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Proposed FY14 Problem Gambling Public Awareness
Short Term Goals
(From Strategic Plan p 12) 1a Develop a statewide media campaign to increase problem gambling awareness among the general Kansas population. ●Media delivery (broadcast, print, outdoor) to broad audience (25% targeted adult population) ●broad frequency (400 target rating points) ● improve website ● Introduce online ads ●Pay Per Click/Search Engine Marketing” ●Social Media Campaign to include Twitter, Facebook, You Tube & Social Media Management tool which allows for the creation of a dashboard Shift broadcast, print and outdoor media from the community task force grants to the state wide public awareness contract. Market to family members of gamblers. PG phone survey found that 26% of those in the survey said they have been personally affected by the gambling of others.

Proposed Strategies in FY14

Long Term Goal Mission: Develop and support effective problem gambling prevention, treatment, and research in Kansas. Vision: The public health of Kansans is supported through a comprehensiv e system of services to address problem gambling. Principle #1: Public Health Approach towards Problem Gambling A1 Increase public awareness of problem gambling as a public health concern. Provide education that problem and pathological gambling are conditions that are preventable and conditions for which treatment is available. Strive to reduce stigma against help-seeking, provide hope for those in need of assistance, and breakdown negative stereotypes about problem gamblers.

1b Develop audience specific materials to provide accurate and useful information about gambling, problem gambling, and gambling harm-mitigation.

Focus on prevention – develop new tag line for prevention literature - with a shift from “Get Help” to “Know your Limits…Find out More”

Review content of new marketing materials for accuracy and consistency with evidence based practices. Perform fact checks and analysis of potential impacts. Phase out problem gambling obsolete videos in the clearinghouse library, and create Kansas specific PG videos which are web based for universal access.

1c Maintain and enhance the clearinghouse distribution system for prevention resources for ease in statewide dissemination with the message that problem gambling exists and that help is available.

Drive exponentially greater PG clearinghouse website traffic for available resources with search engine marketing (SEM)/PPC

From: Department for Aging & Disability Services (2012). Problem Gambling and Addictions Fund: Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2014 – 2017.