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Hello delegates and welcome to FIFA, this is a special meeting of the FIFA, where we have summoned the various International referees, member countries and football associations of a few countries. Now since a lot of you have been asking us what kind of procedure and how council will proceed and what can be discussed and what are the various rules and regulations are , we the exec board are releasing this document.

Firstly this is an MUN and we will follow Normal UNA USA rules of procedure, this is with regards to point’s motions rights and yields. Every nation and the various football Associations will have one equal vote and the referees will be mere observers. They can vote procedure but not on working papers and the communiqué that will be released at the end of three days of debate. Now here is the important part this communiqué will be Binding and will come into play only if its passes with 2/3rd majority of the house.

Now the Agenda in discussion is “The growth of racism and violence in football all over the world”

Things one can discuss: Racism in football brining out examples of the past and what measures have been taken, bringing out recent events and what the football associations and what member countries have done to combat the same. But please stick to football, how it affects the game, the players and what kind of image it brings up about the league and its governing body. One can talk about international matches and incidents that have occurred in international games as well. Also do remember Football associations represent the association of their country and the member countries are more like sports minters or special envoys from their country and not the Football association.

One may even talk about how racism causes violence and how these two can be actually linked. What is the actual cause for racism how else does violence arise? Delegates in council must answer these things. What role a referee plays in all this.

Next are the fans, their rights their attitude and their behavior and what countries and football associations are doing to manage the same .bring out these things on council, there is LOTS to talk about.

treat this council like The General assembly. And since we told you it is a dynamic council. just start your research and the easiest way to carry out extensive research is by placing five simple questions to the agenda. Since this council is a very dynamic council we will not be having a study guide per say but we will be releasing updates and a small document citing all issues that have happened in the past. we will also be releasing updates (crisis) and any update released by FIFA is real the event has happened and one cannot question the authenticity of the same. So let the games begin (Bane Style) Akaash Ampili President Hussain Mustafa Unjhawala Sr. if answered. To research on the same is your duty.a binding communiqué) We hope most of your quires have been answered and if you have further doubts please ask us and we will answer them immediately The Research guide for council will follow shortly. equal voting rights and a binding communiqué. will help you research and bring out solutions also.Reports Valid in council: 1) 2) 3) 4) Press Release from football Associations Sky Sports reports Reuters Reports for violence FIFA Press Releases Please note that you may produce other reports as well in council but the authenticity and validity will be adjudicated upon only and only by the EXEC board and all decisions taken by us are final. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) What Why Where When How These questions. (Yeah I know sounds very strange. In the mean time. Vice President Sakshi Uniyal Vice President .