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Raqs Beledi
Bellydance Studio Newsletter

Summer Class Schedule

Monday: Level III with Meaghann, 5:156:15 Advanced Performance skills and Choreography with Meaghann, 6:15-7:30 Tuesday: Level II with Meaghann, 5-6 ITS Troupe with Meaghann, 6-7 Multi-Level with Tanya, 6-7 Level I with Meaghann, 7-8 Wednesday: Shuraka with Meaghann, 5-6 Beledi rehearsal, 6-7:30 Thursday: Multi-Level with Tanya, 6-7 Private lessons scheduled throughout the week at the studio and via Skype.

Raqs Beledi Bellydance Studio

Raqs Beledi Bellydance Studio offers dance classes for the fitness adventurer, hobby dancer, and professional dancer. Our classes are full of women of all ages and sizes who laugh and move together. We have a professional dance company, an award winning student company, and a new improve troupe. Along with a variety of dance classes we offer workshops, custom built parties, and performances.

Updated class schedule can be found on our FB page:



Raqs Malaika
We have a surprise we are so excited to announce! Our studio is proud to introduce our newest performance troupe, Raqs Malaika, meaning To dance with angles.

Who is Raqs Malaika?

Under the direction of Meaghann Lynne, Raqs Malaika (pronounced ma-like-ah) includes Level II and Level III dancers exploring Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS). ITS is a new style of group improvisation bellydance. We are working collaboratively to create our movement vocabulary and aesthetic. We will debut our new style and troupe at the beginning of our 2014 season in the spring. Watch for us at next years street festivals!

The RaqShuraka Dance Company

Our award-winning theatrical bellydance company, directed by Meaghann Lynne and including our Level III dancers, continues to impress audiences with a unique theatrical flair, creativity, dynamic storytelling, and popular dance style. This years Sleep Isabella is full of lively characters and a carousel set to die for, literally.

Raqs Beledi Professional Troupe

Our studios professional troupe including Meaghann Lynne, Nicole, and Tanya, has had a great season hosting bachelorette parties, dancing for fundraisers, teaching group lessons to private clubs, and entertaining guests at special events. We do birthday parties, dinner parties, weddings, and more. Contact us today to book your performance or custom built party!



Students Speak: Jo Ann Merriam

In 1997, Orange Coast College in "the O.C." hosted the 1st International Conference on Middle Eastern Dance (in So Calif.). The event was produced by 3 gracious and lovely ladies of international renowned, Angelika Nemeth, Sahra C. Kent and Shareen el Safy. I was the bookkeeper for this event. Though I worked with them on a business level, they exposed me to a completely new world. Theirs is a realm in which dance, music, costume, history and the feminine form come together to create magic. I was entranced. I promised myself I'd take lessons, someday... In 2010, still working for the college, I got an accounting call from Angelika. After discussing business, I wanted to hear about her world. In signing off, I said, "oh, after I retire I'll have time to take classes". Angelika quickly advised never to put off doing something good for you. She also advised me of a colleague, Fahtiem, who teaches close to where I lived. Fahtiem is another Master Teacher with international fame and experience. I was lucky enough to have her as a teacher. Fahtiem is one who believes in focusing on the positive. Her motto is "There is no magic step that makes you a great dancer, only the magic you put in each and every step". She gave me the lastly gift of always aiming for the positive. Middle Eastern dance provides many benefits. I am an obese senior citizen with medical issues, always the least accomplished dancer in the room, and yet, M.E. dance gives me so much. I go for myself, but on many different levels. I go to be with the girls. I go to feel free, graceful, and feminine. I go for the music. I go for the sense of accomplishment (even if it's just to tell myself I get points for showing up). I go because it lowers my blood sugar. I go because it makes me happy. We are so lucky to have Raqs Beledi right here in downtown Waynesville. I study with Meaghann Lynne now. She is the best. She is so sweet and encouraging. She is detailed in her explanations of the correct forms so that you not only look good, but you also avoid injury by using the correct muscles. There is no other place in the world like her studio where I feel so comfortable, so loved and so accepted just for being me.



Hathor Sisterhood School of Bellydance

The Hathor Sisterhood School of Bellydance (HSSBD) is Raqs Beledis very own bellydance curriculum and certification program. Founded by Meaghann Lynne in 2012, this program includes five levels of course work. Each level incorporates video tutorials so students can practice at home, differentiation to respect various learning styles and paces, individualized lesson plans and feedback, complete assessments, a detailed syllabus of expectations for each level, and a certificate upon completion. Our Level I class is currently accepting new students. Please drop by and join us on Tuesdays from 78pm. First class is free!

Meaghann Lynne
Meaghann Lynne began dancing in 1995 and bellydancing in 2004. Both her Masters in Performance Studies and her Masters in Teaching inform her professional work as a dancer/performer/teacher of bellydance. She founded the HSSBD curriculum to fill a need in the bellydance community for professional standards in technique and performance.

Raqs Beledi to Offer Craft Classes in the Fall

While we already offer costuming classes to our students, we are excited to announce that in the fall we will open our classes to the public. Watch for two series on glass mosaic and knitting coming soon!



Come Dance With Us!

We usually only regret what we don't try in life. I sometimes put off trying new things because it seems intimidating walking into a room full of strangers to take a class. I am so glad I found my way into bellydance classes. All the classes I have ever taken are full of ladies who are full of joy and zest for life and are so friendly and welcoming you will probably feel right at home like I did. Carissa Moore, Student

First Class Free

Please visit our new website (construction still in progress) Or Find us on Facebook Or email us Or call 828-337-4402 Or just stop by 84 N. Main St Waynesville, NC 28786 Either way, we want to hear from you!
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