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Joe Anglin, MLA Rimbey Rocky Mountain House Sundre

August 15, 2013 Minister of Municipal Affairs 104 Legislature Building 10800 97 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6 Dear Honourable Minister Griffiths, I wish to relay the concerns raised by the constituents of Rimbey-Rocky Mountain HouseSundre regarding the flood mitigation plan for the Town of Sundre. As you are fully aware, in 2005 and 2013 hundreds of Sundre area families were evacuated from their homes due to the rising waters of the Red Deer River. As of this date the residents have yet to see a flood mitigation plan for Red Deer River (basin), which is key for reducing the risks that Sundre area residents will face in the 2014 flood season. I would like to inquire as the state of the plan, whether the wheels are in motion, and as to a timeline for when constituents will have access and be able to provide input. A key part of any mitigation strategy will be dredging areas of the river where it is needed. As per the last meeting between you, Minister Diana McQueen and I on March 5, the government indicated it did not have a plan in place that included dredging. I trust recent events will have caused this government to reconsider the necessity of periodic dredging for protecting residents and their homes, and will consider allowing dredging as a key part of the overall flood mitigation plan. Furthermore, a series of berms and spurs will be needed to mitigate rising waters when flooding occurs, and it would be helpful for residents to be able to see a proposal for where the government advises these would be most effective and a timetable for when they could be completed. In light of the tragic fatalities that occurred due to flooding hazards in southern Alberta, I urge you to reconsider the Official Opposition call for a public inquiry into the provinces flood response. Albertans deserve the peace of mind that would come from a judge-led inquiry, and would benefit from an in depth look into the provinces readiness to fend off the rising waters when this occurs again.

As Sundre area residents and Albertans recover from the damage caused by the 2013 flood, I trust the government is doing all it can to work with key stakeholders on finding solutions that will mitigate the dangers of flooding. I look forward to being a part of these discussions, and welcome the opportunity to speak further on this matter at your convenience. Please be in contact should you wish to discuss Sundre.

Yours Truly,

Joe Anglin, MLA Rimbey Rocky Mountain House Sundre