertising. Asia. It was not an easy task for two young students with no business experience to get finance. social connection building (Yahoo 360 degrees) and lots more. as the Chief Operating Officer. California. Cisco and Oracle) who agreed to finance them with US$2 million in April 1995 and www. search engine. and approached several venture capitalists in order to expand their business. Latin America.

They wanted to improve upon the existing techniques and unscientific methods of ranking websites in search engine listings. from a friend's garage with very little space. The name www.stanford. who were spending long hours on research which they believed would change the way people searched information on the internet. then listen to the next one: It was January 1996. I have to choose the right people.. in Menlo Park. 1998. allocate the right number of dollars. and transmit ideas from one division to another with the speed of light. Page and Brin started their own search engine as part of the Website of Stanford University. they formally started their company Google Inc. I only have three things to do. Jack Welch If this story sounds like a modern fairytale with a happy ending. So I'm really in the business of being the gatekeeper and the transmitter of ideas. They based their thesis on search engine listing by the importance of a website.The engines that drive millionaires 61 Focus on a few key objectives . 1997. . clean. The simple. Larry Page and Sergey Brin. This is the tale of two other 24-year old Stanford University PhD was registered on Sep A year later on Sep 7. with the domain name:

Today Google receives 1 billion search requests everyday and is estimated to have over 450. ranking world number one. Mountain View. and moved their offices to 165. The motto of Google has always been 'Don't Be Evil'. Soon Google once again shifted to their present address.62 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint Obviously everyone wants to be successful. but I want to be looked back on as being very innovative. NASA and Google are planning to work together in a variety of fields. which was the place from where many other Silicon Valley giants had started their journey. improved. From 2000. Google Inc. very trusted and ethical and ultimately making a big difference in the world. The company and its employees in its growing number of offices worldwide believe in it. Google concentrated on increasing revenue from advertisements and soon captured 54% of the search engine market. California. in Palo Alto in 1999. Google announced a long-term research partnership with NASA which would involve Google building a 1-million square foot R&D centre at NASA's Ames Research Centre. This is the secret of Google's success. . University Avenue. Sergey Brin Google Founder un-distracting white page of Google quickly attracted a large number of internet users who did not like to be distracted by unwanted text and graphics on the search page. follow it. Googleplex.000 servers. and have achieved success from this motto.

Honestly speaking. I clubbed together the two stories of Yahoo and Google for various reasons. All those students do not cause a phenomenon like Google and Yahoo to happen. They have a lot in common. you will discover the secrets of these 10 power-packed super turbo jet engines which provide the POWER to millionaires for flying high and up. Firstly they are the #1 and #2 search engines and websites by popularity. the students had the mental power comparable to super Jumbo jets. Ordinary planes fly on 2 engines but jumbo jets fly on 4. As you proceed. You might say here that these boys were academically merited. Instead most of them would be happy to take up what . Both started in a small way but grew phenomenally. they are two giants. The minds and money blueprints of these four students matched the powerful mind-engines of millionaires.Millionaires are like 10-engine super Jumbo jets 63 MILLIONAIRES ARE LIKE 10-ENGINE SUPER JUMBO JETS I equate millionaires to super Jumbo jets that fly using 10 engines. The maximum engines seen on a plane are 8. But then there are hundreds of thousands of brilliant students graduating from colleges and universities every year. But most importantly. But millionaires are champions who are no less than super Jumbo jets powered by 10 turbo jet engines. away from everyone's reach. Secondly. or 'Spruce Goose'). In the previous article. made by legendary aviator Howard Hughes (H-4 Hercules. both companies were started by two pairs of students. in both cases.

Now that is the difference I am talking about. you cannot make a massive super Jumbo jet fly with weak propeller engines.” This is an answer typical of unsuccessful people. or the structure will collapse. So what was the composition of the minds of these four students who became multi-billionaires in less than a decade? We shall discuss all this in this section. everybody is not so lucky as them. your mind has been seasoned and conditioned for several years to give it the shape that it has acquired today. They justify their failure by passing on the blame to luck and fate. Similarly. There is a filter installed in your mind called the sub-conscious mind. or a skyscraper out of wood. The minds of these students were made of the right stuff. When you think you can do something. You need the right stuff. always. which filters everything first. There is no point in saying “Those four were lucky. You need the right material to make the right thing. They do not become the owners of such companies. the stuff with the power of 10 super turbo jet engines.64 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint they would believe to be a good job in a company like Google or Yahoo. your . At your age. Reading and accepting the principles and secrets that form millionaires' minds is not an easy task. changing and re-shaping your mind is not as easy as it would have been in your childhood. As I mentioned in the previous section. This subconscious mind is very devious. You cannot make a huge bridge out of plastic.

inherent ideas. in conflict with your thoughts. This is an extremely interesting test and I want you to take it. in a competitive situation although you make the best efforts to convince yourself “I shall be the winner”. bring out the thoughts that are lurking inside your subconscious mind. . your subconscious mind keeps reminding you of your past failures. It filters out your positive thoughts and allows entry of your deep-rooted negative fears. No doubt. It sits inside you. You will encounter a completely new line of thought in this section but your subconscious mind will try to stop those ideas. or why would you be reading this book in the first place? But what does your subconscious mind want? You can find out. There will be a conflict of new ideas trying to enter your mind and your subconscious mind fighting back and resisting them with your old inbuilt. with 99% success rate.Millionaires are like 10-engine super Jumbo jets 65 subconscious mind is perhaps telling you the opposite. you want to be rich and successful. to bring your subconscious thoughts to the forefront. There is a very powerful test that can. This test is actually a selfhypnosis. For example. This becomes the cause of yet another failure.

Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality. I want to be rich. You can make one. draw a simple diagram on a clean white sheet of paper like the one illustrated on the next page. no time with the family. using a small bob or weight such as a finger ring hanging from a string. Am I ready to take up all these changes in my life just to get rich? Your subconscious mind is hesitating and is likely to filter out the new ideas which you will be exposed to. no weekends. For this experiment you need a small pendulum. becoming an easy target for borrowers. Include the words YES. NO and NOT SURE in your . Without thinking.66 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint WHAT YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND IS SAYING: TAKE THE HYPNOSIS TEST AND FIND OUT Is your subconscious mind ready to make the change? Do you actually want to be rich? I know your answer. Earl Nightingale Next. Let's find out what your subconscious mind wants. giving up all hobbies and pastimes. those ideas which form an integral part of all rich and successful people. you will reply “Yes. very long working days. like the one in the picture alongside.” But your subconscious mind might think that being rich means hard work.

Alternately you can use a clean photocopy of this diagram of the Hypnotic Circle.What your subconscious mind is saying: Take the Hypnosis Test and find out 67 diagram. Remember. no noise pollution whatsoever during the experiment on Hypnosis. Make sure there are no dogs barking. no doorbells telephones / cell phones ringing. HYPNOTIC CIRCLE YES NO NO YES . you will need an absolutely peaceful environment in order to successfully conduct this experiment. no children playing around you.

allowing the other end with the pendulum to hang freely (see picture on page 65) over the diagram of the Hypnotic Circle. If you are not sure of an answer. keep asking questions one after another. questions from your life. “Am I married?” or “Do I have children?” Ask yourself these questions and see what happens. The pendulum will start moving within 2 minutes (sometimes within seconds) in the direction of the right answer.g. “no” or “not sure”. think of some questions whose answers are known to you. if the answer to your question. Bring the pendulum to a complete rest over the point where the two straight lines cross. The pendulum being an . you will find the pendulum oscillating in a clockwise circle. Ask questions which can be answered by YES or NO or NOT SURE. instead of following one of the straight lines. “Am I married?” is “Yes”. It is science. When the pendulum is stationary. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING. What was happening really? Was it some sort of a miracle? No. You will be astonished the first time you conduct this experiment. e. No finger movement from you at all. This means. Once the movement starts. the answers of which are known to you. ALL YOU SHOULD DO IS THINK OF THE QUESTIONS.68 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint Sit down comfortably and hold one end of the string between two fingers. You can't ask questions such as. “Who was my best friend in school?” because the answer can only be in “yes”. then the pendulum will start oscillating along the line of YES.

peakperformanceseminars. The answer that you will get is the honest confession of your subconscious mind. it means that there is no conflict between your thoughts and your subconscious mind. ask yourself the vital question . read my book till the very end. log on to www. Now. . or “not sure”. then your subconscious mind is probably not still ready for the change that you have been dreaming of. Your mind was asking the questions and your subconscious mind was answering them.What your subconscious mind is saying: Take the Hypnosis Test and find out 69 inanimate object cannot move by itself unless you make it go through the ideas explained here and come back to the experiment after you have finished reading the book and see if the results of the Hypnosis Test are the same. Two complimentary passes to the seminar preview are given along with this book. If the pendulum sways in the direction of “no”. Ask related questions like “Am I open to change and new ideas?”. You are most probably the type of person who will readily accept the ideas discussed in this section. What you can do is.“Am I ready to be a millionaire?” See how your subconscious mind reacts. It was your subconscious mind that was controlling your hand to make the pendulum move towards the correct answer. dates and venue. “Am I ready to sacrifice my weekends?” If the answers are all in the affirmative. For more information on schedules. You will come across many such spectacular experiments in my Secret Millionaire Blueprint Intensive Seminars held worldwide. “Am I ready to work very hard?”.

thinks larger than life. he established Kingfisher Airlines which soon carved a niche for itself. Do you think Dr Vijay Mallya was born with the millionaire's blueprint? Of course he was. believe in it all richest men in India with a the way. the group has grown into a multinational conglomerate of over 60 companies.2 unquestionable. implicitly and net worth of over US$1.70 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint FIRST ENGINE: DARE TO THINK BIG . In 2005.SIZE DOES MATTER Dr. Vijay Mallya. Mallya receives substantial press coverage that focuses on his lavish parties and his yacht. He's a man who works hard. the Indian Empress. just like his role model Sir Richard Branson. He always thinks BIG. football. cricket and horse-racing. This is a man who lives life king-size. Apart from these businesses. Vijay Mallya is associated with Formula 1 racing. enjoys making money and enjoys spending it. Do you think he would ever be bogged down by challenges? Never. chairman of the United Breweries Group and Kingfisher When you believe in a Airlines is one of the thing. After Mallya took Walt Disney over as Chairman of the UB Group. He'd face them head on and 'go ahead like a bullet’ . billion. Dr.

(b) Tell yourself: I'll do everything to reach that hot seat. (c) Stay away. will you (a) Ask for his autograph and try to get a picture taken with him. enjoy watching others become rich. you consider it undignified and a bad idea to chase successful people. (c) Start thinking of ways you can become rich. if you hear that a successful business tycoon is also coming. provided you have peace of mind. talk to him. Where do you see yourself five years from now? (a) You are happy with your life and hence would be happy to see yourself in the same position. and make sure you watch it every week. At a social gathering. When you watch a show on television that offers a million dollars as prize money. 2. 3. (b) In your manager's position (c) As a millionaire . and exchange business cards. you (a) Enjoy the show. (b) Meet him. shake hands.Exercise: Mind check 71 EXERCISE: MIND CHECK Now this is a quick self-analysis that I want you to try 1.

because you cannot afford it. but need to make a big investment.72 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint 4. you will: (a) Take the opportunity because you had been waiting for something like this your entire life and arrange funds from somewhere somehow. Settle for something smaller that fits your pocket. If you get the chance of a lifetime. (b) Let the opportunity go. Your handwriting is: (a) Small (b) Medium (c) Large Evaluation: Now check your answers against the points in the chart given below. Evaluate yourself from the analysis that follows. 5. Know where you stand. (c) Wait for others to try it before you do. You'll invest. but only if they give you positive feedback. a 1 2 3 4 5 0 10 0 20 0 b 10 20 10 0 10 c 20 0 20 10 20 .

Exercise: Mind check 73 Score: 80 . . What I am trying to convey here is that the money blueprints of millionaires are programmed differently when one compares them to the money blueprints of the non-millionaires. and plans are smaller in comparison. dreams. I wouldn't dream of thinking that people of moderate means are not good people. Score: below 50: Your mind and your money blueprint are in desperate need of complete reshaping. but your thoughts are more often overshadowed by your pre-programmed money blueprint. their dreams and plans are always larger than life. Utilize the free pass given with this book and attend my Secret Millionaire Blueprint Intensive Seminar. Now. Follow my advice in this book very carefully and I am sure you will Millionaires think big. check my website www. I would like to clarify that I do not wish to degrade anyone or hurt people's feelings.100 Keep it up! You have the mindset that matches best with the champions in the money. or that rich people are better than ordinary people.peakperformanceseminars. if this statement raises dissent. Score: 50 . But ordinary people's thoughts.79 You have the dreams to grow big.making game. For schedules and venue. and this prevents you from doing a lot of things.

or tries his luck again and again like a million others to get an entry to the show. When an ordinary man watches a Knowing is not enough. he do. Willing a million bucks prize is not enough.74 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint Consider the example given earlier. The rich can afford to think big and dream big because they have the support of their big bucks. Here you might be mentally putting forth the argument that ordinary man cannot afford to dream big because it costs big money. whereas successful people have big dreams. He would rather think up ways to earn a similar amount of money through business. That is the best they can do. Unsuccessful people have small dreams. 80% of ordinary people will apply for a job with Yahoo and Google by posting their résumé (the other 20% will not react at all because they think they are not eligible). A rich man would never try that route. television show that offers we must apply. How do you think an ordinary man would react to the Google and Yahoo story? How will a rich person react to it? Any idea? Let me tell you. The basic difference is in the thinking. . enjoys watching others get Johann von Goethe rich. The rich and successful on the other hand will study the history of these companies more carefully and emulate their successful methods in their own business. we must money to the winner.

7 billion? If that does not impress you. Hassan al-Basr . it is yours. less than 30 years ago. Mittal was named 'Person of the Year' in 2006 by The Financial Times. who came to Los Angeles with just $40 to start life with? Where was the big money backing in the case of Subroto Roy. the Sahara chief (Sahara happens to be one of the largest business groups of Asia with a strong foothold in real estate.from computers to FMCG. also known as Lakshmi Nivas Mittal. with just 2000 rupees ($40) and now owns a company worth over $10. you may never see it. As for today. domestic and international aviation. television channels. movie production. para-banking. Lakshmi Narayan Mittal. is a Londonbased Indian billionaire industrialist. But then where was the big money support in the case of Walt Disney. As for tomorrow. who is the fifth richest person in the world (2007). then read this…. so work in it.Exercise: Mind check 75 You are partly right. while Time magazine described him as 'one of the 100 most influential people' of the world. with a fortune of US$32 billion according to Forbes. newspapers and magazines. and more) who started his first business in a small way in 1978. it has vanished. The World is three days: As for yesterday. all kinds of manufacturing . along with all that was in it.

His family. Lakshmi Mittal began his career working in the family's steelmaking business in India. living with his extended family on bare floors and sleeping on jute beds in a house built by his grandfather. He graduated with merit from St. The family eventually moved to Kolkata where his father Mohan became a partner in a steel company. Saif Ali Khan. read further. worth £57. His grandfather worked for the Tarachand Ghanshyamdas Poddar firm.76 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint His residence at 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens is the world's most expensive home. from the Marwari Aggarwal community. Even Kylie Minogue sang on stage. one of the leading Marwari industrial firms of pre-independence India. Lakshmi spent his early years in India. beginning with the purchase of a run-down . Kolkata with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Business and Accounting in 1969. Mittal spent £30 million to host his daughter Vanisha's wedding celebration in Vaux le Vicomte on 22 June 2004 and an engagement ceremony at the Palace of Versailles in France on 20th June 2004. He even hosted a Bollywood night where superstars like Rani Mukherjee. Lakshmi was a good student and his classmates knew him as a smart young man who was good with numbers.1 million (US$105. Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai performed. Was Lakshmi born with a silver spoon? If you think he was.7 million). and in 1976 he set out to establish the international division of the family steel business. was of humble origins. the world's most expensive wedding ever. Xavier's College.

Indonesia. Then there are others who started with a single store but later expanded their business to a chain of stores in a much shorter period of time. Mittal decided to set up the Mittal Champions Trust with US$9 million to sponsor and support Indian athletes with world-beating potential. This is why you will find that the majority of ordinary businessmen who started their business career with a single store at the age of 24 retire from their business at the age of 64 with the same single store. 2005 he donated £2 million to the Labour Party. Mittal has been the richest person residing in the UK. and even diversified into . Kazakhstan.Exercise: Mind check 77 plant in Indonesia. Today his organization Arcelor Mittal is the world's largest producer of steel. Belgium. Canada and the United States. It is the courage to think big and dream big that really matters. Bosnia-Herzegovina. it is not the backing of money that is a pre-requisite for thinking big. with assets in France. On July 13. as you can see from the stories above. The have spent an entire lifetime in that one store and have never even tried to grow. Poland. Czech Republic. South Africa. 2007 it was announced that he had donated a further £3 million. So. Mittal can be termed as a billionaire with a golden heart. Romania. What is important is the money blueprint which is a part of one's mind. and on January 16. and one silver medal in the 2004 Olympics. Since 2005. After witnessing India win just one bronze medal in the 2000 Olympics.

and that is why they have grown. The latter dared to dream big and think big. This is the first engine that makes the millionaire minds fly towards success. . But if your goals are set low. The first type had small dreams and thought small.78 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint many other types of business. as low as the ceiling of your house. Because size does matter. your attempts to reach those goals will take you somewhere high. Think Big. The difference again is in their way of thinking. Set your dreams high. If your dreams and goals are really big and sky-high. you will only reach somewhere just below that level. almost near the sky.

born to be King. and it is no wonder that he is nicknamed King Khan.nothing at all. . incorporating the acting blueprint of the finest actors of Indian cinema into his own. He was born with the blueprint of success. they without energy? may never have attended Nothing . He is such a powerhouse of talent and energy. but somehow success comes to such people very naturally. Shahrukh Khan. and creating his own unique style. the greatest Bollywood entertainer of all time is the perfect example of a born champion. Shahrukh started his career appearing in several TV serials. They may not have read books on the And what is a man strategies of success. a seminar on the subject of Mark Twain personal achievement and growth. so driven and motivated by work. they may never have given winning a thought. After he made his film début in commercial cinema. he has been very successful at the box office. Today he is the Number One star who continues to deliver one good performance after another. that success has come to him effortlessly. These people are born champions and do not know the meaning of the words 'lose' or 'give up'.Second engine: Spirit of a champion 79 SECOND ENGINE: SPIRIT OF A CHAMPION Some people are born to win.

but riches didn't come his way and his dreams began to fade away. I enquired about his business and told him I'd like to visit his establishment before I left the UK. he just wasn't able to rise beyond a humdrum ordinary lifestyle. He was very happy. They play only to win. Mark Piscopo. He has the blueprint of a Champion for whom there is only one place to be . Not that he was broke or up to his ears in debt. champions do not play to lose or the top! I distinctly recollect the face of the middle-aged gentleman with thinning hair.80 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint Do you think Shahrukh Khan would ever be jealous if another actor's film does better at the box office and gets more awards? Do you believe he would be insecure about his Number One position and waste his time and energy defending it? No. on a street where there were several other confectionary stores as well. whom I saw at three of my seminars in the UK. In his deep voice. At the conclusion of the third seminar. Perhaps I had grown as curious about him as he had about me. The shop was at a good location. The store was just as well-decorated as other similar stores on the same . he had dreamt of becoming rich. And Shahrukh Khan is a winner. The street was known as a confectionary market. One Saturday afternoon I paid a visit to his confectionary store from which wonderful aromas wafted out into the street. When he started his confectionery business 15 years back. but despite trying every trick in the trade. he met me backstage. he recounted his financial crises that never really seemed to end. he'd hoped I'd say those exact words to him.

In fact that was the beginning of the . So. But it was also true that his establishment was not a tool to become rich. Every confectioner seems to follow the model of others. Not just in your mind. The real problem is that there are other similar stores in the vicinity and their model has been amalgamated in your mind.” I told him. all of you are just trying to defend your own position. but it has affected the mind of everyone who is doing similar business on this street.” Then I gave him the example of the McDonald's chain and said. “Didn't it start just as humbly as your establishment?” McDonald's started as a single outlet in 1940. the CEO of McDonald's. And in 1955. where was the problem? I even checked his accounts and there seemed to be no real problem as such. and with the result.Second engine: Spirit of a champion 81 street. but are battling to defend losing out to others. Ray Kroc. Unless you change the way you think and start thinking like a winner. “You know. None of you are trying to win. It had no fewer footfalls than any of the other stores. as he had once hoped and envisioned. your crisis and present financial condition is not going to improve. started the first franchised outlet which was the ninth outlet of McDonald's. Nor can we say that your products are not up to the mark. “the real problem is not in the fact that yours is not a very big store.

He had always been trying to defend himself from losing business to his neighbours.500 tons of chicken and 100 million eggs annually. and stop competing with his neighbours. rather than imitate your neighbours. he would automatically stop competing with the rest and defending himself from his neighbours. I did not tell him that his bakery could also one day become like McDonald's. In the UK alone McDonald's uses 32. McDonald's today has outlets in 119 countries with 50 million customers eating McDonald's products each day. Coming back to Mark Piscopo. Secondly. it is definitely better to emulate McDonald's and KFC.82 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint concept of the franchisee system of business. I was able to make him understand that the fault was not in his business or location. . That would make him start thinking big. I explained to him that no one in history had become a champion by playing defensive. I told him that it ought to look a little different from other shops on the same street. Once his store stopped looking like a clone of the others. “If you want to emulate. 21.” I suggested. but I advised him to take a loan from his bank and change the way the store looked. The constant competition with his neighbours had switched off Mark's winning spirit. I told him to read up on McDonald's and KFC's growth.000 tons of beef. The real fault was in the way he thought and dealt with his business. Winners almost certainly always play aggressive.

Never do they try to defend their positions. the king-size people.Second engine: Spirit of a champion 83 Almost eight months later. He thanked me for my advice and sent some photographs of his store as it stands today.winning. He had expanded it to a family restaurant that kept him very busy. They play aggressively . he had stopped trying to defend losing out to his neighbours and had started thinking like a winner. I received a Christmas card from Mark. .with just one goal in front of them . The transformation was extraordinary. This is also the material that helps build the minds of millionaires. and most important. in 2005.

What I want you to do is to stop and think. if you had been more aggressive Reason for your not being more aggressive . 1. Situation / Incident Probable result. Situation / Incident Probable result. and write down 5 situations from your life where results could have been better had you been more aggressive (less defensive). Once you are aware of the reasons that are hindering your progress.84 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint EXERCISE: REVERSAL ANALYSIS Now this is a simple test. you will have better control. if you had been more aggressive Reason for your not being more aggressive 2. Analyze the reasons that had stopped you.

if you had been more aggressive Reason for your not being more aggressive 4. Situation / Incident Probable result. if you had been more aggressive Reason for your not being more aggressive . if you had been more aggressive Reason for your not being more aggressive 5. Situation / Incident Probable result. Situation / Incident Probable result.Exercise: Reversal analysis 85 3.

always see the brighter side and the possibility for growth in a situation. the other thought it was too cold. If one said the TV was too loud. while ordinary men. can see only the difficulties. the other claimed the volume needed to be turned up. “Why are you crying?” the father asked. “What are you so happy about?” he asked. I'll constantly need new batteries. Passing the optimist fellow's room. The optimist's room he loaded with horse manure. the father found him dancing with joy in the pile of manure. If one felt it was too hot. Millionaires.” replied the pessimistic child. who are champions in the game of money. That night the father passed by the pessimist's room and found him sitting among his new gifts crying bitterly. I'll have to read all these instructions before I can do anything with this stuff. They were opposites in every other way. who never really grow.86 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint THIRD ENGINE: CHAMPIONS ARE OPTIMISTS A family had twin boys whose only resemblance to each other was in their looks. While one was an eternal optimist. “Because my friends will be jealous. To which his optimistic son replied. Of course in life we always . Just to see what would happen on the twins' birthday their father loaded the pessimist's room with every imaginable toy and game. “There's got to be a pony in here somewhere!” This is the basic difference between ordinary people and champions. the other a doom and gloom pessimist. and my toys will eventually get broken.

Winners and millionaires go ahead and take calculated risks. losers think they know everything. Losers shrink away from risks.Third engine: Champions are optimists 87 face hurdles and obstacles. This means you have to be prompt in taking advantage of an opportunity. If you try and think back. You had been trying to figure out . I mean calculated risks. If you delay. From childhood they have been programmed in such a way that something stops them whenever they face a situation that involves taking a risk. it goes over to the next door and knocks there. so you missed the bus. Your hesitation is a result of your lack of optimism. Of course taking a risk does not mean taking a plunge in the dark. “Start a big business? Take a large loan? Oops! That's so risky! Let me first try it with a small sum. someone else will take advantage of it and become the winner. Moreover. Whoever opens the door first will be greeted by good fortune. By risks. you will be able to remember many situations where you have missed good opportunities because you didn't act fast enough.” This is the mentality of 90% of the people. If it succeeds. If you do not respond. Why did you miss them? A number of them were probably missed because you were hesitant to take the risk. They see potential and all the possibilities which may unfold. They prefer to remain small. There are scientifically prepared project reports which can tell you exactly how much risk you would be taking for a particular new venture. Opportunities in life knock on our door only once. but it is the winners who never see the obstacles first. Your hesitation delayed you. then I'll try to think with a bigger amount.

these fears originate from the difficulties and obstacles that might be faced. It is similar to the rules of most computer and video games. The more difficult the levels you opt for.88 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint in advance the problems might face if you went ahead. the quicker will be your climb towards the millionaire's hot seat. If you choose to take the easy path. But the majority of ordinary men are overwhelmed by fear. Seeing the same piece of vast barren land. the quicker you earn. If you choose to play at easier levels. But if you have the spirit of a champion and are optimistic about facing challenges. while a pessimist with a loser's line of thought will think. Every one wants to be rich but is afraid to put in the effort to reach the destination.because of the fear associated with them. where scoring is faster. the slower you earn. it will be more difficult to reach your goal of being rich. This is an eternal rule in life. One thing is sure . challenges will be simpler and the scoring slower. But the harder you work and the more challenges you face. As I mentioned earlier. you will probably choose a harder level. If you compare your actual earnings to the scoring pattern of computer and video games. Why do difficulties discourage most ordinary men? Simple . What people really look forward to is a comfortable . an optimist with a winning spirit will dream of turning it into heaven on earth.getting rich is not a piece of cake. you can understand in a flash that the easier level you choose. Champions are able to overcome this fear. “What will I do with this enormous piece of waste?” All the difficulties of developing and promoting it will flash in his mind first.

Discomfort becomes comfortable if you get used to it. you feel 'comfortable' and your desire to eat a full meal dies out. But once you get the taste of half a meal. Eating half a meal is better than starving.Third engine: Champions are optimists 89 lifestyle. ponder over this . but then why should you be happy with half a meal when you have the potential to earn and eat a full meal? What really happens is that when you are starving. You cut your dreams short and size them to fit your comfortable lifestyle. So. but the real goal is still further away. Now if you ask me I'd say there is a lot of difference between being financially comfortable and being rich. But before you shrink away from the discomfort of challenges and difficulties. They think it is the finishing line. Thus when people have able to achieve comfort. pull up your socks! . You believe you have reached your goal. they stop their race there. It kills your aspirations to grow really big. you crave for a full meal. Once you rise to the level of a comfortable lifestyle and are able to go out on a holiday or two. while the reality is that it is only the halfway mark. But being rich is absolutely different. you get into the comfort zone and your dreams of being a millionaire change. Comfort is like a mirage in the desert. you will grow no more. Facing obstacles is a part of life and should not discomfort you any more. and laziness turns ordinary men away from challenges. Being comfortable is no doubt better than leading a life of poverty. which is mainly struggles. Comfort is wicked. “This was the life I had dreamt of and I have now achieved my dream.” Needless to say. quarrels over money matters and lack of financial freedom. Human beings are lazy by nature. and console yourself by saying.

(a) Definitely (b) Probably (c) Maybe (d) No 2) When I have been required to take a company trip. (a) Very confident (b) Confident (c) Somewhat confident (d) Doubtful 4) In my career. Be honest. I have arrived at the airport believing that I would get a ticket. Repeat the test again in four weeks' time and see if your scores have improved.90 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint EXERCISE: TAKE THE OPTIMISM TEST Do you see a glass half-full. because you are taking this test for yourself. or half-empty? Check from the test that follows. I expect things to go my way. (a) Definitely (b) Probably (c) Maybe (d) Never . It is you. and only you who will benefit from the test results. (a) Definitely (b) Probably (c) Maybe (d) Never 5) I would be able to successfully confront the situation of facing economic difficulties at home. 1) I believe that I will be able to reach my career objectives. (a) Often (b) Sometimes (c) Rarely (d) Never 3) I am confident in my ability to take correct decisions at work.

Keep up the spirit. Know where you stand a 1 2 3 4 5 20 20 20 20 20 b 15 15 15 15 15 c 10 10 10 10 10 d 0 0 0 0 0 Score: 80 . when you are in a sinking ship. I suggest you register for the preview to the Secret Millionaire Blueprint Intensive Seminar and pave the rest of your way to success. . You are made of the material that makes winners. You are already ahead in the race and success is waiting for you. Utilize the free passes to the preview of the Secret Millionaire Blueprint Intensive Seminar given with this book and get the gift of better control over your emotions. and life will be much better for you.Exercise: Take the optimism test 91 Evaluation Now compare your answers with the scores given below and evaluate yourself from the analysis that follows. Score: 50 .79 You are influenced by your mood fluctuations and swing between being an optimist to being a lesser optimist.100 You are the type of optimist who would smile and say there are pearls under the sea. Bring your mood fluctuations under control.

I suggest you enrol for the preview to my Secret Millionaire Blueprint Intensive Seminar without further delay. “what if the roof collapses?” Life will be tough and pathetic for you unless you change your attitude drastically.arfeenkhan. Information on the schedules and venue is available on .92 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint Score: below 50 Even when you are offered the passport to a diamond mine. you would say.

Secondly. To put these odds in context. In a typical 6 from 49 lotto. suppose a person buys one lottery ticket per week. who try their luck regularly to see whether they are 'the chosen one'. Lotteries and online lotteries are hot favourites among poor people. whether Lady Luck is bestowing her favours upon them. The odds of being a jackpot winner are approximately 1 in 14 million (13. 6 numbers are drawn from 49 and if the 6 numbers on a ticket match with the numbers drawn. slot machines and bingo at casinos or bet on thoroughbreds and harness races at the turf. Let us see what one's chances are of winning a typical lotto game. lotteries are most certainly based on uncertainty. while some of the games that the rich play are based on skill and experience.983.816 to be exact). while the rich play poker. the ticket-holder is a jackpot winner this is true regardless of the order in which the numbers are drawn. 13. In many countries the local government has tried to wind up lotteries and online lotteries because poor families are being drained of their resources. if they can make a fortune whereas the rich play for the fun of it.816 weeks is roughly . What is the basic difference? Firstly.Forth engine: Champions control their own destiny 93 FOURTH ENGINE: CHAMPIONS CONTROL THEIR OWN DESTINY Games based on luck have been popular since centuries. the poor play to try their luck.983. Poor people play lotto.

She can argue with me for hours when I pull her leg saying that these predictions are quite useless. Recently there has been a boom in online casinos which are accessible by anyone. one would expect to win the jackpot only once. It is we who have full control over our fate. she expresses her delight with whoops of joy and her disappointment with nail-biting anxiety.000 years. Ashley is a charming 15-year-old who is my next-door neighbour. Recently she was very busy studying for her exams and had not . The champions of the financial games. Whenever she comes over to my apartment to have a chat with my wife Sara. and depending on what they have to say.the poor believe that good fortune will land on them by chance. never think like that. Fortune never lands on anyone merely by chance. the first thing Ashley does is flip through all the newspapers and magazines that I subscribe to.94 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint 269. so in a quarter million years of play. Yet it is ignorance about these facts and the ordinary people's common belief that the fortunate ones are chosen by the hand of destiny which makes lotto still so popular. one has to work for it. These disturbing facts only point to one truth . If they are lucky they will be fortunate. the millionaires. These figures make it obvious why many governments want to ban it. They believe that the joystick of one's destiny is in their own hands. devour the astrology columns right away. where anyone can try a game or two with very small amounts. She strongly believes that our achievements are totally in the hands of fate. I know she is a die-hard believer in astrology and tarot card predictions.

what is the use of wasting your time and energy studying? Go watch a movie and freak out. offering me some popcorn. Likewise it is also true that one has to work out one's own financial destiny. twisted her face into a grimace and said.Forth engine: Champions control their own destiny 95 visited us for almost three weeks. I happened to meet her outside the supermarket and asked. though she believes it is fate that controls our destiny. “Final exams. I . you seem to have vanished from the face of this earth?” She showed me the fat book in her hand. She knew of course that she had to study in order to achieve her goal. He was a very talented singer.” I got an opportunity to pull her leg. “If success is your fate this week. Ashley. “Great!” I said. “What do your astral predictions say?” “They say all my ventures will be successful. a couple of years ago.” She made a face and moved on hurriedly. but never got a good break because he was homebound and an introvert. I took some time to explain to him that he was wrong somewhere. That reminds me of an aspiring young man of about 24. We can never be rich by depending on fate to select us and bestow special blessings. “What's the matter.” she smiled. without an answer to my teasing. whom I met in Dubai during one of my seminars. He was mistaken in thinking that he would get noticed if it was his destiny.

The day I was returning. If you think money is not important. if not. We never get what we think is not important to us. After that. he'd fade away. He had worked on it. They try to pacify their failure by accepting statements such as 'money is not important'. then you will never get money.96 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint explained that he would have to move out of his house and visit all the music companies and if possible. if his talent was noticed and if people loved him. do not panic because you have come upon this book at the right time (you can also use the two free passes to the preview of my Secret Millionaire Blueprint Intensive Seminar) but never offer philosophical excuses like money is not really important in life. 'money doesn't . I coincidentally met him at the airport. leaving nothing to fate. If you are financially unsuccessful. I saw him featured in a music video. Would you have won the heart of your partner if you had thought that he or she was not important in your life? People who are financial failures in life firmly believe that fate ought to bring success to them. It was only if he worked hard and worked smart that he would get his first break. On my recent trip to Dubai. I later got to know that he had become a popular singer. He embraced me and thanked me profusely for my advice. I switched on the television in my hotel room and was in for a pleasant surprise. 'money is the root of all evil'. He had to meet producers of television shows and give them his music samples. he would stay in the race. and the results that he had achieved were spectacular. take appointments and meet the top bosses.

their colleagues. it is harsh words that often set them rolling for working hard towards their dreams. the government.Forth engine: Champions control their own destiny 97 buy happiness'. They think they are faultless. They also hold others responsible for their financial failure. their locality. Instead of offering sympathy. 'rich people are dishonest' etc. It is always others and external factors that have caused them to fail. their job. they never hold themselves responsible for their own failure. . their education. Their fate. They also expect others to sympathize with them for their situation. their country and its economic policies. No. their boss and God are all responsible for their failure.

Understand which is the decisive factor in your case.98 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint EXERCISE: HARD WORK OR FATE? Tick [ü ] against the factor that you think is stronger in your life (hard work or fate) for the various situations. Hard work To fare well in examinations To become a good singer To become a model To become an actor To earn money To earn more money. tick the third option (don't know). or 'fate'. If you don't have a clue. After answering all the questions. you will know what you truly believe in: 'hard work'. more quickly To own your own house To get a higher rank in your job To start your second business To earn freedom Don’t know Fate .

and thousands. and sometimes millions of customers. This envy takes on another form in school and college. It has been seen that initially the older child shows traits of envy towards the younger. envy and jealousy takes on a more diplomatic form. It's not uncommon for jealousy to get stirred up by seeing roaring success in others. not envy. “rich people are dishonest”. Their attitude towards the rich becomes extremely negative. Jealousy starts rearing its head and expressing itself from early childhood when another child comes into the family. “the rich make their money from the blood of the poor”.Fifth engine: Appreciation. These are popular myths. In the professional field. NOT ENVY. if it was true that all rich men are dishonest. suffering from insecurity of parental love getting divided. no one would have gone ahead and done business with them. for other successful people 99 FIFTH ENGINE: APPRECIATION. In fact. and are not necessarily close to the truth. one needs to work with various associated companies. directing itself towards other students who are more successful. “Rich people become richer while the poor get poorer”. one . If one is dishonest. FOR OTHER SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE Jealousy is a basic human instinct. These thoughts fill their minds constantly. To expand a business in a really big way. People who are not so successful financially express their jealousy towards others who are. This is true for 90% of people of ordinary financial status.

.to build an organization on a foundation of values . the fledgling hydrogenated cooking fat company has grown to a US$ 1. He is also described as “the billionaire with a heart”. Wipro is today ranked among the top 100 technology companies globally (by Business Week). Wipro's growth continues to be driven by its core values. because that is the very basis of their career. the rich and the successful have to be more honest than anyone else. Thus. In the past two years. putting abrupt brakes on the growing business. Wipro has also become the largest BPO services provider based in India.100 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint would lose everyone's trust. Under his leadership. Wipro chairman Azim Premji is the only Indian (ranked 11th) in Only the man who crosses the Financial Times' list the river at night knows the of the top 25 US$ value of the light of day billionaires who are Chinese Proverb doing their utmost to shape the world. The following is an eyeopener that shows beyond doubt that the theory of dishonest rich people is a myth. Premji started Wipro with a simple vision . contrary to popular belief. Premji was just finishing his undergraduate engineering studies at Stanford University in 1966 at the age of 21 when he got word of his father's sudden death and was called upon to handle the family's vegetable oil business. Billionaires have golden hearts.76 billion IT Services organization serving customers across the globe.

7 billion. whose achievement has not changed him as a person.” says the Financial Times. while Gates' has made health a priority. I was quite amazed to see the extent of his . not a belligerent business leader. so some people call him the Indian Bill Gates. a non-profit organization with a vision to contribute significantly to quality universal education in order to build a just. Premji established the Azim Premji Foundation. giving US$5 million a year. This down-toearth billionaire. This means every child would receive quality education. an old school friend of mine. In the year 2001. not envy. Premji firmly believes that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things.Fifth engine: Appreciation. “The comparison to Gates doesn't end at software: Premji's charitable foundation works with that of Gates. for other successful people 101 Premji's net worth is estimated at US$6. I recently met Faiyaz. The financial resources to this foundation have been personally contributed by Premji. equitable and humane society. at a multiplex. He believes that the key to this is creating highly charged teams. The current activities of the Azim Premji Foundation engage 1. Coming back to the mainstream of our discussion. is said to personally know and talk to every employee of Wipro. they would have to look elsewhere. Premji is modest and reticent.8 million children under various programs. Premji's foundation does more work for education in poor rural areas. But if the antioffshoring protestors wanted to find a bogeyman in him.

ft. What amazes me is that some of these people were in a better position than I just 2 years ago. Since it was raining. they are resentful towards me because of my success. Friends that I once had now show hostility because my wife no longer works. who would walk back home with me. I was not born wealthy. but I no longer have to worry about living from one pay check to another. In my mind's eye.” “With this new success I have also feel experienced a feeling of negativity directed towards me and my wife. I was just scraping a living. I dare not call myself rich. and we own a nice home in a much better neighbourhood. my wife and I both worked full-time. This is what he had to say: “Till about a year and a half ago. In fact it was quite the opposite. rented house.102 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint positive transformation. My child was just a year old. I lived in a small 850 sq. we decided to sit down for a while and take a nostalgic trip down memory lane. as you know. I saw him as the same ordinary guy who was at school with me.” “I have become very successful in what I do. But some things have changed now. I still had the same beliefs then as I do now. I immediately expressed my pleasure at his success. and I asked him what he had been doing. I know what it is like to be evicted from the place . They were quite friendly but now suddenly. Or they make comments about the nice car I now drive. We sat down and got chatting. My wife no longer needs to work now.

The majority of financially ordinary men envy success in others and react with bitterness.” His experience seemed painful. they appreciate success in others. for other successful people 103 you live.Fifth engine: Appreciation. not envy. no godfather to lend support and to make my life better. I worked my way to success. I just worked hard and made my own way. But the difference between ordinary men and successful men is that the successful will hardly react enviously towards others who are successful. In fact. The people who are rich and financially successful and have a positive attitude do not react with envy to someone else's success. I had no helping hand. but this is the hard truth in life. My old friends avoid me now. . and I now have developed a new set of friends. but never expected this outcome.

This selfevaluation will help you understand if you have an attitude of appreciation towards successful people which is so very important for you to be successful yourself. you will: (a) Feel very happy . If some rich people come to live next door. (d) Send an anonymous mail to the CEO listing his flaws. I can do it too. (b) Be yourself and if friendship happens naturally. (d) Avoid them and make sure others avoid them too. (b) Tell yourself that if he can.104 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint EXERCISE: ARE YOU JEALOUS OF SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE? Does the green monster surface in you at times? Are you envious of successful people? Know the truth from this self-evaluation test. . you'll let it happen.they are 'different'. you will: (a) Avoid them . So tick the answers that you feel are closest to the truth. If you hear that a colleague who has worked and shared lunch with you has been promoted to manager. Be honest. (c) Feel the pinch but try and forget the incident/news. since you don't have to impress anyone with your diplomatic answers. they have an 'attitude'. 1.he/she is your very good friend. (c) Take the initiative to break the ice and make the first friendly move. 2.

(b) Not bother to find his number to call up. You open the newspaper one morning and discover that an old school pal of yours has received a national award of the highest honour.” 4. (c) Think of causing some damage to the car. 5. but take pride in sharing the news with your family members and tell everyone that you were a close friend of this celebrity. and act in that direction. What is your first instant reaction upon seeing a very expensive car in your neighbourhood? (a) Click a picture on your cell phone or say. If your spouse/partner has a very rich friend of the opposite sex: (a) You will feel happy that she/he has a rich friend who might be helpful one day. only criminals can own such stuff. “Nice car!” (b) Swear you'll buy one like that in five years' time. You will: (a) Somehow manage to get hold of his telephone number. (c) Quietly keep a check on your spouse/partner.Exercise: Are you jealous of successful people? 105 3. so you ask her/him to introduce you to that friend (b) Feel uneasy and insecure about it. (d) Sigh and tell yourself “Must be owned by some crook. and tell your spouse to avoid the rich friend. because rich people are corrupt and you should never trust them. (d) Take the initiative to become a close friend of this person. call up and congratulate this friend and make sure you remain in touch with him in future. (c) Be stunned and wonder “How could he receive such a .

79 You seem to be a little confused. and raise irrelevant questions about a lot of other things. You are trying to overpower your instincts that drive you towards jealousy. a 1 2 3 4 5 10 5 10 10 20 b 20 10 20 0 10 c 5 20 0 5 5 d 0 0 5 20 0 Score: 80 . Perfect! You are the David who has defeated the green Goliath called Envy.106 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint great honour. there's an inner tug of war going on inside you. he wasn't even half as good as me?” and so you do not bother to call up. (d) Stop reading that newspaper. Score: 50 . With a little more willpower you will be able to overcome . Evaluation Now compare your answers with the scores given below and evaluate yourself from the analysis that follows. Know where you stand. raise questions about the authenticity of the organization that has awarded the honour.100 You are the best blend. nor tell anyone anything.

Utilize the free pass* given with this book and register for The Secret Millionaire Blueprint Intensive Seminar by visiting www. Use the passes and attend the preview of my Secret Millionaire Blueprint Intensive Seminar. You must learn to respect achievers and winners.Exercise: Are you jealous of successful people? 107 all feelings of envy and appreciate success in .peakperformanceseminars. Score: below 50 The green monster has control over you to a large extent.

Oprah Winfrey The greatest good we can do for others is not just to share our riches with them. so why quit now? . I'm just wearing better shoes .Robert Kiyosaki It's easy to have principles when you're rich. Yes.John Burroughs I have a problem with too much money.Madonna A man can fail many times. the rich do get richer .108 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint KING-SIZE QUOTES A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else . more money comes in. and because I reinvest it.A Proverb . it hasn't changed who I am.A Proverb Never allow a setback to become a full stop . The important thing is to have principles when you're poor Ray Kroc Though I am grateful for the blessings of wealth. I can't reinvest it fast enough.Zig Ziglar You can always quit. My feet are still on the ground. That's why they don't get what they want . but to reveal theirs .

can change the outer aspects of their lives . Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail .Ralph Waldo Emerson The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings.John Neal Take a chance! All life is a chance. not with the win.King-size quotes 109 A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night. Kites rise against. The man who goes the furthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare . and in between he does what he wants to do . by changing the inner attitudes of their minds.William James .Garth Brooks A certain amount of opposition is a great help to a man.Bob Dylan You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy .Dale Carnegie Do not follow where the path may lead. .

Friendship of successful people leads to sharing of positive thoughts and ideas. if you think money is unimportant. Mergers and acquisitions are important for companies. one's career graph will result in negative growth. I do not intend to say that people who are financially unsuccessful are altogether unsuccessful in life. History shows us that the biggest business ventures are a result of successful alliances and collaborations between the best brands and companies. you will never be able to make money. I clarify that my comments are limited to and specific about the fact that financially unsuccessful people in general have a negative attitude about money and wealth. Those who are financially successful always befriend other financially successful persons. resulting in some of the largest ventures in the world of business. On the other hand. If you have started your business on a small scale but foresee . This is the proven road to success. Losers pair up with other losers. and hence in their company you will hear ideas that money is unnecessary and unimportant. But they were successful in creating the best works of art and literature. Some of the most wellknown artists and writers of yesteryear who created some of the greatest treasures of art and literature were unsuccessful financially. if one always associates with unsuccessful people.110 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint SIXTH ENGINE: POSITIVE ALLIANCE Winners form alliance with other winners. This is often an outcome of association and socialization with the most successful people. Believe me.

. crib or vent frustration all the time. who gossip. The large company would be equipped to professionally handle the expansion and you would get an unbelievably good price for your company. Remember. You could get a good acquisition price or selling price only if you have a fine personal-level interaction with the bosses of the gigantic brands.Sixth engine: Positive alliance 111 rapid growth. Generally these types of relationships originate in social circles like good clubs. by staying with people who emit fragrance. In the company of stinking people you will get contaminated and carry the stench of negativity as well. It would thus be an excellent opportunity to find a mentor by becoming members of such clubs. If you find yourself in the constant company of such people. Stay away from such people. it would be a good idea to sell your company to a giant before it becomes stagnant. There are thousands of examples of this kind. Negative thoughts are contagious and affect the mind quicker than positive thoughts. Avoid the company of friends or groups who share negative thoughts. Think of membership in such a place as an investment. you will absorb some of that fragrance. you will never be able to transform yourself into a winner. You don't have to re-invent the wheel. It would also be a good idea to read biographies or interviews of champions rather than read unproductive material such as gossip columns and Page 3 articles. done that'. but learn from those who have 'been there. The cream of society spends its leisure in the best of clubs. You could always get a chance to learn from the winners and find inspiration from them.

Who is pulling you backward by influencing you with negative thoughts? Who is charging you with positive energy? This test will help you find out. This is the recordsheet for 10 people who affect you. Names of the friends Number of negative you meet most often comments made Number of positive comments made . Write down their names in the first column. and put a tally mark (a line. a dot or a star) in the appropriate column for each negative or positive comment they make through a week.112 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint EXERCISE: FRIEND WATCH This test aims at helping you know your friends better. Begin doing this the coming Monday onwards and continue for 7 days. You will see for yourself. Then add the tally marks to see the results on Sunday evening.

“How the hell did you manage that?” he asked.” said the lad. “This guy came in and I sold him a small fish-hook.” It was a long and laborious day for the young man. In fact it was the biggest department store in that area and one could get anything here. The manager liked his confidence and said. but finally at closing time. “How many people did you sell to today?” “One. I was a salesman back home. “Just one?” exclaimed the manager. the manager arrived and asked.” said the young man. How much was the sale worth?” “Thirty-eight thousand three hundred and thirty-four dollars. The manager asked the lad “Have you ever been a salesman before?” “Yes. I asked him where he was . “Most of my staff make 20 or 30 sales a day.” said the young man.” said the young salesman. Then I sold him a small fishing-line. “You can begin tomorrow and I'll come and see you at closing time.Seventh engine: Qualities of a master salesperson 113 SEVENTH ENGINE: QUALITIES OF A MASTER SALESPERSON A keen country lad applied for a salesman's job at a city department store. a medium one and a huge one. then a medium hook and finally a really large hook. “Well. The manager was incredulous.

I said he would probably need a boat. people who can promote themselves get noticed and skyrocket towards . The biggest tycoons are masters in this art. He said 'yes' so I told him 'now your weekend is ruined.” The boss fell back in amazement and asked.down the coast. You should be really good in the art of selling yourself or you are hopeless. so I took him to the car department and sold him a new SUV. “He came in to buy headache pills. it's also called self-promotion. Shying away from sales. Then he said his small car probably wouldn't be able to pull it. “You sold all that to a guy who came in for a fish hook?” “No. Becoming a champion in the money-making game has everything to do with salesmanship. No one has ever grown rich without having this skill. A good résumé or personal profile is an example of superior self-promotion. Appearing in your first job interview is nothing but trying to sell yourself.114 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint going fishing and he said . At work.” answered the salesman. so I took him down to the boat department and sold him that 20-foot twin-engine schooner. and I asked him whether his mother-inlaw had come to stay with them for the weekend. so you may as well go fishing. promotions and marketing is fatal to one's ambition to be really rich.'” Of course that was a funny anecdote about the ideal qualities of a master salesperson.

“What if I am told NO”? The fear of insult arising from rejection while selling is one major reason why some people shy away from selling. there are some snooty people who think selling is a 'low profile' job and does not match their wonderful image. and a poor salesperson will never ever become a millionaire. So in some people. selling? There are many reasons. the success of any product or service depends on two main things . But if we don't sound our own drums or blow our own trumpet. or for that matter. Often we are irritated by pestering salespersons. who else will do it for us? Of course. but he or she is essentially a good leader and inspires a team. the fear of irritating others generates a negative feeling about selling. bypassing the rest. and we think that others feel annoyed too when they are approached by a salesman in order to buy something. Because these snooty snobs will continue to be poor salespersons. or delegates others to do the selling on his or her behalf.Seventh engine: Qualities of a master salesperson 115 success. The reason is that we are guided by our conditioned brain which tells us that it is bad manners to sound one's own drum.the quality of the product and its smart . Just as two main columns support most suspension bridges. and therefore they are not comfortable with the idea of self-promotion. Mostly it is the fear of rejection. I can only wish them well. And the ones who are not good at self-promotion are left behind in the race. I do not mean that a millionaire personally sells products to customers. Why do some people shy away from self-promotion. We do not like the image of a salesperson.

the better it would be for you. but is of poor quality. If you have any hang-ups about promoting. So you Whoever neglects their importance does not make the money he should. Let us consider what might happen in the reverse scenario if the product is good. once people start using it and realize that it doesn't offer value for money. For information on schedules and venues. but has no promotional campaign. Simple. the sooner you get rid of them.116 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint marketing. Suppose a product is given an excellent marketing campaign. but the balloon will burst in no time. To develop your salesmanship skills. Its demand hasn't been created. Remember. Why? Because no one has heard of it. I suggest you attend the preview to my Secret Millionaire Blueprint Intensive Seminars held throughout the world. the product or service is bound to fail badly in the market. selling or marketing. what will be the result? It might initially be sold like hot cakes. marketing and promotional campaigns are so very important in business. .peakperformanceseminars. this book has one complimentary pass to the preview seminar. because that is one vital quality of all millionaires. If one of these two is lacking. Sales will drop sharply. visit my website www. the 'good' product will decorate the shelves of stores and will be offered at 50% discount the following year.

1 2 3 4 . Do not let mistakes and refusals discourage you. Listen to the other person. Maintain a level of honesty. it will earn you reputation. not aggressive. it will improve you. Maintain neatness in your way of dressing and appearance. make it a point to develop your qualities as a salesperson. Gather knowledge. Dishonest measures may backfire on you. Make the other person feel important. Be informed about what you are trying to sell or market. Be confident. See if you are improving. Be organized.Exercise: Try practising these qualities as a part of your lifestyle 117 EXERCISE: TRY PRACTISING THESE QUALITIES AS A PART OF YOUR LIFESTYLE In the next four weeks. Don’t talk negative. Be a patient listener. Do not irritate people. Be conscious of the change in you and evaluate yourself on this record sheet awarding yourself points out of 10. Week # Talk to people cheerfully. Imagine yourself in the shoes of the other person. Avoid annoying habits. Learn to keep your promises. maintaining an eye contact. Disorganized people are poor salespersons. learn from your mistakes. Be positive in your attitude.

” I replied. but was not satisfied with the pay check he was getting. He assured me that he could give me a monthly business of $25. Do you think this guy will ever become a millionaire? I doubt it. “And how much business you are likely to give me?” I asked.” he answered and turned down my offer. “Sorry.118 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint EIGHTH ENGINE: RATES BASED ON ASSIGNMENTS I once took the call of a young gentleman during my live chat show on a British radio station. not less than US$3. But his problem was that he was not being able to achieve the type of income he had dreamt of during his studies at the business school. “Won't you pay me any fixed salary?” he asked. He expected to be paid a monthly salary based on a fixed hourly rate. regular pay check. More than 90% of the people of ordinary financial status are comfortable with a fixed. Phew! Why do you think he turned down my excellent offer? Because his mind was conditioned to think of income only in terms of a 'fixed income' and 'a regular pay check'. “What if I offered you 33. He had a lot of qualifications and had graduated from a reputed business school. He had a regular job in a good company.000 by way of sales of books. sure”.” he answered. what type of salary would you expect?” “With my qualifications. I said “I am ready to employ you as my manager. CDs and seminar bookings.33% of the total business you give me? You would be earning more than double the amount you asked for. “Nope.” I explained. I quote .500. he replied. Then I gave him what I thought was a much better offer. I asked him “Will you work for me?” “Why. tapes.

Eighth engine: Rates based on assignments 119 here a car advertisement that I like very much: 'Slavery exists even today. An hourly rate or a monthly fixed pay check cannot bring you 'unlimited income'. Do you think you will ever become rich by standardising your earnings based on hourly or monthly rates? Never ever! Your rate will slowly increase no doubt. beyond which it will not increase significantly. if you fix your rate on a per-assignment basis. opt for regular corporate jobs instead of starting their own business! Isn't that funny that after getting quality education on how to run a business. after getting their Master of Business Administration degrees from the best business schools. . Income based on assignments can. Only we have stopped recognizing it. That is the way their money-map has been programmed.' Most ordinary people are ready to struggle for that regular pay check at the end of the month. what he is likely to keep hearing from his parents is “But when will you start doing a regular job?” Most MBA graduates. In simple words. it will be your key to limitless earning. instead of hourly or monthly basis. an MBA graduate does a regular job for someone else instead of starting his own business? This does not surprise me because I know that there is a serious error in the programming of their minds which makes them seek a regular pay check and a fixed income even after receiving the best business knowledge. but it will reach a saturation point. If a youngster earns commission from a business. Your income will become stagnant after a point. They have always heard their parents insist on a regular pay check.

They never think that there could be any uncertainty associated with this way of earning. To follow the path of financial champions. With the commissions from the eight projects. . for he had outsourced them to other companies who handled them. Mark on the other hand was toiling with his fixed duties for his fixed pay check. they had started out together. Brad loved independence and tried his luck with a construction project and got it at the rate which he quoted. His profits soared. He outsourced it to another company and took the commission. unlike most ordinary people.120 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint Mark and Brad are friends who met while doing their under-graduate studies from a civil engineering college. Both got their degrees together. They prefer to earn per assignment and per project that they take up. Do not harbour notions that a 'stable job' is your ultimate aim in life. At the end of the year Brad was well on his way to becoming a millionaire. Even with eight simultaneous projects. Mark chose the 'secure' lifestyle of a decent job with a construction company at a fixed hourly rate. Rich people and millionaires never fix their rates on an hourly basis. have to recondition your mind and start thinking like them. he also got an opportunity to take a week off for a relaxing coastal vacation. Encourage yourself to get self-employed. Such people are never comfortable with the idea of a fixed hourly or monthly rate. Brad coordinated with all of them and made sure he kept his deadlines. he hired several managers to look after his next projects and stopped outsourcing. Brad did not have many hassles. Remember. With managers looking after his projects. At the same time he took up seven other projects and outsourced them as well.

This is to help you analyse and identify how your earning pattern is affecting your dreams of becoming a millionaire. what are your reasons? 121 EXERCISE: FIXED EARNING. WHAT ARE YOUR REASONS? Write down what you think are advantages and disadvantages of a fixed pay check. Advantages of fixed pay check Disadvantages of fixed pay check .Exercise: Fixed earning.

Ron was a budding model. doing ramp shows. provided he keeps doing them until he gets a record of successful experiences behind him.” . He was drop-dead handsome and Brandon Routh. During the brief 25 minute conversation with him while jogging. I had to first figure out the cause behind his lack of confidence. but looking for something bigger. My seminar started at 9 every morning. But where his confidence was concerned. I am a life coach. Before that I went for a 45 minute jog at 6 a. it became clear to me that his lack of confidence was a result of fear.122 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint NINTH ENGINE: FACE THE GREATEST FEARS & PROBLEMS BOLDLY “I believe that anyone can conquer fear by doing the things he fears the most. the latest Superman might envy him his physique. at my 30-day Personal Mastery Seminar series held at Montreal in spring. He had a deep underlying fear in his mind which he thought he would never overcome. an eye-catching figure. 2004. it was a different story.m. . I assured him I'd be happy to do my best. I asked him to join me. well. and within the first four days of the seminars he confided in me that I was perhaps was the only person in the world who could help him rebuild his confidence.Eleanor Roosevelt I met Ron.

After some time . and it was FIRE. On a patch of green lawn outside the auditorium. under it. Donna A. You can go over it. and all that Ron could do was watch helplessly in horror. the sight of fire made him feel nervous. She had died trying to rescue herself. Watching something like this actually happen in front of one's eyes is a lot different from watching it in a movie. But if you are ever to put fear behind you. It was a good opportunity to help Ron. It changed the conditioning of his mind and after this. Even the sight of someone light a matchstick made him uneasy. I was confident that it would be a success. Though I had never done it before. you must walk straight through it. I discovered that there was something that he was specifically afraid of. Favors Digging deeper. Once you put fear behind you. I arranged for a 10 x 3 ft pile of wood and set it aflame.Ninth engine: Face the greatest fears & problems boldly 123 There are four ways you can handle fear.. I arranged for the special event the following day. I had been toying with an idea and had been contemplating it for some time now. Ron was terribly moved by what he saw. or around it. I gave his phobia a lot of thought. leave it there. It was a technique I wanted to demonstrate during one of my seminars and I thought the time was just right. Ron had once witnessed a woman getting trapped inside her burning car.

. I encouraged him “C'mon Ron. you will act and acquire the desired results. you can do it. I called my audience to gather around. Do you believe you can walk on fire? What other beliefs do you have that empower or disempower you? Remember. He had defeated his fear. Fire-walking is a powerful metaphor to remind us that anything is possible if we put our minds to it. not twice or thrice . I knew I would have to walk first. Intention => focus => action => results I invited Ron to walk.but several times. He had conquered it. There was an excited buzz in the audience. Everyone wondered why I was performing this deed. And he did walk on the fire. There was loud applause for him. and before long. rather than the difficulty of the act. you can overcome any challenge. He then proceeded to do so. that scares us and prevents us from performing it. I did not go near him but allowed him do it on his own. I took off my shoes and socks and rolled up my trousers. more people followed. Not once.124 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint when the flames died down leaving red-hot burning cinders. If you have a strong focus and the true intention. I called members from the audience and asked them to copy me. you have to do it!” Others also started cheering Ron. but with cautiously. They discovered that it is the resident fear in the mind. some of them walked on the fore. I walked on the fire. He was very hesitant. if you have the intention to do something and you focus on it. After some initial hesitation.

Like many other things in life. and later posed no problem at all. Successful people never shrink away from their problems. Tackling one major fear or problem does not guarantee that another one is not around the corner. What is the solution? To not grow at all? To be happy with what you are? Do you think that is the best solution? Of course not! There wouldn't have been any development in the world if everyone preferred to remain undersized to avoid fears and problems. The dimension is only comparative. these become the essential components of our lives from a very early age. In fact as you grow financially and mentally. No sooner do we overcome one problem than we come face to face with another. They are big when you are small and small when you are big. They never run away.Ninth engine: Face the greatest fears & problems boldly 125 Ron regularly exchanges e-mails with me now. Problems and fears are part of life. Fear is a mental state. Our fears and problems are exactly like that. . Remember how difficult it seemed at age seven to get down that jar of goodies from the kitchen shelf? Something that seemed beyond reach became easier with the help of a chair at age ten. They accept problems as a fundamental part of life. the problems and fears that once appeared towering and staggering will not appear challenging anymore. the bigger will be your problems and fears. The bigger you grow. I sincerely hope he emerges as a successful actor in the near future. He's doing very well in his career after conquering his fear. He has been chosen as the male lead in a Canadian television series.

. Be mentally prepared to face these consequences and you will feel much stronger.126 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint Actor Robin Williams in an interview once said that he had been a very timid child and would shy away from dealing with problems. You won't be killed for lying. The thought of that makes you nervous. Think of the worst case scenario. he would just face it. If you can imagine or visualize that. Given next are some proven ways with which you can fight fear and face problems better. and you get nightmares. you will not feel afraid anymore. The only way to face your deepest fears is to think of the worst that might happen. It was then that his father said to him: “Son. you lose appetite. The more you run away from them. slap you or sever ties with you. Whenever there was the possibility of a problem arising. and they will never bother you again. It cannot be much worse than that. What can happen at the worst? He might shout at you. he would turn away. the more they will bother you.” He followed his father's simple advice and whenever there was fear mounting in him or a problem arising. learn to come face to face with your deepest fears. Supposing you have lied to someone about something important and there is a strong possibility that he will know the truth.

I'm not frightened. This is the method that I myself use.” “You can't handle this situation. I can take on any challenge. I can deal with any situation. Repetitive mantra / incantation Block out the internal conversation with a repetitive mantra. “You're frightened.” “Yes.” And so on.Exercise 1: Fighting the fear factor 127 EXERCISE 1: FIGHTING THE FEAR FACTOR A. Anything will do as long as it is positive and not negative. until eventually your will and you are both defeated. B. Counter attack the negative thought Counter attack every negative thought with a positive thought. .” “No. By doing this you can overwrite the negative thoughts with the positive ones. This is important because each negative thought that penetrates your psyche may (and it usually does) erode a small part of your will.

I have the Millionaire Blueprint. I take Action. I produce results. I have the Millionaire Blueprint. they work like magic.128 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint “I have the power.” (Repeat this several times) “I am strong. . believe me. Do not listen to anything that your inner opponent says. Reject the thought Reject all the negative thoughts by completely ignoring them. In addition. I strongly advise you to try meditation. In this way you will give it no opportunity to have control over your actions. I am strong. I lead. Although these solutions seem too simplistic.” (Repeat this several times) C.

close your eyes and breathe naturally through your nose. worries. their actual causes) has the form of a dense thick cloud of smoke inside your head. Then spend a little time pin-pointing what you are afraid of. feel that your body and mind are now completely pure. never to return. Start exhaling the negativity. It may work wonders for you too. and uncertainties arise from a pessimistic mind and negative actions. . inspiring energy and courage of successful people in the form of heavenly white light which fills your body and mind. that you have all the positive qualities of the person that you want to be. imagine you are breathing in all the pure.Exercise 2: Meditation cure 129 EXERCISE 2: MEDITATION CURE Meditation can help you overcome your fear of facing problems. and free of fear. It is a miracle cure that has worked wonders for many. the fear of the loss of a loved one. Use your wisdom to try and understand that all these fears. Your body feels light and supple. keep your back straight. Smoke leaves your nostrils and fades away. the fear of failure etc. Then start visualizing that all this negativity (fears. such as the fear of dying. peaceful. and your mind is clear. Try to identify your irrational and unhealthy fears. Sit in a comfortable position for meditation. As you inhale. After meditating like this for a while.

I pretend I know it There is nerve-wracking since I don't know what I must pretend to know Therefore.130 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint TENTH ENGINE: CHAMPIONS ARE GOOD PUPILS I Know Everything There is something I don't know That I am supposed to know I don't know what it is I don't know And yet I am supposed to know And I feel I look stupid If I seem both not to know And not know what it is I don't know Therefore. I pretend I know everything .Ronald Laing. "Knots" (1970) .

the legendary magician PC Sorcar was performing at an auditorium in Tokyo. the magician called him up on the stage. but he realized that he had been ridiculed by the magician before a full-house audience for pretending to know everything. The show was going well. He was upset.. then I have something for you. I accept defeat. do you know it all?” he asked. not yet.. the show ended. From time to time.. the viewers were feeling just as annoyed as the magician himself. “What's wrong? Nothing has appeared in the jar yet. between performances. The man held the empty jar over his head and stood in a corner of the stage while the show continued. who was continuously disturbing the magician by commenting.” said the magician and handed him a very large empty ceramic jar and asked him to hold it firmly over his head. he complained. When it didn't stop. “I know all your tricks.Tenth engine: Champions are good pupils 131 Once. “No. But there was one man sitting in the front row. The man was tired of holding up the jar. I know that! . The intelligent prefer to learn. every viewer watched spellbound. “So. Sir. the magician enquired: “Has anything appeared in the jar yet?” The man looked into it and answered. I'm so sorry.” “Nothing at all? Oh.” Two hours later. “Very well. The man was about to say something.I know how to perform that trick!” Needless to say. smiling. I don't think I know this trick too well.. Perhaps you know it better?” said the magician. “I know that! . . You win. I apologize. After most of the viewers had left. Stupid people pretend to know everything.” replied the man insolently.

knowledge has been the root of every major change in man. They value knowledge and know that they can utilize it for paving their path to success. They never feel the need to learn more. cannot afford to stop learning. Knowledge and invention are tools that have transformed man for the better. but never on their own learning. If you disagree with me. Their dignity. even the best of doctors and engineers. Through ages. The day they stop being good pupils. self-esteem or ego does not prevent them from accepting new ideas and knowledge. I know. Rest assured that your financial condition will remain unchanged if you don't acquire additional knowledge. You are reading this book to change your financial state. so that they lack neither time nor money. maybe later.132 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint All champions are good pupils. Their general response is “Yes. newspapers. and the internet and remain well-informed. They keep abreast of news and current affairs through journals. ordinary people are much more prejudiced about accepting new ideas and knowledge. They know they will be left behind if they choose to not learn. you should not be reading this book. their lack of time and money is exactly the reason why they should educate themselves. On the other hand.” Ironically. But the fact remains that every professional.” Their excuse for ignorance is “Where is the time to read or attend seminars?” or “I'm broke now and can't spend money on seminars and books. Middle-class people are always ready to spend money on their children's education. aren't you? . they are bound to slide down from their position and be overtaken by others. They are open to new ideas and knowledge.

The answers are meant for you and no one else. On television you spend more time watching: (a) Music videos (b) entertainment & movie channels sports (d) news & informative channels (c) 2. You spend most of your internet time for: (a) making new friends and chatting (b) gaming and downloading games (c) shopping (d) gathering & downloading information 4 You receive a complimentary pass for a couple to a good selfdevelopment seminar but your wife insists on spend Saturday evening at the disco/party. and go to party/disco the next day (c) forget about the seminar. 1. You must answer as honestly as possible. In the last year you bought more of: (a) children's books (b) fiction (c) informative & career books (d) you did not purchase a single book 3. Manipulating answers will only hinder the process of understanding yourself. you will: (a) listen to her & attend the seminar some other time (b) try to convince her to accompany you to the seminar.Tenth engine: Champions are good pupils 133 EXERCISE: ARE YOU A GOOD PUPIL? TRY THIS TEST This test is purely for self-analysis. she's more important (d) go to the seminar and ask her to go the party alone or with a friend .

79 You are the type who was inclined towards knowledge and learning but are now walking backwards. or be ready to continue your present lifestyle of drudgery forever. . but never try it yourself first (d) Read it and doubt it. and stand a good chance of changing your life. How do you react to new knowledge or a new idea? (a) try it out first-hand to see if it works (b) read it and forget it (c) read it and tell others.134 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint 5.100 You are a true pupil. Take charge today. a 1 2 3 4 5 0 5 10 5 20 b 5 10 0 20 0 c 10 20 5 0 5 d 20 0 20 10 10 Score: 80 . Your good habits are being overwritten by new unproductive habits that will lead to zero development. Good luck! Score: 50 . wait for feedback and reviews Evaluation Now compare your answers with the scores given below and evaluate yourself from the analysis that follows. You are likely to accept new ideas. Know where you stand. wait for someone else to try it before you.

New ideas bring change. slogging and accepting modern slavery unless you mend your ways totally. a life of struggling. be selective in what you watch on television. and choose to do something more sensible and productive than mindlessly entertaining yourself. . You need to educate yourself and bring about change. Your present lifestyle does little to expose you to new ideas.Tenth engine: Champions are good pupils 135 Score: below 50 You will definitely continue leading an ordinary life. Change your taste in reading.

Blank .

The secret formula to attract wealth beyond your imagination 137 SECTION 3 THE SECRET FORMULA TO ATTRACT WEALTH .

Blank .

It is done quite effortlessly. . I will show you how. EVERYTHING. however most people use this incredible thinking process to create a destructive outcome. In this section I will show you how to re-program your mind in such a way that you will become a magnet that attracts wealth beyond your imagination.The secret formula to attract wealth beyond your imagination 139 SECTION THREE THE SECRET FORMULA TO ATTRACT WEALTH BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION We all have a natural thinking process. Everything that happens in your life is a result of incorrect thinking. Nature proves that everything is in abundance and everything happens with ease.

If you go to the beach you will see millions of grains of sand. in fact God has produced everything in abundance. trees have produced fruits for millions of years in abundance. . There is no scarcity. everything is in abundance. stars are in profusion.140 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE Look around you. Naturally it is safe to assume that as humans we can also have everything in abundance. But people believe that there is scarcity and as a result they always try hard to fill the gap of their needs. Think with abundance and you will have abundance. most people will say “Money is hard to make” or “I don't have enough money” or “I don't have enough time” This is all a state of mind. If you ask them. Everything is plentiful.

00 in cash.000. ft. each person would have approximately. If the trees of the world were all cut down.The law of abundance 141 WANT TO SEE PROOF OF THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE? CHECK THIS: If the whole world's wealth were divided equally ü among all people. and ü new galaxies are continuously being created. . home. The Universe continues to expand outward. US$7.000. there ü would be enough wood to provide every person in this world with a 3000 sq.

feelings. emotions. This law has been active right from the time you were born and if you do not try and understand it. beliefs. it may cause you serious harm. words. The Law of Attraction states that people experience the corresponding manifestations of their predominant thoughts. and actions are said to attract corresponding positive and negative experiences through the resonance of their energetic vibration. The Law of Attraction states that you get what you think about. you will attract things and situations to prove that what you think is correct. A person's thoughts (conscious and subconscious).142 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint THE LAW OF ATTRACTION Whatever you focus upon expands. If you are constantly thinking 'Life is tough' or 'Money is hard to make'. The Law of Attraction explains why you might not be earning the money that you want to. . and actions and that people therefore have direct control over reality and their lives through thought alone. and that your thoughts determine your experiences. hinder your progress and keep you undersized.

Both the video and the book have sold at a tremendous pace and have gained widespread popularity and media attention . The most ancient forms of the idea.The law of attraction 143 HOW THE LAW OF ATTRACTION CAME TO BE ACCEPTED The statement by Gautama Buddha 'What you have become is the result of what you have thought' expresses the idea that thoughts introduced into reality can attract like energy.’ In March. now referred to as the Law of Attraction. From 1900 to 1950. editor of New Thought magazine. the idea of 'positive thinking' became popular during the 19th century. . were contained in the 1906 book Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World by William Walker Atkinson. plenty of books addressed the topic under various names such as 'positive thinking' and the 'Law of Attraction. The same idea is echoed in some beliefs of ancient Hinduism. 2006 a video by the title The Secret was made.from Saturday Night Live to Oprah in the United States. based on the Law of Attraction and was later developed into a book by the same name. In the West.

The Law of Attraction has its roots in Quantum Physics. do not shut yourself. By abiding by these principles and avoiding 'negative' thoughts. In order to control this energy. According to the Law of Attraction. since you are driven by negative thoughts. 'I am not as happy as my neighbour'. In simple words.144 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint MAIN PRINCIPLES OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION The principles of the Law of Attraction are so interesting and effective that you'll just love it when you actually practice them few times. proponents state that people must practice the following: n Understand what you desire and ask the universe for it. (The 'Universe' could mean anything from God to an unknown source of energy) n Focus your thoughts upon the thing desired with great feelings such as enthusiasm and gratitude. Your negative thoughts will attract even more negative thoughts. if you think 'I do not have'. chances are that you will never get them. if you always think negative. . thoughts have energy that attracts similar energy. n Feel and behave as if the object of your desire has already been acquired by you. n Be open to receiving it. Thinking of what one does not have manifests itself in the perpetuation of not having it. the Universe will manifest a person's desires. These will lead to negative actions and negative results. 'I am not getting promotions as regularly as my colleague is getting'.

When you crave for money. If you want immense wealth. and not on what you do not want. You do not have to do anything to make it work for you. money and money-earning opportunities will move further and further away from your life. This is a negative thought and as per the Law. negative or positive. You will have to be thankful for . so is the Law of Attraction always present. So depending on what frequencies are dominant. just focus on these.The law of attraction 145 HOW CAN YOU GAIN FROM THE LAW OF ATTRACTION? The Law of Attraction is real. a private jet. Just as gravitational force is always present. you are actually lamenting about the lack of it. It is always active around you. a cruise trip. The first thing you should do to achieve something is to focus on what you want. In short. and very much part of the universe where we live. you will attract its scarcity. emit different frequencies. you will have those corresponding things attracted into your life. physical and truly universal in nature. It is natural. Emotions in different forms. Try a simple technique to attract money when you genuinely need it. Don't divert yourself into how you can achieve them.

It is strange but also true that the easiest way to achieve what you want is to be happy where you are now. Is it possible for you to triumph over your subconscious mind? What if your subconscious mind is in contradiction to what you want? Maybe it knows that you do not need so much money. make a list of all things that you are thankful for. If you find a small coin on the street. Meditation. take it because it was meant to be found by you and be grateful for it. To try this out. brain wave technology. The most important thing is that your subconscious mind must be in agreement with what you consciously think. But that does not mean you should be complacent. and not crib. The point I am . Always be thankful for whatever money you make. and always being thankful for your current financial condition are some methods which you can use to achieve harmony.146 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint having whatever amount you currently have and not think about things that emit negative frequency. but is it possible to dominate the subconscious mind? There are a lot of techniques which will help you synchronize your conscious with your subconscious mind. chucking away mental and emotional inhibitions about earning money. Genuinely FEEL grateful about them.

in newspapers and magazines. The Law of Attraction is no exception. it is because all your activities until now have been mediocre. or only to some. You should concentrate on how to make the law of attraction work practically.The law of attraction 147 trying to make is to be happy about your current condition and not crib. and among people. the Law of Attraction was always there and it was you who failed to notice it. If you happen to be living a mediocre lifestyle. Many people seem to have benefited from it in a big way after applying its principles. Such an attitude will make your brain emit positive frequencies and will position you better to receive more of whatever positive frequency you are transmitting. so that you benefit from it in the same way as others have. The Law of Attraction has always been there and has been bearing fruit for you. and complain. Every field is governed by some fundamental laws and they work. The question uppermost in a person's mind would be if the Law of Attraction would be as fruitful for him/her as for others. The Law of Attraction has been much talked about on television. A person who has done wonderful and amazing things is leading a wonderful and amazing life! So. . You must be wondering if the Law of Attraction applies in equal measure to everyone. whine. no matter what.

148 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint

Examine the lives of people who have had success in life. Make a note of all their activities that they started doing differently, rather than following accepted methods. You will find that they began doing things in a manner that attracted whatever they wanted. For example, they could taste success in business because they proactively took steps to do things that would make them successful. I want you to imagine that you have two antennae on your head. Every thought of yours is being transmitted out to the world. The greater the desire/belief (both negative and positive), the stronger the transmission of the thought signal. As your thoughts travel they will link to someone else who is thinking similar thoughts, hence the phrase 'we are on the same wave-length'. As a result of the intensity of your negative or positive desires/beliefs, you will attract more and more of whatever you are thinking all your life. Consider this. If your constant thoughts are those harbouring worry e.g. 'I don't have enough money, how will I pay my bills?', 'Money is hard to make' or 'I'm saving money for a rainy day', then people or circumstances will appear in your life to produce exactly what you have been thinking. So doom and gloom will attract even more doom and gloom, and trust me, you will get rainy days. The opposite is also true. If your thoughts are pure and full of abundance, you will attract abundance, profusion, and wealth

The law of attraction 149

Make a decision that you will have one focussed thought like 'My income has increased by x %'. You can decide the value of 'x'; I want you to keep that thought with you all day. Think about it constantly for the next 21 days and see what happens. I ask you to take up my challenge and do this exercise diligently! Remember, whatever you focus on, expands. Most people worry all the time, and so they spend the rest of their lives fixing what they have been worrying about. But little do they know that worry leads to more worry. It is a vicious circle but it is for you to make your choice between positive and negative thoughts. All that I have to say is choose wisely.

150 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint

Nature is an example of how life works in complete harmony. No effort is required. If an oak tree could think like humans, it would be too afraid to grow so big. There is a system, a thought system. I will reveal it in my Secret Millionaire Blueprint Intensive Seminar. I will implement it in your life. Remember this book contains two free tickets to the preview of this seminar. Understand that your external world is a reflection of your thoughts. How do you know if your thought process is correct? Simple - all you have to do is to look at the 'results' column of your life. The results never lie. E.g. look at your net worth, if your net worth is poor, then it is because of your thinking in the area of results is poor. If your relationships are in turmoil, it is because your thinking in that area is in turmoil. If your health is bad, it is because your thinking in that area is bad. IT'S THAT SIMPLE.

it is the equivalent of eating junk food. If you eat junk food everyday. The phrase 'food for thought' reflects the same. We all use the same system .the difference is in the input. This means. What do you expect to receive? Nothing but a petty life. which is what determines your output. Stillness is a crucial part of the reprogramming system . A garbage life! So what is the solution? Thinking is a natural process. a pre-defined system. Your input determines your output. Attractive people of the opposite sex will no longer find you as attractive as they did before. change your life.The secret 151 Change your thoughts. being in control of your body. If you constantly think petty thoughts. This is how it works: The first stage is to attain physical mastery. what do you think will happen to your health? Obviously you will become fat and unhealthy.

152 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint

Sit in a dark room which is totally quiet. Ensure there is no noise to distract you. Practice sitting on a chair, being absolutely still. Not even your little finger should move. If you don't master this step the rest is going to prove very difficult. You must do this for a minimum of 10 minutes. You may find it difficult initially, but don't move on until you have mastered this. This may turn out to be one of the most interesting things you have ever experienced.

Phase I: Idealization 153

Whatever you focus your mind upon, automatically creates an ideal picture of what you think. So if you have fear of something, your brain will create an ideal outcome of that fear which, in this case, is the worst case scenario. The opposite is also true. If your focus is on something wonderful such as earning a million dollars, then your brain will create an ideal picture of what you would love to have, what you would love to do if you had the million dollars. We do this naturally and effortlessly. It is an involuntary process. But we should focus on the input.

Sit in a dark room… keep your body still… no movement whatsoever. Close your eyes… imagine the ideal situation that you desire. Create its mental picture, add as many details as you can of the ideal. See it as it would be if you were able to create the perfect scenario. Focus on it. Do this every day for 21 days. This then leads to the second phase.

154 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint

n How

do you think a successful author like JK Rowling writes the Within your heart, keep immensely popular, one still, secret spot record breaking Harry where dreams may go. Potter books? How do Louise Driscoll her books begin? How does she think of the first line? How does she start writing a masterpiece? Well, it all starts from a mental picture of course, from visualization! Every Harry Potter book, and for that matter, any book of fiction which you read, comes as a visualization in the mind of the writer, long before it was actually written. does an artist do before he paints? Does he just step into her studio, pick up the palette and brush and head for the easel? Hardly ever. He closes his eyes and visualizes the picture that he will draw. As he tries to visualize, a picture starts forming in his mind's eye which he later converts into reality.

n What

n When

you see a great movie have you thought of how it must have started? It has invariably started as visualization in the mind of the filmmaker (director).

It is the same for the opposite emotion. For example. n A fashion designer visualizes in her mind the designs she will give shape to. Don't forget that these thoughts are being transmitted. the clearer will be the picture. If your idealized picture is a happy one. As the visualization gets clearer. The stronger the feeling. your brain will visualize the outcome of your fear (sadness and worry) maybe an image of you not being able to pay your credit card bill. it's a natural process. what do you constantly focus upon? I bet you visualize it. . Think about it. architect spends hours. don't say no. before embarking upon the actual project. Long before it is built. The better the thoughts. then your visualization is also happy. The more you visualize. and months visualizing the building or structure that he will build. your fear may be the lack of money. n An Once your brain has formed a picture of what you are thinking. the better the image or film will be in your head. Everybody visualizes. The more intense the feelings. it exists there. He has visualized it much before he put down the drawing on paper. it goes into a visualization mode.Phase II: Visualization 155 Every great filmmaker visualizes the picture in his mind first. inside the mind of the architect. the more intense your feelings will be. so do the internal feelings. the clearer is the picture. After creating an ideal image. and this will lead to greater feelings. days. It now creates a series of images or even a film of what it imagines will happen.

But I knew that my wife had very much looked forward to the trip. Sara had a nasty fall on the ice-skating rink and twisted her ankle. I understood that the chances of our vacationing were fading fast. she was thrilled. See the mental movie as if it has already happened. do. become still. The greater the detail.156 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint EXERCISE Sit in your chair. See as many details as you can. Did you do your visualization? There should be no doubt that you will achieve your desire. the clearer will be the picture. She was in deep pain. The secret is to see it. Create a movie of what you will see. It so happened that I had planned to surprise my wife Sara with a trip to New Zealand. Incidentally. and I found a US based Company interested in the joint venture. or feel. if you have it. They were ready to do a major part of the funding and declared the launch date. Idealize a perfect picture. so when I broke the news to Sara. now visualize yourself in it. . Let me share with you an incident from my own life. I saw that the launch date was colliding with my vacation plans. Everyone knows that New Zealand is a beautiful country. She had very much wanted to go there. I have travelled with her to various countries but never had I seen her so enthusiastic. At the same time. a business venture which I was planning for over two years suddenly saw light. in a dark room.

I must make this come true. imagine that we are in New Zealand already. Her eyes closed. I will. “Sara. “Visualize that you and I are on the beach … there is no one else. so why shouldn't I show the same enthusiasm now? Why shouldn't I be able to make this trip happen? “Surely I can.Phase II: Visualization 157 Sara was upset. “What! You know how badly my ankle hurts…I can't even walk downstairs. even if it meant crossing a neighbour's fence and facing his fierce dog. dancing . I looked at her and thought . and think. partly because of her pain. that we have just landed at Wellington.” I closed her eyes with my hands. but more because we saw no chance of that dream trip materializing. This was before our marriage. We are relaxing and playing in the surf. I will do anything to see Sara happy”. She was listening to me.” “Close your eyes” “Why?” “Just do as I say…close your eyes. I was crazy about her. we are going to New Zealand!” I announced. I had never hesitated to pluck the flower that she wanted.this was the girl who was my first love. I told myself. Picture that we are taking a drive to the sea….

We did mange to go for that vacation. there was the blue ocean in front of my eyes and the thought of launching a new. much-awaited business did not blur the vision.imagine it.158 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint all night long.” Within a few minutes she looked excited and said she could see it all. Within minutes. Sara recovered with amazing swiftness. and I found a manager smart enough to look after my new business during its launch. we somehow find a way. Can you see it? Try to see the picture it in your mind. just enough for both of us…. If there is an honest and sincere will. When there is a will. After a few minutes we both realized that we had visualized our very tempting holiday and there was no way we would not be going to New Zealand. . See. exploring the new country. there is a way. The visualization made us adamant about achieving our holiday. She was enjoying this visualization. I tried to visualize it with her. to put it more correctly. Or. when there is a vision. there is a way. there are two white deck-chairs on the beach… and a small tent behind.

Phase . .III You keep affirming. This is when you affirm something that your mind believes to be true. the truer it will actually be. The more you affirm it.II You see a film in your mind about what will happen when you have no funds. You keep asking and affirm over and over again. Think about the last time you have been worried or had faced some deep fear. even though it may not be true.Phase III: Affirmation 159 PHASE . Didn't you see a mental image of the worst case scenario? Didn't you see the consequences in the form of a movie in your mind's eye? Didn't you repeat to yourself that you were sure it was going to happen? Let us take an example .I You form a mental picture of what your life will be like without money. telling yourself that the worst will happen by repeating things like “What will I do when my money runs out?” You keep asking bad questions and receive confirmation of that fear. Phase .lack of money. Affirmation.III AFFIRMATION This brings us to the third phase. Phase .

make investments etc. . How can I invest this million to make more millions? You affirm the answers over and over again. Let us check out the examples. spend more time with your family. Think that you already have a million dollars. It's a natural process.I Form an ideal picture. Phase .III You affirm by telling yourself over and over again how great it is to have this money. Your questions are good. house. too. go for holidays to your favourite destinations. What will it be like to have a million dollars? Phase . What happens? Phase .II You create a mental picture that shows you what you will do with that money : buy a new car.160 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint The opposite is true. get back the dreams that were lost.

Phase III: Affirmation 161

Questions The questions you ask yourself will de-frame your thoughts. Most people ask negative or bad questions like “Why am I so fat”? What kind of answers can you get? þ “Because I am lazy” “Because I eat too much” þ “It is not in my control” þ “I þ have fat genes”

“My father is fat, so I am fat” etc. þ

Or if you ask “Why can't I make big money”? Answers: “Because I am lazy” þ “Because I have no education” þ þ “Because my parents are poor” “Government taxes are very high” þ “Money is hard to make, I don't have the skills”. þ

162 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint

Your questions deform your outcome. Let's change the questions. e.g. “How can I get any slimmer?” Answers: “By þ going to the gym.”

“By eating correctly.” þ þ “By thinking correctly.”

Or, “How can I make more money?” Answers: þ “By creating “By þ getting a new idea.” a business partner.”

“By spending less, and investing more.” þ þ “By planning þ “By working fortune.” my finances.” smarter, so I have time to build my

Phase III: Affirmation 163

The difference lies in the questions you ask. Ask the right questions and you will affirm the right answers. It's that simple. If you visualize good things, your questions will be good too. Simple, isn't it?

What is the primary question that you ask yourself each day? Write a better question to ask yourself whether its repeated affirmation will become a desire.
n Question :

n Reframed question :

164 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint Now…do this: Belief consists in accepting Sit in your chair… make the affirmations of the soul. Use as many ways to affirm it. the room dark…become very still. say that it feels amazing that I have the million dollars. perfect picture. There should be no doubt about achieving it. Now continuously affirm internally that it is done. See the mental movie as if it has happened. Use phrases to make you feel great about having it. the clearer will be the picture. The greater the details. See as many details as you can. Say it with feeling. Go on to the next phase . The secret is to see it. now Ralph Waldo Emerson visualize yourself in it. as though you really mean it. Create a movie of what you will see/do/feel if you have it. For example. in denying them. Idealize a unbelief.

Desire is the difference between a strong mental wave and a weak one. affirmation and ultimately to extreme desire. and this will come in unexpectedly. The more you affirm. You may have a million dollars but you might worry that you will lose it by making a bad investment. You are probably thinking “Do you mean to say that the stock market crash is my fault?” . This is where the Law of Attraction comes in. Have you wondered why your problems multiply? It is because you subconsciously desire it. If you affirm something over and over again would it be logical to assume that you deserve it? Of course! Extreme worry leads to extreme idealized.Phase IV: Desire 165 PHASE IV DESIRE Your unconscious mind is filled with desire for everything that you affirm. You will attract all that you don't need. the greater is the desire. visualized. or your partner might steal your money or the stock market might crash. Think about it.

the greater is the attraction. They are not 'lucky'. . In the sense that it was you who attracted your investments to the crash. They affirm they will be rich. If you understand this now. the more you affirm. the greater is the desire.166 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint Your fault . The opposite is also true. they just think correctly. You then affirm it.yes. definitely. you visualize that you have it. you will understand yourself better. Their desire increases and they attract more wealth. Have you ever wondered how the rich become richer? It's because their desire to become rich remains or grows stronger every day. If you see an ideal picture of yourself with money. The greater the desire. they ask the right questions to themselves.

. Feel the need to really acquire what you see. the clearer is the picture. now Visualise yourself with it. Feel the desire like a child craves and yearns for ice-cream. You must build that desire like you HAVE to have it. the better the result. See as many details as you can. The greater the detail. Get that gut feeling. The greater the desire. IDEALIZE a perfect picture. The secret is to see it. Use phrases to make yourself feel great about having it. become still. Spend some time here. Say it as though you mean it. DONE already? There should be no doubt in achieving it. that pathological desire and craving. Now create an internal Desire for having what you have been visualizing. tell yourself “It feels amazing that I have a million dollars. For example.Phase IV: Desire 167 EXERCISE Sit in your chair. Now continuously Affirm internally that it is done.” Use as many ways to affirm it. Create a movie of what you will see/do/feel if you have it. in a dark room. See the mental movie as if it has happened.

V BELIEF The more intense the desire. It only obeys if it believes that you believe that you already have that thing. the greater the belief. destroy your affirmation. This is a very crucial part. For example. Most get to the desire phase and then doubt is created in their mind. ü Believe.168 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint PHASE . erase your mental film. ü Keep visualizing Keep affirming ü üa burning desire Create Believe. if you are running the Marathon and you start the race with doubts of winning. your visualization and your IDEAL will vanish. i. it will wipe out your desire. This has to be practised over and over again. Even if you have the tiniest of doubts. They do not have their doubts. This is where champions win: they believe that they already have it. ü Keep creating an ideal picture. Your mind will get confused. the killer of the dream.e. Believe! . And then you will discover how simple it is to be successful. will you go ahead and win? NO! NEVER! Doubt is the de-energizer.You have to believe you already own it. so they lose their belief. It will most certainly attract your belief. The secret .

DONE already? There should be no doubt about achieving it. How? Simple. Now continuously Affirm to yourself that it is done. The greater the details. Believe EXERCISE Sit in your chair. Use as many ways to affirm it. now Visualise yourself in it. IDEALISE a perfect picture. Use phrases to make yourself feel great about having it. be still.Phase V: Belief 169 The more you practice. Believe. Now create an internal Desire for having what you have been visualizing. See the mental movie as if it has already happened. the greater will be the result. the clearer will be the picture. The secret is to see it. 1. in a dark room. 3. 2. The greater the desire. Create an ideal picture Keep visualizing Keep affirming Create a burning desire Believe. 4. the more your mind will try and convince you that you can't. Get that gut feeling. Say it as though you mean it. Feel the need to really acquire what you see. Fight it. 5. See as many details as you can. say it feels amazing to have the million dollars. Create a movie of what you will see/do/feel if you have it. For example. .

so do not doubt. You own it. You have years of programming to wipe out. You must build that desire like you HAVE to have it. Follow the above procedure over and over again and you will wipe out all doubt. Your mind will try to give you a thousand reasons why you can't have it. Keep repeating the new process over and over again. Spend some time doing this Feel the desire like a child craves for ice-cream. I promise you. You must Believe that you already have it. it's yours NOW. Fight it. You have been using the process in the wrong way for years. Now believe that it is yours. You have to unlearn. . And believe it's yours already. It will disable your old mental pattern. do not doubt. There must not be even the tiniest seed of doubt.170 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint that pathological desire.

If you have harboured any feeling of doubt.VI ACTUALIZATION Idealization .Phase VI: Actualization 171 PHASE . Change your way of thinking. the stronger the affirmation. the clearer the mental image.Visualization . the stronger the belief. change your life! . you will not be able to see the picture in the best possible way.Belief Now see it in totality.Desire . as a completion of the process. NO NO NO! No DOUBTING! The clearer the actualization. the greater the desire. What would it be like? Remember.Affirmation . the entire process is natural.

See as many details as you can. there should be no doubt in achieving it. say that it feels amazing that I have a million dollars. Say it with feeling. Get that feeling in your gut. in a dark room. the clearer will be the picture. . Follow the above steps over and over again and you will wipe out all doubt. The greater the detail. so do not doubt. You are the one who can decide if you will harbour the feeling of doubt. become still. DONE already. Spend some time here. The greater the desire. You must build that desire like you HAVE to have it. IDEALISE a perfect picture. Use phrases to make you feel great about having it.172 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint EXERCISE Sit in your chair. Feel the need to really acquire what you see. And believe it's yours already. Feel the desire like a child yearns for ice-cream. do not doubt. For example. Now continuously Affirm internally that it is done. Fight it. the greater will be the result. Your mind will try to give you a thousand reasons why you cannot have it. See the mental movie as if it has already happened. You own it. as though you mean it. Now believe that it is yours. Create a movie of what you will see/do/feel if you have it. Now create an internal Desire for having what you have been visualizing. You must Believe that you already have it. There must not be even the tiniest seed of doubt. now Visualise yourself in it. You have years of programming to wipe out. The secret is to see it. Use as many ways to affirm it as you can. it's yours NOW.

. Give gratitude in advance. It means you have achieved your desire. This sends out a powerful signal and will ensure that your desire will be fulfilled. The brain loves gratitude.VII GRATITUDE When you express gratitude. You have to say thanks as if you have already received whatever you wanted. Your mind will do whatever you want it to achieve. it means you have got what you wanted. The Law of Attraction is complete. as if you've already received.Phase VII: Gratitude 173 PHASE .

Fight it. The greater the desire. . Say it as though you mean it from the bottom of your heart. You must build that desire like you HAVE to have it. Your mind will try to give you a thousand reasons why you can't have it. DONE already? There should be no doubt about achieving it. Feel the need to really acquire what you see. Now believe that it is yours. You must Believe that you already have it. You are the one to decide if you will harbour any feelings of doubt. you have years of programming to wipe out. Next. IDEALISE a perfect picture. Remember. There must not be the tiniest doubt. the clearer will be the picture. Feel the desire just like a child longs for ice-cream. When your mind does so. The secret is to see it. say. See the mental movie as if it has actually happened. believe it's yours already. do not doubt it. Now create an internal Desire for having what you have been visualizing. Get that feeling in your gut. For example. make the room dark. the greater will be its result.” Use as many ways to affirm it. Use phrases to make you feel great about having it. Create a movie of what you will see/do/feel if you have it. “It feels amazing that I have a million dollars. You own it. Follow the above procedure over and over again and you will wipe out all doubt.174 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint EXERCISE Sit in your chair. Spend some time at this stage. become very still. Now continuously Affirm internally that it is done. it's yours NOW. Let me explain what type of desire you need to develop. so do not doubt. The greater the detail. Visualise yourself in it. Try to see as many details as you can.

trust me! The longer the time you spend on the entire exercise. For example if you desire a million dollars.Phase VII: Gratitude 175 Now get a final mental video of you celebrating that it has happened. This is a key part to the whole process. as if it is a routine occurrence. Now. the better it is! . should take you no more than 15 minutes everyday. see yourself possessing it. though it sounds time-consuming. See yourself expressing Gratitude for what you have just got. thank your maker for giving you what you desire. See yourself living with what you desire. This whole process. Actualize it.

But beware. You are now equipped with the most powerful tools to work your way upwards. absorb the message into the core of their brain. However the balloon of enthusiasm will burst in a few days / months. Don't take it for granted that just by reading this book. millions will suddenly reflect in your bank balance. It is YOU who have to act in accordance with the information I have shared in this book. The first type will read the book and forget it. and things will go back to square one. The third type will read this book. The second type will get an initial boost of energy and start working their way up.176 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint WHAT NEXT? Congratulations! By finishing this book you have placed yourself a step higher en route to becoming a millionaire. I know from experience that there will be three types of readers. The book will fail to reach the hub of their minds. change their existing money blueprint and then apply the ten qualities of successful people to their lives. They are not the type who will retreat but will go forward like a bullet .

A quick recap of what we have discussed 177 A QUICK RECAP OF WHAT WE HAVE DISCUSSED: To change yourself into a totally new human being and shape up in the model of millionaires. you have to dissociate yourself from your existing money blueprint that is part of your mind. and in some cases by witnessing certain incidents. a few thoughts that I would very much love to share with you: n Whatever you really believe in always happens. and nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. Finally before I sign off. If your castles are already in the air. You have to overwrite certain things on your mind and erase all ideas about money and rich people that are negative. Unless you learn to respect money and rich people. you will never be able to become rich yourself. It is your belief that makes things happen. n Do not shy away from building castles in air. give yourself the power of 10 super-powerful engines that make millionaires fly high. Next. n Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal. all you have to do now is to put the foundations under them. These qualities are in the mind and hence anyone who is seriously looking for change can incorporate them in their life. Your money blueprint has taken shape by years of hearing and seeing things. . These are really ten qualities that make them different from ordinary people.

n Always do what you are afraid to do. n No great man ever complains of want of opportunities. n Seek success by reading. Therefore. n The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings. That is quite different from being rash. hearing and seeing successful people for some time every day to learn something from them. . n Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. n We are what we repeatedly do. excellence is not an act but a habit.178 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint n Take calculated risks.

Now it is up to you to decide. I wish you luck! . have gained a little bit of confidence by reading this book. You would be wasting your time and someone else's seat that I assure you an incredible weekend and a life-changing experience. However if you really are 100% enthusiastic about a dramatic change coming into your life. vouched for by thousands of people who have attended the seminars. I advise you to register your seat for the preview to my Secret Millionaire Blueprint Intensive Seminar by checking details of date/venue on www.arfeenkhan.179 Please DO NOT utilize the two free passes to the preview of my Secret Millionaire Blueprint Intensive Seminar if you are NOT serious about changing your life. and would like to go further.

Blank .

will engage you and ensure the ultimate experience. Contact : info@arfeenkhan. The use of the latest technology and multimedia. interactive and experiential . along with Arfeen Khan’s captivating presence.OVERVIEW All of the Peak Performance Seminars are high energy. n TRANSFORMATIONAL MINDSET™ n THE MENTAL WARRIOR n THE SECRET MILLIONAIRE BLUEPRINT™ n ARFEEN KHAN’S ELITE MASTERMIND RETREAT We create custom seminars for corporates on request.Peak Performance Seminars / Workshops 181 PEAK PERFORMANCE SEMINARS .

n Acknowledge. Whether you’re new to the personal and professional development arena or if you’re a seasoned self-improvement pro. . this program is for you. mental and physical states of unstoppable courage. n Instantly transform unproductive emotions into empowering actions. Changing your mindset – your attitude or thoughts towards what is possible (or impossible) for you to achieve – is the first step towards creating the life you want and deserve! During this introductory event you will learn: n The Fundamentals of Transformation n The Three Principles to Achieving Success n The Power of Language in Your Internal and External World n The Five Keys to a Compelling Vision n The Process of Momentum n The Three Steps to Overcoming Fear You will also master how to: n Place yourself into emotional. n Inspire yourself – even during difficult times – to perform at peak levels. celebrate and duplicate your victories.182 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint TRANSFORMATIONAL MINDSET™ Two-Day Introductory Program The Transformational Mindset™ seminar is Arfeen Khan’s premier event that is open to people of all levels of learning.

com .Transformational Mindset 183 n Consistently trigger positive reactions from people in your personal and professional life. n WALK ACROSS 10 FEET OF BROKEN GLASS TO SIGNIFY YOUR UNSTOPPABLE FUTURE! For More Information: info@peakperformanceseminars. n Create a plan to improve your performance and increase your income.

You will also learn how to: n Use both your head and your heart effectively in moments of decision. n Tap into your higher self and discover your purpose and personal life mission. n Turn a midlife crisis into a midlife calling. n Improve your relationships by understanding the forces that control them. money and efforts deliberately to get what you want now. n Decipher gestures and body language for greater rapport and connection. n Create a step-by-step success plan for your future. n Accurately and articulately define. During this intermediate event you will: n Take a self-assessment to evaluate your present status and needs. n Overcome conflict through communication. Arfeen Khan will teach you how to live your life consciously and on purpose and how to use your time. .184 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint THE MENTAL WARRIOR Three-Day Intermediate Program The Mental Warrior seminar is for you if you are ready to take the next step and want to learn how to access your hidden power and succeed despite any adversity. write and speak your true passion. n Identify and combat the mental roadblocks that hold you back from achieving success.

n Fully integrate everything you’ve learned for immediate .The mental warrior 185 n Live in integrity regardless of the situation. n WALK ACROSS 10 FEET OF BROKEN GLASS TO SIGNIFY YOUR UNSTOPPABLE FUTURE! For More Information: info@peakperformanceseminars.

During this advanced event you will learn: n The Secret Psychology of Wealth n The Five Major Financial Habits of Millionaires n The Root Cause to All Financial Difficulties and How to Overcome It n The Millionaire’ s Strategy of Creating and Maintaining Wealth n The Six Keys to Influence and Negotiation n The Five Questions to Ask Before Making Any Investment You will also master how to: n Think and follow through like a millionaire. The key to being rich is making it real in your mind first and then modeling and implementing proven systems for unlimited wealth. sales and marketing. n Manage your time and money to obtain maximum benefit from your efforts. . but in all areas of your life – than you must attend this program.186 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint THE SECRET MILLIONAIRE BLUEPRINT™ Three-Day Advanced Program The Secret Millionaire Blueprint™ seminar is based on Arfeen Khan’s 25+ years of success in business. If you want to be on the inside track and learn how to think. n Boost the speed of your financial freedom through partnerships and joint ventures. n Create a flawless and professional business plan. act and become abundantly wealthy – not just financially.

The Secret Millionaire Blueprint 187 n Obtain the money you need for your product. n Attract abundance and success in all areas of your life. For More Information: info@peakperformanceseminars. n Maintain values and ethics while building your empire. business or service. * This program will have special guest speakers when/where .

For More Information: info@peakperformanceseminars.188 The Secret Millionaire Blueprint ARFEEN KHAN’S ELITE MASTERMIND RETREAT Five-Day Exclusive Retreat The Elite Mastermind Retreat is Arfeen Khan’s most exclusive program and is limited to only 75 students worldwide. This intimate program will allow you to interact with Arfeen on a deeper level and receive direct coaching from him in some of the most beautiful and luxurious locations around the globe. health. relationships and . Content is created specifically for each event and covers a variety of topics including business. The Elite Mastermind Retreat is for you if you are truly committed to changing your life and want a more personal experience than what is offered by the other seminars.

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