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Mechanical engineering Project ideas

Robotics Projects Robotics would be a good choice in mechanical projects: Robots are very attractive in comparison to other projects and if everything goes well they will make you win. Robots : How to build a Robot Robot Basics(pdf) Related Projects : Robotic Car with Micro controller Robotic Spider Solar Insect Robot: You can build a insect robot powered by solar as your project. It will help you to understand the concepts of both Robotics and Solar power. Fire Fighting Robot Cleaning Robots Line Follower Robot Robotics Projects Autonomous Agile flying machines

Solar Energy Projects Solar Compressor:

You will need at least 6KWHr/24 hours. it is a small room. Half ton capacity will be sufficient.. This may require 10 to 12 square meter solar panel plus battery and inverter. Solar Powered Air Conditioner Solar Power Air Compressor Uses of Solar Power Air Compressor Related Projects :Solar Water Heater Solar Energy Project Ideas Solar Energy Science Projects Green House Project Video Home based energy ppt in pdf format(239 kb file) Build your own Solar Powered Water Pumping Station Solar Powered Live Stock Watering System Solar Powered Automatic head light Dim/Bright Controller Books on Solar Energy (pdf): Solar Solar2 .g. In this example. For e. power your AC of a small room using compressor which get its power from solar panel.You can build something which gets its power from Sun Energy.

Solar Powered Stirling Engine Generator: Wind Mill Projects . In this post we will combine these two technologies.Hovercraft Hovercraft definition by wiki : click here It would be awesome if you design a hover car using tools of your house. How to Build my own Hovercraft? Stirling Engine : Video's and Complete Explanation of Stirling Engine Project Stirling Engine Mini RC Car: We had discussed both Stirling Engine and Remote control cars in two separate posts.

Wind Mill Water Pump Project: This video will give you idea . how it works? How to build wind mill pump? Related links :How to make model of WindMill? Wind Mill Power Generation System Wind turbine kites Remote Control Cars Building Fast Remote Control Cars RC Control Computer Cars Related links : Demolition RC Car .

due to the problem of global warming. I would like to share with you are: Solar Powered steam engine Steam engine powered bicycle Solar Turbine Generator Projects based on Trains Homemade Steam Engine : These engines are powered by steam and will help you to understand the concepts behind steam engines :Click here to read more Maglev Trains Propeller Monorail More : CAD Project Ideas Catia Projects HydroPower Project Aeronautical Projects Design and Development of Smoke flow Visualization system Tricycle powered by pedal and electricity Design and fabrication of Sub Marine Car Locator Project . it is still one of the most widely used engine in many areas such as thermal power plants.Some of the interesting projects . people are finding ways to produce steam using renewable sources of energy.Mechanical engineering with remote control car Hydrogen cell operated remote control car Computer controlled car Steam engine Projects Though steam engines are most ancient engines.Now days.

blogspot.html .Generate Electricity from Dance Floor Human Power Harvesting Hydraulic Regenerative Braking System Mini Bio Gas Fuel Turbine Power generation using footsteps mini homemade wood lathe machine Perpetual Motion Machine Pedal powered refrigerator Jaipur Foot Automatic Car Parking Self Balancing Cycles and Unicycles IE Engine Projects Study of cooling Tower Air Compressed Cars Air Bike Mini Scooter Hydrogen Powered Vehicle Escalator Compatible Wheel Chair Fuel Energizer Thermal Engineering Projects Automobile Projects RC Helicopter Autonomous aerial vehicle Build Electric Two Wheeler Bike Biogas Powered Vehicle Non Conventional Energy Projects Manual Pump Cogeneration Kinematic Project Mechanical Projects Part 2