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Summary Report of FY14 Proposed Strategies for Feedback in the Problem Gambling Stakeholders Webinar July 31, 2013

Your Thoughts and Feedback are Appreciated

The 2012 Problem Gambling and Addictions Grant Fund (PGAF) Strategic Plan was commissioned to provide a context for goals and objectives over a four year period. The resulting plan provides a highlevel framework to guide the use of the funds within KDADS problem gambling department. This plan included over 200 stakeholders who were surveyed and/or participated in think tank meetings across Kansas to provide input for this plan. The final PGAF Strategic Plan was mailed to stakeholders in August 2012. For FY14 planning, in May 2013, the KDADS five member problem gambling team met for a two day work session to propose FY14 priorities from the PGAF Strategic Plan. Please note, these priorities are areas of enhancement new services for problem gambling, above and beyond services already in place. These enhancements are made possible because of legislative action which increased the problem gambling budget by $461,978 (FY13 = $740,000; FY14 = $1,188,036), an increase of 62.4%. The following summarizes the KDADS Problem Gambling teams work: Selected 13 priorities directly from the PGAF Strategic Plan to achieve in FY14 Categorized the 13 priorities into 3 major service components: Awareness, Prevention and Treatment Proposed strategies and tasks for each priority and placed into logic models (pages 3-6) by service components Reviewed findings from the 2012 Kansas Problem Gambling Phone Survey data and proposed 6 prevention strategies for task force and coalitions scope of work for FY14 grants (page 6)

KDADS needs and wants your feedback to determine the FY14 problem gambling budget. Our goal is a balanced system where each of the 5 service components work in tandem with each other. If you can take the time to review the following documents, prior to the July 31 webinar, it will enhance our work session. If you are unable to participate in the July 31 webinar, please e-mail your feedback to Angela Hagen at Wednesday, July 31, 2:00 to 3:30pm, Problem Gambling Stakeholder Feedback Webinar using Adobe Connect and Conference call. Join the webinar at Instructions: Click on link provided and enter as a Guest, type name into the box and select Enter Room. If you use Adobe Connect, you will need audio and microphone capabilities. If you do not have webinar capabilities, you can connect via conference call at 866.620.7326 with a conference code: 1472301910.

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